Fire and Ice update Wednesday 30 October 2019 Zee World

Fire and Ice update Wednesday 30 October 2019 Zee World

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Fire and Ice update Wednesday 30th October 2019

Yuvi(Zain Imam) is sitting in house and recalls how family got happy seeing Kunj and said that they got their son back, he recalls how Babee gave Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s hand in Kunj’s hand, he starts crying and gets tensed.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) looks at her and Kunj’s picture in her room and hugs it, she recalls how family was happy to see Kunj back, she is tensed and recalls Leela’s words, she looks at her and Yuvi(Zain Imam)’s marriage photo and sees herself not wearing mangalsutra.
Leela comes to Yuvi(Zain Imam) and says i dont have words to ease your pain, world can say anything but you are Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s husband for me, you both were so happy and i was happy for you both, maybe i fell evil cast on you both, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says dont feel bad for me, you should be happy that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) got Kunj back, she will

be happy with him.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) sees her mangalsutra and recalls how she got married to Yuvi(Zain Imam).
Yuvi(Zain Imam) says hero enters in story and gets heroine, villain never gets heroine in any story, Leela says you cant be villain, the one who changed life of my daughter, you made her live life again, you made her laugh and smile again, you changed yourself for her, you cant be villain, you are hero, i wish Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) realize how much you love her, she hugs, Yuvi(Zain Imam) cries.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is sad in her room.
Usha says to family that i will make Kunj’s favorite dishes, Babee says i will make sweet dish for him. Kunj says i am sorry, i was blind in anger, i didnt see your love and concern, i went against my family only, i am sorry, Usha says forget everything, you have got new life, its enough that you are with us, i will make you eat food with my hands, Manohar says we missed you so much, we are happy that you are with us. Babee says lets go to market and bring his favorite dishes, they leave, Usha says i will call Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), we will make food for you, she calls Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) down and leaves. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes downstairs, Kunj looks at her, she looks down. Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes home and says seems like something good is cooking. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is about to slip from stairs, Yuvi(Zain Imam) tries to move forward to save her but Kunj catches her in time and holds her in his arms, Yuvi(Zain Imam) looks away, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Kunj shares eyelock. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) gets up, Kunj’s watch gets stuck in Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s mangalsutra, he frees it and leaves, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) looks on confused, Yuvi(Zain Imam) sees all this, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) thinks that Kunj might have got offended seeing Yuvi(Zain Imam)’s mangalsutra in my neck, she sees Yuvi(Zain Imam) and says Yuvi(Zain Imam)? he says hi.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is working in kitchen. Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes from behind and starts taking off her mangalsutra, she says what are you doing? he says i am freeing you, now Kunj has come so we have to end this useless relation so you can start new life with Kunj, she says stop it, you can do it, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says relations are made from heart and your heart was never attached with mine, it was always with Kunj so let me do this, he tries to take mangalsutra off but she says no, she is confused and runs from there.
Usha comes to Kunj and says why you are not in your old room? you seems tensed? Kunj says i feel i am late, my Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is of someone else, she and Yuvi(Zain Imam).. Usha says nothing like that, now you have come so everything will be fine, eat this sweetdish, Kunj is not able to stop thinking, Usha sees him worried.

Pallavi looks at her and Revant’s pictures, she sobs and looks at Kunj/Rocky’s poster. she takes notepad, she writes that i am happy for you Kunj, you got your family back, i think i should go back now, i hope you understand. She thinks that i wont give up easily, i want my Revant, i will comeback.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is going when she sees Kunj coming her way, they stop looking at each other and sees their old bedroom, ya rabba plays. Yuvi(Zain Imam) is on terrace and thinking about his and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s happy moments, his marriage with her, he is sad. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says good night to Kunj, he says good night, they start going to their rooms, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) turns to look at him and starts going back to her, just then Kunj turns to look at her and sees her going to her room, he turns away. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes to her room and sits on couch thinking. Kunj comes to his room and sits on his bed thinking too. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) sees her and Kunj’s picture and says what to do God? give me some hint. Yuvi(Zain Imam) is sitting sadly alone too. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is switching lights on and off. Kunj is punching his punching bag, three of them are sad and hurt, Rabba plays.
Its morning, Usha says to Yuvi(Zain Imam) that i have called you here so that i can talk to you infront of all, you have done alot for us in trouble times, i asked you marry Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and you respected my words but now Kunj has comeback and we know truth of your marriage with Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) so i think that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Kunj start their relation again so i want you and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) to sign divorce papers and end this fake marriage, Yuvi(Zain Imam) is hurt and tries to compose himself, Usha asks Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) to sign it, we all know you love Kunj alot thats why you tried everything to bring his truth out, sign it and start your new life with my son, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) doesnt say anything. Yuvi(Zain Imam) says you are right Maa, mine and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s marriage was compromise and we should not separate two lovers, i am ready, just tell me where to sign, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is emotional seeing him doing all this for her, she looks at Kunj who is not saying anything. Yuvi(Zain Imam) sits down and starts signing divorce papers, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) looks on surprised, he signs it, Usha asks Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) to sign now, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) takes pen, she looks at Kunj, she sits down to sign it, Kunj is looking at her intently, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s hand shakes, Leela comes there and says what is happening here? she asks Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) what are these papers for? she checks them and sees its divorce papers, she says Yuvi(Zain Imam) and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s divorce papers? have you all gone mad? you think marriage is joke? you can make her marry with anyone then ask her to divorce him, what are you making her do? Leela asks Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) what is this? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) cant take it anymore, she cries and leaves from there. Usha says to Kunj that dont worry, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) will comeback. Usha says to Leela after many years this house is getting happiness, Kunj has comeback, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s husband has comeback after years, dont you think they should be reunited? Leela says forgive me but Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s husband is Yuvraj.

