Fire and Ice update Tuesday 22 October 2019 Zee World

Fire and Ice update Tuesday 22 October 2019 Zee World

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Fire and Ice update Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Kunj says one staff member is remaining for checking, he points at Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) gets stunned, Kunj says she had necklace, she should be searched too, he asks guards to search her, guard says she is a girl, how can we search her? Kunj says thief has no gender, he just wants to fool people, search her now, guards hesitate, Kunj says okay if you dont search her then i will do it, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) nods in no and feel uncomfortable, Kunj eyes her and starts coming close to her, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is tensed, Kunj is about to hands on her body, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) closes her eyes and feels disgusted, Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes and punches Kunj hard, he is angry, he holds Kunj’s collar and says how dare you try to touch my wife? i will kill you rightnow, get lost and we dont want this contract, we will beg but will never do your work, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says its okay, we need this contract and we havent done anything wrong, she says i am ready to get searched, Pallavi can search me,

says no i cant see you get insulted, this boxer showed enough arrogance, we will not stay here anymore, he starts leaving with Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) but Kunj shows him contract and says read it carefully as you had signed it and seems like you missed a clause which says that if you both leave my wedding and if that hampers my image then you both will give me compensation of 10crores, Yuvi(Zain Imam) is stunned listening this, Kunj says deal is simple, give me 10crores and get the hell out of here, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says this piece of paper cant make me do what i dont want to do, specially when its about my or my wife’s self respect, so this contract.. Yuvi(Zain Imam) tears contract papers and says i dont accept it, i dont care, Kunj says are you done? this was just copy, real contract is with me and if you dont agree to this clause so i will make you run to court for life, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says i am not afraid of your threatening, you can do what you can, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) lets leave, she drags Yuvi(Zain Imam) away from there and leaves, Kunj says this is just start Yuvi(Zain Imam), see tomorrow what happens with you and your wife.
Its morning, Babee reads news paper and sees Rocky’s news, she says i dont understand what is happening. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says we will find some solution soon, what Rocky is trying to do, we will not let him do it. Rocky comes there with Pallavi and lawyer and says you think that you can stop me? Yuvi(Zain Imam) shouts that how dare you come here, leave my house, Kunj says there is confusion, your house? lawyer shows papers, Leela reads it, Babee asks what is it? Kunj says furniture is old, seems like you people cant afford new one, you all are broke, dont be shocked, i have done research too after all i have to get 10crores from you people, i was shocked to see your bank accounts which are empty, only saving is this Sarna mansion so now the deal is that till i dont get my money, this Sarna house will be confiscated by me and from now on this Sarna house will be called Rocky’s den, its cool, Babee breaks down and says what he is saying? she cries, Usha says i will call Manohar, if he was here then this Rocky wouldnt have done this, Rocky says you are wrong even if my father was present here even then he wont be able to throw me out of house, you people can call anyone but i think you should lawyer first as the mess which Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi(Zain Imam) created cant be handled easily, Babee says Yuvi(Zain Imam) where will we go now? Yuvi(Zain Imam) says this Rocky cant win, this was your house and will remain your house, Kunj thinks that i am sorry Babee and Usha, i am pained to see you pained too but i am doing this to take revenge from Yuvi(Zain Imam) and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), he gets emotional but Pallavi puts hand on his shoulder, he composes himself and says you all should be stressed as your good son has done this, i am not that bad, this is big mansion, just choose one room and stay in corner, just dont bother me and Pallavi, just keep sound low. Yuvi(Zain Imam) says who the hell are you? Kunj puts hand on his chest and pushes him away, he says you like to be hero? then give me 10crores and get lost. Kunj’s luggage is brought there, he and Pallavi leaves.
Scene 2
Its morning, Yuvi(Zain Imam) calls clients to get work, he says i will come to Mumbai, he ends call. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says all are tensed, i made them sleep, any luck? Yuvi(Zain Imam) says i am going to Mumbai to meet client, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i have called clients too but they have read news and are angry, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says dont worry, everything will be fine. Kunj listens this and says this is exactly what i wanted, party has just started and their senses are already lost, just imagine when i will stay in this house then i will torture them so much then they will curse moment when i came in their lives, just wait and watch, he smirks seeing Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi(Zain Imam) talking.
Its night, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is sleeping in her room, she wakes up and closes balcony door, she comes back in room and stumbles upon Kunj’s shoes, she says its Kunj’s shoes which he bought from Sydney market, she throws it away and says how did it come here? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) drinks water and sees Kunj’s watch, his perfume on side table, she says how did all come here? i should call Babee and Usha, she comes out of her room and says no, i cant stress them more, i cant pain them, i have to deal with it, she comes in her room to see things missing, she looks around and says where did shoes, watch everything go? i should call Yuvi(Zain Imam), she calls Yuvi(Zain Imam) and says i want to talk something important, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says i am boarding flight, i will call you later, he ends call, she says Yuvi(Zain Imam) is stressed, i cant tell him, who is doing this? why truth is not coming out? who is doing this?

