Fire and Ice update Tuesday 12th November 2019 Zee World

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Fire and Ice update Tuesday 12 November 2019 Zee World

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Fire and Ice update Tuesday 12th November 2019 Zee World

Pallavi is lying unconscious in her room. Yuvi asks her to wake up, he thinks when did Pallavi change her plan? how did she get blood? Twinkle says Kunj we should call police, if Pallavi lost her life because of us then we need to get punished, Yuvi says its all this Kunj’s fault, he will go not you Twinkle. Kunj says to Twinkle that Pallavi loved me, she died because of my rejection so i will go, not you, Twinkle says i cant live without you, we will go through this together, they leave. Yuvi laughs and asks Pallavi to get up, he says i was late in bringing blood but you managed fake acting so well, now get up and stop this acting, he asks her to wake up, she doesnt react it, it hits him, he says no, this cant happen, he says Pallavi died? he asks Pallavi to get up but she doesnt move. Yuvi comes to Twinkle and Kunj and says Pallavi is really dead, its not fake blood, Twinkle says you are taunting in this situation too? Yuvi says she actually died, this cant happen, Twinkle says what are you saying? Yuvi thinks that if i tell Twinkle that it was my plan then she will hate me forever, i cant let that happen, he says to Twinkle that she was my friend, i wish i could talk to her and stop her, Kunj says but you talked to her? Yuvi says i talked to her but she sounded low, he grabs Kunj’s collar and says i wont spare you, you took my friend away, i wont leave you now, Kunj says stop it, Yuvi says you always take everything away from me, first my love and now my friend. Twinkle says Yuvi stop it we are going to police only, Kunj says i will go alone, Twinkle you dont need to involve yourself, Twinkle says no, we are going together, i am coming with you, they leave. Yuvi thinks that if Kunj’s involvement in death is proven then he will be in jail and Twinkle and i will live outside. Yuvi sees Pallavi’s deadbody lying on floor and says i cant believe you are gone, if someone killed her or she did suicide? but now i can trap Kunj in her case, Pallavi’s last call went to him.. but i saw her last time, if someone told police that i was seen last time with her then i will be gone, Pallavi you died but trapped me.
Anita says to herself that i dont understand why Yuvi keep running behind that Twinkle? Leela comes and says i ask same question, why doesnt he leave her alone? Kunj and Twinkle loves each other and Yuvi cant leave them alone, Anita says i dont need any lectures, Leela gives her card and says its invitation card of Twinkle and Kunj’s married.
Kunj and Twinkle brings inspector to house. They see no deadbody of Pallavi there. Inspector says you are celebrity thats why i am leaving you for making fool of us, there is no deadbody here, he leaves. Kunj says where did her deadbody go? Twinkle says Yuvi..
Kunj and Twinkle comes to Yuvi. Twinkle asks Yuvi where is Pallavi’s deadbody? he says i dont know, Kunj punches him and asks about deadbody, Yuvi says i can fight too, Kunj hits him again. Twinkle stops them and asks Yuvi where is her deadbody? Yuvi says yes i hide it to save Kunj, he will be in trap and you will be in trap too, i did it for you, for your safety, Twinkle says i just hope you dont have hidden motive this time, Yuvi says i just did it for you, Kunj just got saved in all this, otherwise i would have let him rot in jail, Twinkle says fine take us where is her deadbody.

