Family Affairs update Thursday 21 November 2019 Starlife

Family Affairs update Thursday 21 November 2019 Starlife

Riya meeting Bunty. She tells her that Shanti is a big liar, she does not like me and its long topic, I will tell later. She says now my responsibility doubled, if Amit’s agency does not run well, they will blame me. She leaves.

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Sharmili gets a pic, which falls from Hari Kaka’s hand. She cleans it and sees its Preeti. She says I wanted her pic and is glad that she will get Vyom married to Preeti. Pari asks her to show the pic. Sharmili says I won’t show you and taunts her. Ashok sees Nirmala working a lot. Sarla asks Nirmala what to wear thin cloth saree, its chill weather, she will catch cold. She says I will buy new saree when I get money. Amit is at the agency and thinks he is trapped. Riya comes and asks whats this, how did you display. She asks Amit to call Rani, some products are for women. Rani can attend women.

She says we have to make a list of these products. He asks her to make it. She says I have to go office, I will inform you on phone. Sarla comes there and sees Riya with Amit. She says Riya is trying to be good with Amit, my state can be like Shanti. Riya leaves. Rani comes there and sees Sarla. She hides and goes to Amit. She says I have come to help you Amit. Sarla comes and steals some products. She asks whats Rani doing here and asks her to go home. Amit says Rani will do ladies work. Sarla asks what does she know, I will sit here and explain. He says let her do, you sit at home and count notes like Nani. Sarla gets happy and says if she becomes like Riya, then what will we do, I will sit here.

Amit says I will send Rani after she sets the agency. Sarla says fine and leaves. Rani does the work. Shivam sees a girl telling her brother that he does not understand her. The guy says I understand you. Shivam recalls Preeti requesting for a sit. He checks money in a wallet. Preeti wishes everything becomes a dream and cries, doing some work. Nandu comes to her and pacifies her. He says I met Mohit. She asks what. He says Mohit is worried, he loves you a lot, you are lucky to get such loving man. She cries. He says if you also love him, tell your family and try to convince them, else tell me, I will talk to them, I believe lovers should be together, I can do anything for you, I will take you if you want to meet Mohit. She scolds him and asks is he any angel, that he wants to share her pain, be away from me. She says I will tell Dadi if you say anything, I don’t want your sympathy. She says I don’t like this hairoil you apply. She shuts the door after shouting on him. He gets teary eyed.

Mohit comes to Shanti sadan. Raghav scolds him and asks him to leave. Mohit sits down and asks him to listen once. He says I love Preeti a lot, trust me, talk to my parents once. Preeti looks on. neighbors scold Raghav. Nandu gets angry on neighbors and defends Raghav. Neighbors argue. Shanti comes and scolds the neighbors. She asks Nandu to do his stay arrangements somewhere else. Preeti cries seeing Mohit. Kaushalya looks on, as neighbors taunt Preeti and Mohit. Kaushalya requests Mohit to leave. He gets sad and leaves.

Sharmili shows the pic to pandit and asks who is she. He says I don’t know her. She asks him to find out. She says I will get Vyom married to this girl. Pari comes and says I will find out who is this girl. Sharmili asks her to be away.

Rani shows the products to the customers. The men tease her and she gets uncomfortable. Amit looks on and gets angry. Amit slaps and beats the guy for teasing Rani. Rani gets glad and says I love you Amit ji. He sends her home. Shanti tells Kaushalya that this is worse. She asks Raghav to meet the 50 year old guy’s family. Kaushalya opposes and Shanti taunts her. Raghav agrees to meet that family.

Ashok asks Nirmala to listen. He says I bought a new saree and shawl, you buy new one when you get money. She thanks him. He says you tell me if you need anything. He asks her to keep some bhajiyas for Sarla. She smiles. Sarla comes home and is annoyed that Amit and Rani are together.

Sarla calls a call and telemarketing lady tells her about home delivery option. Sarla says I have everything and ends call. She says I will tell Amit to sell products by phone and he will be away from Riya and Rani. She complains to Lord about her fate.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that they are going to meet the family, so she was thinking to buy come fruits. She asks for some money. Shanti cuts down the quantity. Kaushalya asks where are you going. Shanti asks are you my mother in law. Shanti leaves and says I can’t sit like this, I will not let Riya do anything. She goes to agency and sees Amit with Riya. She says Riya is not shameless. She thinks to talk to Raghav.

Ashok comes home. Sarla asks him about saree bill. He lies and says you are talking as if I married anyone and goes. He goes and apologizes to Lord for lying to Sarla. Sonal comes and talks to him. Sarla calls Pari and tells her that she feels something is wrong. She says all men are alike. Pari says yes, I agree. Sarla tells about Ashok and Nirmala. Pari says if dad has affair, its good news. Sarla says I can’t leave her, where will I find someone else, I will get anyone but its problem. Pari says there is a problem here. Sarla asks what. Pari says Sharmili is not good lady, she is getting Vyom marry to get second bahu and end my rule here. Sarla cries. She asks Pari not to worry, start preparations if Sharmili wants to get Vyom marry. Pari asks why. Sarla says I will make everything glad.

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