Yuvi(Zain Imam) coming back home and calling out Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin).
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), where are you?
He said that the Mumbai manager was quite impressed by him. He continued to call her but no answer.
He started to get worried and searched for her but didn’t find her
He went to Usha whi was in the kitchen and asked about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin).
She tells him that if Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is not at home the. She must be at Gurudwara and he leaves for gurdhwara

Rocky’s office:
He was angrily throwinbg a ball against the wall. Pallavi watches him.
Rocky says: that even after going to his house, he doesn’t feel at home like before.
And again throws the ball angrily.

Yuvi(Zain Imam) has become the son of the family and whenever i am near Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) i get angry ( i am not sure about what he says)
Pallavi: relax kuni, you have to control yourself. This fight is not a small one, it’s a long fight, at this time we cannot lose our patience
Rocky continued to throw the ball.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) prayed and then searched for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). He spot a girl and misunderstood her to be Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), he went to her.
He pat her shoulder but he saw that it was not Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and apologize to the girl.
Yuvi(Zain Imam), woriedly, called Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) but no answer. He gets more worried and then left thinking that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) might have left to go home.

Sarna house:
Leela called out Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes there and Leela asked him about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). She said that she has been continuously calling her but she didn’t answer. She had to tell her something about license renewal or something like that.

Yuvi(Zain Imam) says that he went to Gurdhwara but she was not there, Leela says that she might have gone for license renewal office.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) says he will call her, leela stops him and said that she has been trying since long but Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) didn’t answer
Yuvi(Zain Imam) says this girl is impossible
He assures Leela and tells her not to worry. And that he would go to the license office.
He was about to leave when Leela stopped him. Leela says to Yuvi(Zain Imam) that he can’t live with her right?
Yuvi(Zain Imam) laughes and said to Leela that she has become naughty. They both laughed.

License renewal office:
Yuvi(Zain Imam) searched for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin).
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- such a long queue, how will i see her?
Yuvi(Zain Imam) was about to go in but was stopped by the people in the queue as they thought that he was cheating and going before them.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) says that he was searching for his wife and went ahead.
He reache the counter and asked the man if a girl named Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) sarna came there.
The man checked the register then said no
Yuvi(Zain Imam) got worried.

Sarna house:
Leela and bebe were in Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s room.
Bebe: i came here to check if there is anyone upstairs.
Leela:”even i came here hearing a noise.
Bebe conplained that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) was not picking up her calls and asked Leela if she talked to her.
Leela said that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is not picking up her calls and that Yuvi(Zain Imam) went to pick her so they must be coming.
Bebe said let them come, i will scold them today. And both smiled.

Rocky’s office:
Yuvi(Zain Imam) was there.
Rocky: brilliant, now there is a new dramathat Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) went missing. He says to Yuvi(Zain Imam) why don’t you and your wife open up a drama conpany and that it will work more than the wedding business. He also says that they have put up all this drama so that they don’t have to pay him back his money.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) got angry and said that you have fit a machine instead of a heart. Here i am worried for my wife And you are worried about your money. Listen to me carefully, Yuvraj Luthra doesn’t keep anyone’s favour nor does he steal someone’s money. I will see you afterwards, for now i am worried for my Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin).
Pallavi, putting her hand on Rocky’s shoulder: Yuvraj, but where can Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) go, any idea?
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- i just hope that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) reached home by now. He stared angrily at Rocky.

Sarna house:
Yuvi(Zain Imam) tells Usha and Leela that he checked every place where Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) could go but didn’t find her. He says that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) could have call once and that she didn’t even checked her messages till now.
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- how can she be so irresponsible? He called her again.

