Fire and Ice update Thursday 14 November 2019 (Season finale episode)

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Fire and Ice update Thursday 14 November 2019 (Season finale episode)

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Fire and Ice update Thursday 14th November 2019 (Season finale episode)

Yuvi and Kunj beat goons, Raghu says forgive me, i killed Pallavi and Shanta told me that she had lots on jewelry thats why we killed her and we stole bag from Ghanta ghar. Police comes and arrests Raghu. Inspector thanks Twinkle for calling them, they find jewelry in one bag, Yuvi says its Pallavi’s jewelry, Kunj says its same bag which Anita left outside Ghanta ghar. Police takes Raghu away. Yuvi stares Twinkle. Twinkle says dont stare, like you have way, i have way too to handle situation.
Simple, Yuvi, Twinkle and Kunj are together, Yuvi says thank God everything is sorted, Simple says i had really good time with you, Yuvi says if you werent with me dont know what would have happened, Kunj coughs. Yuvi says i mean i didnt know what would have happened without you, she says really? he nods and says lets go home, Simple says home? Yuvi says no problem, you all can stay at my house, all say my house? Yuvi says our animosity is of years, lets start afresh and end it, Twinkle says our mothers will never accept each other, Kunj says Yuvi is right, we can start with ourselves, Simple says you are enemies? you people were fighting for each other, Yuvi says its complicated and its fun to start new relations, lets celebrate. Yuvi and Simple talks and laughs. Kunj says to Twinkle that Yuvi really changed this time.
Some Punjabis are dancing outside Yuvi’s house. They come out, Yuvi says who are they? Simple says they are my family. Simple’s grand father says to yuvi that your pair is good, Simple’s mother says we liked son in law’s photo, you are good looking. Kunj and Twinlle are confused, grand father says lets ge them married, Yuvi is stunned, grand father says if you ditch and dont marry then I.. Anita comes there and says he is marrying your daughter? Twinkle says aunty they are guests, say them hello. She whispers to Anita that dont say anything, your son’s life is in danger, just do what i am saying, she asks Leela to take guests to her house, Leela says i will handle everyone, she takes Simple’s family to her house. Yuvi looks on.
Simple says to Leela and Twinkle that i have done all this, i shouldnt have sent Yuvi’s photo to my family, i am sorry, you are caught because of me, Yuvi puts hand on her mouth and says its not anyone’s fault, dont cry.
Simple’s family are at Sarna house, grand father asks who is coming from groom’s side to talk about marriage? Babee says his mother will come, have tea, he says we will drink anything after talking with her. Simple’s family talk about cutting someone’s ear and hair. Babee gets scared and asks Manohar to call Twinkle before they do anything with her.
Yuvi asks Simple to not cry, he says lets drink water, you will fee better, he leaves with her. Leela says thank God atleast he stopped stalking my daughter, Anita says seriously he was crazy behind Twinkle, but Simple and Yuvi are good match, funky and full of life, Twinkle says we have to unite them but first you both end animosity, Kunj ask them to shake hands, Anita says if i have shake hands with my enemy for my son then i am ready, Leela says if Twinkle gets peace and happiness by this then i am ready, they shake hands. Kunj says great, now listen my plan.
Grand father asks where is Simple? Babee says she is inside room, she is shy as its about her wedding, one family member brings out dagger and says i will bring her, Babee says why you show dagger all the time, calm down, grand father asks where is Twinkle?
Anita asks Yuvi if Simple is okay? he says she is tensed, she sent my photo by mistake but dont be angry with her, Anita says i didnt say anything, i like her, Yuvi says this is first time you have liked one girl. Twinkle says now you got mother’s approval too, you like her right? Yuvi says yes, i mean she doesnt think before speaking, she is blunt, Twinkle says she is brave too, she took your side in all this, Yuvi says yes, she is street smart too, Twinkle says i can see you like her a lot, Yuvi says are you mad? she is crazy, i mean she is not girl, she is lady dabang, she carries gun but doesnt have bullets in it, one fool can like her. Anita says she seems special. Twinkle smirks. Yuvi says me and Simple like each other? are you crazy? Twinkle says you both met only now but you care for each other.
Leela says to Simple that Twinkle told me how brave you are, you need guy who is strong and can protect you, Yuvi is best, Kunj says you both have developed trust, its big thing, Simple says i mean yuvi is nice guy, he helped me a lot but that doesnt mean we should get married.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that Simple didnt take your name infront of her family, because she didnt want you to get him in trouble, Yuvi says i was just helping her, Twinkle says you
Leela comes to Sarna house. Leela says Simple, Yuvi, Kunj and Twinkle have gone to Guradvarah, marriages shouldnt happen without blessing of God. Simple’s family is elated to hear it.
Yuvi says to Twinkle and Anita she is good, we like each others company but that doesnt mean i love her. Twinkle says to Yuvi that everyone has to get settled in life, Yuvi says you are saying this because you are afraid that if i dont find another girl then i will start stalking you again and will be behind you but i am done with you, not happening, Twinkle says dont get angry, you are sweet, you are my friend, you helped me so much, so i want you to be happy and i feel Simple is perfect for you, made for each other, Anita says she is perfect for you, Yuvi says she is nice but that doesnt we can spend whole life together, thats not possible.

