Family Affairs update Friday 15 November 2019 Starlife

Family Affairs update Friday 15 November 2019 Starlife

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Family Affairs update Friday 15th November 2019 Starlife

Riya getting confused and calling Preeti. Preeti tells Nimmi that Riya has seen her, and her call is coming now. Riya talks to Preeti and Preeti does not get voice. Preeti worries and tells Nimmi that she is worried. Nimmi says I will not love anyone or marry. Riya’s boss calls her and asks her to come office fast, Amit did not come and the dealership will be cancelled. Riya says I m coming. Rani jokes with Amit, and Sarla scolds her. Rani asks Amit to go to that agency once, he can do work well. Amit asks her not to say anything, he does not understand. Sarla sends Rani to make tea again. She tells Amit to take agency, if there is mistake, Riya will manage. Amit agrees. Rani hears them. Amit goes to get ready. Sarla says Amit agreed to me, he is going to agency, iron his shirt. Rani thinks Amit has agreed, and smiles.

Kaushalya takes out old chest and clothes to donate. Shanti looks on and asks her to pack clothes soon. Nandu comes and calls them out. Shanti asks what happened. Nandu says I got the job, bless me and gives them sweets. He says he will give his salary to Shanti. Kaushalya and Shanti get shocked. Shanti gets glad and makes him sit on the bench, instead ground. She blesses him and asks him to always sit on bench or chair, not on the ground. She says you are part of my family, tell me again. He says I was saying I will give my salary to you. She smiles.

Shanti tells Kaushalya to give halwa to Nandu and is impressed by him. Riya comes office. Bunty asks her about radio station deal. Riya recalls Mohit and Preeti and tells Bunty. Bunty asks that famous RJ Mohit. Riya says yes, he is staying in our house as Chunnilal, maybe Preeti and Mohit love each other. Bunty asks her to tell everyone or Shivam first. Riya agrees to tell Shivam and asks where is he. Bunty says he is not here. Riya calls him and his phone does not connect.

Sharmili is on the way and gets call from pandit. She asks pandit to find a nice girl for Vyom. Preeti talks to Mohit and is on the way too. Mohit advises Preeti to join his office and says he is ready to become Ghar Jamai. She says I have to stay with you in your house, I noticed you are not focusing on work. Preeti collides with Sharmili and says sorry. Sharmili asks her is she blind and scolds her. Sharmili looks at her. She says I have seen you somewhere. Preeti says no, this can’t happen and picks her bags. Sharmili thinks she wants such simple girl for Vyom. She tries taking pic of Preeti. Preeti turns and leaves.

Sarla scolds Rani for praising Shivam. Amit says I don’t want to see Shivam. Sarla asks Amit to write her name on papers. Rani says no, papers are on Amit’s name, graduation is needed. Sarla argues. Amit gets a call and says I m coming there and talks rude to the company guy. Kaushalya talks to Nandu. Shanti gets an idea to donate Shivam’s childhood clothes as per her plan. Rani is on the way by taking lift from a guy and stops Amit. Amit scolds the guy for getting Rani. Rani says its big problem. He asks what. Rani asks him to wear blue shirt. He asks her shall o change shirt on the road. She insists. The guy asks him to wear it if Bhabhi ji is insisting, he has driven fast to come here. Amit argues. Rani scolds the guy. The guy asks why are you scolding me, I will leave. Amit requests Amit to wear this blue shirt.

The boss praises Shivam and praises himself more, giving himself all the credit. Shivam and Riya smile. Shivam says I cracked this deal because of you. Bunty tells Riya that Shivam did great work, and boss wants to take all credit. The boss asks Riya what did she do, he knows work will be over there too, as everyone knows me there. Amit comes there and Riya introduces him to his boss. The boss says good job Shivam, don’t get overconfident, Riya and Amit come with me. Shivam gets call and leaves, before Riya talks to him about Preeti.

Preeti comes home. Kaushalya asks her to arrange her cupboard. Shanti sees Preeti tensed and asks whats the matter. Nandu coughs. Shanti asks her to get water. Riya tells Bunty that if Mohit loves Preeti really, its not wrong, I m worried for Preeti, if her lie comes out, it will be big problem, I feel I m getting over protective for Preeti. Bunty says I understand, don’t worry, we will do something. Riya says yes, I have to talk to Preeti and check that guy. Bunty asks her to go to boss.

Sharmili comes home and calls Mama. She asks Pari to get beauty treatment done. She says I m very happy and tells Mama that she has found a nice girl for Preeti. Pari gets shocked and asks where. Sharmili says I have taken her pic, and Pari laughs seeing Banjaran instead Preeti.

Mama also laughs and shows the pic to Sharmili. Sharmili says I clicked the girl’s pic, how did this come and says that girl is really nice. Pari laughs and says I m Pari. Riya goes to the boss and tells him that client did not give sponsorship. Boss scolds her and Amit taunts Riya. Riya takes Amit’s signs on papers and leaves. Shanti takes Shivam’s childhood clothes and keeps it for donating. Preeti talks to herself and smiles recalling Mohit. Kaushalya asks her why is she self talking and smiling. Preeti says nothing, I m missing Nimmi. She asks will you forgive me if I do anything wrong. Kaushalya says yes, but tell me first if there is something. Raghav calls Kaushalya and says she says she was talking to Preeti, she was worried for proposal. Raghav asks her not to worry. Kaushalya tells Preeti that she will get good proposal. Riya comes home and Kaushalya says she was calling her now. Riya goes to talk to Preeti. Shanti calls the NGO man to give the clothes and smiles.

Amit comes home. Sarla asks him about the shirt, when did he change. Amit tells her that boss scolded Shivam and Riya and he had fun. He says Rani has chosen this shirt and he looked good. Sarla stares at him. Amit asks Rani not to go for any work. Sarla asks about shirt again. Amit says you bless me and you are after shirt. Sarla blesses him and asks him to remove this shirt, she has to give old clothes to NGO. He removes shirt and Sarla takes it. Amit goes. Sarla scolds Rani asking her to be away from Amit. Riya comes to talk to Preeti. Preeti worries. Riya asks today you….

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