Leela says that its now afternoon and there is no news about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and prayed that she is fine.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) worriedly call her and says that there is a limit of irresponsibility. They saw a phone vibrating under/near the bed.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) bend down and saw the phone, he took it outamd says that it is Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s phone.
Usha says that if her phone is here then something mighy be wrong as she always carried her phone

Leela says how can Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) be so irrespinsible. Last time also she did the same when she….
Everyone was shocked.
Usha wondered if Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) went to the resort again?
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- possible, i will go and bring her back. And once she is found, you two take good class of het. She is crazy girl, she taken our lives by tension.

He assures them and said that he will bring her back.
Leela- go fast
Yuvi(Zain Imam) left.
Leela trying to reassure usha and herself- nothing happened to her, she would be there only. God is here, He will protect her.

Yuvi(Zain Imam) asked the manager the keys of Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s room. The manager checked and said that there is another family staying in the room that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) always booked for herself whenever she stays here.
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- maybe she took another room, plz check once more.
Manager:”no sir, sorry, there is no one by this name”
Yuvi(Zain Imam):”damnit”
He gets worried and thinks of her.
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- last time i spoke to her she said that she has to say something important to me.
He wishes to talk to her once
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- God, i just hope that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is safe, she is not in any mess, God, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), plz call once to tell tgat you are fine, then only my heart will be at rest
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- there is only one way left, i should call Leela maa

Police station:
Inspector: did she leave being angry?
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- no sir
Ins-ok, tell me one thing, was there any conflict between you, any fight or violence?
Leela-what are you saying? My son-in-law os not like that. I trust him completely. He takes very good care of my daughter.
Ins- tell me you said that she webt missing before also and went to a resort.
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- yes, i checked there but she isn’t there
Ins- she might have gone to another resort.
Yuvi(Zain Imam)-no
Ins- it is not yet 24 hours since she went missing, so missing complaint cannot be filled and maybe she comes back by herself. And if she doesn’t come back after 24 hours then you can definitely comr here and file the missing complaint

Leela and Yuvi(Zain Imam) looked at each other worriedly
Leela put her hand on Yuvi(Zain Imam)’s shoulder to assure him

Rocky and pallavi come at Sarna house, where bebe and Usha were sitting worrirdly
Rocky: what happened? I heard you DIL has run away from house.
They felt bad listening to this
Rocky- i mean that she is missing from home. Any news where she went? Any call or message? Anywau if you want, i can help you searching for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin).
Pallavi- yeah
Rocky- i have some good contacts they can help us, if you guys want.

Yuvi(Zain Imam), from behind- no need
He came in with Leela.
Yuvi(Zain Imam): thanks but no thanks, this is our family matter and we don’t want any suggestions nor help from an outsider. So it will be goodif you stay out of this matter. In fact, i feel that you have kidnapped my wife.
All were shocked hearing that
Rocky- seriously? Do you think that i am a small criminal that i will target a girl? If i had to do something, then i wiuld have proudly attacked from the front. Then be it in boxing ring or in real life. Stabbing in someone’s back is not my habit.

Yuvi(Zain Imam)- whatever. For now, it would be better if you give our family a little space, actually i have something important to discuss to them. So can you guys just leave and excuse us. Go ahead
Rocky was about to do something when pallavi stopped him

Rocky’s room:
Rocky: what do you think pallavi? Is this all a drama or is it genuine? Has Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) doubted me and now Yuvi(Zain Imam) and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) are playing games with me?
Pallavi: Knuj i don’t trust them but why would the entire family do drama? I mean that i felt they were in stress for real.

Rocky: i agree that my family is not as smart and mean as Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvraj they are clean conscious people, but at this moment whatever Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvraj would say they would believe ir to be true. Anyway, whatever Yuvraj and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) are planning, whatever games they are playing, they would not succeed. Because i am not that player who lose. I will surely take revenge from them by hook or by crook.

