Game of Love 1 november 2020: Game of Love Sunday update 1 November 2020, Anika gives a drink to Tanya and asks how was it. Tanya says washroom and runs. Anika says I have to talk something imp. Om asks Gauri did she enjoy more with Arjun. Gauri gets shocked and asks what. Om says you have met Arjun, you have an affair with that Arjun. She cries. Some time before, Shivaye says there is no one here, where is Anika. Tanya asks are you finding Anika. He says no, I m finding Jhanvi. She says you have to stay away from Anika else your family can come in trouble. He says I know what to do. Power goes. She asks how did light go. He thinks of Anika and thinks I have to be with her, she is scared of darkness. He says I will check main switch and goes. She says is he going to Anika by taking advantage of darkness, I think I should follow him.

He looks for Anika. He goes to some room and sees Anika sitting tensed. He says you are scared of darkness, what are you doing here alone. She says you don’t remember me, but you remember this that I m scared of darkness, Shivaye till when will you refuse to accept our relation, I m your wife, your Anika, please say it. They hug. Tanya comes there. She says I know there is some reason that you are doing all this, I m always with you. Tanya hears Anika. Anika asks him to say what’s the problem. Tanya opens the door and sees him. She calls out Shivaye and asks what are you doing here, you went to check fuse. He says yes, fuse box is here, come lets go. She asks how can fuse box be here. He says I should have asked you when this house was getting built. He asks why did lights not get on. He says I m not an electrician, come. They leave. Anika says its proved he didn’t forget me, I have to find out why is he doing this, I have to talk to him, but Tanya doesn’t leave him.

She asks Khanna to do a work. He asks her to say. He holds the rope and says I did as you said. She says when Tanya comes, you drop the rope. He asks what will be signal. She says Chandni. He asks Chandni. She asks him not to ask much, when she says Chandni, he has to leave rope, then Tanya will forget to keep an eye on Shivaye. She sees Tanya coming. He gets Shivaye’s call and drops the rope. Tanya stops and looks upwards. Anika goes to her. Tanya asks Khanna how did this happen. He says don’t know, I was talking to Shivaye on call. Anika says Shivaye’s call is like Yamraj’s order, it can’t be avoided, go fast. He goes. Tanya says strange, how could rod fall on own. Anika says yes. Tanya says I was entering the room, if I was not 2 seconds late, rod would have fallen on my head. Anika says thank God you are fine, I will get water for you, go to room. She thinks plan flopped because of Khanna.

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Om comes to hotel and imagines Gauri and Arjun checking in. Gauri asks what happened. He says nothing, you know about this hotel. She says yes, I have seen it. He says this is my surprise, I have to spend time with you. She asks here. He asks why, do you have a problem with this place. She says yes, its not of your standard. He says but its of your standard, come. Anika says just one thing will help now, this jamalgota. Khanna says sorry, Shivaye called.

She says you are so scared of Shivaye. She shows the Jamalgota. He asks is this your plan. She asks did you not see Andaz Apna Apna. He says no. She says so you don’t know my plan, I will handle Tanya and then keep special screening of Andaz Apna Apna. She adds the liquid in one drink and smiles. He asks is this for Tanya. She says for you. He says no. She says its for Tanya. He asks shall I give it. She says no need, I will go. She goes.

Om sees Arjun and Gauri’s name in register while he makes an entry. He takes that particular room. Gauri thinks Om got me here to give me surprise, he doesn’t know I m going to confess love in English, our relation will have a new start. He thinks she doesn’t deserve a place in my life, I will end our relation forever today. Tanya asks Shivaye where is he going. He says I m thirsty, I will have water and come. She stops him. Anika comes and asks Shivaye does he want water. He says no. She says fine, I got juice, I make this when guests come. She asks Tanya to have it. Tanya refuses. Anika says don’t get scared, I didn’t add anything, I mean sugar, he is away from sugar, so he is so bitter. She gives them glasses. Sahil comes and says I m not getting maths book, shall I take juice. Tanya gives the glass. Anika says guest is Lord, we feed Lord, not snatch food. Tanya says no let him have it. Anika says his habit will spoil, when will he learn. Tanya says its fine, he is a kid, let him have it. Anika says doctor asked him to have sweets.

