Friday update on Zara’s Nikah 12th February 2021

Zara’s Nikah 12 February 2021 Zee world update: Ruksaar scolds the kids and asks them to learn their lesson, she leaves. Zaid says let’s go to play for some time. They go to Shahbaz’s room and play with his rocking chair.

Firdous messes Shahbaz’s photo too. Amaan comes there too and plays with them. Shahbaz comes there so all hide. Shahbaz finds the kids and shouts how did you people come here? What did you do? He finds his photo which Firdous turned into a cartoon. Ruksaar scolds Hasina for letting the kids out. All leaves. Ruksaar scolds the kids and says you will be punished, you know about hell right? Kabir comes there so Ruksaar acts concerned. She says that the kids messed up Shahbaz’s photo. Kabir laughs looking at it and says this is really creative. Suddenly Zaid falls down and faints. Hasina is shocked.

The doctor checks Zaid and asks what did he have? Ruksaar says just milk. He says I will give him an injection. Zaid shouts that I won’t take an injection. Zaid cries so Alina asks them to call Zara. Ruksaar acts like calling Zara and says she is not picking up. Kabir hugs Zaid and looks on.

Kabir comes to Irfan’s house and says let’s go Zara. He holds her hand and takes her from there.

Zara comes to Kabir’s house. Zaid runs and hugs her. Zara says you are a brave boy. She plays with him and the doctor gives him an injection without him knowing. Zara hugs Zaid. Ruksaar says you can leave now. Zara says I will leave after meeting them. Ruksaar leaves. Zaid tells Zara that his head is heavy. Alina says we were sleepy after eating the food. Zara asks Amaan if this happened with him too? He says no. Amaan shows her his camera car. Ruksaar hides and sees it. Zara watches the clips from the camera car and is shocked to see Hasina mixing sleeping pills in the food. She leaves from there. Ruksaar goes behind her. Zara comes to Kabir and says this… Ruksaar comes there and shouts at Hasina, she cries and says this woman mixed sleeping pills in my kids’ food, why would she do that? I trusted her and she did this, I am sorry Kabir. Kabir asks her to calm down and says to Hasina to get lost. Ruksaar shouts at her to leave. Zara says this camera car has all the recording. Ruksaar thinks that he can’t see my attitude with them, she tries to take the car and it break downs. Zaid comes there and hugs Zara, he asks her to stay. Kabir asks Zara to stay. Zara nods.

Ruksaar comes to a snake player. She says I want to buy this snake for 10K. He says why? Ruksaar says I want to keep it. She shows him the money. He sells it to her and says if he bites you then you can’t be saved, he is poisonous. Ruksaar thinks not more than me.

Zara tells the kids to sleep but they are trying to learn their lessons. Zara says don’t worry too much, you can sleep now. The kids are scared and say we have to recite it to the priest tomorrow so we have to learn. Zara pacifies them and sleeps. Ruksaar comes there and leaves a snake in Zara’s bag.

In the morning, Zara wakes up and sees the kids gone. She comes out of the room to see the kids praying with the family. She makes a pray too. Kabir sits with Zaid. Zaid misbehaves with Zeenat. Kabir asks him to say sorry. Zaid says sorry. Kabir tells them to say sorry when they make a mistake.

Shahbaz comes to his house and sees his messed up photo. He says these kids have destroyed my life. Zeenat says why don’t you make it work for you? Your opponent has started buses for the women. Aziz is acting like he is worried about the nation but you have these orphan kids, you can use them to get many votes. Shahbaz thinks about it.

Scene 2
The kids are having lesson with the priest. The priest scolds Alisha for not remembering. Zaid has learned his lesson. The priest says that Zaid will make Kabir proud and become like him. Zeenat hears it and looks on. The priest scolds Alina and Firdous. Zara looks on.

Zara comes to Kabir and says the kids are not right, they are scared, they were not sleeping last night because they are scared of the priest. Kabir says what are you saying? Zara says I know you want them to learn but you can’t make them scared, they need a good education. Kabir says no kid likes to learn but we are doing it for their good. Zara says you can teach them with love. Kabir says education is difficult but it’s for them only. Zara says this is not the way to teach them. Kabir shouts at her that her thinking is wrong but you wouldn’t know what a good upbringing is as you didn’t have it, you have seen so much in life that it has made you bitter that is why you see errors in my way, I don’t have to ask you how to raise them. Zara is hurt and says I don’t know that but this is wrong with the kids. Kabir shouts enough, nothing is wrong with the kids but arguing with an illiterate girl like you is wrong. Zara cries and says illiterate?

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