Eternal Love update Wednesday 30th December 2020 Star Life

Eternal Love 30 december 2020 Star life: Sonakshi saying I came here to fix Pari’s dress, I didn’t do anything. Rohit shouts enough, for how long will you do this drama, you and your family always do this, money can’t get status for you, you will always be middle class, you and your mum like glamour and show off. He says my sister got insulted, its necessary to expose her cheapness. Sonakshi says enough, not a word more, did I do this to her, I m a girl and understand what she is going through, I came to meet her and hug her once, what do you think, you are the only rich man in the world, you always lecture about class, we have a lot of money, my family is rich as well, I have worked hard to earn that money, I didn’t inherit it from my ancestors, so that I can lecture people on level and class, I m Sonakshi Rastogi, I m a self made person, I admit you are a big surgeon, I m a tv actress, I m proud of it, does anyone point gun at you and force you to watch tv, who gave you a right to say wrong about my profession, you shouldn’t talk if you don’t know anything, that’s called class and maturity. He says you came to Pooja’s room, you did this to make Pari win, are you so obsessed that you will disgrace a girl.

Sonakshi says are you mad, we aren’t happy since your family met us, Nishi has sent my mom to jail. Rohit says you have taken revenge for this. She says Pooja please…. Rohit makes her away and says stay away from my family, else I will ruin you and your family. Sonakshi asks who are you to ruin us, keep your family away from mine, to heck with you and your family. She cries and goes. Sumit looks on and says it didn’t turn out as expected, but this is indeed good, they were laughing, when public laughs at them, it will be real fun, be ready. He sees Pooja’s pic and says phones weren’t allowed inside, I m sure there must be someone wise and responsible man like me who recorded everything, then the world will zoom in and see Pooja’s pics, nice, this real life drama is more dramatic than tv shows, entertainment, party time.

Nishi asks Pooja to stop crying now, she will fall such. Yash comes. Nishi asks where were you, do you even know what happened, you didn’t even pick my calls. Yash hugs Pooja. He stops Nishi. Pooja says when my photo gets published, my reputation will be ruined, where were you, nothing will be fine. He shouts and throws things. Naren slaps her. He shouts enough, nothing will happen, if Sonakshi has done this, I promise I will not spare her, if anyone thinks to publish this news, I will destroy them. He hugs her and cries. He asks Nishi to make Pooja have food and sleep. Akash says she badly needs rest. Yash says when you were a child, you loved unicorns, so we got this sculpture of unicorn, trust us.

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Nishi says we are always with you, we will solve all the problems. Pooja says I m feeling scared, what if those videos and pics get leaked. He says no, at the event’s entry, they took everyone’s phones. She says but press was there. Rohan says Naren will manage it, focus on career and move on with confidence. Akash says yes, wear high heels, Pooja is short but she is very intelligent, she needs to look tall. Pooja says I m not short. Rohan says she is short. She says I m smart, tall and beautiful. Ajit and Akash lift Pooja and ask Rohan not to boast of his height, Pooja is the tallest. They have a group hug. Rohit looks on.

Suman says Pari has become a fashion queen, we should party, I will dance with Pari today. Pari says not today. Suman says Pari has become upset, Sonakshi learn to rejoice with family’s happiness. Pari says I have a headache. She goes. Veena says how can we surely say that Sonakshi did this. Naren says Pooja has seen Sonakshi with the dress. Rohit says Sonakshi did this, I will go to the police and expose her. Veena asks do you really think she can do this, we met her. Tanya says I don’t think she can do this, she is a clean hearted and matured woman. Rohit says we can’t know her. Veena says I can judge people.

Rohit says of course, you really know how to judge people. He sees Naren. Yash says whatever happened with Pooja, I think Sonakshi didn’t do this, Pooja is fine now, go to your rooms now. Naren says no news will be published, I m just afraid of local press, I don’t have any control on them. Yash says I will handle them. Rohit says I will get Sonakshi punished. Yash says we should end this topic here. Rohit says you are making a big mistake. Deepa looks on.

