Geet Thursday 15 October 2020 Star life Written update: Geet is lying on her bed with pen n paper n smiling! MSK comes n lies next to her! MSK asks if she is writing something special?? Geet says yes!! MSK asks.. something special??


Geet says..yes.. its late n we should sleep! She asks MSK to change n come! Maneet rue that.. the other is awake.. still now.. n they cant plan for anniversary!! Geet asks MSK…to speak! MSK says.. have to exercise..!! Geet says..what happened? MSK says.. feel like stretching..! Geet says so late?? Then she stops n says.. this is fine.. he can exercise n i can plan! Dev n Lucky see MSK n ask.. why is he looking troubled!! MSK says.. he is and they are adding to it! Both apologize! Dev asks what the matter is?? MSK says.. next day is first anniversary of our wedding.. wanna surprise Geet..!! MSK says..cant think of a gift.. what to do so she remembers all her life?? Lucky says.. something big n special! Dev says..thats what MSK said.. think! Lucky says.. if we have to give gift to Geet.. lets ask her!! Dev chides him! Dev asks MSK how he excused himself from Geet?? MSK says..said for exercising..!! Dev n Lucky lauf!! Geet asks Nando n Preeto for suggestion n suggests…
Dinner for MSK?? Geet chides Nando n Preeto for not helping her! Geet gets an idea!! MSK comes to room n searches for Geet! MSK asks Geet where she had gone as she comes. .n she kitchen for drinking water!! Geet says..he too took lot of time! Geet says..lets go to bed.. and MSK pulls her close.. n Geet says..what u doing n MSK says..drooling on ur beauty n Geet asks him to remove his hand.. !! Geet looks around.. faking anger.. n MSK says..its been one year seeing ur fake anger.. n in one year.. so many bonds are tied.. and despite of ups n down.. our love din decrease..!Maneet are hugging and Geet says..this love wont decrease in next 7 janams!! Maneet SIDE KISS! (tanu FAINTS)! Next morning ..Geet wakes up n finds.. boquets all around..! Rose petals are rained on her.. MSK comes near n sits by the bed! MSK hugs Geet.. n wishes.. Happy Wedding anniversary.. n she gives him one red rose and says.. Happy Anniversary!Maneet hug n Geet says.. in one year.. we have lived every moment.. n wished to come close…!! MSK says.. dun say things that take my life.. n Geet says.. m ur life.. n ur mine!! MSK excuses himself to make some arrangements.. n both self thot… decided what to gift u!
All are waiting for Maneet n Adi notices.. Maneet coming n points to them! Maneet are walking down together.. hand in hand.. MSK in all black n Geet in blue.. for the anniversary.. celebration! All look at them n smile!Geet says..where are other guests?? MSK says..they will come later.. first us family will celebrate!! Both eyelock and yap n Preeto says.. u both got lost again..??? Think about us! She asks them to cut the cake..! Both blow the candle together n cut cake n feed each other! Everyone gives them gift.. n Jugnu says..will give at budday time!! All ask Geet n MSK what they gifted each other? Geet tells MSK… ur gift is in the study room and MSK tells Geet.. ur gift in above room!!
Geet comes to the room n thinks.. MSK mus hv planned something! She switches on the light n sees.. a baby crib n smiles..! She plays with the toys and smiles… n cries..!
Segment has started… Piyas mom is busy decking up stuff.. n ordering ppl around! Abhiya are decking up for the wedding! Misha is teasing Piya… and Kabir is cribbing with her on phone!
Alina dancing – on Katiya karun!
Still PKYEK stuff only
Anukalp is here..! Maneet arrive!
Geet arrives and greets Abhay.. (Looking gorgeous in chaniya choli and saree-style)! She says.. ur story is ending.. n Abhay says… ‘Its a new beginning!’ Abhay asks for MSK n Geet says in parking!.. Geet asks for Piya. .n Abhay shows way n leaves! Geet tells Adhiraj (Anukalp/Nishant) that.. she has a surprise for Abhiya!!
DD and Anukalp start grooving on ‘Desi beat’! DD looks .. They do super steps.. DD does nice thumkas.. and lovely adas..!! And there is one. .in which he puts his hand on her waist! Then Geet n Anukalp start grooving on ‘Ooh lala’ ! He lifts.. Geet up n MSK comes n is shocked to see! Khushi arrives as well! DD n Anukalp do awesome steps.. (DD is jus .. looking wild hawwwt) ! MSK looks at Khushi n smirks! Anukalp n Geet groove on ‘Character Dheela’ (Aww DD is so cute with her expressions)
MSK tells Khushi they should do special dance for Abhiya .. but Khushi objects..! MSK says.. MAIN HOON N A..!! Dhinka Chika starts! Geet n Anukalp grooving on!
MSK starts.. doing the…’TWIST’ ! Khushi joins him n they groove on ‘Chammak Challo’ .. Geet glares! Khushi is readin a book sitting n MSK plays guitar.. n grooves on ..’I love u’!! Geet glares… n smirks!!
MSK congratulates Abhiya! MSK teases Abhiya! Girls challenge Boys ..! MSK and Anukalp groove on ‘Desi boys’ !! Pretty energetic n fun filled moves! (GC looked tired by the end of it)
MSK grooving on .. ‘Saj dhaj ke tashan mein rehna’! Geet grins!
Maneet are waltzing on ‘Saibo’ ..suddenly music changed and all groove on ‘Sadi Gali’ !!
Abhiya – Misha- Maneet are standing .. in a line …MSK says that.. S.O has given us so much love.. binded us like a family! (GC has his arm on DDs arm, holding her tight!) Geet says.. but now its time to bid adieu!! Misha says.. that.. it seems it started jus now.. but its time to bid adieu to this beautiful channel Star Life ..! Piya says.. its not the END.. coz relations of heart.. never end! All five of them say… ‘Star one aur uske sabhi darshako ko.. Aakhri Salam’ (sorry i can’t translate that)


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