Next morning
Yuvi(Zain Imam) is worried- damn this 24 hours rule. Who made this rule? They cannot file missing report within 24 hours but if i this 24 hour that person is hurt then who would take the responsibility? No one knows this answer.
He sat down furiously
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- where are Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? Plz call me once to tell that you are fine.
All were worried
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- once i hear your voice, i will be at peace.
Police inspector comes there
Ins- that they can carry out personal investigation
He asked for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s details so that they can start the investigation
Rocky and Pallavi came there and the inspector greet him
Everyone looked on surprised.
Rocky: don’t be surprised, i have call the inspector.
He said that poloce commission is his fan so he call only once and he sent the inspector.
Ins-yuvraj sir, you should have said that you know Rocky sir, we would have started the investigation in 2 minutes and maybe we would have something till now.
He asked his junior to take the details and some pics of Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin).
Rocky comes to Yuvi(Zain Imam)- don’t worry Yuvraj we will find Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) together. I can do this imon humanity sake
And come we will help police
They checked her room,
The junior one says that there are some scratches at the corner means that there has been some srtuggle here.
Ins asked Yuvi(Zain Imam) what he talked to Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) the last time.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) says that she wanted to tell something inportant but he couldn’t talk to her as he was boarding the flight.
Ins said that he thinks Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) has been kidnapped.
Yuvi(Zain Imam), shocked- what?
Rocky was also shocked
Ins- someone must have came here and your wife has struggled with him to save herself.
Yuvi(Zain Imam)- but who can kidnapped her?

Yuvi(Zain Imam) received a phone call from an unknown number and he went aside.

The person- if you want to see your wife alive then go and release you mom, Anita Luthra or else…
Yuvi(Zain Imam) was shocked- who the hell is this? Do as you are told and make the police go away, those who are roaming in your room or else… And one thing more, police shouldn’t be seen here and explain that boxer bot to fly much
He cut the phone
Yuvi(Zain Imam) was shocked and tensed.

Caller says to Yuvi(Zain Imam) that if you want to save your wife then bring your mother Anita out of jail otherwise.. Yuvi(Zain Imam) says what? caller ends call, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says how did this man know all this? Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes out of house and says no one is here then how does man knows whats going inside? Yuvi(Zain Imam) gets call from client and says we want to give you contract for party in Mumbai, you were waiting for this contract, Yuvi(Zain Imam) ends call, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says this seems mom’s plan so that i bring her out of jail but i wont let her succeed, he calls someone.
Babee says to Leela that dont know what has happened to Yuvi(Zain Imam), he is not even talking to anyone, Kunj comes and asks if they got any news of Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? Leela says dont know, Yuvi(Zain Imam) is not telling us anything, he wants to kdo everything alone, he says that he can jgo to any extent for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) but not telling us anything, i feel like if he has gone to meet Anita, Babee says she has made our lives hell, dont know what her new plan is, kunj says you mean anita Luthra? i read news that she was involved in Kunj’s murder, i am sorry but why did you allow Yuvi(Zain Imam) to go alone there? i think i should go there, he needs my help, Leea thanks him, he leaves.
Kunj and Yuvi(Zain Imam) are at home, Kunj says to family that police is here, tell them if Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) had any enemy or she fought with anyone, policeman says give us her photo too, he asks Yuvi(Zain Imam) when he talked to her last time, was she is disturbed? Yuvi(Zain Imam) is lost and not answering policeman, Kunj calls Yuvi(Zain Imam) out and asks what happened? Yuvi(Zain Imam) says sorry, what? he gets calls from unknown number again and gets tensed, he thinks that my worker has called, he might have got any info regarding Anita maa, i cant this here, he leaves from there to attend call. Babee says Yuvi(Zain Imam) is tensed for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) thats why behaving like this, policeman says we will investigate, he leaves.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) talks to his man and says i talked to Anita’s men but no one told me about her plan, seems like she has given this work to someone outsider. Leela sees Yuvi(Zain Imam) talking with man and says seems like he is Yuvi(Zain Imam)’s man to find out Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) but why Yuvi(Zain Imam) is not telling anything to police? Yuvi(Zain Imam) says if mom’s team has not kidnapped Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) then who did it? someone throws note towards Yuvi(Zain Imam) and runs from there before Yuvi(Zain Imam) can catch him. Yuvi(Zain Imam) opens envelope and finds Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s mangalsutra in it, note reads that throw this boxer and police away and ksave your wife, you are busy with your men, if you dont understand then next time it will not be mangalsutra in envelope but something else. Yuvi(Zain Imam) says dont know who is doing this.
Kunj comes home and his hand is bleeding, Pallavi asks how this happened? Kunj says i was taking information about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), man came in my room and attacked me, he knows about this house well, he said that i dont understand anything and then he left, Yuvi(Zain Imam) thinks that man told me on call too that i dont understand anything, usha says who can do this? Babee says the one who kidnapped Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), they must have got to know that Rocky is helping us thats why they attacked him too, she asks Rocky to go to his room and take rest, Pallavi says i will take him, Babee asks Yuvi(Zain Imam) to call inspector and tells him that Rocky is being attacked, Yuvi(Zain Imam) nods. Rocky leaves, Leela stares Yuvi(Zain Imam), all leave, Leela comes to Yuvi(Zain Imam) and says do you want to share anything with me? anything serious? Yuvi(Zain Imam) thinks that if i tell her about extortion call or note then she will get worried, i cant tell her, he says i am worried about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), Leela says i felt you went to meet someone outside, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says no i went to get some fresh air, Leela says okay and is tensed knowing Yuvi(Zain Imam) is lying.

Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes in police station and is dressed as policeman, he says i thought after being in jail for so many years, you would change but you are still playing games and making Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s life hell, i will accept your all demands but will save Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). Yuvi(Zain Imam) gets call , caller says bring Anita out of jail then we will take her, he ends call. Yuvi(Zain Imam) says fine mom, you son is coming to meet you so get ready. He sees policemen busy, he throws gas cylinder in police station, everyone gets busy in trying to figure out what is happening. Yuvi(Zain Imam) sees anita in jail and coughing, she screams to save her, Yuvi(Zain Imam) puts mask on his face to be saved from gas, he comes to Anita’s jail and thinks that i cant become weak, she can go to any extent to get what she wants, she kidnapped Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) to get out of here, i will do it your way mom. He steals kkey of her cell and starts opening it, she asks who is there? Yuvi(Zain Imam) opens jail and thinks that if saving Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) requires to release you then be it, i just hope Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes back home safe, he opens Anita’s cell to free her.
At home, Yuvi(Zain Imam) thinks that its been 3hours since i released mom, why did Twinke not return till now? Babee says to Yuvi(Zain Imam) that why did you not tell inspector that Rocky was being attacked? Yuvi(Zain Imam) says i forgot it, Babee says i know you are tensed, i told police everything. Usha sees on new tv that Anita is being released by someone from jail, everyone sees it, Babee says this witch ranaway from from jail, Yuvi(Zain Imam) is tensed, Babee says what if Anita has kidnapped Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? Usha says now she will try to destroy our lives, she will do anything to take revenge, Leela says first we have to kfind who released her from jail, who is behind all this, she asks Yuvi(Zain Imam) if he knew Anita was released from jail? Yuvi(Zain Imam) stammers and says dont worry, i will find out, if my mom has done this then i wont spare my mom, i will bring back Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), Leela says i know you care for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), you wont let anything happen to kher but you know your mom, she can do anything to take her revenge, she can go to any extent, if we dont tell police then how will they help us? we have to tell them everything then they will be able to help us, you are understanding what i am saying? Rocky says police will be coming here soon and i am sure, Yuvi(Zain Imam) will cooperate with them, Rocky eyes him, Yuvi(Zain Imam) thinks that this is such a mess, i cant share it with anything, ki cant take one step kwrong as it will increase threat on Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin).

It nigh, Yuvi(Zain Imam) is tensed in his room and says why did Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) not return till now? i did exactly what they said but why didnt they free Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? where are you Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? i just hope you are fine, he gets call, caller tells him address and asks him to go there and get some bag from there, call ends.
Its morning, Babee says Yuvi(Zain Imam) left house early morning and didnt even tell where he went. Kunj asks where did Yuvi(Zain Imam) go? Leela says he is not telling us anything, he doesnt want anyone to get involved, he says that he can do anything for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) but not telling us anything, i feel like.. he has went to meet Anita, Babee says she has destroyed our lives, Kunj says why did you allow Yuvi(Zain Imam) to go alone to that woman? i should go there, he needs my help, Leela thanks him, Kunj leaves.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes to one house, he finds suitcase there, caller tells him to take to Guradvarah and pray for your wife’s life, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says enough of this rubbish, send my wife back to my house, caller says you know your wife is still with us, dont do anything stupid, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says how do i know that she is with you? let me talk to her, caller says dont order me, dont forget we have your wife, so be good boy and take this bag from here, he ends call.
Kunj is driving car and says sometimes we have to make donkey father too, i have to help Yuvi(Zain Imam) to find Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) but i will take my revenge for sure.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) is miffed, he takes bad from there. Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes to Guradvarah with suitcase and prays to Lord to protect Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and keep her safe.
Kunj is driving and finds Yuvi(Zain Imam)’s car outside Guradvarah, he says if Yuvi(Zain Imam) is here? He goes to check in.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) is praying, a girl tries to take suitcase from him but her mother asks child to not touch others things, she says to Yuvi(Zain Imam) that some tick tick sound is coming from suitcase, whats inside? Yuvi(Zain Imam) is tensed and says it has watch inside thats why, he leaves. Kunj comes in Guradvarah and looks around for Yuvi(Zain Imam), Yuvi(Zain Imam) passesby him, they both dont see each other and Yuvi(Zain Imam) leaves.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) is driving car and bag is still with him, he says there is bomb inside for sure, caller calls him, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says it has bomb in bag, what the hell is wrong> caller asks him to go certain address, go there and do what i am saying, he ends call, Yuvi(Zain Imam) is miffed.

