Family Affairs update Saturday 23 November 2019 Starlife

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Family Affairs update Saturday 23 November 2019 Starlife

Rani signing Amit to wear her fav choice of shirt and helping him. She signs and he wears her selected shirt. Music plays………… Raghav tells Shanti that he will talk to the guy’s family and goes.

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Rani asks Amit shall I come with you. He says no need. She says I will come with you. Rani asks Amit to have food and serves food to him. They have a talk and Sarla comes. Sarla makes Amit tie the black cloth to his eyes and takes him. He hits the door and she stops him from seeing Rani. She makes him sit and feeds food to him. She sends Rani to get his shoes.

Sharmili tells Sujeev that pandit ji said you are in risk, the solution is Pari has to keep fast for 2 days, that too she should drink warm water. Sujeev says who believes this, strange. Sharmili says I believe it. Pari asks will I be able to keep it. Sharmili says yes, you love Sujeev, so you can keep it, else I will keep fast. Sujeev says no, don’t keep in this age. Pari says fine, I will keep fast. Sharmili takes her food plate.

Sarla takes Amit downstairs and opens the blindfold. Rani asks him to take tiffin. Sarla asks Amit not to see his wife and sends him to agency. Sarla sees Ashok talking to Nirmala and leaving from home. She says I will take Nirmala’s class today, but I will call Amma first. She calls Shanti and talks. Shanti does not give any importance to her. Sarla ends call and thinks to do something big to make Shanti value her.

Sharmili tells Vyom that she got something for her. Vyom says I don’t want to see. Vyom says let him have breakfast. Sharmili asks her to do her work. Vyom checks the kurtas. Sujeev likes it. Sharmili asks Vyom to marry, Sujeev will give him Rs 50000 per month. Pari says just 50000rs, I think Vyom should get 1 lakh per month. Sujeev agrees. Vyom says I don’t want to marry. Sujeev asks why, do you like someone, tell me. Pari worries and says Vyom is shy, he won’t see any girl. Sharmili stares at her.

Shanti tells Raghav that everyone feel I m weak, I know I m strong. Raghav calls Mohit’s dad and introduces himself. He says I m Preeti’s father, and talks about Preeti and Mohit’s marriage. Riya and Shivam come and hear them. Raghav says we wanted to meet you. Mohit’s dad says fine, I will talk to my wife and call you. Raghav tells this to everyone. I felt like he is not happy with this alliance. Raghav asks Shivam not to worry and be calm, he will talk to Mohit’s parents. Riya says yes, else Preeti will get into problems. Preeti and Nimmi hear them. Shanti sees them and scolds them along with Riya. She asks Preeti to leave and gets annoyed.

She complains to Raghav about Riya and calls her unlucky. Riya asks whats my mistake in all this, we are today’s generation children, if we do mistake unknowingly, you forgive us. Shanti says stop it now, we have to think what to do if Mohit’s parents refuse. Riya asks shall I talk to them. Raghav says I will manage.

Mohit tells his parents that he loves Preeti. His dad says we did not like the girl. Mohit asks do you think I m wrong, Preeti and I love each other, how is it Preeti’s mistake. His dad says Preeti is a girl, and its her mistake. Mohit asks in which times is he living and argues. His mum comes and Mohit says you broke relation with me. His mum says yes, but we came to you for your marriage. Mohit argues and says think about that girl, I will marry her, else I can’t live. His parents oppose Preeti. Mohit says I respect Preeti and love her. Mohit says I will just marry Preeti. His mum agrees to meet Preeti.

Mohit gets call from radio station and man says boss wants to talk to you. Mohit says I will come and talk to boss. He thanks his parents for understanding and asks them to talk to Preeti’s family. His mum asks him not to worry. Sarla leaves to go somewhere. Sujeev calls Amit and talks friendly. Amit says I will come to meet you and play cards.

Pari goes to kitchen to have food and Sharmili taunts her to have food. Pari says I m very hungry. Sharmili asks is this your love for Sujeev. A man comes to show wedding card samples. Sharmili asks Vyom to see the samples and choose what he likes. Sharmili plans destination wedding and taunts Pari.

Ashok and Nirmala work at the food stall. Bindu and people compliment Ashok and Nirmala. Sarla comes there. Bindu sees Sarla and makes her jealous. Sarla gets angry and throws cow dung at Bindu. Bindu calls her mad. She takes money from the box and asks Nirmala to send food to her daily. Sharmili sees Pari eating and acts sweet seeing Amit. Sujeev says I called him. Sharmili scolds Pari. Sujeev says we will leave. Amit takes samosas and leaves. Pari also beats samosas.

Sarla calls Rajendra and asks him to find Mohit’s address, he works in radio. Pari sees Mama following her. Mama sees Sarla and goes after her. Pari gets glad that Sarla always helps her. She goes to see Amit and Sujeev. Amit and Sujeev play cards. Amit wins and gets money. Pari hides and hears them. Amit thanks Sujeev. Sujeev says I had fun playing games, but I did not find this place right. Amit lies and says we will be good friends. He says I will drop you on my bike. Sujeev says no, I will go by auto. He leaves. Pari gets an idea and stops Amit. She asks him to give her commission, as her husband has earned money. Amit argues and gives 500rs. She says Sujeev got you 50000rs, so give me 25000rs. Amit says no way. She asks for 10000rs. He gives her 10000rs. She happily leaves.

Sarla is on call and says I m going to find Mohit. Riya gets boss’ call and lies. Shanti asks why are you lying, go for work. Riya tells her boss that she will come office soon, she is at home now. The boss tells her about her work. She says I will go with Amit, I will teach him work well. Shanti thinks Amit was right. Riya is after him.

Shanti gets call and shouts its Mohit’s call. He tells Shanti to come at his house, and talk to his parents. Shanti says fine, we will come. Preeti smiles.

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