Family Affairs update Wednesday 13 November 2019 Starlife

Family Affairs update Wednesday 13 November 2019 Starlife

Mohit talking sweet to Shanti. She asks him to come home early, else door will be locked. He thinks terrace is open and he will go to Preeti’s room. He says you are so good, I m thinking to stay here. She says she won’t let him stay more than 15 days. He says I m joking. She asks him to leave. Nandu offers help to Kaushalya. Pari and Vyom argue and fight. She warns him that she will ruin his life if he marries anyone. Preeti slips and Nandu holds her. He looks at her and likes her. Mohit sees Preeti’s pic and sings Dadi Amma maan jaao. His wallet with Preeti’s pic falls. He goes out and sees Nandu holding Preeti. Nandu says sorry, Preeti ji you slipped.
Mohit asks why is he afraid, as if he is a thief. Nandu asks what is he saying. Mohit leaves. Nandu smiles seeing Preeti. Pari shows papers to Vyom and asks him to sign. He throws it and asks is he mad. She says she will marry him, she loved him, she was forced to marry Sujeev, he can talk to his mummy and come with her. Sharmili hears them. Sharmili asks what. Pari gets tensed seeing her.

Pari lies and leaves. Vyom refuses to marry and Sharmili slaps him. she says she won’t listen to him. Pari looks on and worriedly leaves. Shanti slips and gets ache. Nandu runs to help her and acts sweet. Preeti tries telling him that Shanta likes sarson oil massage. He says he got the same oil and offers help. Sharmili thinks to show the right place to Pari. Sarla calls Shanti and says I know you have sent Riya to us, Riya asked for Amit’s degree, I know you are ashamed to call me. Shanti asks is she mad. Sarla tells everything and says you insulted me, and did not apologizes to me. Shanti scolds her and ends call. She thinks let Raghav come, I will not leave Riya. Riya thinks before Shivam knows about dealership by someone else, I will tell him. She calls him. He says he is busy and ends call.

Kaushalya asks Nandu what is he doing. He says he got his prayers’ book. She says I m not getting mine. He stands there and prays. Mohit’s wallet is fallen on the ground. Riya thinks to inform Shivam soon. Rani looks for the papers. Sarla falls down and gets hurt while arguing. Prabha asks what are they doing. Sarla argues with her. Rani makes Sarla sit on the chair. Rani takes papers and says I will give the papers. Sarla says this is Riya’s new way to trap Amit. Rani says she won’t stop now and goes.

Preeti calls Mohit and tells how Nandu is trying to show he is all rounder. He asks her to calm down and once they get married, all this won’t matter. Shivam comes home. Shanti calls Kaushalya and says see Riya has done one more thing, she went to Sarla’s house, better I die before seeing all this. Nandu looks on. Shanti pushes Shivam and goes to die. Shivam asks her to stop. Raghav comes home and asks what happened. Shanti says kick out Riya from here, else I will leave, drama is happening daily, Riya wants to become Lord, I can’t bear it, Riya has gone to Sarla’s house, Sarla called me and taunts me. Raghav says there will be some reason, where is Riya. Riya comes home and sees Shanti shouting and sitting on the floor.
Nandu gets Mohit’s wallet and it opens. Preeti sees her pic in it and worries. Nandu does not see it. Shanti asks Riya to kill her, and blames Raghav for this. He asks why did Raghav help Sarla, now Sarla is saying you got her home named to him. She asks Riya why did she go there. Riya cries. She stops Shanti and says hear me once, why do you react without hearing me, my company offered dealership, I thought to give that to Amit, I went to get degrees. Riya says I called Shivam, he was busy, it was last day for form filling, so I thought you will be glad I did a good work, I have seen you worrying for Sarla and missing her, I thought once Amit gets dealership, you will be glad. Shanti says no need to become great. Raghav tells Shanti that you are wrong, Riya is doing right. Shivam says I should have done this, and Riya did it, whats wrong. Shanti says then do her aarti. Rani comes there and talks to them.

Rani says she trusts Riya and got papers. She asks Riya to check papers. She says don’t worry Nani ji, I will go soon, Sarla will be sad knowing this, I will leave now. She gives papers to Riya and leaves. Raghav says everyone wants to help Sarla, what is the problem. Shanti says she won’t forgive anyone if anything happens to Amit, and no one should meet Sarla. Shivam sends Riya to room. Preeti takes the pic slowly and leaves. Raghav says whats problem in this, Riya is helping Sarla. Nandu greets him. Raghav says I did not see you, sit.

Rani comes home. Sarla scolds her and asks her to stay at Prabha’s house. Rani says I have gone for Amit’s sake, if I really go, you will have more problem, you have to do all the household work. Sarla asks her to do situps.. Rani scares her for the curses she is getting, Ashok is after Nirmala, where will she go, she does not have Maayka too. Sarla gets thinking. Rani goes.

Nandu imagines Preeti dressed as Shakuntala in mini saree and flower jewelry. Keep reading update on Zee Biggest Fan. He smiles and says I got my Shakuntala. She says I was also waiting for you. They hold hands and sit on Shanti’s swing. The flowers fall over them, and they hug. Preeti shakes him and asks what did he, he has made tea cup fall. He comes out of imagination and stammers saying sorry. She asks is he making fun of him. He says no, I will clean the floor. She says no need, I will do. He says I will clean it, you make tea. She goes.

Shanti is in her room and thinks to kick out Riya in few days. She calms herself down. Sharmili comes to Sujeev and says she wants to get Vyom married soon. He says fine, I will sign cheques. She says everything in on your name, Vyom does not earn, I was thinking if you give him some money every month, we can tell that Vyom earns. Sujeev says I understood, don’t worry. She asks him to give some property to Vyom. He says I will call manager tomorrow, don’t worry mummy. She thanks him.

Nandu takes care of Raghav. Raghav says I have spoken to seniors, you will get a job, you come with me, you have to fill form. Nandu touches his feet and takes blessing. Raghav says your dad and I are best friends. Shanti looks on and taunts Nandu. Shivam and Riya have a talk. He reminds what Amit did with them. She says I want to make relations fine, Sarla will get help by this. He says I know, but they insulted you and I will get angry. She says I know well. He says this happened every time. She says he is right, she understands what he wants to say.

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