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Fire and Ice update Sunday 13 October 2019 Zee World

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Fire and ice 13 October 2019

Jenny thanks Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) for everything, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i will show you what you have to do. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) asks Yuvi come infront of her,she says Yash will bring ring for you. Yash and Jenny goes from there, door gets locked, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says where did they go? Yuvi says they must be bored by your speech, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) tries to open door, Yuvi says please open it and save me from this wild cat, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says you are useless, you didnt do anything, you were just exposing your body by taking off your shirt, Yuvi says you fatso cant even move let alone work, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i am fatso? what you think of yourself? wind starts blowing, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s hair is messed up, Yuvi glares at her, Wajah tun ho song plays, Yuvi goes and sees Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) trying to control her hair, he closes window. man comes and opens door, Yuvi says why did you lock lion(Yuvi) with cat(Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)), Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) asks him to go and work, Yuvi says dont order me around like boss, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i am boss so i will act like one, Yuvi leaves from there.
Pallavi comes to wedding, Yash’s mother meets her, Pallavi is Yash’s friend. mother tells her that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) has arranged wedding, Pallavi gets excited, she takes Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s photo and sends it to Kunj, she messages Kunj that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) have arranged wedding, Kunj looks at her picture. Babee comes there, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) meets Pallavi, Pallavi asks ifshe can take selfie with them? all family members come there and takes selfie with Pallavi. they leave. Pallavi sees Yuvi there and recalls how she saw him in jail. She sees manohar giving work to Yuvi. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes to Yuvi and asks him to work,Yuvi says i saw you eating samosa, you fatso, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i was checking it, they argue with each other. Pallavi says Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) with Kunkj’s killer? if he gets to know it then he will feel bad.
Yash parents say t Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi that come early morning tomorrow, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says he cant come, he cant wake up early, i will come, they leave. Yuvi says to Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) that why you keep ordering like boss? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i am boss, i didnt ask you to come and help us, Yuvi says fine, i will not come tomorrow, you come early tomorrow, he leaves.
Yuvi makes drink, he drinks wine. He sees worker needing help, he goes to help him, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes and sees drink glass, she says its chilled colddrink, she drinks it without knowing that its wine. Yuvi comes there and is irritated that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) drank it. Yuvi asks Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) to lets go home, she says why you keep behaving like my bodyguard, my Kunj used to call me lioness so i cant cry, you know i feel like choking,i feel like crying but then i think how Kunj would have behaved if he was here then i behave like him, she cries, she asks Yuvi if he will bring her Kunj? Yuvi gets sad and says lets go home, he lifts her and goes with her.
Pallavi comes to Kunj. Kunj has written note asking about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), Babee, Manohar. Pallavi thinks that Twinkkle was pally with Yuvi, it seems like she is developing feelings for Yuvi but i cant tell this to Kunj, he will bring stressed and i cant risk his health before surgery. Kunj looks at Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s picture, Pallavi says everything is fine there, all are working for wedding planning business.Pallavi switches off lights and thinks that Kunj keep thinking about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), when he will know truth, his heart will break.

Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is sleeping. Leela is there. Yuvi comes and says sorry,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) drank my drink, she is not habituated to it, dont be angry with her, i brought her here as Usha doesnt like me and would have got angry on Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). Dont wake up Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) in early morning,i will go and work there. He starts leaving, Leela says thank you, Yuvi says no problem, he leaves.
Surjeeet says to Yuvi that you know your mother did everything for you and you put her in jail for that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? Yuvi says dont say anything about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), mom snatched son from a mother, she snatched husband from wife, she killed Kunj, she didnt understand her mistakes, Surjeet says its all past. Surjeet says to Yuvi that till you dont take your complaint back,they will not free Anita,come with me and take FIR back, Yuvi says no. Surjeet says dont be stubborn, come with me, Yuvi says no,
Its morning,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) gets up and sees Time, she says i am late.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes to church. She says i have come late then how setup is ready? she sees Yuvi there and says person can never change. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says to Yuvi that you mixed wine in my colddrink last night so that i couldnt come to work on time and would be proved incompetent, you wanted to come early than me, Yuvi says i am genuinely doing all this. i have done mistakes in past but i have changed, Yuvi says you are thinking wrong, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i know only you can do this kind of act, there is always some game behind your deeds, Yuvi says but.. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says please and leaves from there, Yuvi is tensed.

