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Monday, August 15, 2022

Friday Update On Made For Each other 27th September 2019 Starlife

Made For Each Other Full story Star Life

Friday Update On Made For Each other 27th September 2019 Starlife

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Mohini calling Navin and asking him to come down. Prerna helps. Mohini asks her to leave the dirty utensils and change her status. Prerna says we have used these utensils. Navin thinks of Anurag and goes to his room. He sees Anurag gone. He says Anurag came from dining room, if Anurag learns truth, I won’t get Prerna, I have to stop him. The woman thinks I have to do something. He says I m fine here, call Navin here, I will wait for him here. Anurag thinks I don’t want Navin to know this, I have to take this risk. He says okay, stay here, I will get Navin here. He thinks to get everyone out. The woman drives off. He asks her to listen. He says she has some relation with Navin, else she would have not run like ths. Moloy jokes on Navin. Nivedita asks Mohini why did she gift same color saree to Prerna. Mohini says that style is different. Anurag comes in. Navin thinks Anurag can know much about me, its not easy to expose my truth, even if Anurag know my truth, he won’t get proof. Anurag thinks Prerna will be of someone who deserves her, that’s not Navin. Navin thinks my engagement is tomorrow. Anurag thinks there is much time to expose Navin. He says I need to talk to mum. Navin acts to fall down.
Mohini rushes. Anupam jokes on Navin’s age. Navin says I m fine now, anyone can fall, kid or young. Moloy says or anyone old. Mohini says enough now. Anurag thinks mum loves him a lot, its not easy to convince her that Navin isn’t right for Prerna. Prerna says I will go home, its late. Moloy asks Anurag to drop Prerna home. Navin says I will drop. Anurag says you are hurt, I will go. Navin goes to room and locks door. He calls the woman. She reaches her home. He argues with her. She says I came there by reading your message, I know Anurag messaged me, he wanted me to meet everyone, he tried to know my name, I didn’t tell him name, how did he get your phone. He says it was my mistake. She says Anurag knows we have a relation, he has a doubt on you, be careful.

Prerna asks Anurag to stop the car. Anurag asks what happened. She says just get out. He says listen, what happened. She says I will tell you after having betel. He asks are you serious. She asks Kaka to give two betel. He asks what, do you eat betel with tobacco, its not good for health, do you like playing with your life. She says sometimes its fun to do wrong things. She asks him to try. He says never. She eats one and feeds him the other one. He says its sweet betel. She nods. He asks tobacco. She says its not there. She laughs. Hawayein…plays… she fools him. Kaka laughs. Anurag asks what happened. She laughs. Anurag sees his face in mirror. She says no, sorry and runs. He applies betel color to her also. It starts raining. He says come on, get in fast. She stands in rain. She says its fun. He says you will fall ill, come. She says let me enjoy.

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Anurag also comes down the car and stands in rain. He plays with rain water. She smiles. He asks what happened. She says nothing. She says I want to go home, its nearby, I will go. He says I will drop you. She goes. Navin praises Mohini. He says I can do anything for you. He cries. She asks what happened. He says the world is jealous of our love and talk rubbish, I feel scared that they can fill your ears against me. He thinks to brainwash Mohini so that Anurag looks a liar. She says I wanted Anurag’s relation to get fixed and your relation got fixed. He says the girl for Anurag wasn’t at pandal, the most beautiful girl in the world Komolika is Chobey’s daughter, she is amazing. She says fine then, invite them, I will see Komolika, if I like her, I will take Anurag’s relation ahead. Prerna sings. Anurag asks do you sing as well. He sings with her. Ajeeb dastaan hai ye….plays….. He drops her at gate and goes. She turns to see him. He turns to see her. He leaves.

Nivedita asking Anurag about Prerna. He asks are you upset. She says Prerna is marrying Navin. He says this shouldn’t happen. She asks do you have feelings for Prerna, what’s going on, I knew it, your friendship has gone beyond that, else you would have not gone to drop her, she trapped Navin and now you, she is a gold digger. He says please, she isn’t like that, I know her more than you know her, you are misunderstanding. She says look at me and tell me there’s nothing. He says there is nothing. She says you can share anything with me. He goes to his room. She says he never did this before, it seems he is running away from this question, I think he hasn’t realized that he has little feelings for Prerna.

