Family Affairs March Teasers 2020, Riya creates a scene on misunderstanding that Shivam and Riya got married. Rani goes to the Baba once again and shares her problem. Chanda tells Riya that Shivam has not married her. Shanti decides to get Shivam and Riya married to save their dignity. Read Full Family Affairs Teasers March 2020

StarLife Family Affairs March Teasers 2020


Family Affairs Sunday 1 March 2020
(Episode 327)
The police bring an unknown woman to Shanti Sadan who claims to be Raghav’s mother. Sharmili tries to convince Vyom that the Baba’s prediction about his future is not true. Makdi plans to take Vyom to a psychiatrist. Riya suspects Shanti’s disappearance.

(Episode 328)
Few men visit Shanti Sadan to claim their reward. Raghav asks Riya to mind her own business. Nimmi enters the locked room in Sharmili’s house. Riya suspects Shanti to be in Banaras.

Family Affairs Monday 2 March 2020
(Episode 329)
Sharmili scolds Nimmi for entering the locked room. Sarla sees Riya leaving the house early in the morning. Riya and Bunty visit the ashram and learn about Shanti. Sarla stops Raghav from filing a complaint.

(Episode 330)
Riya suspects that Shanti has planned to frame Anupam in her abduction. Kaushalya is moved to see Chanda pray for Shanti’s well-being. The informer tells Shivam that Shanti is at Anupam’s house. However, Shivam, Sarla and Raghav fail to find Shanti.

Family Affairs Tuesday 3 March 2020
(Episode 331)
Shanti tries to blame Riya and Anupam for her abduction. Later, she recalls how Riya threatened Rajinder and Bansi to tell the truth. Pari’s plan to prove Nimmi unlucky for Vyom, backfires.

(Episode 332)
Bunty tells Riya that Shivam wasn’t against Anupam. Sarla tries to manipulate Shanti into giving her a share of her property. Later, she tells Nimmi about Shanti’s abduction. Riya thanks Shivam for trusting her.

Family Affairs Wednesday 4 March 2020
(Episode 333)
The Shrivastavs celebrate Shanti’s return. Sharmili asks Nimmi to take Pari’s permission before going to Shanti Sadan. Meanwhile, Anupam reaches Shanti Sadan along with the police. Riya tries to stop the police from arresting Raghav.

(Episode 334)
Riya requests Anupam to withdraw his complaint. The Shrivastavs learn that Riya has filed a complaint against them. Shivam asks Riya to leave the house. Pari provokes Sujeev against Nimmi.

Family Affairs Thursday 5 March 2020
(Episode 335)
Pari pretends to pass out to avoid Sujeev’s outrage. Nimmi visits her parents’ house but notices Preeti and Raghav to be unexcited about her visit. Riya tells Nimmi about Shivam marrying Chanda.

(Episode 336)
Vyom and Makdi go to Shanti Sadan to take Nimmi home. Preeti stops Nandu from meeting Vyom. The pandit tells Shanti that she won’t have any grandchildren!

Family Affairs Friday 6 March 2020
(Episode 337)
Shanti asks Kaushalya to make Chanda look elegant so that she can impress Shivam. Vyom mocks Nimmi when she apologises to him. Chanda tells Shanti about her decision to leave Shanti Sadan.

(Episode 338)
Shanti humiliates Riya when she tries to sing along with Chanda. Sarla manipulates Ashok into sending Nirmala out of the house. Riya decides to prove herself as a better singer than Chanda. Later, she tells Shivam that she has decided to resign from her job. Shanti asks Chanda to stay away from Riya.

Family Affairs Saturday 7 March 2020
(Episode 339)
Pari doesn’t want Vyom-Nimmi to have a baby. Riya decides to quit her job. She tells Bunty about her plan to befriend Chanda. Meanwhile, Rani decides to seek a Baba’s advice to win Amit’s love.

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(Episode 340)
Shanti sees a snake on her bed. A baba gives Rani a remedy to attract Amit towards herself. Bunty tells Shivam that Riya has quit her job because of him.

Family Affairs Sunday 8 March 2020
(Episode 341)
Shanti slits her wrist and blames Riya for it. Chanda tells Riya to not let anyone know about their friendship. Makdi wants Vyom to come along with him to a party. Will Makdi succeed in setting things right between Nimmi and Vyom?

(Episode 342)
Shanti tells Riya that Shivam will eventually agree to marry Chanda. Rani adds the powder given by the baba to Amit’s food. Meanwhile, Shanti comes up with a plan to unite Shivam and Chanda.


Family Affairs Monday 9 March 2020
(Episode 343)
Riya creates a scene on misunderstanding that Shivam and Riya got married. Rani goes to the Baba once again and shares her problem. Chanda tells Riya that Shivam has not married her. Shanti decides to get Shivam and Riya married to save their dignity.

