GAME OF LOVE 17 SEPTEMBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE THURSDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Anika and Gauri pray. Anika senses Shivaye and runs downstairs. She sees Shivaye and asks where did you go, you should have called me once, I m sorry to fight with you, I will tell you everything.


He looks at her. Some time before, Rudra asks police about Shivaye. Pinky asks what did police say, Shivaye is my son, I have right to know about him. He asks her to do mum’s duty. She says you and Om decided to support Anika, you will know I did right. He smiles. She says you laugh, you also feel I m bad, the day is not far when everyone knows I did this for family. He says I know one thing, house are not made by breaking houses, we did not find about Shivaye. He goes. She cries.

He thinks how to tell Anika, there is no news about Shivaye. She hugs Shivaye’s clothes and cries. She sees Rudra and arranges the clothes. He asks are you crying. She says no, something went in my eye, you…. He says something went in my eye too. She asks did you talk to commissioner, any news. He says no, but we will get Shivaye. She says yes. He shows Pari’s feeder and reminds about the parcel. He tells her that he has taken the parcel when Ragini and she were fighting, he got Tej’s watch and feeder went to Tej. He talks of his birthday. He says when we recall that day, we get laugh, same way we will laugh on this day too once Shivaye comes. She says yes, thanks Rudra. He asks why. She says you know why. Bhavya looks on.

Gauri says human is like kid to ask this and that, but his mum knows what’s right and wrong for him and gives him that, even Lord is like mum, trust me, talk to Lord once, he will listen to you, atleast for Shivaye. Anika and Gauri pray. Anika senses Shivaye and runs all the way, downstairs. She sees the door shut and gets sad. She turns away. Door opens.

Shivaye walks in. She sees Shivaye and smiles. Music plays……. She walks to him and looks at him. She says sorry Shivaye, whatever I said and did all these years, I did intentionally, but not by heart, I m foolish, its my tadi which comes in between us, I understood its not imp than you, I m very happy, where did you go, everyone got mad, you should have called me once, I m sorry to fight with you, we will forget this and leave this behind, I will tell you everything, I mean…. She cries and says I have realized life has no guarantee, like we fight always, its no use, I thought if anything happened to you, if our fight remains, we will forget this, are you understanding. He asks what do you mean to say. She says you disappeared suddenly, your car blast happened, you went missing. He asks what, I went to Nasik for you. She asks for me, why. He says your fiance Vikram was there in Nasik, I went there to get him to get your engagement done. He looks at her. He turns. Vikram walks in. Anika gets shocked.

Everyone comes and asks Shivaye is he fine. Shakti asks where were you, we were so worried. Shivaye says I m fine, I went for work. Rudra says we got worried knowing about your car blast, you took Bhavya’s car, it blasted, then we got to know you were not in the car. Shivaye says yes, I took a chopper. FB shows Shivaye meets Khanna and going with him, driver takes the car, and the car blasts. FB ends.

Pinky asks why did you go Nasik. Shivaye says I got to know Vikram is there, I had to bring him here to get Vikram and Anika’s engagement done. Pinky says so you are Vikram, my son’s life fell in danger because of this girl. Shakti says stop it, Shivaye’s life got saved because of Anika, when his chopper blasted last time, he got late because of Anika’s work, he got saved. Shivaye recalls. Shakti says whatever the reason, medium is Anika, if he did not go Nasik, he would have been in car, not chopper. Rudra says Anika cried a lot, her eyes got swollen. Shivaye says I didn’t know all this happened, I have come, everything is fine, like you all are happy seeing me, I m sure Anika is equally happy seeing Vikram.

Vikram says listen I didn’t know that, Shivaye came there and got me here. Shivaye says no need to apologize, its happy occasion, its your engagement, right Anika, happy? Sahil comes. Shivaye hugs him. He says I got stuck somewhere. Sahil asks what’s happening. Anika says nothing. Shivaye says everything will be fine. Sahil says I know, you are SSO and will make everything fine. Shivaye hugs him.

