Game of Love 12 October 2020: Game of Love Monday 12th October 2020 Written Update,  Balram comes to Om and says I give you a last challenge, if your wife finds you in 20mins, you are saved, else gone.

Gauri cries looking for Om. Dadi tells about the rasam, the house is decorated with flowers, the bride wears flower ornaments, guy promised the girl that he will keep her life as flowers. Gauri says how did hospital get vacant, where did everyone go. Lights flicker.

Some time before, Shivaye says Anika I just wanted to say, that girl Natasha. Anika asks what happened. He says nothing, thank God, I didn’t know Rudra is going to call his friends in party, I thought its just boys. She says so what if he called. He says when I woke up, she was there in room, Rudra was also there, nothing happened. She asks are you clarifying. He says I m just clearing it. She says its not needed, I trust you. She says this is what amazes me about you, you are cool and non judgemental. She says we have seen doubting on each other, how things spoiled. He says you are very upset. She says I would have if I doubted you, but where there is love…. He asks her why did she get quiet. She says I was saying there is no doubt where there is belief. He holds her hand and asks whom do you love. She says there is someone. He says I want to know, I want to hear desperately. They ask each other to say first. She says its about your ego. He says you say, fine tell me what shall I say. She says you have to say what you want to hear. She goes. He smiles.


Rudra says Chubby told me… Bhavya says short cuts takes one on wrong routes, lottery… I told you one has to work hard to earn money, you can’t work hard, even if you won one crore by lottery, its value was not like that 500rs, which you earned by hardwork and gave me. She goes.

Game of Love 12 October 2020 Gauri gets Om to hospital. He says we would have reached highway till now. She says there is much bleeding, how would you drive, we will get aid done and leave. He says there is function at home, Shivaye is calling. She takes him. Ward boy informs someone that they have come. Dadi asks Bhavya to make list, time is less and work is much. Shivaye says I think I have to do all preparations, there is no function. Dadi jokes that he is desperate. He says yes, I decided that a function will happen in evening. He tells everyone that Dadi will give its details. Dadi asks him to say. Shivaye says its my marriage. Dadi says main functions will happen, we will do some other function, my family did a rasam, Phoolon ki chadar.

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Bhavya asks what’s this. Rudra says laying flowers on bed and sleeping, that’s called suhaagraat these days. Dadi asks him to keep quiet. She says the house is decorated with flowers, the bride wears flower ornaments. Rudra says its limit of misery, where will you take money and go, we will make Anika wear diamond jewelry. Dadi says flowers mean color, happiness, essence, guy promised the girl that he will keep her life as flowers, and he will fill colors and essence in her life. Rudra laughs and says its good flowers are hindi one, not english. Anika asks how will we do this, Shivaye is allergic to flowers. Shakti says she is right. Dadi says we can’t do this rasam. Anika asks how. Shivaye goes to her. Rudra says Dadi, your Billu crossed LOC.

Game of Love 12 October 2020 Shivaye says do you have to say, I m explaining Anika. He says our journey just had thorns, now its turn of flowers, I m allergic with just yellow tulips, we can avoid that. Rudra says we will make a flower swing. Dadi says do anything, the flowers to which Billu has allergy shouldn’t come. They go. Shivaye stops Anika and asks why do you worry for my health. She says you get house on head when you are ill. He asks is this the reason, say it what you were saying. She asks him to say. He says you say. She says you will say first, I have challenged you. He says don’t challenge me, you will say first. She says big hopes, we will see. He says that’s what I m doing, seeing…you…. He says we will see and goes.

Gauri asks nurse did Om’s bandage get done. Nurse does aid to her. She says its going on, doctor is checking him, his wound is deep. Gauri sends her to see. Om asks doctor to hurry up. Doctor says your wound is deep, I have to give stitches, wear this mask till then, I will just come. He goes. Balram and his men come there in doctor’s disguise and catch Om. Om gets shocked seeing Balram.

Balram says don’t think of running, you can’t run from here. He laughs. Khanna asks the man to keep flowers inside. The man says you just paid for flowers and delivery. Dadi asks what happened. Khanna says they are not keeping flowers inside. The man says our work is to just deliver, we have to deliver at other places too. Dadi says everyone is busy, you keep the baskets inside, I will pay you separately. Rudra recalls Chubby’s words. Dadi says I will pay 100rs per basket, its 40 baskets. Rudra says I means I can earn 4000rs at once. The man agrees. Rudra says no Dadi, don’t ask him for little work. He sends the man. He says I will do this work. Dadi asks will you keep flowers inside. Rudra says yes, I made muscles to work hard, not to impress girls. She says you are becoming sensible.

