Game of Love 19 October 2020: Game of Love Monday 19 October 2020 Written Update, Pinky asks Khanna to make Bua out. Shivaye asks Bua to come inside as she is Anika’s Bua.

Dadi says I can’t believe you are same Billu. Shivaye says I learnt people can be rich or poor by money, not small or big. He asks Bua how much money she wants to give Sahil’s custody. Some time before, Shivaye says this is nothing, what happened, Bhavya has saved our lives, you have a beautiful bonding, you want to get away by this stupid issue. Rudra says I understand its not a big issue, but I m not able to accept this since she said the age difference. Shivaye says you are thinking about her, it means she made a special place in your life, so this age factor is troubling you, it doesn’t matter, when a person matters to you, then nothing else matters, age is just a number. Rudra says saying is easy. Shivaye says I used to say this to you two, when you guys gave me lecture on my belief in name, blood and family, but my belief changed, just think by heart, not mind, because mind can take us to wrong direction, heart will always lead you to right direction to the right person.

Shivaye checks the video recording. Om thinks of Gauri. Rudra thinks of Bhavya. Shivaye thinks of Anika. Tu jaane na….plays…. Shivaye says its all set, you have to reach there today. Gauri says its okay but my heart is nervous, I know you are doing this for my betterment, but I can’t do this. He says take this as a challenge, you can do anything, you are Dabangg Gauri, Om and the world will be surprised seeing you. She thanks him. She says I have a request, don’t tell this to Om. He says we won’t tell anyone till you pass this challenge, if there is any problem, call me, I m there, sorry I started watching movies these days, go now, are you scared, even I m scared, I m joking, good luck, go. She goes.

Khanna stops Bua. Bua comes in and says I m Anika’s Bua. She sees the house and says Anika is ruling in this palace. Dadi asks how do you know Anika. Bua says I m her Bua. Pinky says really. Bua says I m Sahil’s bua, but I raised Anika well with love. Dadi recalls the video and says you said wrong about Anika in front of the media. Bua says I just said so, where is Anika. Pinky argues with Bua. Pinky asks Khanna to send Bua out. Bua asks Khanna to stand there. Khanna asks Bua to go out and pushes her. Shivaye comes and holds Bua. He asks what’s happening. Bua says your mum is kicking me out, I came to meet Anika. He asks her to come. Pinky says you know she misbehaved, you are getting her here. He says because she is Anika’s Bua. He asks servant to arrange food for her. Bua says some people came with me to meet Anika, shall I get them. Shivaye says sure, Khanna help her.

Gauri comes to Om. He asks do you want anything. She says I came to have water, what are you doing. He says I m making dessert. She asks desert. He smiles and says no, this is a sweet dish eaten at the end of a meal. . She asks halwa, add milk in it, when did you start having sweets. He says I m making this for others, shall I make it for you. She says no, I m going. He asks where. She recalls Shivaye’s words. She says I have some work, I m going. He asks her to have breakfast. She goes.

Bua and chawl people dine. Bua praises the food. Shivaye and Dadi look on. He asks them to have food well. Bua says I told them not to come along, but they didn’t stop, they all stayed with Anika, so they came to see her Sasural. He asks will you have anything else. Dadi says I can’t believe this is same Billu who didn’t pass by chawl, you are feeding them today. He says life teaches something every day, I learnt people can be rich or poor by money, not small or big. Bua says I have to talk to Shivaye, we didn’t come just to have food.

