Game of Love 11 October 2020: Game of Love Sunday 11th October 2020 Written Update, Shivaye and Rudra dance on Bachna ae haseeno…. Rudra shouts and asks Shivaye to see bed. They get shocked seeing a girl lying on the bed. They say dead body and worry….. Shivaye says murder happened in this house.

Rudra says Natasha was my college friend, who killed her. Some time before, Shivaye, Rudra and friends watch a cricket match. Rudra cracks jokes. He stops Shivaye and says surprise is still left, I have planned this. Anika and Bhavya watch film awards and talk about heroes. They hear music and wonder from where is the sound coming. Rudra asks Shivaye how did he like party, don’t talk like oldies, I planned this for you, shall I call you uncle. Shivaye says I m not an uncle, don’t call me uncle. He drinks. A girl asks him for a dance. Shivaye and Rudra dance on Bachna ae haseeno….Anika and Bhavya come to see.

Rudra falls. Shivaye holds him and says you are my brother Om. Rudra says I m not Om, I m Rudy, you got drunk. Shivaye says no, I didn’t get drunk. Rudra and Shivaye joke. Rudra asks how many fingers are these. Shivaye says four. Rudra says you are drunk, I showed three fingers. Shivaye asks Chubby. Chubby says its five. Shivaye says everyone is high. The girl asks him to come for dance. Anika and Bhavya come there and see them partying, dancing with girls.

Shivaye sees Anika and gets shocked. Rudra sees Bhavya and gets shocked. Anika asks whats happening. Shivaye says party and dance. Anika says why did you stop, dance with us. They dance.

Its morning, Shivaye wakes up and looks around. He recalls the last night. He says we were in party, what happened. Anika says we have to find out what they did after we left. Bhavya says it was Rudra’s planned party, something would have happened. Anika says Shivaye won’t let anything wrong happen. Shivaye says why do I have a bad feeling. He falls on Rudra and asks him to wake up. Rudra says let me sleep, I have headache, I don’t want to go school. Shivaye says you are not in school, get up. Rudra wakes up on his call. Shivaye asks what happened last night, is everything fine. Rudra says India won match and then we did party. Shivaye asks then what happened. Rudra says drink and dance, then nothing happened.

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Shivaye asks who did this. Rudra says maybe you did this, I didn’t do all this. Rudra recalls dancing in party with Shivaye. Shivaye says you like to give surprise. Rudra says fine, you were enjoying so much and danced with Natasha. Shivaye says I have to go loo. Bhavya says they didn’t come on breakfast table. Anika says they might be sleeping, why are you angry. Bhavya says I m not angry, Rudra is irresponsible, didn’t you not see him yesterday. They go to see. Shivaye says we will clear the mess before Anika comes, I m not scared, I m very caring. He picks things. Rudra asks him to pick this and that. Shivaye says you also do. Rudra turns and shouts Bhaiya…. Shivaye asks what, Anika or Bhavya. Rudra says no, see the bed. Shivaye sees a girl lying on the bed. They say dead body and worry….. Shivaye says murder happened in this house. Rudra says Natasha was my college friend, who killed her. Rudra says we have police at home, call Bhavya, but I fought with her, she will do our encounter. He panicks. Bhavya says Rudra always jokes, so I get angry, I have no problem. Anika says I know, why are you clarifying, did I ask anything. Bhavya says I m not clarifying, I m just saying he can dance with any girl, I have no problem, he didn’t murder anyone. Shivaye asks where is my phone. Rudra says it might have fallen in party room. Shivaye goes to get. Shivaye looks for his phone.

Shivaye gets phone and says I think you should your friends, where did Rudy go, where did dead body go. Rudra comes and says I have hidden her, pool side. Shivaye says if anything sees then. Rudra says would I find place, I have just hidden it. Anika asks hidden what. Shivaye says body. Rudra says body building book. Rudra and Shivaye say Om asked us to shift party here. Bhavya and Rudra argue. Anika asks Shivaye to say if there is any problem. Shivaye says no, we were drinking, so have some hangover. Bhavya says I have strong feeling, something happened here. Shivaye says yes he got hurt. Bhavya sees red mark on bedsheet and asks what’s this.

