Family Affairs Official December Teasers 2019 Starlife

Family Affairs Official December Teasers 2019 Starlife

Family Affairs Official December Teasers 2019 Starlife

Family Affairs Teasers 2019 Starlife

Sunday 1 December 2019

Episode 196

Shanti(Krutika Desai), Sarla and Amit discuss their plan against Riya(Ekta Kaul). Nimmi tells Kaushalya about the mishap. Rani lies to Sarla that a rat has ruined her saris. Shivam(Karam Rajpal) tells Riya(Ekta Kaul) that she had forced Shanti(Krutika Desai) to dance. Riya(Ekta Kaul) apologises to Shanti(Krutika Desai) and tells the family that she will go to Allahabad for Amit’s training.


Monday 2 December 2019

Episode 197

Shanti(Krutika Desai) and Sarla conspire against Riya(Ekta Kaul). Sarla takes a photo of Riya(Ekta Kaul) and Amit together. Rani suspects that Sarla and Shanti(Krutika Desai) are weaving a conspiracy. Later, Shanti(Krutika Desai) gets her neighbour arrested for stealing their electricity. Mohit requests Nandu to help him meet Preeti. Later, Preeti runs into him.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Episode 198

Preeti informs Shanti(Krutika Desai) about her meeting with Mohit. Later, she criticises Nandu for misbehaving with Mohit. Mohit tries to climb up to Shanti(Krutika Desai) Sadan’s balcony. Bansi captures Riya(Ekta Kaul)’s and Amit’s photos together. Kaushalya is shocked to see the photographs. Shanti(Krutika Desai) asks Riya(Ekta Kaul) to prove her innocence.

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Episode 199

Riya(Ekta Kaul) decides to leave the house after proving her innocence by walking on hot coals. Kaushalya requests Shanti(Krutika Desai) to stop her. Raghav scolds Shanti(Krutika Desai) for asking Riya(Ekta Kaul) to prove herself. Prabha tells Sarla that Ashok has gifted a sari to Nirmala. Later, Ashok scolds Sarla for insulting Nirmala.

Thursday 5 December 2019

Episode 200

Shanti(Krutika Desai) hands over the responsibility of Shanti(Krutika Desai) Sadan to Riya(Ekta Kaul). Kaushalya scolds Riya(Ekta Kaul) and asks her to take proper care of the house. Sharmili and Makdi are worried about Pari having a baby. Shanti(Krutika Desai) is upset with Raghav for misbehaving with her. Nimmi and Preeti try to help Riya(Ekta Kaul) in managing the house.

Friday 6 December 2019

Episode 201

Sarla learns that Shanti(Krutika Desai) has given the household responsibilities to Riya(Ekta Kaul). Nimmi and Raghav try to console Kaushalya. Shanti(Krutika Desai) reconciles with Raghav. Later, she refuses to take the keys back from Riya(Ekta Kaul). Preeti is called to the office to collect her provident fund. Sharmili runs into Preeti.

Saturday 7 December 2019

Episode 202

Nimmi scolds Sharmili for following Preeti. Rani learns that Riya(Ekta Kaul) is the new in-charge of Shanti(Krutika Desai) Sadan. Shanti(Krutika Desai) asks Sarla to seek Riya(Ekta Kaul) and Kaushalya’s permission to visit the house. Vyom finds Pari stealing Sharmili’s jewellery. Kaushalya prepares ladoos for Sankranti. Raghav gifts a sari to Shanti(Krutika Desai).

Sunday 8 December 2019

Episode 203

The Agarwals celebrate Makar Sankranti. Pari lies to Sharmili that her grandmother has died. Shivam(Karam Rajpal) and Amit fly kites. Nandu finds Mohit troubling Preeti. She begs Mohit to leave. Pari tells Sujeev that she is pregnant. Shanti(Krutika Desai) burns the sari that Raghav had brought for Sarla.



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