(Episode 344)
Vyom apologises to Sharmili for his misbehaviour. He tells Nimmi that they will go out for dinner. Shanti asks Kaushalya to convince Shivam to marry Chanda. Preeti confronts Nimmi for ruining her life. Nimmi gets ready to go out for dinner with Vyom.

Family Affairs Tuesday 10 March 2020
(Episode 345)
Riya asks Chanda if she likes Shivam. Pari is taken aback to see Nimmi and Vyom go out for dinner. Shivam tells Kaushalya that he does not want to get married again. Makdi gets sedated by a girl he brings home. Shivam tries to stop Kaushalya from leaving Shanti Sadan.

(Episode 346)
Sharmili panics on finding Makdi unconscious. Shivam tells Riya to leave Shanti Sadan if she loves him. Nirmala decides to give her property to the person who agrees to marry her. Sarla tells Amit about her plan to get Ashok married to Nirmala.

Family Affairs Wednesday 11 March 2020
(Episode 347)
Sarla and Amit plan to get Ashok married to Nirmala. Meanwhile, Chanda agrees to marry Shivam. Chanda observes a fast for him. Riya plans to bring Kaushalya back to Shanti Sadan.

(Episode 348)
Riya confronts Preeti for being rude to her. Pari is jealous to see Vyom bonding with Nimmi. Meanwhile, Shanti gets suspicious on seeing Chanda talk to someone over the phone. Who is she talking to?

Family Affairs Thursday 12 March 2020
(Episode 349)
Chanda manages to hide her real identity from Shanti. Pari pretends to pass out when Nimmi finds her hugging Vyom. Riya sends a courier to Nandu. Why does Shivam meet Riya?

(Episode 350)
Riya and Nandu make a plan to bring Kaushalya back. Shanti worries about Shivam on finding a cigarette in the house.

Family Affairs Friday 13 March 2020
(Episode 351)
Shivam talks curtly to Riya and reminds her about their divorce. Shanti is worried about Shivam. She tells Kaushalya about Shivam’s smoking habit.

(Episode 352)
Kaushalya confronts Preeti for her misbehaviour with Nandu. Nimmi plans to teach Pari a lesson. Chanda pretends to be good by saving Riya from getting electrocuted in a set-up planned by her.

Family Affairs Saturday 14 March 2020
(Episode 353)
Even as the family gears up for Shivam and Chanda’s marriage, is he still concerned about Riya’s well-being.

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(Episode 354)
Preeti tells Nandu to save money so that they can buy a good house. Shanti asks Chanda to record all her conversations with Riya.

Family Affairs Sunday 15 March 2020
(Episode 355)
Shanti is angry with Kaushalya for discussing the marriage in front of Shivam. Ashok tells Nirmala to leave the house. Meanwhile, why does Preeti blame Riya?

(Episode 356)
Kaushalya challenges Riya that she will get Shivam married to Chanda! But Riya is not taking it lying down. She has a plan in mind.

Family Affairs Monday 16 March 2020
(Episode 357)
Nandu fails to get a house and is scared to tell Preeti. Shanti announces her decision to get Shivam and Chanda engaged. Meanwhile, why has Sharmili given her jewellery to Nimmi?

(Episode 358)
Riya fakes an injury to make Shivam treat her wounds. But, Shanti sees through the lie. Will she succeed in convincing Shivam to take her side?

Family Affairs Tuesday 17 March 2020
(Episode 359)
Chanda records her conversation with Riya and gives it to Shanti. Meanwhile, Pari steals Sharmili’s jewellery box from Nimmi. What makes Shivam fume in anger on hearing the recorded conversation?

(Episode 360)
The Shivam-Riya-Chanda love triangle takes a dramatic turn with Shivam threatening to commit suicide if Riya creates a scene at his wedding. What will Riya do?

Family Affairs Wednesday 18 March 2020
(Episode 361)
Sujeev slaps Pari for stealing Sharmili’s jewellery. Meanwhile, an auspicious date is fixed for Shivam and Chanda’s marriage.

(Episode 362)
Riya asks Shivam to not marry Chanda. Meanwhile, Chanda manipulates Shanti into thinking that Riya is using black magic on them. Will this make Shanti more bitter towards Riya?

Family Affairs Thursday 19 March 2020
(Episode 363)
Shanti performs rituals to ward off the evil spirits. Ashok learns about Shivam and Chanda’s marriage. Meanwhile, Nandu has a surprise for Preeti. Will Riya join the Shrivastavs for the celebrations?

(Episode 364)
Riya tries to stop Shivam and Chanda’s wedding. Meanwhile, Kaushalya feels the presence of a spirit in Shanti Sadan!

Family Affairs Friday 20 March 2020
(Episode 365)
The blame game continues, with Riya at the receiving end of Shivam and Shanti’s anger. After all the humiliation that she faces because of Chanda’s evil ploy, will Riya leave Shanti Sadan?