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Well here’s the episodic analysis for those who couldn’t watch today’s episode
The episode starts with simple asking uv did he think something. Uv says it’s weird till today people naturally hated me but now when I want ur parents to hate me they aren’t.simple shouts at him that just keep thinking n they start arguing.
Just then Kunj comes and asks simple to help out twinkle to get ready for marriage.
Simple says to twinkle I’ve never made such good friends in my life.Twinkle says mostly like uv right.
The goons with biddi enter the sarna house to kidnap simple but mistakingly kidnap twinkle
Simple informs everyone about twinkle getting kidnapped
Kunj slaps uv n shouts at him that u can never change.
Uv says stay off from me I haven’t done a thing.Leela says that Anita can never change she would never let us stay happily
Anita shouts back saying I have no time to waste on ur daughter.dont give urself so much importance.
Simple says just stop it I know where twinkle is the guy who I was suppose to marry has kidnapped twinkle by mistake
Kunj simple n uv leave to get twinkle
Biddi sees twinkle instead of simple n says she would come to save her friend so we’ll wait
They arrive at the godown there the goons take simple forcefully she shouts for uv n uv saves her from them
While twinkle hits biddi with rod and he asks simple to save him from this woman
He says he’ll never disturb her again
Kunj asks twinkle if she’s fine she says let’s hurry up marry
He says let’s go my siyapa queen
They leave in car uv n simple remember the time they spent n smile
At home Leela asks twinkle if she’s fine .
She sees uv wound n asks him to get it dressed twinkle says simple will do it n they leave them alone
Simple says to uv I want to say something n I’ll speak directly she proposes uv
While uv is shocked

