Friday update on Zara’s Nikah 12th March 2021

Zara’s Nikah 12 March 2021 update: Kabir tells Janab that I know you are a ghost but you can’t do anything with us. He says that I am a human, he shakes hands with him. Kabir says no you are playing with us, he checks his tongue and it’s fine.

Janab says I am a human and I want to leave this hell. Kabir says then why you were acting like that? Janab says some ghost might have disguised as me and tried to take you both the ghosts’ cave. You both should leave from here. Kabir says no, we will win against Jalali. Zara is scared.

Zara walks on the streets and recalls her childhood. How she used to play with her brother Asim. She cries and says I loved Asim so much, I wanted him to leave with me but he stayed with Jalali. I don’t know if you are still in Jalalpur, I don’t know where to find you. She sits on a tree and hears someone calling her baji (sister). She is shocked and looks around. She loses balance and falls from the tree but Kabir comes there and holds her. They both share an eyelock, tera ban jaonga plays as Kabir helps her in standing up. He lifts her on his back and starts walking… It turns out to be Zara’s dream. Kabir shouts at her that why did she come alone here? I have to protect you. Zara shows him the tree and says I used to play with my brother Asim here.

A man (Asim) tells a woman that you have to pack opium, Jalali didn’t even leave my sister and my mother. You women are the destruction of this world.

Scene 2
Zara tells Kabir that we have to find Kamran and get him to sign these papers. Kabir says I will go and talk to Jalali, I will keep him busy and you find Kamran to get these signed. Zara says I used to doubt husband and wife’s relation but now I feel we should have a companion, I couldn’t face Jalali alone but now you are with me and I am able to face him because you are my protector. Kabir looks on.

Asim brings a woman that is chained on the streets.

Zara comes outside her house and recalls her mother’s death. She screams and cries. Kabir asks what happened? Zara says Jalali killed my parents, he beheaded them in front of me, he is so evil, he likes to see pain of others. These memories will make me crazy. Kabir says you should leave from here. Zara says I will not leave you alone. I will be with you and finish this mission. Suddenly the winds blow and Zara is falling away. Kabir asks her to keep herself in control otherwise she will enter ghost’s cave. Jalali’s man laughs at them.

Scene 1
Kabir tells Zara to hold and don’t enter the ghost’s den. He holds her hand and pulls her back.

Kabir and Zara come to Jalali. They see men inebriated. Jalali asks Kabir to taste the opium and have peace. Asim comes there with his gang. He shows Jalali a woman who is chained. Asim bows to Jalali and says this woman said no to our work. Jalali says they force us to kill them. Don’t you remember this Asim’s family went against us and we taught them a good lesson. Asim looks on. Zara is shocked and says my brother Asim. Kabir asks her to not react. Jalali says I killed Asim’s parents as they went against me. Zara can’t control and says Asim.. I am Zara. She cries and goes to him. Shahbaz takes off Kabir’s glasses and sees that it’s Kabir in a disguise. Shahbaz says welcome Kabir. Jalali asks Asim to beat her. Asim slaps Zara. Kabir slaps him and says how dare you. Zara cries and tells Kabir to leave him, he is my brother. Asim says I have no sister. My Prophet is Jalali. Kabir says he wouldn’t listen to you Zara. Zara says I will try, he is my brother. Asim takes the gun and hits Kabir with it. Kabir faints. Zara screams. Jalali pulls Zara to him and says you ranaway from here but you didn’t kill yourself in my fear? What happened with your parents will happen with you. Shahbaz says kill her as she took my son away too. Jalali says I want her to suffer before dying, I will give her to you, make her death enjoyable. Shahbaz pulls Zara to him. Zara shouts for Kabir to wake up. Kabir is unconsious. Zara asks Kabir to wake up as he promised to protect her, listen to me Kabir, I am dying and I just want to tell you that I love you Kabir.. Kabir wakes up. Zara says I love you, I have loved only you. Shahbaz is about to throw her in the burning fire but Kabir runs and pushes Shahbaz away and grabs Zara. Zara cries… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream. Jalali asks Zara where she is lost? Jalali hasn’t found out that she is Kabir. Shahbaz says she is shaking. Jalali recalls how he told Shahbaz that they both are fake, they had some power to enter here so I will make them eat opium and see how they get inebriated. He gives the opium to Kabir and asks him to taste it. Shahbaz thinks that if he is Kabir then he will never taste it. Kabir takes a packet and tastes opium. The flashback shows how Zara gave some leaves to Kabir as they make sure that person doesn’t get inebriated. Kabir says this is good. Shahbaz thinks that it’s not Kabir.

Scene 2
At night, Jalali says we will burn this woman who went against us. Zara says you can give her a chance. Jalali says I have already decided that she will burn. Asim says she will walk and burn herself. Zara is tensed. The woman cries and starts walking towards the fire. She woman is about to burn herself but Zara goes and throws opium at Jalali. All are shocked.

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