Kunj is driving and says Yuvi(Zain Imam) must be near here as he left Guradvarah sometimes ago, he finds Yuvi(Zain Imam)’s car on raod and starts following him. Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes to address as told by caller, he sees house there and says its same address as caller said, do they have Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) here? He comes out of car with suitcase. He comes inside house and says Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is not even here, then where she is? he gets call from caller, caller asks him to put phone on speaker and do what i say, Yuvi(Zain Imam) does so, caller asks him to open suitcase, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says it has bomb, it can blast, caller asks if Yuvraj Luthra is scared? open it now, Yuvi(Zain Imam) hesitatingly opens it and sighs, he finds gun in it instead of bomb, caller says there is timer on gun, you have that much time left, and if this timer ends before your work is done then your wife will be dea, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says shut up, if you try to hurt my wife then.. caller says you know you are not in position to threaten me, pick up gun now, Yuvi(Zain Imam) shivers and picks it up, caller says go in room, behind you, whoever you find in that room, shoot that person, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says no way, i am not going to kill anybody, caller says seems like you dont love your wife, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says dont do anything to Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), caller says then do what i am saying, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says i will get punishment for you, i am helpless because of Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) rightnow, caller says dotn give me lecture, you will get your Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) back only when you shoot person inside room, go there. Yuvi(Zain Imam) starts moving towards room. Kunj comes outside house and says how will i find in which house Yuvi(Zain Imam) is? he starts looking around.
Yuvi(Zain Imam) is going towards room to who is there. Outside house Kunj is searching for him, he doesnt find him. Yuvi(Zain Imam) comes in room, its all dark there, he points gun and sees its Anita there, he is shocked and says you? Anita is elated to see her, she says Yuvi(Zain Imam)? he says you here? where is Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? where have you hidden here? why you create problems in my life everytime? where is Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), he calls out for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), Anita says i dont know where Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is, i have kidnapped here for sometime, i dont even know who they are, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says you are lying, you have kidnapped her. Anita says i dont know where Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says this is all your plan, you cant let your son be happy, cant you understand that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is my love, why dont you let me be happy, tell me where Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is otherwise i will shoot. Anita says there is some confusion, i didnt kidnap Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), trust me, i didnt do it, Yuvi(Zain Imam) says you are lying, Anita says you are going to kill me? you will kill me? i am begging you, dont shoot, Yuvi(Zain Imam) sees time running out on Gun’s timer, its only 2seconds left on gun’s timer, Yuvi(Zain Imam) closes his eyes and shoots but not in her direction, he breakdowns and starts crying, Anita sees it as opportunity and runs from there. Kunj comes there and asks whats going on here? Yuvi(Zain Imam) says you were following me? Kunj asks why you have gun in your hand? who was that woman who ranaway? Yuvi(Zain Imam) says why you are involving in my personal life? who are you? Kunj says your family was worried so i tried to find you, i thought i can help you to find Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), Yuvi(Zain Imam) says i dont need you, Kunj says when person is in trouble then he needs to share things, i know we dont share good rapport but i am just trying to help you, just tell me what is happening, Yuvi(Zain Imam) tells him everything about extortionist, calls and everything, he asks Kunj if he is sure to get into all this? Kunj says havent you listened its better to two then alone.
Leela is calling people to find out about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). Yuci comes back with Kunj, Usha asks did you find Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? did kidnappers call? Babee asks him to speak for God’s sake, say something, Leela says to Yuvi(Zain Imam) that why you dont you just tell us what is happening? my daughter is kidnapped, your wife is kidnapped, this house’s daughter in law is kidnapped, where are you going and meeting people? where is Anita? is Anita involved in all this? Yuvi(Zain Imam) is silent and looks at her.


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