Simple asks Yuvi if he thought some plan? Yuvi says i am thinking, people hated me naturally but now when i want them to genuinely hate me then i dont know plan, Simple says you keep thinking and.. Yuvi says i should throw chutni on your grand father, he will hate me then, Simple says think about his sword, Yuvi says dont know why he keep showing his sword, Simple says this way we will get married, Yuvi says i should kill you, Simple says i am lioness, dont even think about it. Kunj sees them and says if they keep fighting then how will they listen their heart thing, he asks Simple to go and help Twinkle, Simple leaves.
Twinkle is trying dupatta on her head, Simple comes and says i never made friends like you people, i really enjoy with you people, you are all nice, Twinkle says especially after meeting Yuvi, right? Simple looks on.
One goon says to guy(Piddi) that i saw bhabhi in this house. They stealthily goes in Yuvi’s house. They switches off lights and comes to Twinkle’s room. They see Twinkle and Simple in room but doesnt see their faces, they kidnap Twinkle and take her away.
Simple comes to family and says Twinkle got kidnapped, all are shocked. Kunj slaps Yuvi and says you wont change, you had to do it today too? Yuvi says i didnt do anything, i told you that i have ended all animosity and i didnt do it, why you doubting me? Kunj sayg give me one reason to not doubt you, Yuvi says Simple… all are stunned, Yuvi says i mean i didnt kidnap her, Twinkle is always in trouble when she is with you, you always put her in danger, it must your enemy. Cherry says we should think who kidnapped her. Leela says Anita you wont change, why you kidnapped my daughter? Anita says we have other works then kidnapping your daughter. Simple says silent you all, i know Piddi kidnapped her. Kunj asks who Piddi? Simple says he was getting married with me before i ranaway from house, he saw Twinkle with me and thought Twinkle was me so he kidnapped her, Simple’s grand father says i will kill that Piddi, Kunj says she is my wife and i will bring her back, Yuvi says i hope she is fine. Simple says i know where Piddi would have taken her, give me sword grand father.. Kunj says its not needed, Simple says fine you become hero, lets go, they leave.
Piddi brings Twinkle to godown, they see its not Simple but Twinkle. Goons say to Piddi that we mistakenly brought her here, Piddi says till Simple doesnt come to save her, she will remain here. Twinkle is tied to chair and says you are idiots, free my hands then i will see you, when two macho men come here with Simple then you people will know.
Simple, Yuvi and Kunj comes to godown. Yuvi says you sure she is at this place? Simple says its Piddi’s romantic place, he wanted honeymoon with me here. Yuvi says this tiny is gone, Simple says tiny is my grand father’s name, he is Piddi, Yuvi says i am stuck in all this. He says how dare he try to kidnap you Simple? Kunj says my wife is kidnapped, lets save her. Piddi’s goon sees them. He inform Piddi that Simple have come with two guys. Piddi asks them to beat guys and bring Simple to him, he says to Twinkle that simple is here so you have to leave.
Goons come and starts fighting with Kunj and Yuvi. One goon grabs Simple, she screams for Yuvraj.. Yuvi sees her. He leaves other goon and starts going towards her, ajab si song plays. goon hits Yuvi with wooden stick but Yuvi doesnt stop going towards Simple. Otherside Twinkle beats Piddi with stick, she says dont think girls are weak. goons are grabbing Simple’s hand, Yuvi says leave her hand, goon says we wont, Yuvi says leave her else i will beat you. Kunj comes and asks where is my wife? Yuvi and Kunj beat goons. Kunj listens Twinkle’s name and goes to her. Simple beats goon, Yuvi looks on stunned. Simple comes to Twinkle, Piddi says Simple save me from this Twinkle. She says you tried to kidnap me? he says i am sorry but save me from this witch, Twinkle is about to beat him again but Kunj asks her to spare him, Yuvi says you have 2minutes, dont ever come near Simple else you will be beaten by me. Kunj asks Twinkle if she is fine? Twinkle says yes but before anymore trouble comes, lets go and get married, Kunj says lets go my Saypaa queen.
Yuvi is driving car. Simple is sitting on passenger seat, she smile at him, Main agar Kahun plays, Simple recalls how they met, their antics and everything, Twinkle and Kunj sees Simple drooling over Yuvi. They come home. Leela hugs Twinkle and says thank God you are fine. She says Yuvi is injured, she says i will do your bandage, Twinkle says Simple is here, lets go inside. Kunj and Twinkle takes Leela away. Yuvi starts leaving, Simple says Luthra.. i mean Yuvi you know i dont keep anything inside, i say everything i think, he says good policy, she says i want to say something, he says yes, she says will you marry me.. Yuvi is shocked and says what? Simple says dont take tension, i wont runaway from wedding venue, i am tired of running, i want to walk with someone who can match up with my speed and how you saved me from goons.. Yuvi says what are you saying? Simple says you are daring and crazy and i am same, we are perfect for each other, we are not like to hold hands and walk under stars, we are spontaneous people, we are like take bike and go on journey, we dont care about destination, we dont play songs for our partners but we make our own song, look i dont know about promises for seven births, i know i am not perfect girl but i know when we will be together, we will be happy, we will spend life smiling and laughing. She sits on her kneed and asks him if he will make her partner in crime, will he marry her? yuvi looks on.

