GAME OF LOVE 18 SEPTEMBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE FRIDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Anika apologizes to Vikram and says I think we should end this drama, you back out.

Vikram says I came here to help you, but you don’t need my help, I will just back out. Anika says this engagement problem ended. Vikram comes and asks did you guys not get ready. They get shocked. Vikram meets someone and says I have done this for you. Some time before, Rudra comes to Bhavya and finds her worried. He calls her out and asks what happened. She says I m fine. He says I have seen you do foot tapping, you do such when you get tensed. She asks is Shivaye fine. He says he is fine. She says he was lucky this time, you all are in danger because of me. He says relax, you are thinking a lot. She says you are not understanding, this is not any small thing, I have to solve this, someone’s life can fall in danger. He says relax. Gauri comes and says whatever happened is past, and whatever has to happen will happen, why to have tension, we have to make present better, Shivaye and Anika are fighting, we have to end their war, we have to stop this engagement, I have a plan. Bhavya asks her to say it fast. Gauri tells her plan. They smile.

Bhavya talks to someone and says how can you not find anything, he is a big man. She checks Vikram’s details and says there is nothing, our plan will flop. Gauri says he is a human, he will do some mistake, how did he agree to help Anika. Rudra says he knows Shivaye and Anika love each other, even then he agreed to get engaged, he did not think he can lose name. Bhavya says yes, there is nothing in his past. He says I have to do something now, you had a bad start, bet on thing which is in front. Bhavya asks him to explain well. Rudra says Main Dil me aata hoom, samaj me nahi. Gauri smiles and says Salman…. Bhavya says explain clearly. Rudra says we have a young and rich billionaire with good track record, we have to attack on this. Gauri says you are talking like Om today. He says leave it on me, my logic never fails, I will solve this problem, I will spoil Taal of that Vikram Betaal. H goes. Gauri says something is going in his mind, I should go with him. Bhavya says yes, go after him, I will search for any imp clue. Gauri goes.

Rudra comes to Vikram. Gauri comes to him. Vikam checks some suits. Rudra says don’t worry, I will handle. Gauri asks why did you call me, you may need me, I will be here. Rudra says watch and learn, how I solve a problem. Vikram says thank God you are here, I m confused, what to wear, help me out. Rudra says leave this coat, come to the point, tell me what’s your agenda, why are you becoming mad in other’s marriage, why are you becoming Woh in between husband and wife, Anika did not know you and you are ready to get engaged and help her, you know everyone is acting, you are getting ready as if its your marriage, tell me what’s your problem. Vikram smiles.

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Rudra says you got scared of my muscles, I won’t do anything if you say clearly. Vikram asks are you done, shall I say now, I have no agenda, this drama is stretching, I think this drama should end soon. Rudra says you end it soon, why are you doing this. Vikram says I m trying to help Anika, as she has helped me, Shivaye came and put me in awkward situation, I had no idea about this engagement, if I said this is not true, Anika is lying, just imagine, she would have got insulted. Rudra says that’s really sweet of you. Gauri signs what. Vikram says I know situation is going out of hands, I don’t know what to do, you guys are really good, the way you are supporting Anika after divorce, I m really impressed, such relations are not seen in business families, I really loved the way you came up for her, like a brother in law, you are a gem dude. Rudra says no, you are a gem dude, you are really good. Vikram says no, good people find others good. Rudra says no, you are also very good. Gauri thinks Rudy is changing side, I have to do something. She holds Rudra and asks shall I talk.

She says whatever you said, I m satisfied you are good hearted, you are doing this to help Anika, but the distance between Shivaye and Anika is getting increased, its not your mistake, their love is such, they will make you mad if you help, we tried, ask Rudra, we understood their problem won’t solve if we help, I request you to back out, Anika and Shivaye are Tadibaaz, everything can get fine if you back out. Vikram says I understand, don’t worry, I will back out, are you guys okay now. Gauri thanks him.

Vikram talks on call and says cancel shipment, I don’t care about loss. Anika comes to him and says Mr. Thapar…. He says I think Vikram is good. She says I know you are helping me, you got stuck, its time to end this drama, we can’t do engagement for real, none can come in my life except Shivaye, we got separated and have fights, but love will always be there, Vikram sorry you got trapped by my lies, before things get worse, I think we should end this drama, you back out, I have to back out but I can’t, so I m asking you, if you don’t back out, Shivaye will push us, we have other program. He says tadi one, I have seen this. She asks him to help her for last time. He says I did not see a couple like you and Shivaye, I did not see such love and intensity, the way you both see each other, anyone will know its special, and its very rare, don’t worry, I came here to help you, but you don’t need my help, I will just back out. She thanks him. He says you are welcome. She smiles.