Anika comes to Shivaye. He asks did you not get ready. She says stop it now. He asks what, I m organizing your marriage, you know I sincerely do my responsibility, even if its about ex wife’s marriage, tell me the truth, I will forget this. She asks him to stop it. He asks her to say the matter and end it. She asks can’t you trust me without knowing it. He says I blindly trusted you, I don’t know why our relation broke, we were just perfect, everything was right, you ruined it, you don’t find it imp to tell me reason, we can’t move on without knowing it. She says there is a reason for not saying it. He says I have a right to know, decision can’t be just yours, you want to marry that Vikram. She asks how can you think so. He says its obvious, if you had to save this relation, you would have told me truth. She says you think I m dying to marry that Vikram, fine, do my marriage preparations. She goes. Rudra and Gauri look on.

Tej says Shwetlana’s face had to be seen. Jhanvi says I m happy all proof got cleared. He says thanks to you, Shwetlana thinks she is clever, she really believed I m a ghost, she is so dumb. He laughs. Rudra comes to Shivaye and asks what are you doing. Shivaye says you are still roaming like this. Rudra asks him to leave ego and not put love on stake. Shivaye says Anika is marrying Vikram. Rudra says Anika was crying. Shivaye says tears are of happiness too, she did not try to save our relation, I m trying alone, by what right shall I stop her and why. Rudra says you really think Anika is moving on, follow your heart. Shivaye says its too late, she has moved on. Rudra goes.

Sahil talks to Anika. He says SSO loves you, why this engagement drama. Gauri asks Shivaye why is he bearing burden on heart. He says its very complicated. She asks him why is he punishing himself, he can answer her assuming her as younger sister. He says if anyone hurts my family, I can’t bear it, Anika did that, I know there was some reason, she is not telling me the reason, if you want relation to work, trust is imp, trust is not there in our relation. Anika says I can’t tell you, whatever I did was for Shivaye’s happiness, I wish he understands it. Sahil says I understand, you both can do anything for one you love, you were sad and celebrated rakhi with me, I m so proud that you are my sister, thanks. He gets rakhi and says sister ties rakhi to brother so that brother protects her, you always protect me, so I want to tie this rakhi to you. He ties rakhi to her. She hugs him.

Gauri says you got me back with respect when I left, even my own brother would have not done this, I always wished to have a brother, after that day, my brother’s place got filled, I decided to tie you rakhi on rakshabandhan day. She shows rakhi and says you are family’s shield. She ties rakhi to him and cries happily. He blesses her. He says none can refuse to you, you became my sister, tell me what can I do for you. She says I don’t want anything. He says I have become your Maayka, you can complain about your husband as well. She says I don’t have that right. He asks what do you mean.

She cries and says Omkara ji does not regard me his wife, he is very nice, there are many misunderstandings between us, much got away even then I have become bahu of this house, not his wife. He says don’t worry, your brother is here, like you got bahu’s status, you will get Om’s wife status too, this is my promise to my younger sister.

Tej and Jhanvi reach Manali. He says I got you here to have a break. She says that’s so sweet. She gets voice messages. She gets worried and says Rudra messaged Shivaye was missing, thankfully he is back. He says good, its all fine there. She asks are you sure this place is good for us. He says yes, its my friend’s bungalow. She says there is no one around, strange. He says lets take a look, he is my old friend and wanted to do property business. He rings the bell. She knocks the door. He asks anyone there. She says we will wait for sometime. They wait. Tej shows the door open. She says when we came, door was shut. He asks are you sure. She says yes. He says come, we came to stay here. She says we will die by cold here. They enter the house. He asks how is it. She says so beautiful and cosy, but strange how did the door open on own. He says I will freshen up, my friend’s brother will come. Shwetlana gets informed about them. Shwetlana says you both were playing game with me, I will show you my game, gear up Mr and Mrs. Oberoi, because the game has just begun.



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