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She goes. He says you are wrong, if this was true, I would have known. She thinks of Anurag and says he is cute, how can I find him cute, he doesn’t know how to talk, why is my heart drawn to Anurag. She lies to sleep and smiles. Anurag imagines Navin and his Jaan talking and romancing. Navin says once I marry Prerna, there is nothing to worry about. Anurag gets inside the room and slaps Navin. He scolds Navin. He shouts to call Mohini. Navin stops Anurag. Navin makes the lady run away. Mohini holds Anurag and asks is everything fine. Anurag says Navin. She says he has gone out, what’s the matter, your clothes are drenched, are you okay. Anurag sneezes. She says I will get kada, go and change. He says no, I don’t like it. She says you can’t make puppy face, go.
He says I know you are smiling. She says drink kada and sleep, you will also smile in morning. Its morning, Anurag wakes up. Prerna calls him and asks about weather. She jokes on him. They have a talk. She asks how are you, you are from another class, you can catch cold easily, I m feeling guilty. He says no need to feel guilty, last night was one of the most beautiful nights of my life, it was special. She says this line looks incomplete, people say the night was close to heart. He asks her not to put pressure on her small brain. She asks are you complimenting or insulting.

He sneezes. She asks him to have kada. He says thank God, one thing is common in our class, mom also asked me to have kada. She says sorry, this happened because of me. He says maybe destiny wanted us to meet, and these moments get created. She says wow, you have started talking like me. He says shut up, we will meet in evening. She says yes, at engagement ceremony. He ends call and thinks you are very sweet, I know you aren’t like people think, I won’t let Navin ruin your life. Prerna’s sister comes there and says you are very strange, you smiled after talking to Jiju uncle, and now you are upset seeing engagement dress. Prerna asks her not to joke on someone. Mohini sees the necklaces. She asks Nivedita to help. Nivedita says you are bringing Prerna home and supporting her ambitions. Mohini says whoever Prerna is, Navin loves her, I know him and want him to get his love. Nivedita says I also wanted this, but you opened the doors of this house for Prerna, she feels she is owner of this house, I feel Anurag and Prerna have something going on. Mohini says how dare you say this. Nivedita says I have asked Anurag, he denied, but his eyes showed something else.

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Mohini says it will be a curse for Anurag, don’t even think about it, I know you are upset with Anurag about that project, you are jealous as my son is the best, I love you, but this can change into hatred. Nivedita goes. Prerna gets ready. She sees a rose and thinks of Anurag. She smiles. Her sister comes and asks her whom was she talking to. Prerna says it wasn’t Navin, but Anurag. Her sister says I knew it, why were you talking for long. Prerna says he is a very good friend. She says if there is nothing like that, why did I hide this. Navin talks to his lover on call. He says I promise this won’t happen again. Anurag comes there and hears him. The lady says I want to meet you. Navin says I also want to meet you, I will book a suite in hotel. She agrees.

Mohini asks Navin to pass her phone. She checks arrangements. Navin says I will get Prerna’s ring re-sized. Mohini says you are so caring, come soon. Navin says bless me so that everything goes fine in my life. She blesses him. He goes. Anurag thinks Navin is a cheap man, he is cheating my mum, I won’t let him play with emotions, its enough. Navin meets his lover and hugs. He says don’t spoil your mood, its engagement day, we should be careful, I have booked honeymoon suite for you. They take keys and go. Anurag looks on. He takes some flowers from vase and rolls in newspaper. He asks the lady about Navin’s wife. The lady tells him the room number. Anurag gives the flowers to staff guy and asks him to put it in vase. Navin and his lover lie on the bed. He asks what’s the matter, why do you seem so low. She says I will lose you, I know, I have seen her, she is beautiful, you will forget me after engagement. He says you know me since years, we are still together, I need Prerna now, we are one soul, none can separate us. Anurag hears them. Navin says Mohini is waiting for me for engagement, lets enjoy without wasting time. Anurag thinks such a cheap man, I m with Prerna, she won’t marry Navin.


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