Game of Love 13 October 2020: Game of Love Wednesday 13th October 2020 Written Update, Anika throws flowers on Shivaye. He falls down. She says nothing will happen to you. He asks her to listen.

Om sees Gauri caught between the fire. Some time before, Shivaye and Anika walk ahead. Ishq hai aansun…..plays…. Shivaye touches her face with the rose petal. Rudra congratulates Shivaye and hugs. Dadi asks Bhavya to come. Bhavya says no, I m fine. Pinky says she came here again. She calls out Shivaye and walks ahead. Shivaye turns and makes Anika sit on the swing. Pinky cries and goes. Shakti asks Rudra to take his magical selfie. Rudra takes Shivaye and Anika’s pic. Khanna comes and thinks its not right to trouble Shivaye now, I will go and see. Rudra takes family selfie. Bhavya goes.

Game of Love 13 October 2020 Balram and his men look for Om and Gauri. The man says car is here, maybe they are inside. Balram says then they will die together, burn the hospital. The men pour kerosene. Balram ignites the fire. He laughs. Om and Gauri see the smoke. Om says I think they did something, we should leave. Gauri asks Om to take her support. He says I don’t need help. She says you also helped me, come fast.

Game of Love 13 October 2020 Bhavya gets sad and cries. She sees a handcuff and pulls it. Flowers fall over her. Rudra comes to her. She thanks him for making her feel special. He asks her to keep smiling, she looks good when she smiles. She says we shall go now. Anika runs after Shivaye and throws flowers on him. She gets shocked seeing yellow tulips. Shivaye holds his chest and collapses. They all get shocked.

Anika asks Rudra to call doctor fast. She says sorry, I didn’t know there are yellow flowers in basket. She says nothing will happen to you. He asks her to listen, I have less time, if you have to say anything in heart, just say it, I don’t want your life to go through regret, you didn’t tell me what you wanted. She sees medicines in his pocket and thinks he is fooling me. He asks her to just say it. She says I m scared to say, I wanted to say, I m not a big Pappu/fool. Shivaye says just say it. Anika shows the medicine. He gets up. She asks are you fine, you felt I m foolish and won’t understand your drama. He says its my medicine. They all laugh.

Anika says you all were together, so I was thinking I m shouting for doctor, you all didn’t call. Bhavya says I called doctor. Rudra says we were doing our roles, Shivaye was our director. Anika says then Shivaye ordered this yellow flowers. Shivaye says yes, I told Khanna and had anti allergic medicine. Anika says how can you joke, I was so worried because I… He asks her to say. They all ask Anika to say. She says I won’t. Khanna comes and says there is a big problem, someone entered the house by breaching security, no one left from the house. Shivaye says it means that person is inside. Khanna says I told them to search in the house.

Game of Love 13 October 2020 Gauri and Om reach the car. She stops and runs back in the hospital. Om falls down. Dadi asks who entered the house. Shivaye says don’t worry, our security team will find him. They see Jhanvi and Tej coming. Dadi says you got time to come, there is marriage at home. Tej asks how will I do acting, tell me who are they. Shivaye asks acting. Rudra asks what happened to your dressing sense and language Papa. Tej says I m not anyone’s dad, I m Peter from Goa. Rudra says you will become repeater from Peter if you repeat so much times. Tej says I like your sense of humor. Jhanvi says I will explain. Shwetlana comes saying Swami…. They look on.

She says you left me alone and came in, very bad, its such a big house, very good, I m Kaveri, he is my husband Peter. They get shocked. Gauri goes and gets the idol. She coughs and tries to leave. Om tries to get up. Rudra says so he is Peter, not Papa, we know she is Shwetlana, but we have to do acting. Jhanvi says we have no option, I got Tej by difficulty to know why is he acting. Shivaye says I m sure Shwetlana did something, I will call commissioner, police will set her on her place. Jhanvi says Tej didn’t call police, there will be reason, we have to play along. Dadi asks how can you let Shwetlana come here as Tej’s wife. Jhanvi says I hate her, but I love Tej more, he will be in front of our eyes here. Rudra says I will make her leave. She stops him. He says she is blackmailing dad. Shakti says what’s the matter by which she is blackmailing him. Jhanvi says she has some proof, till we get that, we can’t do anything. Bhavya says we have to know her motive to catch her. Anika says when Om and Gauri know, Om can’t tolerate her. Shivaye says he came out of mental trauma, I don’t want him to go in that zone again.