(Episode 366)
Riya returns to her father and tells him about her plan to expose Chanda. Nandu tries to impress Preeti as ‘Lucky’. Later, Riya finds Chanda with Mohit!

Family Affairs Saturday 21 March 2020

(Episode 367)
After Chanda breaks Riya’s phone, destroying the evidence against her, Riya tries to recover the video. Will she succeed in exposing Chanda?

(Episode 368)
Will Riya be able to retrieve the video evidence against Chanda? Meanwhile, Ashok pretends to have a heart attack to delay Shivam and Chanda’s marriage.

Family Affairs Sunday 22 March 2020
(Episode 369)
Riya exposes Chanda and Mohit’s conspiracy, leaving everyone horrified! Shanti and Kaushalya apologise to Riya. Meanwhile, Chanda sneaks away with Sarla’s necklace.

(Episode 370)
Happy days are back as Riya and Shivam reconcile. Meanwhile, what game is Vyom playing with Nimmi as he romances her, but refuses to accept her as his wife?

Family Affairs Monday 23 March 2020
(Episode 371)
Although Riya apologises to Shanti, the latter is determined to keep Riya away from Shivam. Preeti holds Riya responsible for her condition and decides to ruin the Shrivastavs.

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(Episode 372)
Vyom accuses Pari of marrying Sujeev for money. Sarla has second thoughts about getting Ashok married to Nirmala. Makdi plans to steal Sharmili’s jewellery.

Family Affairs Tuesday 24 March 2020
(Episode 373)
Shanti is worried about Nirmala’s unclear intentions towards Ashok. She visits Nirmala and questions her about her overwhelming concern for him. Nimmi slaps Preeti on finding her hugging Vyom.

(Episode 374)
Preeti hides Shanti’s copper glass gifted by her late husband. Sharmili learns about Pari’s affair! Later, Kaushalya slaps Preeti.

Family Affairs Wednesday 25 March 2020
(Episode 375)
Preeti comes up with an excuse to meet Lucky. Meanwhile, Nimmi and Sharmili slap Sujeev for killing Vyom. Later, Sharmili blames Nimmi for everything and asks her to leave the house.

(Episode 376)
Shivam gifts a dupatta to Riya. Meanwhile, Pari returns to Sarla. Later, a grief-stricken Nimmi ends up taking a wrong decision.

Family Affairs Thursday 26 March 2020
(Episode 377)
Nandu stops Nimmi from committing suicide. Sarla holds Nimmi responsible for Pari’s situation. Later, the Shrivastavs are shocked to learn about Vyom!

(Episode 378)
Sarla decides to visit the Sinha House. Amit gets slapped by Sarla for misbehaving with Pari. Later, Riya decides to speak to Shanti on seeing Nimmi doing the household chores.

Family Affairs Friday 27 March 2020
(Episode 379)
Riya advises Shanti to allow Nimmi to work. Shanti confronts Kaushalya for leaving the house. Later, Rani tells Sarla about seeing Pari steal her earrings.

(Episode 380)
Kaushalya asks Shanti Devi to allow Nimmi to attend the competition. Shanti Devi and Kaushalya start practising hard and challenge Sarla’s family to the competition. Later, things start to heat up as the two families fight head-on.

Family Affairs Saturday 28 March 2020
(Episode 381)
Riya and Shanti team up and participate in all the games. They win the competition, but Shanti gives the prize to Sarla. Later, Nimmi is worried about Pari’s motive when she talks to Shanti.

(Episode 382)
Nimmi hears Pari complaining to Shanti about her. Ashok refuses to get married to Nirmala. Meanwhile, Pari provokes Preeti against Nimmi!

Family Affairs Sunday 29 March 2020
(Episode 383)
Sarla threatens to commit suicide, if Ashok did not marry Nirmala. Meanwhile, Pari and Preeti conspire against Nimmi. Later, Ashok gets bound to give in to Sarla’s wishes.

(Episode 384)
Pari sends a boy to trouble Nimmi. Shanti orders Nimmi to stay indoors. Later, Sarla tells Pari about the deal she has made with Nirmala.

Family Affairs Monday 30 March 2020
(Episode 385)
Sarla asks Rajinder and Bansi to dress as pandits for Ashok and Nirmala’s marriage. Nimmi and Shivam prevent Shanti from finding out that they call her Sashikala!

(Episode 386)
Amit takes his father away before Shanti sees him. Soon, Nandu loses his moustache and tries to find it before the others discover him without it. Meanwhile, Sarla tries to get Nirmala married to Ashok before Shanti finds out.

Family Affairs Tuesday 31 March 2020
(Episode 387)
Sarla asks Rajinder and Bansi to proceed with Ashok and Nirmala’s marriage rituals. Later, the Agarwals bring the marriage to a halt when Shanti visits their house.

(Episode 388)
Shanti suspects that someone is getting married at Sarla’s house. Preeti tells Lucky that she is going to visit his garage. Shanti learns about Preeti’s plan to put Nimmi in trouble.


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