Family Affairs update Thursday 14th November 2019 Starlife

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Family Affairs update Thursday 14 November 2019 Starlife

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Family Affairs update Thursday 14th November 2019 Starlife

Raghav talking to Shanti. He asks her not to behave like a kid and have food. Shanti says you have preferred Riya over me, you did not take Kaushalya’s side infront of me. Raghav says you can test me, I will always support you. She says I will test you and its time for Agni pariksha. He says don’t put me in difficult situation. Kaushalya stands holding the food plate. Raghav says trust me, I will not let anyone hurt you.

Sarla does acting that she is unwell. Rani tells Ashok that Amit will get dealership. Ashok says since she came in this house, everything good is happening in the house. Rani sees Sarla and makes her jealous. She says she will also work with Amit and become earning bahu. She says I will get agency like you get Nirmala. Sarla throws pillow angrily and scolds Rani. Rani says Amit’s phone is not reachable, I wanted to give good news to Amit. Ashok says doha and says he has gone on Sarlqa, don’t wait for him, have food and sleep. Rani says I will wait for him.

Raghav asks Kaushalya what shall we do, how to explain Shanti, Riya did right, how to say Riya is wrong, it will be injustice with Riya if we call her wrong. Kaushalya says you stand with Shanti even if she is right or wrong. He says it means I did injustice with you. She says I want to say, you be with Shanti, she will not change in this age. She asks him to sleep. They lie down to sleep. She worries seeing him worried. Preeti talks to Nimmi and gives her day updates.

Mohit comes to meet her. She ends call and asks him why did he come here. He says he has come to meet her. He asks her to switch out lights. She asks what. He says he is romantic today, no one will come or know whats happening here. He switches off the lights. He tells her that he has got a beautiful gift for her, he will know he is around her always. He tells her that he loves her via signs. She smiles. She asks is there anything special today. He says yes, I m supertalented since childhood. He says I have come inside your room, I will convince Dadi in one week. He says he wants to gift saree to Dadi. She asks what for me. He says you have me. She says you are in my house, but you are always with Dadi, its not tough to convince Shashikala. He asks who, Dadi, you named Dadi as Shashikala.

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She says your 10000rs will not convince her, I have seen all that. He says I m doing this for your love, and gifts her bangles. He makes her wear bangles. She smiles and they hug.

Shivam rests in Riya’s lap and asks her to make tea for him. She asks him to make tea for her. He says he has to see if anyone is awake, if they are awake, I have to make tea for them too. She laughs. He says I will go. She asks is he really going, she was joking, she will make it. he says ginger tea. Mohit and Preeti hear Shivam asking for ginger tea. Preeti worries. Mohit says I will hide. He goes out and sees Riya. He hides. Nandu wakes up and sees Chunnilal missing. He calls out Chunnilal. Shanti asks why is he shouting. Riya says I came to make tea. They see Mohit coming downstairs. Mohit gets shocked and acts to walk in sleep. Nandu says its dangerous disease. Shanti slaps Mohit and asks why did he not see he has this sleepwalking problem. She brings a rope and makes Nandu tie Chunnilal’s leg. She asks Nandu to tie the other end to the swing. Nandu says he will tie Chunnilal daily. She says no need to tie to swing, I will tie this other end to my leg. Mohit gets irritated.

Its morning, Preeti gets a message from Mohit. He apologizes to her. Kaushalya asks why is she smiling. Preeti says she wants to go to temple. Nandu brings neem leaves for everyone. Raghav asks Nandu to come, he has to fill form today. Nandu thanks and touches his feet. Raghav asks him to control his emotions and not cry like this. Shanti jokes on him.

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Riya comes to office and gives papers to boss. He says I have sent papers to head office. She requests him to send papers. He agrees and asks her to meet some client. She leaves. Preeti comes to radio station and talks to Nimmi on phone. She goes to meet Mohit. The men give roses to Preeti. Mohit comes next and gives her a rose. She smiles and goes with Mohit to his cabin.

Amit refuses to take Riya’s help. Rani asks him to think of their profit. Amit says Riya did not marry me, she does not care for me. Rani asks him to forget everything, he would have not got her if he married Riya. Amit says you brought all bad luck for me, you love me so you married me, I like Riya, I don’t love you. He goes. Rani says I love you a lot and I will do things for your betterment. Sarla comes and argues with Rani. Rani says I will not lose and thinks to win Amit’s heart.

Mohit starts the show and says he has a beautiful guest with him. Shanti hears him and laughs, thinking who is there today, is she any heroine. Mohit plays a special song by Preeti. Shanti checks the radio as the sound goes. Riya comes to the radio station. Mohit ends the show. He apologizes to Preeti and says he will take her on a coffee date. Riya has come there to meet a client, and tells the lady that she is Riya and has come to meet the director on behalf of Sunehra company.

Mohit says I love you Preeti ji and kisses Preeti on her forehead. Riya sees this and gets shocked. Preeti says I love you too. Riya says Preeti….. The man asks Riya to come, the boss is waiting. Riya goes. Preeti goes to her who was there and says I heard Riya here. Mohit says Riya can’t be here. Preeti leaves and sees Riya outside the radio station. Riya looks at her. Preeti gets tensed and asks you here. Preeti turns and sees Riya gone. Preeti gets relieved that it was her imagination and leaves.

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Shanti sees the kitchen rearranged and calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya says its still the same. Shanti gets angry as Riya has done all this. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to become like Nimmi. A man comes and asks Shanti for some donation, as he has come from a NGO. Shanti asks him to wait, and gets some money. She says you come later, just take this 100rs as of now. The man leaves.

Shanti tells Kaushalya to think how selfish is she, and asks her to get few old thing. She sends her. Riya talks to the client. He asks the deal for the company. Riya recalls Preeti and Chunnilal. She says sorry, and tells her company’s strategy. She panics and drops the papers. He says I think your mood is not fine today, we will keep meeting later. She says sorry, you check papers once. He gets a call and says you clear your confusion Riya ji, I have to go now. She says sorry and leaves.

Sarla and Amit about the call. Amit says its call from office. The man from Sunehra company calls him and says he got the papers. Amit says he is not interested and ends call. He tells Sarla that Riya’s company is calling him, I think Riya wants commission, I won’t let Riya get benefit. Rani says right Amit ji, agency is Riya’s, what profit we have, its fine now. Sarla sends her to get tea. Sarla tells Amit that Riya earns well every month. Amit says yes, right. Sarla says if we get good amount, we will get chance to show off to Shanti, take this chance.

Riya comes out of radio station and sees the banner. She sees Mohit’s pic and asks the man who is he. The man says he is famous RJ Mohit Mohir. She asks what and is shocked.

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