Friday Update On Kulfi the singing star 27 September 2019 Starlife

Friday Update On Kulfi the singing star 27 September 2019 Starlife

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Lovely has the cake on her so does Sikander, kulfi asks what else happens on Christmas, Sikander and lovely say Christmas carrels, Kulfi asks what’s that, lovely say it’s sung every year so, Kulfi says singing is always good,Sikander asks Amyra and kulfi to get guitar, everyone sings carrel,Kulfi asks why are we singing in English, amyra says it’s Santa clause song sung in English,Kulfi asks who is he, sikander explains her what is Santa clause,Kulfi says wow that is so exciting and wears Santa cap and starts singing,gunjan doesn’t like to see Lovely enjoying with everyone,sikander and lovely dance, gunjan upset, amyra very happy.

Apoorva calls tony and informs Lovely isn’t answering calls, tony says don’t worry I will talk to her. Tony tells cutie why does Lovely do all that play is fine but what is need of this Christmas party by doing this she never will be free. Sikander running behind Amyra to ask her eat, he starts feeding her, Kulfi sees that and misses Nimrat,Lovely in tears seeing them bond again, Lovely sees kulfi watching Sikander and Amyra in tears and leave. Lovely follows her.
Kulfi in her room talking to Nimrat says it’s so good to see everyone together, all were so happy, but Ma I’m missing you, I don’t want to be alone,Lovely asks kulfi who she is talking to, Kulfi points at star and says talking to Ma, Lovely in tears, Kulfi leaves,lovely says I know you hate me nimrat, I have hunted your daughter and separated her from you and will never forgive myself for that, I can feel the pain, my family is breaking too, I’m so sorry I’m gonna do one thing and lights a candle and says it’s for you, I hope you will forgive me, I’m sorry.

Kulfi and Amyra discuss that it’s so good to see everyone happy, amyra tells her about socks and put a wish in it,Amyra says we should wish for mom and dads togetherness, Kulfi says good idea. Lovely and Sikander discussing about play, Sikander says memorise your lines you forget them specially in the last part, lovely says may be because it’s hard to believe that this story can have a happy ending,girls rush to them and ask did they practice, Sikander says we will and you two should sleep, Lovely says he is right amyra cmon let’s go home,Amyra says mom please lets stay here tonight, Lovely says you stay I can’t bye, amyra feels bad, and says I have to go, sikander says Amyra come here, she hugs Sikander, and says we will meet tomorrow go to sleep good night.

Kulfi walks to Sikander and hugs him,Kulfi and Amyra write their wishes on a note to keep Sikander and lovely together and put it in their sock,both fall asleep. Kulfi wakes up and checks her sock and sees the note is missing,Amyra wakes up and checks her sock,and says omg my note is missing and rushes to kulfi both bang into each other and start dancing after knowing their note is missing, gunjan sees them and asks what wish, what did you two ask for, Kulfi says we can’t tell the wish it’s a secrete and both leave.

Sikander and Lovely packing for play and asks girls did they like their presents, amyra kulfi say they did and discuss they will be happy when Santa will fulfill their wish.

Kulfi and Amyra hoping Sikander and lovely stand beneath mazeltoh, together, Sikander and lovely bump into each other and stand beneath it, Kulfi says our wish came true,yes I’m so happy. Gunjan sees Sikander and lovely lost into eachother, Apoorva sees them too, and very angry,Mohendar calls Sikander and says Apoorva is here for lovely,Lovely holding sikanders hand leaves it and walks away. Apoorva scolds lovely for opting to perform the play, Lovely stops Apoorva from acussing Sikander, Apoorva says it was clear what I saw that you two still love eachother, lovely remembers reading Amyras wish and Sikander reading Kulfis,after reading note Sikander calls Lovely and says I can’t break their heart,let’s fulfill their wish.

Apoorva asks lovely what is the truth what I saw today or what happened in meeting that day and what if amyra chooses him and not you, and what if this is all Sikander doing to prove you wrong, Lovely says my husband isn’t a bar person,Apoorva says it’s a divorce case and people do anything in this. Sikander and girls waiting for lovely,Sikander says I don’t think she will come,Lovely says to Apoorva I don’t know what kind of people you meant but my Sikander isn’t that kind of person, and I’m sorry I have to leave, Lovely walks to Sikander and girls, Apoorva and tony follow, Lovely says already lot of time has wasted let’s go.
Gunjan sees them leave along with tony and Apoorva. Christmas celebration at school, girls see Santa and thank him,and says fulfill our remaining wish and all will be good, Santa asks what’s the remaining wish, Santa asks what is it, amyra says you don’t remember, Santa says I have so many wishes coming just memorise me, Kulfi says we want Sikander and lovely to be back together and so we did this play, Santa asks are you friends now,amyra says yes we are but we don’t want to elders to know it because they will fight, Santa says I will do something to keep them happy bye now, gunjan plays Santa to make girls reveal their plan.

Sikander asks what was your lawyer saying I find him fishy, Lovely asks why do you,sikander says he just interferes like in the house too, didn’t you see today,and are you cool not worried right, Lovely asks what you want me to answer,Sikander says I’m just helping, Lovely says now, when we wanted you long time back where were you, sikander says now I am, Kulfi and Amyra rush to them and says come let’s get ready. Sikander says I will get water. In dressing room, all start teasing lovely on matter of divorce and invite her for coffee,Sikander gets angry and bangs the bag, he hugs Chaudhry and says thank you because of you I’m here, all because of you I can perform today, you are a performer, your dance moves my god,I have to tell you bhabhi no artist like him. Girls and lovely confused, Sikander says but you can be that best only when with bhabhiji, Chaudhary says don’t challenge me, in college I have performed a lot with lot of girls, his wife gets angry and starts fighting. Girls looks at Sikander and laugh, lovely smiles too. Sikander tells his childhood memories with Mohendar to girls, amyra and girls discuss I think our plan is working they are bonding, gunjan says I won’t let them bond, I will tell you Lovely and throw you away from our life. Sikander and lovely get dressed, girls rush to them holding hands, Lovely looks at them and they enable their hands.

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