Jenny comes to wedding venue dressed as christan bride. Yash comes there with Yuvi,both are wearing tuxedo. Yash winks at Jenny. Manohar says to Usha that i took challenge and fulfilled it, you should be happy now. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says they are starting new journey, they are lucky to find partners who are best friends,this kind of relation never breaks, Yuvi says she is right, true love makes you a better person,Twinkkle is surprised listening this, Jenny and Yash exchange rings, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) takes Jenny for wedding preparations.
Pallavi brings doctor,she says he wants to go to Amritsar after surgery, doctor says my hospital is in Amritsar, we can do his surgery there, Pallavi thinks that he should get treated there only,what i saw there after that its good that Kunj goes there as soon as possible. she says i have home there, we will go to Amritsar then.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) makes Jenny ready for wedding, she recalls her marriage with Kunj,how they took pheras,how he made her wear mangalsutra. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) mistakenly puts hand on sindoor box, she touches her forehead and sindoor gets applied on her forehead,she gets shocked seeing it, she wipes it off. Yuvi comes there and thinks that it must be difficult for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) to make her ready,she shared her pain when she was drunk but now she is acting strong again, i have to change her mood, he says to Jenny that people are calling her, she leaves. Yuvi says Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) where is your left earring? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) gets tensed and starts searching for it, Yuvi laughs and says its already in your ear, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) kicks his foot and says you monkey man, she leaves from there, Yuvi smiles.
Surjeet comes to jail, Anita says Yuvi must have given bail papers, Surjeet says he denied giving papers, he is busy in arranging weddings with Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin),he said that he wants you to remain in jail, Anita says this cant happen, Yuvi cant leave my side.
Yash and Jenny exchange garlands, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) misses Kunj. Yuvi is on call and says this cant happen, Manohar asks what happened Yuvi? yuvi says dancers are stuck in landsliding, they are not coming,all get tensed, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says how will get dancers at end moment? Yuvi looks at her and thinks that i have to do something now.
Song Toh floor pe jab hai plays, Yuvi dances with girl. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes and sees him dancing. Jenny wants to dance but Yash stops her, everyone enjoys dance, Yuvi closely dances with girl,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) looks on. All come stage, Yash and Jenny comes there too, all dance together, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) looks away and says Yuvi just know how to flirt. Manohar says Yuvi saved our respect today, Leela says yes this shows he cares for your business,its strange that person can change this much. Yash’s father thanks Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) for arrangement, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) looks at Yuvi and thinks that i thought Yuvi wanted to get appluad and wanted to prove me irresponsible butwhen time of limelight came, Yuvi didnt come forward, he made me get all credit, i was wrong. Yash’s father gives cheque of 1crore to Manohar and says i will give contract of functions to you now. Manohar calls Verma and tells him about it, Verma cuts call, all laugh, Manohar says to Yuvi that this wouldnt have happened without you, thank you,he hugs Yuvi, Yuvi says no problem,i enjoyed it, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) looks on.
Anita asks jailer to give her phone, she will give her money, jailer gives her phone. Anita calls Yuvi, Yuvi takes it,Anita cries and says i miss you Yuvi,i know you are miffed with me but i know you cant see me in jail,say that you will come to save me, Yuvi says your son has died,i have no relation with you, everything is finished,dont call me again, he cuts call, Anita is distraught.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes to Yuvi’s room, Yuvi says what i did now? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says you helped me, thank you, Yuvi says what you are saying this? maybe i listened wrong, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) Taneja and thank you? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says you helped us,you got us this contract,i thought that you would destroy something, you would take credit but i was wrong, because of you my family is happy, Yuvi says dont come out of character, i will faint,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says thats your problem, dont fight with me,say that you accepted my thank you, Yuvi says this is forcing, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says yes, you monkey man, she smiles at him, Yuvi smiles, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) feels dizzy and faints.
Yuvi brings Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) to room, he says to family that i was talking to her and she suddenly fainted. Leela says to doctor that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) fainted suddenly,dont know what happened, Doctor says dont worry,its good news,she is two months pregnant, all are stunned, Babee and everyone gets happy, Usha is excited,doctor leaves. Babee says i am going to be grand babee, Leela says my daughter is going to become mother, Babee says she has given us promotion. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) becomes conscious, she looks around, Usha asks her to be careful. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) asks what happened to me? i was talking to Yuvi and fainted, Babee says this happen in this condition,you have eat good, now there is one more life with you. Usha says to Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) that you have given me my Kunj back, i can live his childhood again, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is confused, Leela says you didnt get it? you are going to be mother,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is surprised.