Sonakshi comes to Pari and asks why are you so lost, what happened. She says you have won the competition by your hard work, I can understand that you are upset…..why are you so frightened, tell me. Pari says whatever happened with Pooja was about to happen with me. Sonakshi asks what do you mean. Pari says when I went to change my dress, there was a stain on my dress, so I swapped it with Pooja’s dress. Pulkit hears them. Pari cries and says someone planned the wardrobe malfunction for me, I m scared thinking if this happened with me. Sonakshi hugs her and says what must Rohit and his family be going through. She says everything is fine, don’t think much, mum is so happy, look at her. Sonakshi recalls Karan and Sumit’s words.

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Sonakshi calling Rohit. She sas he isn’t answering me, how will I tell him what happened at the event, I m sure Sumit or Karan did this. Rohit answers and says don’t call me, you are done. She says please I called to say. He throws the phone. He says no one is believing that Sonakshi is the culprit. Deepa says you are right. Akash says Sonakshi can’t do this, you think world is good, I face bad people in court every day, trust me, Rohit take care of Pooja, I will see Sonakshi. Akash says she can’t do this. He goes. Deepa tells her plan.

Sonakshi says this news…poor Pooja, who can help me, Netra ji. Yash says spend the money but this news shouldn’t come out, do something. Nishi comes. He asks how is Pooja. She says I have put her to sleep. She cries and says I can’t be strong now. He consoles her. Naren come and says I came to apologize, I raised hand on Pooja. Nishi says no, you have all the right on her. He says I promise I won’t let anything happen to her. Yash asks how will we stop this news. Nishi says please stop this news. He asks her to calm down. Sumit says it was fun, Rohit won’t forget his insult, Sonakshi I have ashamed you without slapping you.

He gets the designer’s call. She says event company said there will be an enquiry, if I get caught, my career will end. Sumit says relax, don’t take tension, Sippy family has doubt on Sonakshi, you leave the city, I will book your tickets, enjoy well and don’t call me again. Netra comes to meet Sonakshi. She asks did you handle everything. Netra says I tried my best to stop this news. Sonakshi says there would be some way. Netra says there is a man. Sonakshi says nothing is imp than Pooja. Netra says Ashish Mhatre. Sonakshi says I know he is a mad, cheap and weird man, I will meet him. Netra says think again. Sonakshi says I m sure, we don’t have much time. Netra says fine, I will talk to him. Deepa says Sonakshi will pay for this. Rohit agrees. Sonakshi comes to Ashish’s office. He asks what would you like to have. She says Netra must have told you what to do. He says yes, it was unfortunate, why are you interfering in this matter, she is someone else’s daughter, her parents will handle it, you have come to me for her sake.

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She says I know you can do this easily. He says yes, I can stop this news, but you must do something for me, the people in the neighboring cities are your fans, you have to please them, there is a wedding in my family, the people in my village are your fans, you have to come in the wedding, I will stop this news, its a promise, shall I message the dates of wedding events. Sonakshi says fine, but Pooja’s news must not come out in any newspaper. He applies a thumb impression on blank paper and gives her. He says I always keep my word. She says I don’t care what Rohit thinks about me, Pooja will be safe now. Suman gets newspapers and says Pari’s victory pics will come and Nishu will be humiliated. Sonakshi also checks. Suman says Pari will become famous, I m very happy. Pari says I did it, I m so happy. Naren and everyone check newspapers. Rohit says thank God, no newspaper published the news, how did everyone decide not to publish it. Sonakshi says thank God, no one wrote about Pooja.

Suman asks why aren’t you happy, you worry for her more than her. Sonakshi says no, I m upset about Pooja. Suman asks but why. Pulkit asks what if this happened with Pari. Suman slaps and says stay in your limits, Pari told me everything, Pari was fortunate to get saved. She scolds him. Sonakshi stops him. He leaves. Sonakshi says its my fault, I m sorry Pari. Suman gets a call and hugs Pari. Suman says you got the first ad. Pari says finally, I m so happy. Sonakshi says Tushar is a big director, what is the ad about. Suman says Pari is really lucky. Sonakshi says I should have been with Pari in her happiness. Nishi says family is most imp thing. Pooja thanks her. She stays sad. She says sorry. Nishi says you don’t say sorry to me. Rohit says I have no time today, reschedule it. He asks Yash how did Ashish agree. Yash says I m confused. Rohan says there are such people who change mind. Veena says its good that news didn’t get published.


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