Game of Love 13 October 2020 Om sees Gauri trapped between fire. She signs him not to come. He reaches her. Shivaye says till we find Shwetlana’s motive… Tej comes and says fantastic house, would I get some drink, I love Kaveri and drinks. Rudra asks why are you doing this. Tej says I want a drink. Jhanvi says you will get what you want. Rudra says Papa… Tej says Peter, not Papa, you have a solid body, are you a model, try in films. Shivaye says he is my younger brother, we are three brothers. Tej ask where is three. Shivaye says he is out, he will come. Jhanvi asks Tej to go to his room. Tej sees Dadi and says you are mother india, I should touch your feet. He takes Dadi’s blessing and goes.

Om lifts Gauri and gets her out of fire. Saathiya…..plays….. They leave in the car. Balram and his men run behind. Balram gets angry. Rudra says he is my Papa,, how to call him Peter. Shivaye says its tough, you have to do this. Anika says it will be tougher for Jhanvi. We have to become her strength. Bhavya says Anika is right, if we have to end Shwetlana’s drama, we have to do this drama, can we start investigation on our level. Shivaye says that’s a good idea, we have to find her agenda, why did she come back. Rudra says we have to find her plan first.

Om asks Gauri is she fine. She nods. He asks her to have water, give idol, I will keep behind. She says no, this idol is precious. He says not more than you, what was the need to risk life for this. She says your family tradition is linked to this, this is part of your family. He says you are also part of my family. She faints. He asks her to open eyes. Rudra says I wish to shoot Shwetlana. Bhavya asks him not to take her gun. He says I m just saying, I will crush her with my muscles, I will ask you to use gun, you can say you did encounter, its good idea, do her encounter. She says its bad idea. He says I know you will work well, sit, mission name will be Throw Shwetlana out, you will need a smart man, everyone knows I m much smart, I played imp role in your missions. She says but in spoiling it. He says don’t underestimate the power of a common muscle man, Shwetlana is equal to ten masterminds, you can’t handle her alone. Bhavya says you want to become my partner. He says its good you agree. She says I didn’t. He says even if you don’t ask, I will help you. She asks him to keep cartons in guest room safely.

She asks does this have proof against Shwetlana. She says no, its my belonging, I m shifting to guest room. He asks why. She says there is no threat from Sultan, we don’t need to share room. He says fine, Shwetlana’s in this house, she is dangerous, she will attack me first, I m everyone’s fav and yours fav too. She says who said, you are not my fav. He says fine, so will you let me die. She says are you mad to say anything. He asks her not to go, he is public and has threat from Shwetlana, police work is to protect public, gym equipment is here, you have to stay fit. She says yes, I didn’t think of this, I should stay here. He says I will keep things back. She asks him to pack his stuff, he will stay in guest room now. He asks am the host and guest. She says yes, you gave this brilliant idea, I can’t go as gym equipments are here, shift fast. He says you are making me leave from my room.

Its morning, Rudra says what to think, poisonous gas…. I will go to her room and leave poisonous gas, she won’t wake up for 2 days, Bhavya and I will check her room, either you guys are jealous of my smartness or being so dumb to not understand. Shivaye says you want diversion to investigate, you will get it. Anika asks how will you make her busy. Shivaye says a function. Bhavya says we will get a chance to check her room when everyone is busy in function. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and says I will also get a chance to make you say your feelings. She says its imp discussion going on here. Shivaye says who said just one work can happen at a time, we Oberois target two by one arrow. Rudra asks what will you do. Shivaye says something amazing….. They smile.

Shwetlana says I wanted to come back in Oberoi mansion, you should thank me, you came back home, you would have got tired doing waiter job, how do you feel acting as my husband in front of your wife and family. Tej gets angry. He says I m feeling as a stranger in my house, I can’t my mum as my mum, I can’t my wife and son as mine. She asks since when did you start believing relations. He says since your true avatar came out in front of me. She says you didn’t see my real avatar, I want something that’s here. He asks her to take it and get out. She says I will take it, don’t you worry. She smiles and says its just a lock away. Tej thinks what’s this key. She asks him to stay in character. She gets something from cupboard. Tej looks on. She locks cupboard and goes. He says I m sure this key has some connection with her plan.



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