Shivaye asks what did you see. They worry. Bhavya says blood. Anika asks blood? Shivaye and Rudra say its not blood. Dadi comes calling Rudra and says you are here, she is finding you since long. Natasha greets them. Shivaye and Rudra get shocked. Rudra asks are you alive. She asks what do you mean. Shivaye says he means to ask you didn’t go home. Natasha says I was much drunk and passed out. Dadi asks her to call parents. Natsha asks where is my phone. Rudra says might befallen in party room. Shivaye gives his phone. Natasha calls her mum. Rudra asks Shivaye can I hug you. Shivaye asks why. Rudra says I feel I got a new life today. Shivaye says me too. They hug. Anika and Bhavya look at them.

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Tej goes to Jhanvi and says don’t turn back, just listen carefully, I was trying to connect to you, I made Shwetlana faint and came here, she has proof by which she can send us behind bars in Naren’s murder case, go back to Oberoi mansion alone, I will come soon, don’t worry, did you understand. Shwetlana turns to him and says very well. He gets shocked. She makes him fall unconscious.

Rudra says Dadi saw the tap repair and not my hardwork, she just gave me 500rs. Chubby says 500rs for such a small thing, you rich people spoil plumbers by giving much money, just 200-300rs is given. Rudra says I can’t earn much money, give me some idea. Chubby says I have an idea, lottery, you can win one crore, give me 500rs for lottery ticket. Rudra agrees. Shwetlana says I will always be ahead of you. She hides Tej. She sees Jhanvi coming and goes to her. She asks did you come to meet Peter. Jhanvi says yes. Shwetlana says he landed in police station and I got him bailed, I heard police is finding Oberoi couple in murder case, you are also Oberoi right, you leave from here soon. Jhanvi asks will you come with us. Shwetlana says yes, Peter promised you.

Game of Love 11 October 2020 Bhavya asks what, you want that 500rs back, why. Rudra says yes, so that I can give you 24500 back, its investment. She asks what investment. He says give me money, I have to complete challenge. She thinks of his first earnings and gives him money. He says I will get 25000rs soon. He goes. She thinks what will he do.

Om and Gauri get leaving. The old man says your Dada made me lose, you made my grandson lose. Balram says no, they did cheating, Om acted to faint and attacked me, I don’t accept defeat, I will fight again. Om says look Balram, I didn’t cheat, I made your back touch ground. Balram says by cheating. The old man scolds Balram. Balram angrily goes. The old man says whatever Balram says, you have won. He gives the ancestral idol to Om and says you have right on this, your jodi should be forever like Shiv Parvati, you proved you are Prithviraj’s grandson. Om and Gauri take his blessings and leave. Balram looks on.

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Tej wakes up and finds himself tied. Shwetlana heats a spoon and burns his hand. She says you didn’t take my warning seriously, this is its punishment, you think I m foolish and won’t understand your cheap tricks, I changed those bottles liquids. Tej screams. She says now you will not think of going against me, tell me your name. Tej says Peter. She asks mine. He says Kaveri. She says this wounds will remind you the name. She thinks I will go Oberoi mansion, as my biggest secret is there.

Game of Love 11 October 2020 Rudra and Chubby see lottery number on tv program. Chubby breaks the coconut. Rudra says I m scared, you see. The lady tells the number. Rudra says its there. Rudra and Chubby dance. The lady tells last number 7. Rudra says I become crorepati because of you. Chubby says who said, last number is 7, not 6. Rudra says it means I lost. Chubby says yes. Rudra says but 5 numbers matched, I should get 1 lakh. He checks and says I got 50rs, by losing 500rs, what shall I tell Bhavya now. Bhavya looks on. Chubby says I joined gym, I m going. He goes. Rudra sees Bhavya.

Om asks Gauri did she get all bags, why is she smiling. She says this is not just an idol for me, its a sign of devotion, when I see Shankar and Parvati ji together, my belief gets high, their love is pure and strong, love should be such for me, what do you think. Om says I don’t think about that, why are we talking this, we won challenge, we have idol, matter ends, but our jodi is right, if we are together, we can make anyone lose. She thinks when will Om understand what to say and when. She asks what does he mean. He says I m much tired, we should go home. He gets hurt. His leg bleeds. She asks him to come for aid first.


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