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father says to family that you all are liars, my brother saw news and told me that Yuvi trapped Simple in murder case, Twinkle says its all misunderstanding. father says shut up, where is Simple? Simple and Yuvi comes there. Mother says we will take you home now, Twinkle thinks Yuvi react, stop her. They drag Simple away from Yuvi, Yuvi sees her being dragged away, she pleads him to stop her. Yuvi recalls time spent with her, how she proposed him, Kunj says Yuvi speak something, stop her. Yuvi says stop.. Twinkle have sigh of relief. Yuvi walks upto Simple and says uncle i am sorry, i know it all started with lie but i want to say truth now that i want to marry your daughter, father says what is this drama now? Yuvi says its truth, i want to say something to Simple, he says to Simple that i loved someone dearly and it changed into obsession and it pained me but then i met you and you brought old Yuvi back, the one who was carefree and smart, i dont know if our life will be easy but we will spend it smiling and enjoying together, i thought that i would find someone who has tashan and i found you, i like you. He asks Simple’s father to give Simple’s hand to him, i want to marry her, Simple’s brother says he wants to act like lover, if we leave him alive today then it will be insult for us, let me kill him today, he is about attack Yuvi, all get worried, father stops brother and says to Yuvi that when husband and wife are ready then what can father do? he says to simple that he is really nice guy, he will take care of you, no guy is more good than him, Simple hugs him and thanks him, father thanks Kunj and Twinkle and says this couldnt have happened without you both, Yuvi says what? Kunj says it means this was all Twinkle’s plan, we asked father to act so that you both accept feelings for each other, Yuvi says it was you Twinkle? Twinkle says yes as i want to see you happy always. Anita says i am so happy that my son is finally getting married, Babee says we should not wait, mandap is set, after Kunj and Twinkle, Yuvi and Simple will get married, all hug each other.
Anita comes to Leela and says Yuvi is moving ahead in life and getting married because of you and your daughter, thank you, Leela says we should move forward too and forget past, Anita says on one condition, you have to remove board from your gate that says “dogs and Luthra are not allowed” because i am going to come to your house a lot now, Leela says then you should remove board from your gate that says “insects and Tanejas are not allowed”, Anita laughs and says done deal.

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Kunj and Simple are sitting in mandap. Twinkle comes there dressed as bride, Ajab si plays as Kunj smiles at her, Twinkle sits beside him. simple asks where is Yuvi? father says if he ranaway then i would kill him, Kunj says i will bring him.
Kunj comes to Yuvi’s room and asks why he is panicking? Yuvi says this is it, from now on Simple and i will be together for life, i am going to miss it, Kunj asks what you would miss? missing flirting with girls? missing partying and drinking? Yuvi says i am done with all this, i am not going to miss it, Simple is nice girl, she is fun, and i know i will have more fun quotient with her, Kunj says what you going to miss then? you said no to everything, you are ahead of all that fun, just think if Simple is not in your life then what you will miss, you are stressed but its okay but when you will Simple’s face then you will be happy, when you will come home after work being tired, you will see her face and will be most happiest person in life, Yuvi says you are always sorted man, how? Kunj says i had been married earlier, i had to leave my bride to come and get you, if she gets angry then you know everything will be out of control, Yuvi says true that, they hug each other and says lets go now.
Yuvi and Kunj comes in lounge, Simple comes there and asks Yuvi why he wasnt coming down? he wants to marry her? Yuvi says i was late but i am ready now, lets go and get married. Wait a second, he lifts Simple in arms like bridal style and says we will enter mandap in Simple-Yuvi style, what say? Sab tera plays, everyone sees them entering mandap like that and hoots, Twinkle is surprised. Simple and Yuvi keep looking at each other. Yuvi puts Simple down and they sit in mandap. Kunj sits beside Twinkle. Babee says call Pundit, lets start wedding ceremony. Cherry calls Pundit but his phone is switched off, he is good for nothing, Twinkle says one more problem? Kunj will we get married this time? Babee says we will arrange something. Raman asks if there is some part time Pundit? Cherry says if i should try to be Pundit. Manohar comes there dressed as Pundit and says if this Pundit will work? Leela and Anita says in unison that it will work great. Manohar sits in mandap as Pundit and starts pious chants. Cherry says two minutes back both couples were pale faced. Manohar asks to fill her forehead with Sindoor(vermilion), Kunj applies Sindoor to Twinkle’s forehead, Twinkle touches it and smiles. Yuvi applies Sindoor to Simple too. Yuvi-Simple and Kunj-Twinkle starts taking pheras, bhajan plays in background. everyone showers rose petals on them. Manohar says after pheras that Wedding is done, you both are husband and wife. They takes blessing of elders. Twinkle says to Yuvi that finally inbetween war of love and obsession, only love won, Yuvi says you are right, our kind of love won that is Tashan-e-Ishq. Photographer takes family photo in which everyone is smiling.

(P.S- I Still remember doing this show’s first episode’s update, will surely miss doing its updates though I liked Yuvi and Twinkle together better but whatever.. Thank you all for reading and supporting, you all are great.)


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