Pallavi reassures Kunj that everything will be fine.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes to her room and sees toys,she looks at Kunj’s picture and says you bought toys and said we will use them sometime later and i fought with you much but see now its time to use these toys,you have become papa,your child is coming in world,all are happy but my happiness is not fully, is this fate of this child? he will not have his father to play with him,to walk with him, when he will ask me about you then what will i say? comeback Kunj,what will i answer to my child? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) cries.Family sees her, Yuvi says we should leave her alone, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) has been putting up facade of being strong, she has not cried fully from the time Kunj has gone, let her cry, she will not be able to compose herself till she doesnt breakdown.

Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) breakdowns and cries hugging Kunj’s picture, Sajna ve plays.
Pallavi has brought Kunj to her house. Door knocks, Pallavi says it must be girl, her mom died so i brought her to my home. Pallavi opens door to see girl standing there, girl says its so hot outside and you took so much time? you doctors are weird, you have mobile phone but cant message me that you are coming here. she comes in house, She asks who is this? you go to work or become friends with people? Pallavi says he is my patient Kunj, she says his name is good, she says to Kunj that i feel heat so dont turn off AC, i will share remote with you but not on time of my favorite cartoon,my name is Kashvi, just like Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) little stars in sky,Kashvi goes to arrange lunch, Pallavi says to Kunj that she is cute.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes, Usha says i have made healthy breakfast for you, Babee says i have called yoga teacher too, Usha asks her to eat,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) feels like puking and leaves, Usha asks what happened to her? Babee says she is puking,it happened in your time of pregnancy too. Babee says i will make her drink juice, Usha says no i will bring lemonade for her, Leela comes there and says i have brought her favorite ice-cream. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes there, they all pasture to eat something, she says atleast listen to me, she is enough of them and leaves, Leela says ice-cream melted.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes to her room and says all have gone mad after this news. Yuvi comes there and says i have bills of wedding, if you dont want then i will come later, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says you are talking out of character, why so polite? Yuvi murmurs that i cant even say anything to her now, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says can you take me to market? he says no, i mean yes, i mean no, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says what you mean? Yuvi says i mean i should ask Babee, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says will you take me or should i go with Babee? Yuvi says i will take you.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi comes to market and starts buying stuff. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) shows different shades of pink to Yuvi and asks which one is better? he says all are same,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says you have no color sense, you should leave wedding business, Yuvi says if you like certain pink color then buy it, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i will buy all stuff of pink color. Pallavi comes to same shop but doesnt see them, Yuvi pays bill and take bags of shopping. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes out and says what was the need to shop so much? Yuvi says it was you who bought everything, i am holding bags. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) sees street-food and goes to eat it, Yuvi says street-food is not good for you, dont eat, you fatso, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) doesnt listen and eats streetfood. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) starts having pain in belly and sits down, Yuvi gets worried and says if there is any doctor here? Pallavi comes there and says i am doctor, she comes to check patient but Yuvi has gone with Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) from there before Pallavi can see them,one lady says girl was pregnant, guy took her to hospital.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi comes to hospital, Yuvi holds Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s hand and says dont worry,Leela comes there,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) asks Yuvi to stay outside,i will go inside with maa, he says okay i will wait here. Leela and Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes in hospital, Leela asks if she ate anything? dont worry, doctor will check you. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) sees couple, man gives water to his wife, Leela sadly looks at Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin),Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says dont feel bad for me, you are always with me,you raised me alone without anyone beside you sameway i will raise my baby alone, Leela says i know you are strong but i never wanted you to go through same pain that i had to bear but fate has its own way and you are standing where i was standing years back, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says i am not alone, i have family and you with me.