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Yuvi brings Twinkle and Kunj to car and says i have hidden her deadbody in that car. They see car empty, Yuvi says i swear, i hide it in this car only, dont know where it go. Kunj says did you note car’s number? he says no, Twinkle gets call from Leela, she says to Yuvi that we will come here later to find her deadbody but dont do anything stupid till then, they leave. Yuvi thinks where did deadbody go?
Anita meets a Baba, she asks him to cure Yuvi so he can come out of Twinkle’s spell. Baba says i will make him fine with my broom. Yuvi comes there and asks who is he? Anita says he is your cure, she asks baba to start treatment.
Kunj comes home, Manohar says why did you come so late? Kunj thinks that how to tell them what happened, i made Twinkle go in trouble again, i hope she is fine. he says i am sorry, Babee says you are saying sorry in english, formal style, Kunj says you look cute, Babee laughs and says lets do preparations for marriage.
Leela asks Twinkle about marriage preparations but she is lost in thoughts, Leela asks what happened? she says nothing, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi did mistake by hiding deadbody, i just hope we find it.
Yuvi asks Anita what is this? Anita asks baba to continue, she leaves. Yuvi says you are so creative? i have lost deadbody? can you help me to find it? can you use your powers to do that for me? Baba says its useless to cure you, nothing can happen with you, you are incurable, he runs away. Yuvi says such fake baba. Yuvi sees on Tv, reporter says a famous surgeon’s deadbody has been found in a car near highway. Yuvi is shocked to hear it, police have arrested girl whose car it was. Flashback shows Yuvi in house and hides body in sheets, he says when police wont find deadbody then i wont be point of suspicion. He swipes away proofs and says where will i hide body?

One girl Simple is running on roads in bridal dress. A man is running behind her and asks her to stop daughter, she doesnt stop. She comes to her jeep and drives away. Man is disappointed. Simple gets call from man and says where are you? its wedding time, comeback. Simple says i dont wanna get married father, he asks her to comeback, she says i will comeback when you all are not angry anymore but for now your girl is running away from house, bye bye, she ends call and continues driving. One guy on bike takes over her jeep. She says he wants to race with Simple Kaur? she says to guy that i will not spare you now. She takes over his bike, boy parks his bike and starts to leave. Simple says you wanted to make dhoom 4 , now i will help you, he says sorry, i wont do it again, he runs off. Simple says i wont spare you, boy runs away, Simple runs behind him and leaves jeep there. Yuvi sees it and says its empty car, this is like answers to my prayers, she brings out Pallavi’s deadbody from his car’s truck and put it in that jeep, he covers it with blanket

Flashback plays, Yuvi is shown to be putting deadbody in Simple’s jeep, he hides it with blanket and leaves. Simple comes back to jeep and says i wont spare person who tried to race with me, girls are no less than guys. The guy who was racing her car sees deadbody in her jeep, he says she is dangerous, he calls police. Inspector stops Simple’s car and says we have to search it, she says do it, there is nothing in my car. Inspector finds deadbody in her car, she says this must be joke, she comes back and sees deadbody in her car, she says i dont know how it came here, i am saying truth inspector, someone played game with me, inspector says we will investigate but now we have to arrest you, Simple says but i didnt do anything, Simple is arrested, Simple says i will see everyone and the one who did it, i will destroy him. Flashback ends.
Kunj and Twinkle meets Yuvi. Twinkle says Yuvi that because of you an innocent girl is in jail, Yuvi says atleast we dont have to go to jail now, if we go to police then they will involve us anyway, Twinkle says what kind of person are you? you have to set everything all right, Kunj says we should go to police, Twinkle says family must be worried for us, they all leave.
Anita says what Kunj and Twinkle did with my Yuvi, thats payback for them.
Leela says to Babee and Manohar that Yuvi and Anita are behind all this, i didnt expect this from Yuvi. Babee prays for Kunj and Twinkle’s safety.
Kunj, Yuvi and Twinkle comes to police station. Twinkle says that girl(Simple) is not at fault. Kunj says we brought you home for that deadbody but it was gone. Twinkle says i dont know how deadbody reached her car but she is innocent, free her. Inspector asks to bring that girl, he asks him to whole story. Kunj tells him everything how Pallavi did suicide, he says you can charge me for her suicide if you think that she died because of me. Inspector says i think this is murder case. Simple comes there dressed as bride, she says to inspector that i kept telling you that i didnt do anything but you didnt listen to me, who put deadbody in my car? Twinkle says i am sorry, Simple asks if she put deadbody in car? she says no, Simple says once i find him, i wont spare him, she leaves. Inspector asks who put deadbody in Simple’s car? Kunj says Yuvraj Luthra, inspector asks who saw Pallavi last time? Kunj says Yuvi must know, he sees Yuvi gone, Twinkle says not again. Yuvi is outside police station and says Kunj and Twinkle have weird illness of saying truth, they would put me in jail, i saw Pallavi last time and hide her deadbody too, i have to runaway to not get caught, he hides from policeman. Simple is sitting in her jeep and says once i find that monkey who put deadbody in my car then i wont spare him. Yuvi hides in her jeep, Simple drives away. Yuvi thinks that she is same lady fighter, i have to do something.
Inspector says to Kunj that you this this is zoo? once you come here and tells me that deadbody got lost and then it is found in someone’s car and now your friend has runaway, you have only day to find Yuvi, find him otherwise i will arrest you both for this case.
Kunj comes out of police station. Media gathers him and asks him questions about Pallavi’s case, he sits in his car with Twinkle and drives away.
Simple is rashly driving car. Yuvi is trying to balance himself at back. Simple curses that once i find guy who put deadbody in my car then i wont spare him. Yuvi thinks that she is weird girl, if she finds out that i am in her car only who put deadbody in her car then i will be gone, i have to escape.