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Gauri says its late, that girl didn’t come back, I m worried, I will go and see Om. Gauri says how did hospital get vacant, where did everyone go. She calls out Om. Lights flicker. She says what’s happening, something is wrong, I have to find Om. Rudra keeps baskets and gets tired. Bhavya sees him. He gets hurt. She worries for him. She gets a flower from basket. Shivaye checks arrangements and tells servants that yellow tulips shouldn’t come, not even by mistake. Someone gets yellow tulips petals in a covered basket and keep with other baskets. The servant takes the basket to Shivaye. Khanna tells Shivaye that someone used back door. Shivaye says I will check, don’t worry, maybe dad or Dadi used that door for deliveries.

Game of Love 12 October 2020 Bhavya shows the floral jewelry to Anika and says you will look pretty, Dadi ordered more flowers for jewelry, I will get it. Shivaye comes and asks did you not get ready. She says no, I will make Anika ready first. He says no, you get ready first, you are from groom’s side. She says yes, but there is none to make Anika ready. He says I will make her ready, I mean I will arrange someone for her. She smiles and says yes fine. He asks her not to tell Dadi. She says I will keep your secret a secret.

He goes to Anika. She asks Bhavya to help. She sees Shivaye and asks you here. He says I came to make bride ready. He makes her wear the floral ornaments. He asks her to say what’s in her heart. She asks what. He says which I want to hear. She touches his hair and says I won’t say. She runs. He says you have to say before function ends. She says we will see. He says we will see.

Gauri looks for Om. Balram laughs and says you won Dangal by cheat and think you are Dangal Rani. She hears his voice. He says we will see life’s real Dangal now. She asks who are you and what do you want. He asks her to go and save her husband’s life. She worries and asks where is he. He says Om just has half an hour, he can’t get saved. She shouts Om.

Shivaye sees Pinky and turns to go. She stops him and says that girl wanted this to get you and entire house in her hand, your mum did a lot for you, you forgot my love, what I did for you. He says I wish I could forget what you did, I can’t forget it, you called me illegitimate, you blackmailed Anika and made her away, you want me to forget this. She says you got blind and can’t see your mum, that unlucky girl…. He says enough, I won’t hear a word against her, Anika is my pride, don’t hurt it. Khanna sees an intruder and says who is he, who covered the CCTV, I have to inform Shivaye.

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Balram says you made me lose by cheat, I will give you easy death, I won’t let you get hurt, this poisonous gas will go inside you, you will die, I give you a last challenge, if your wife finds you in 20mins, you are saved, else gone, she insulted me, lets see if she can save you or not. Gauri cries looking for Om. Rudra asks Dadi to give him money, when she was paying delivery man, why can’t she pay him. She asks him to ask Shivaye. He says I won’t. She asks why. He says just give me money. She says you are fooling me and goes. He says why is Dadi so miser. He turns and sees Bhavya. He says I know what you will say, that I m useless and I can’t earn money, I m a kid. She says no, I m impressed by your work, I understood you are not irresponsible as I thought. He asks it didn’t had any taunt right. He acts dizzy and says I can’t believe you gave me a compliment, I will party tonight. She says enough, challenge is still on. He asks why do you come in cop mode, you can stay normal.

He asks will you make me wear handcuffs for overacting. She signs no and applies a bandage to his wound. Rudra gets glad. She turns and sees him. She smiles saying don’t get much happy and goes. Gauri cries and says where to find Om. Om makes a glass fall. Saathiya…..plays….. Balram and his men laugh on Om. Glass rolls near Gauri. Gauri sees Om and worries. She thinks if I go inside, they will catch me, I have to think something else. She sees a fire extinguisher cylinder. Balram says your wife didn’t come to find you, my Daddu called you Shiv and Parvati, you are not Shiv, she isn’t Parvati, she would have got scared and ran away. Gauri comes and says how will I run leaving my husband. Balram says we will see her also, catch her. She blows the spray on them. They leave. She hides with Om. She says they are gone, are you fine, what happened. He says I m fine, don’t worry. She says its my mistake, I was adamant to get you here. He says my life got saved because of you, thank you. They see each other. Bhavua gets Anika. Everyone smiles. Dadi unites Shivaye and Anika’s hand. He says wow, that 2 feet rule is over. Dadi says no, this freedom is just until function ends. Rudra asks them to sit. Shakti corrects him. Everyone showers flowers on Shivaye and Anika.


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