Family Affairs update Sunday 19 January 2020

The Episode starts with Nandu imagining Preeti. She asks him to tell everyone that he loves her. Raghav asks Nandu what do you want to tell me. Nandu says I want to say that I respect you a lot, and your entire family. He falls down and faints. Shanti says now he can’t stay in Shanti Sadan.

Raghav says we will send him in morning, and not make him rest in room. Sarla slaps Pari and asks how can you say this. Rani scolds Pari for being so characterless. She says I have to purify this house with Gangajal after you leave. Pari starts acting and says your mind has got mad, and asks Sarla can’t she love Vyom as he is her Devar, I m just concerned for him, I don’t want Vyom to marry stammering Preeti. Rani thinks Pari is acting. Sarla worries and sends Rani. Sarla asks Pari why is she saying all this now. Pari cries and says my life will be ruined. Sarla says you said you will want simple Devrani. Pari says I don’t want any Devrani. Sarla asks Pari is there anything she is lying. Pari gets tensed and lies to Sarla.


Shanti talks to Raghav and Kaushalya about guests. She asks them to invite less guests, as she is afraid if anything happens wrong, relation can break. Raghav asks her not to say wrong and just bless. Kaushalya asks Shanti to come back in family life. Shanti says I m sanyasi now. She smiles and thinks I will shed sanyasi clothes soon, once Preeti’s marriage happens.

Its morning, Kaushalya asks Preeti what is she thinking, wash utensils. She asks her to call Riya as well. Shanti talks to her husband’s pic and there was no way to kick out Riya. Preeti makes the utensils fall. Shanti scolds her and says if your mum in law brings you back, we will not let you come. Shanti asks Preeti to be happy and smile always. She asks Preeti to sit and tells her about the wrong match Mohit. She ask if they lose family name, who will marry Nimmi then, I will throw you both in Ganga and jump too. She asks Preeti not to do this, accept the good relation by mind and heart. She asks Kaushalya to make Preeti work a lot and give her no time to think about Mohit. Nimmi says I will do work, Preeti is getting married. Shanti says I should have got Nimmi married first. Nimmi laughs off. Shanti asks Preeti to keep smiling and show teeth. She thinks Riya is the reason for all this, that everyone is showing their colors.

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Riya talks to Bunty and says I spoke to them, I can get loan. Shivam hears her and says Riya… Riya ends call. He asks are you going office, to whom are you talking about loan, what happened. She lies about tele caller about loan. Shanti smiles and thinks Riya will not be able to go out today. Shanti asks Kaushalya to teach Riya what to do, she is young and does not have experience, you have to tell Riya everything, give her training well, she will be prepared in Nimmi’s marriage. Kaushalya says yes, I did not think this, if I do mistake, you save me. Shanti says I took sanyaas and can’t do much, but if anything bad happens, I will manage. Riya comes there. Shanti asks Riya what is she doing till now, there is much work. Kaushalya asks Riya to get Chandrahaar first, I don’t like my mum’s necklace to be at any shop, you go and get it. Kaushalya asks her to make a call. Riya says I will get it. Shanti says Kaushalya is reacting as if Riya has kept Chandrahaar mortgaged. Riya gets tensed. Kaushalya says I was just… Shanti asks Riya to go later, they have to finish work on time. Riya says no, I will get necklace first. Shanti sends Riya to end work first. Shanti is happy that Riya will not be able to get Chandrahaar.

Nandu wakes up and has hangover. Sarla is worried and thinks what to do. Amit and Rani talk to Sarla. Rani asks Sarla will she break marriage now. Amit asks what, does mummy want to break marriage. Sarla says no, I m not thinking, Pari will also not think anything. Amit asks Rani to manage kitchen. Rani says fine, I don’t want to get in their matters. Sarla scolds Rani. Amit asks are they done, I m going now, I won’t have breakfast. Sharmili comes there. Amit greets her and asks how did you come here. Rani asks Sarla did Sharmili hear, did she send Pari out of the house. Sarla and Amit welcome Sharmili. Sarla thinks did Pari do anything, this relation should not break.

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Nandu sees everyone doing arrangements. Shanti scolds Nandu. Shivam says we packed your bag, leave from here, you are Raghav’s friend’s son, else I would have broken your legs. Raghav asks Nandu did you get sense now, leave from here now, you got drunk and shouted. Nandu apologizes and says I will not go this mistake again. Nimmi says I did planning to kick him out of the house, I will show video recording now and make Raghav more angry. She shows the video recording to Nandu and he gets shocked seeing it. Raghav gets angry and asks Nandu to get lost. Shivam says I will throw your bags out. Raghav says I can’t forgive you, shall I call your dad. Nandu falls in his feet and says I don’t drink, its not my mistake, when I was coming home, Mohit met me on the way. He says Mohit tied him and made him drink forcefully, he was very angry and said he will not let Preeti get married, he scolded me as Shivam and I have beaten him. They all get worried.

Sarla tells Sharmili that Pari is young, if she does any mistake, you explain her. Sharmili says yes, she is little girl, I will make her sit in my lap. Sarla says I mean just forgive her. Sharmili says there is nothing, it goes on between saas and bahu. Rani says yes, Sarla and I always fight. Sharmili says I came to thank Sarla. Sarla gets happy and says why not, its my duty. Sharmili says you did favor on us, I got a small gift for you. Sarla checks the big ring and laughs. She say this was not needed. She hides it from Rani and asks her to get sweets for Sharmili. Rani goes.

Nandu says I m sorry what I did in wine effect, Mohit is responsible for all this, I m sorry, forgive me. Shanti gets angry on Mohit. Shivam says we have to see Mohit, we will complaint in police and get him arrested. Raghav says we will lose name doing anything. Shanti says I will meet Mohit’s mum again. Nandu thinks if Shanti knows I m lying, don’t know what they will do. Riya says I was saying we can delay marriage so that Preeti gets time to accept relation. Shanti says Preeti will adjust, and scolds Preeti. She asks did you wish to marry this Mohit. Preeti says no, I don’t want to marry Preeti. Riya gets call and Shanti says I will wait till you end call. Riya disconnects call. Shanti scolds Riya and asks her not to make her grand daughters modern minded like her. Nandu says I will beat Mohit. Shanti asks him to keep his bags inside the room. He gets glad and sees Preeti. Shanti asks Nandu to hurt Mohit if he meets him again.

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Sarla thanks Sharmili for ring and necklace. She asks whats the real matter, I know there is something. Sharmili says nothing, I got a small list about gifts for baraatis. Sarla says I can’t do anything, Raghav will manage it, I will give list to him. Sharmili says fine, but I came to meet you, I m sad for you. Your children grew up, and you still stay in govt quarter, don’t you feel bad. Sarla starts crying and says I really feel bad. Sharmili says Pari said you had big bungalors. Sarla says I have big plot and case is going on, my husband has bungalows and his brothers is not giving him anything. Sharmili says you did not share your pain with me, if you told me, I would have done this, my mother gives plot as donation every year, this year I will get it for you. Sarla gets glad.

Nandu prays that Mohit gets trapped, I love Preeti and can give my life for her, I did not wish bad for anyone here, why don’t they support me, I know I did wrong to create a scene here, forgive me. Raghav tells Shanti that they will talk to Mohit’s mum. Shanti says no, I m enough. She asks Riya to explain Preeti that Vyom is a nice guy, she will be very happy there. She asks Kaushalya to sing and be happy, not make upset faces. Riya gets call and says I will get sweets. Shanti says get water for me, I m feeling thirsty. She thinks when time passes, Riya will have to say the truth, today I will stop Riya.


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