Leela says to Usha that what you thought that you can switch key and time will go back to 5years, its not like you can reverse things like that,
Usha says but characters are same, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) was Kunj’s wife and is his wife, she should be with him, she says to Kunj that dont worry, i will set everything right for you, Usha says to Leela that i have arranged prayers for Kunj today evening, hope you come, she leaves. Leela says to Kunj that i understand Usha’s emotions but its about three lives and such big decisions cant be taken by heart’s helplessness, think before you do anything, she leaves, Yuvi(Zain Imam) is sad.
Pallavi burns Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s picture and looks at it like psycho, she says to Kunj’s picture that i wont let you go away from me, you are my Rocky, i made you, after Revant’s death, you are my support, i cant lose you, i wont let my hard work of years go waste like this, just wait and watch what i do now, she cries.
All are sitting in prayers, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) thinks that God you know my situation, give me some sign and ease my confusion and pain. Usha comes there and says Kunj is not in his room, i got his letter, it says i am leaving this house, i dont want to hurt Yuvi(Zain Imam) and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) more, Yuvi(Zain Imam) has done alot for this house and if Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi(Zain Imam) are happy together then i wont come inbetween them, i am leaving. Usha says to Leela that now you must be happy, Kunj is gone, i tried to save everything, i got my son back after so many years but you destroyed everything, she cries, Leela says you are still thinking about Kunj only? you have to think about three kids, we have to be considerate, maybe he left house because you talked about marriage to him, Usha says i dont understand why you are so against his happiness? my Kunj will settle down with your daughter only so whats the problem? Leela says but.. Yuvi(Zain Imam) says this is not time to discuss all this, i will go and find Kunj, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i will come with you, Usha says no Yuvi(Zain Imam) you stay away from this matter, my son because of seeing you both together, its better if you leave this house, she tries to push Yuvi(Zain Imam) away, Leela says what you are doing? Kunj has seen Yuvi(Zain Imam) and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) together when he was acting like Rocky then why would he leave so suddenly? its your mistake that you started this marriage talk with him and he left upset because of that, you have problem with Yuvi(Zain Imam) living here? fine, Yuvi(Zain Imam) will live with me, she holds Yuvi(Zain Imam)’s hand and takes him from there. Babee greets guests and ask them to leave, they leave. Usha sadly sits down. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes to her and says Yuvi(Zain Imam) lived here as your son for years and you also loved him then where did your love go suddenly? he would have found Kunj, why did you stop him? Usha says because if Yuvi(Zain Imam) lives here then Kunj wont comeback and i dont wanna lose my son again, i will call police, we have to do something, she goes to call.
Kunj is walking on road and drinking wine, he recalls Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s words how she said that Yuvi(Zain Imam) held her hand in time of need, was ready to give their baby his name, wiped his identity just so that i can live, how Leela said to be careful before you take any decision, he drinks wine.
Inspector says to Usha that letter says he left house on his own so we cant go and find him, Usha says but he is missing, you have to find him, Inspector says this is not missing case so we cant help, he leaves. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says to Usha that dont worry, i will bring your Kunj back, you wont mind if i go alone to find him? she leaves.

Kunj shouts on road and says Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) what i did? i destroyed everything, he drinks more wine and cries. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is walking empty streets and calling out Kunj’s name, she says where are you Kunj? she tries to call him but says his phone is switched off too, where is he? Kunj sees church.
Babee sees news that there is storm coming, she says to Usha that why did you stop Yuvi(Zain Imam) to search for him? now Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is alone finding him, Usha says i dont know, i just want my son back, Manohar says you are right, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) should not be alone outside, i will go to find them, Babee says enough, now you both wont do anything, you both have done enough, now i will take charge, i am calling Yuvi(Zain Imam) to find Kunj, Usha says but Babee Yuvi(Zain Imam).. Babee says its my final decision.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) sees church and says i should pray there. Yuvi(Zain Imam) is in his car searching for them, he says dont know where Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Kunj are?
Kunj comes to church and goes in one booth, he says to father that i did mistake, i hurt my family, i didnt trust my wife Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes in church and prays to Jesus, she looks around and goes in one booth behind curtain. She says to father that i am at situation where i dont know what to do, i was happy in my life, my husband used to love me alot but suddenly one accident changed everything my husband didnt trust me and love is not love if there is no trust. Kunj says to father that i should have trusted Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), 5years is alot time, what if she has moved on? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i still have love for him but pain is there too, my heart is aching, i dont know what decision to take but rightnow i am searching for him, he left house and dont know where he went. Kunj says i know i shouldnt have left house but i was feeling guilty, father looks at them in different booths and thinks that seems like they are talking about each other only. father comes out of his booth and smiles, he says i think you both should talk to each other rather than talking to me. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes out of her booth, Kunj comes out of his booth too, Sajna ve plays, he looks at her in surprise, father says God bless you, he leaves. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) holds his collar and says why you leave your family again and again? you left 5years because of misunderstanding and today too you left, there are many people in your life who cares about you then why you do this with them? Kunj says what you feel? i know it was all misunderstanding, i was at fault, i accept it. Kunj cups Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s face and says whats next Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? will you comeback to me? will our relation be like earlier? will you marry me again Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) looks on, Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes there too and calmly looks at them.

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