Some guests come to Babee’s house. Lady says i got to know that Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is widow so i have brought proposal of my son, he has problem in his leg and also Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is pregnant so they will handle each other.Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes there and says i hope your son gets good life partner but relations are made from heart not by some compromise,i am happy alone and can take care of myself, lady says you still have ego? Yuvi says she is right,she can take care of herself, she is not alone, she has her family with her beside her,look at Leela, she has alone raised Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin), has made her good daughter and person, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) have same guts and she can take care of herself,if you cant encourage Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) then discourage her, go from here, lady says when they will face problem then they will know, they leave. Yuvi says to Usha and Babee that i shouldnt have spoken in your family matters but i couldnt stop myself,Yuvi leaves. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes to Yuvi and says thank you for taking my side today,thank you for being true friend,Yuvi says i will always stand by your side,i will be your friend for life,Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says we should finish what we left that day,she extends her hand and asks friends for life? Yuvi shakes hand with her and says friends for life, they smile.

Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) lits a candle by Kunj’s picture. Yuvi comes in, they collide with each other. Yuvi says where are your spectacles? she says I don’t wear them. She says cant you see? He says you came in my way. Tiwnkle says what is all these? Books? He says they are baby catalogs. You can order any of these. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) checks them. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says these are so cute. She says I will buy this toy this is so cute. He says are you buying for the baby or yourself. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says lets order this blanket in pink. He says blue. He says your name should be pinky. She says I am mom. He says I pity on him. My color choices are better than yours. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says pink.. She says blue is good. Yuvi says what happened? Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says if Kunj was here, he would have chosen blue.
baabe says I am so worried for Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) God. Will she live alone all her life? Should we all think about her second marriage? Tell us God. Will it be right? Will she agree? Please find us a way.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says see Kunj’s closet is so organized. His school books are there too. I wish our baby is like Kunj. Yuvi says yeah she should be like you. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says I am very organized too.
Leela comes in.He says remember your room? It was a like a big cake pink. Leela coughs. Leela says get ready Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). I have booked your appointemnt. Yuvi says if you dont mind can I drop you two? She says don’t mind, I know you are her well wisher but world doesn’t see this way. You should go. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says what is it? Leela says nothing. Leela says people need gossip. That is why i am saying. Yuvi says I understand.
Yuvi drops them. Leela gets an important call. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says we can take tomorrow’s appointment. Leela says no her appointment is not easy. Yuvi says let me get you an auto.
Babbe says to usha there are so many wedding websites. Marriage is so pure and important. What is your opinion? Should we think about Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)’s second marriage? usha says what are you saying.. Never. She leaves.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) takes off her jewelry and asks yuvi to hold it. She says give me my file. He gives her the file.
Doctor says to Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) your bp is low. You are not taking care of your health. Your husband is outside. She asks nurse to call him. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says listen.. Doctor says you should take care. Yuvi comes in and sits. He says what is this Mr. Sarna. your wife is not taking care of her health. You are an educated couple. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says listen.. Doctor says you have to take care of her. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says he is not my husband, doctor is dazed. Doctor says he is with you so he should know. You have to come for check up after two weeks.

Palavi stops her car outside sarna house. Kunj’s moments in the house flashback. palavi says before someone sees me.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says why didn’t you tell the doctor you are not Mr. Sarna. He says I don’t want to be husband. She was discussing your health. We were there to discuss your reports. What should one do. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says you keep fighting all the time. Palavi sees them and says did they see me?
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi arrive home. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says Kunj wanted to buy similar car. He says you go home Usha aunty won’t like me to come in. She says thank you.
babbe says whats the problem? We should think about her happiness and life. usha says I lost my son now I don’t wanna lose my grandson. I can’t bear this. Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) comes in. Usha says I understand how difficult it is to live alone and a second husband will get her son a father.
Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) says in heart am I a burden on them? I can’t do this.

Next morning, babbe says Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) its your medicine time. She comes in room, Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin) is not there. Babbe checks in the washroom and says she is not here either? Where can she go?
Babbe asks sarna and usha if they have seen Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin)? They say no. Babbe says where can she go early in the morning? They look everywhere. They tell leela.
Babbe says its all my mistake. We were talking about her marriage. That is why she left us. Yuvi says did you try her phone? Did you call her friends? He says don’t worry. I am trying to find her. He calls her number.
Palavi gives ice cream. She says Kunj dr. Survi wants to do your operation and then you can go to your home to your Twinkle(Jasmin Bhasin). I just hope everything goes well.

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