Family Affairs Wednesday update 11 December 2019 Starlife

Family Affairs Wednesday update 11 December 2019 Starlife
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Family Affairs Wednesday update 11 December 2019 Starlife

The Episode starts with pandit asking Shanti to stay near Ganga river, hear the sound of the waters and understand it. Shanti says I will do this and goes.

Sarla wakes up Ashok and says Shanti has left house, she has gone mad since Riya came in that house. Ashok says Amma ji is lost, we will find her, Raghav would be on his duty, I will go and find her. Sarla says strange, where did she go, she does not give peace to anyone.

Kaushalya prays that Shanti comes back soon. Shivam and Riya look for Shanti everywhere. They show Shanti’s pic and ask people. Sarla calls relatives to ask about Shanti. Shivam and Riya come home and say they did not find Shanti. Kaushalya worries. Sarla comes to Shanti Sadan and cries. Kaushalya calms Sarla. Sarla calls other relatives and asks them to call her if Shanti comes to them.

They all worry and wait for Shanti to come. They all don’t sleep and stay awake waiting for Shanti. Shanti comes home with the pandits. Sarla and everyone rush to her. Shanti signs them to stop. Pandits asks Shanti to sit. Sarla asks whats all this, what are you doing. Pandits get havan items and start the puja. Pandit says now you will be leaving your family and become Sanyasi. They all get shocked. Pandit says from today, you will not have any relations and duties with this family. He say all duties will be gone to your family members, do you accept this. Shanti says I accept. They all ask Shanti what is she doing.

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Pandit says more conditions of Sanyas, and Shanti accepts it. he asks her ask to take an oath and enter Sanyas ashram. He asks for a sharp knife. Kaushalya asks why. He asks them not to ask anything and do whats said. Kaushalya brings knife. Shanti takes the knife. Pandit pours water on her. Shanti recalls meeting Riya for the first time and her stay in Shanti Sadan. She cuts her hair and thinks she is cutting hair like Chanakya opened his hair and tied it after taking revenge. Everyone shout Dadi and ask her to stop. They all get shocked. Shanti thinks till she kicks out Riya, she will not tie her hair. Shanti says I have accepted Sanyas from today.

Pari tries to impress Sharmili and says Sarla gave me nice tip. She greets Sharmili and acts sweet to her. Sharmili does not wear the saree given by Pari. Pari says fine, I will use it for dusting. She takes Sharmili and surprises her with a swing. Sharmili gets shocked seeing garlands on her pic. Pari removes garlands and says I was honoring you. Sharmili falls on the swing.

Riya asks Shivam to do something. She says I got your furniture thinking you are troubled by bugs. Shanti says now it does not matter, I have taken sanyaas. Sarla blames Riya for everything. Shanti asks her to leave, she has no relation with them now. Sarla asks how will I live without all of you, Amma don’t do this, I will also take sanyaas. Shanti says I don’t care, you all don’t need me, so I m taking sanyaas. She apologizes to Lord. Sarla asks pandit to leave. Shanti asks him not to go. Shanti taunts Riya as elders lose value when new people come in family. She says Riya wanted rights, now I give all my rights to you.

Family Affairs Wednesday update 11 December 2019 Starlife

Family Affairs Wednesday update 11 December 2019 Starlife

Sarla talks to Shanti in her room. Shanti says Riya made all relations against me, now I will see how Riya runs Shanti Sadan, I have given my values to everyone, Kaushalya and her daughters are cow dung, but once they do mistake being with Riya, I will see. Sarla says you really think this will happen. Shanti says yes, I always protected them, supported them, now they will flow in Riya’s flood. Sarla smiles and says fine, but don’t make me away from Shanti Sadan, I should be here after you go from here. Shanti says I m not dying, I will be here, I will not grow hair till I kick out Riya, I will stand back. Sarla gets glad.

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Pari asks Sharmili do you enjoy sitting on swing, as you rule here. Sharmili asks are you mad. Pari goes. Sharmili falls as the swing slides down. Mama holds Sharmili. Sharmili says Pari made me fall intentionally. Bansi comes and Pari asks why did you come here. Bansi says I have come here, Sarla has sent this pic for Sharmili. Pari takes pic and sends him.

Shanti changes her clothes and comes in Sanyasi’s clothes. They all get shocked. Sharmili asks Pari to show the pic. Pari worries and thinks what to do. She says its my secret, I can’t show. Sharmili scolds her. Pari says its my sister’s pic, Sarla sent the pic for Vyom’s marriage. Sharmili says your sister, am I mad to get her. She tears the pic and does not see its Preeti’s pic. She goes.

Shivam asks Shanti not to do this. Preeti and Nimmi apologize and ask Shanti not to go. Shanti says I m going to leave you all and they all are shocked.

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