Dadi asks Om about Gauri, we have to get idols decorated. He says she went out, I didn’t ask her. Pinky asks did she go alone without saying anyone. Dadi says so what, maybe she had work, come and help me in work. Shivaye says I want these papers, tell me what you want. Bua says I understood today how you became rich businessman, Sahil is not a thing or house that I do his deal, how shall I give him to you and Anika. He says I would have thrown you out of this city as you troubled Anika, I m treating you well as Anika believes in forgiving, if you create any trouble for Sahil, I will forget you are his Bua, how much money do you want to give Sahil’s custody, I know you need money, tell me how much. Pinky says I won’t let you do this cheap deal, why do you need to get in Sahil’s custody, maybe Anika is also in this plan, Anika went to meet Sahil and Bua came here, they both are doing this to take money, I don’t think he is ill. Bua asks what happened to Sahil. Shivaye says its our personal matter, let me handle it. Pinky goes. Bua says till when will I stay in chawl, I wanted a sea facing bungalow. Shivaye says done. She says if I get more money every month. He says okay, I will get papers ready, you won’t have any rights on Sahil. She says I have a condition, you gave respect to Anika in front of society, you just have to say that I m your Saas. He says done.

Commissioner says you are not just a police officer, but a daughter for us, everyone needs family, you have to think about family life. His wife says you have to marry some day, you both know each other, that guy is nice, he likes you, so he asked us to talk to you. He says even your parents would have wanted you to get married. His wife says you just talk to him once and then take a decision. Bhavya thinks of Rudra. She says fine, I will do as you say.

Dadi asks how did she go like this. Rudra says she always does this, why are you questioning me, I m getting angry. She asks why, because she left or she didn’t say before leaving. He says you ask her. She says I will call her. He says fine, she didn’t answer my call. Bhavya gets ready. Commissioner’s wife comes to her and says happiness comes in life by difficulty, you should welcome happiness with open arms. She takes Bhavya. The guy Manav greets Bhavya. Commissioner says we will leave you guys alone for some time, you guys are good friends, you are in same profession and understand work pressures, we think you both are perfect for each other.

Chubby asks Rudra why is he sad after winning challenge. Rudra says I m thinking about Bhavya, its my mistake too, I didn’t say anything when she said the age difference. Chubby says its good, Bhavya is four years older, she is a cop and intelligent, even beautiful, she will dominate and become your boss, think how you want to live your life. Rudra imagines Bhavya bossing around. He says you are right, she will trouble me. Chubby asks him to go home and sleep, his mind will work when he eats food. Rudra says no, I think I need to rest.

Shwetlana says you don’t know I have your and Tej’s remote control. Jhanvi says atleast you accepted you are Shwetlana. Shwetlana says yes, congrats, I will leave from here. She calls out Tej seeing the dummy and says I said lets leave. Jhanvi comes in between and shows the acid. She says I won’t go and won’t let you go, till you tell me the truth. Chubby says I told you to sleep. Rudra says I m not getting sleep. Chubby says I m friend, not a nanny to sing lullaby for you. Rudra says I m missing Bhavya. Chubby says you need blessings than advice, I have an idea, Kaira…. Rudra says Kaira….

Shwetlana asks Jhanvi to stop madness. She says I won’t tell anything, Tej do something. She hits Jhanvi by the shocker stick. Jhanvi falls down. Shwetlana goes to dummy and sees it. Jhanvi says it was a trick Shwetlana, Tej is not here, but that locket is here, Tej will tell everything true to police. Shwetlana laughs.

Kaira says you are so funny. Rudra says I didn’t crack any joke. She says Chubby told me. She takes selfie with him and says everyone should know I m out with Rudra, your muscles are so good. He says I know. She orders egg omelet. Rudra thinks of Bhavya and asks waiter to get raw eggs. The waiter asks him to try egg dishes. Rudra says I just want raw eggs. He asks Kaira to sit quiet. She says you look cute in anger. He says I think I should leave, I want raw eggs. He goes.

Manav talks to Bhavya and praises her bravery. She says we think something and something else happens. He says I know, I really appreciate how you never fell weak by losing so much in life. She says sometimes there is no option. He says I want to support you in this life’s fight, you and I make a perfect team, professionally and personally too, what do you think about this. She says sorry, did you say something, I was thinking something else. He says its fine, I was asking will you give me a chance to become your life partner. She says you are my good friend, but I didn’t think of marriage, I came when commissioner called me urgently, I need some time to think. He asks her to take her time. Rudra thinks why should I call, she should call back. She thinks what shall I say. They think of each other.


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