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Sahil asks since when. Anika pats him and asks what are you asking Shivaye, he doesn’t remember anything, I spoke to doctor, so I m not giving you icecream, stay quiet now. Shivaye says have mine. Anika asks why, no need to give. Tanya takes both glasses and gives one to Shivaye and Sahil. Anika takes glasses back and thinks which is jamalgota one. She gives a drink to Tanya. Shivaye takes one. Anika wishes its that one and drinks. He asks what did you do. She says I had to drink this to cool my mind, I will make juice for Sahil. Tanya drinks. Anika asks did you like it. She thinks nothing happened to me, it means Tanya had it. She asks Sahil to come, work is over. Sahil and Shivaye ask what she means. She says nothing and goes. Shivaye says something is cooking.

Om imagines Gauri and Arjun in room. Gauri calls him out. He says I m thinking about you. She says I have a surprise. He says first my surprise. He gets the gift and says I want to wear this and meet me on terrace, talk later, wear this saree, I will be on terrace. He goes. She smiles. Anika asks Khanna to wait, she will see. Tanya says washroom and runs. Anika stops her and says I have to talk something imp. Tanya says not now. Anika says its a small thing.

Tanya says give me some time. Shivaye looks on. Anika says you also feel I m irritating, I gave you my husband, you can’t give me 5mins, listen, life is so strange, sometimes one hour passes soon and 5mins looks much. Tanya asks what nonsense. Anika says life is such, there is happiness and sorrow, more or less, just 2 mins more, truth is you have what’s not mine, look, what’s yours is yours now, but I know there is one thing, you are my sautan, but you are a woman and will understand my sorrow, men are zero in emotions. Tanya says I have to run, emergency. She runs. Anika laughs. Shivaye asks what did you do with her. Anika says tit for tat. He asks what do you mean. She asks him to come along. Khanna signs.

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Om thinks of Gauri. She comes there. Om looks at her. He shows his surprise. She looks around. He holds her hand. They dance. He sings Mere rang mein…… She smiles. She says I have to say something. He says not now, close your eyes. She closes eyes. He holds her close. Saathiya…..plays…… He asks how are you feeling, was it more fun with Arjun. She gets shocked.

She asks what did you say. He says that you heart. She asks Arjun. He says your Arjun, you lied to me and went to meet him, you forgot relations, respect, limits and marriage for him. She holds his hand and stops him. She says you have blamed me again and given punishment too. He says if I didn’t see it myself, I would have given a chance to you to explain. She says it could be lie. He asks did you not lie and meet him. She says yes but…

He says you were at this place with Arjun, you have given me a deep wound, at my heart. She asks him to listen. He says I hate lies, truth is you have an affair with that Arjun. She cries and says you think such about me. He asks what shall I think, you forgot what was between us, for that Arjun, I felt maybe my opinion is wrong, I m not able to understand, but my opinion was right, you have no sincerity, loyalty and truth, you could have waited till Shivaye’s marriage, my mum and Dadi regard you bahu.

They didn’t know their lovely bahu is spending time with a stranger in such a cheap place. She cries. He says I will not do mistake again, stay away, you have broken hearts of my entire family, you have no place and need in my family, your bags are in car, take it and leave, live happily with Arjun in such a place, just go. Saathiya…..plays…. Om leaves. It gets dark. Gauri cries. Bhavya removes her cap, badge and gun. Staff taunts her on her fake honesty. Inspector says even commissioner couldn’t save her today. Constable says we would have given tips to her, gun doesn’t suit women, belan looks good. She scolds him. Commissioner stops her and asks her to leave.


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