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Leela says to Twinkle that Yuvi always does this. He could have stayed with you people but he always have to runaway, why he always put you in trouble, Twinkle says its okay, its Yuvi’s habit to put us in trouble and runaway, we will find him. Anita sees them and thinks that its good that they are stressed and police have doubt on them.
Simple is driving car. Yuvi screams when he gets hit on head by car’s side. Simple turns back and sees him in her jeep, she says thief? Yuvi gets out of car and tries to runaway but Simple holds stick and says dont runaway, you are a thied? Yuvi thinks that how to escape her? he says i am not thief, someone put gold in my car and police chased me. Simple says i get you, you know someone put deadbody in my car, Yuvi says deadbody? did you see his face who did it? she says no, i had to spend day in jail because of him, once i find him then i will beat him a lot. She asks Yuvi if he has place to live? he says no, she says i dont have place to go too but we will figure out, dont worry.
Twinkle and Kunj comes to Pallavi’s house but its sealed. He asks policeman to allow him to go inside, policeman says no there had been murder here. Kunj comes to watchman, watchman says i am your big fan Rocky, Kunj says what happened when murdered happened here? Watchman says i saw some woman in burqa(veil) coming out of Pallavi’s house, there are been noise coming off from her but i didnt stop her, Twinkle asks if anyone can help us? watchman says Pallavi’s maid Shanta bai must know something, she has been despressed after Pallavi’s death, Kunj asks for Shanta’s number, watchman gives it to him, Kunj thanks him and leaves with Twinkle.
Anita is washing her hands in sink. She is tensed, (there seems blood near sink) door bell rings, she says who has come at this time, she hastily washes her hands and goes out.
Twinkle and Kunj comes to Shanta’s house. They meet Shanta’s husband, he tells them something which is muted. Kunj gets call from Leela and says why Babee is going there? he says to Twinkle that you go home, i will come.
Yuvi is driving jeep, Simple is sitting on passenger seat and says i was tired of driving, Yuvi says where are we going? She says dont be afraid, we are going to enjoy, Yuvi thinks that wow what a girl, girl should be spunky like her.
Anita opens door and finds Kunj and Babee there. Babee shouts on her and says why you keep messing with lives? Anita says what you talking about? Babee says dont act so innocent, we all know you can do anything, Anita says shut up, you can say anything? Babee says to Kunj that i know you she did everything to frame you, Kunj says we dont have proof against her, lets go home. Babee says to Anita that you are so blind in your’s son love that you have destroyed everyone’s life, you are jealous of Twinkle that she didnt like Yuvi but likes Kunj thats why you want to take revenge from her. Anita says i am happy that Twinkle who is destruction is away from my son, now my son can start his new life, i dont have time to listen your false blames so get out. Kunj says we are leaving now but we will soon comeback with police, Kunj sees blood dripping from anita’s hand and thinks about it.

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