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Rudra says the guy is good, if I was a girl, I would have married him. Bhavya says you went to scold him and became his fan. Rudra and Gauri say he is really good. Anika says this engagement problem ended. Bhavya says unbelievable, he is big businessman and clean track record. Rudra says that’s why I was impressed by him. Vikram comes and asks did you guys not get ready. They get shocked. Gauri says I felt you went, are you leaving now. Rudra says you are ready as if you are going for engagement. Vikram says obviously, I got ready for engagement, did you not get ready. Gauri says you were leaving. Vikram says yes, I will leave, but after engagement, you get ready Anika, I will see you at the ceremony. He goes. Anika worries.

Vikram meets someone and says I have done this for you. Its Ragini….. She smiles and says thanks, I owe you big time. Gauri says we were praising him, he changed, I wish to slap him to wall. Rudra says I can’t believe I went wrong in knowing him, I almost fell in love with that guy. Bhavya asks what. He says I meant brotherly love. Bhavya says I thought he will leave from function. Shivaye and Vikram come. Shivaye says Vikram was going for imp meeting, but I have stopped him, work and meetings can’t be imp than engagement, right Anika, if Vikram left engagement and went Delhi, Anika’s heart would have broken, you must be thankful to me. Ragini comes and says Anika would be happy. She holds Shivaye’s arm. Shivaye gets away and says now everything is sorted, we should go downstairs, Anika you are getting engaged, these clothes won’t look good. Gauri says yes, she has to get ready, I will get her. Shivaye says get ready. He asks Vikram to come. Vikram signs Anika he didn’t do this and goes.

Ragini asks Anika can I help you in getting ready. Rudra says Shivaye said he called close family members, who invited you. Ragini says family is not invited Rudy. He says my name is Rudra Singh Oberoi, one whom I like call me Rudy. She says Aw, you are so cute and actually funny too, Anika I m really happy you are getting engaged, because Shivaye and my engagement will happen after that, I just can’t wait to be Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Bhavya asks her to leave. Ragini says fine, I want to see you in your engagement dress. She goes.

Rudra asks what will we do now, the time has come now, I have to show muscle power to Vikram, Gauri stopped me. Bhavya says you fell in love with him. Gauri says Rudra would have made temple on his name, but its not Vikram’s mistake, he was going and Shivaye got him. Gauri and Rudra say its Shivaye’s mistake, he is doing this to make Anika say truth, Anika won’t say and bearing all this, what to do. They think. Gauri says I got an idea. They ask what. Gauri says this time, I will do everything.

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Gauri takes the dress for Anika. She asks do you trust me. Anika says yes but… Gauri says just do what I say. Anika asks but you think this will work. Rudra and Bhavya hide and talk. Bhavya says we don’t know this plan. Rudra says Gauri’s plans always work. She says we need a miracle, just Gauri can do this. Shivaye looks for Anika and says I hope Anika realizes and she backs out, come on Anika say me the truth, I will make everything fine. Vikram asks are you sure Shivaye. Shivaye says yes.

Gauri says I m sure, so I m asking you to do this. Anika agrees. Vikram says Anika did not come out, you think this engagement will happen. Shivaye says I m seeing the same, Anika did not come out. The door opens. Gauri comes out. Shivaye, Rudra and Bhavya look on. Anika comes after Gauri. Shivaye gets shocked.

Vikram says I think we should go now, come Shivaye. He goes. Gauri takes Anika. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Gauri says guy and girl don’t do together, you come with me. She takes Vikram and goes. Bhavya takes Rudra. Shivaye says you are ready. She walks ahead. He calls out Anika. O jaana….plays….. She turns to him. She goes.

Jhanvi says that guy should have been here. Tej says I got you here to spend time, you are thinking of that friend, looks like you are not enjoying my company. She says you are right, we are not habitual to stay alone. He says you will get habitual and then say you won’t go back to Oberoi mansion. She says I won’t say that ever, find heater switch, I m feeling cold. She sees the things stocked in kitchen and looks for lighter. She calls out Tej. She sees a guy and asks are you this bungalow owner’s brother. He turns. She gets shocked seeing chisel in hand. He says sorry, I did not hear you. She says Naren… He says Jhanvi you changed a lot. Tej says looks like you both know each other. Naren says this is my hobby, loneliness hurts me, I do this to keep myself occupied. Tej likes his art. He says you scared us, you had chisel in hand. Naren says I m really sorry, I forget everything when I work, I opened the door and went, just in case if you guys turned out. Tej says for every mystery, there is a logical reason, come Jhanvi.
They have dinner. Tej likes food and says you guys were together in college. Jhanvi says we studied together for just one or two years. Naren tells accurately. Tej says Jhanvi maybe your college crush. Naren says no use, none could touch her. Tej says I agree, she did not care for anyone. Naren says lovers should not be made restless, love turns to madness. Tej says I was lucky, she did not made me wait. Naren says everyone is lucky, fate gives second chance to few. He touches Jhanvi’s foot, under the table. She gets shocked.


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