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Eternal Love 27 January 2021 update: Raima saying Rohit and I are back together, he missed me a lot. She asks Rohit to say he loves her. Sonakshi looks on. Some time back, Rohit says whatever you have seen inside, don’t tell anything at shoot and media.

Sumit says if I knew this would happen, I would have not helped her, I thought Raima is sick and needs help, so I gave her lift. Rohit says she needed care and help, you did right. Sumit apologizes for whatever happened with Pooja. Rohit says I don’t know I can forgive you or not, but you are Sonakshi’s colleague, so I can behave normal. Sumit thanks him. Sonakshi comes home. Suman asks what happened, did you get Raima, it means Rohit took her home and sent you alone. Sonakshi cries and says its right. Suman says Rohit can’t do this, he asked you to do love drama, he fell in love and then Raima came, he is behaving like this, this is wrong. Sonakshi says no, Rohit isn’t wrong, its complicated. Pulkit says we will talk tomorrow. Suman says you have made a sacrifice, right, its reality, not a tv show. Sonakshi says no, I had no option.

Tanya asks Deepa to come. She compliments Deepa. Deepa says thanks, I need to talk to Rohan right now. Rohan asks why, tell it here, Tanya is my wife. Deepa asks how can you do this. He asks how. Deepa says its called cheating, doesn’t Tanya know, Rohan is cheating on her. She scolds Rohan. Rohan asks why are you overreacting. Tanya asks what’s happening. Deepa says no need to tell anything now, no use, I will tell her everything. She asks Pari to come in. Rohan gets shocked. Suman says you love Rohit a lot, stop crying, don’t cry, I will see how Raima separates Rohit from you. She opens the door to leave. She sees Raima and Rohit.

Sonakshi asks them to get in. Suman says no need, go from here, you can’t come in my house. Raima says we will come in and talk, Sonakshi’s image will not spoil. Rohit asks what do you want to do, you asked me to call my family here. Suman asks is your family coming here. Raima says yes. She gets in. A lady comes. Rohan gets shocked. Deepa says she is Pari Sharma, Rohan had booked the tickets from Pari’s travelling agency, why not from Tanya’s dad’s travelling agency, this is called cheating. Tanya says you scared me. She says Deepa is right, dad will be upset, you cancel the bookings and re book it with my dad’s agency. Deepa asks Tanya to take care of her dad. She asks Tanya to drop Pari. They go. Deepa scolds Rohan.

Sippy family also comes at Sonakshi’s house. Sukhmani asks why did you call us here. Raima asks where is Naren. Veena says he didn’t wish to come. Yash asks Raima to just say it. Raima says this is related to both the families. She says Rohit and I are together, why aren’t you all happy, he missed me a lot, he loves me. She asks him to say. He says yes. Sonakshi looks on. Raima says liar, you are lying, Rohit and Sonakshi love each other, that’s perfect now, when Sulochana told me that everyone is lying to me, I felt jealous, like my life ended, so I left Sippy mansion, I wanted to feel normal, then I read Rohit’s message, he wrote Sonakshi is his friend, she is now his love.

Raima says I felt bad and angry, I luckily met Sumit, then Sonakshi came there, I saw love in your eyes, else I would have not understood, my life stopped, 1460 days is a huge time, I asked myself, if Rohit met with an accident instead me, don’t know if I waited for him, but he is mad to wait for me, love ended, but not guilt. She says Sonakshi is great, Sumit told me that you play Parvati’s role and give sacrifices, but this is real life, what’s the need to make a sacrifice of love, even I would have not done this, your love is selfless, I have seen this, you didn’t wish to put Rohit in the tough situation, you walked out for this reason, hats off, I can’t match my love in front of yours. Sonakshi says you are lying right. Raima says no, I m practical and stubborn, I understand none can forcibly love someone, I swear he is yours.

Raima says I have missed four years of my life, I will also find my life partner, someone will be made for me. Sumit comes and says I came to return the bracelet, driver told me that you are here, so I have come. Raima thanks him and says you helped me more than Rohit. Sumit says I m single, I got divorced last week, I m genuine, you can think about it. Rohit asks are you for real. Sumit says my mom also says I speak nonsense, better I keep quiet. Raima says Rohit’s love is Sonakshi. Everyone claps. Rohit hugs Raima and says nothing happened without your permission. Raima says yes, you passed the love test, you truly deserves Sonakshi, I m Rohit’s past, it doesn’t mean I m a vamp, this monkey is difficult, I know his secrets. Suman says I know this has Sonakshi’s happiness, I will get sweets. She asks maid to get sweets. Sukhmani says I want the marriage to happen soon. Rohit says not so soon. Raima says why, you are 32 years old now. Sonakshi says I have to ask Netra for dates. Sumit says I will manage it, I can cancel the shoot. Sukhmani says I don’t care how you manage, marriage should happen soon. Veena worries and thinks about Naren

Karan telling Sonakshi’s truth to Rohit. Rohit gets shocked. Some time back, everyone decides to keep marriage. Raima says I will be shifting from Sippy mansion soon. Sonakshi asks her not to shift. Rohit says this marriage will happen when Raima is with us. He smiles seeing Sonakshi. They all come home. Raima says the day was hectic. Raima goes to rest in guest room. Ajit says you would be so happy. Sukhmani says I m so proud of Rohit. Rohit says I did this with Sonakshi’s support, Raima has come as a blessing, its a hectic day for me, good night. He goes. Sukhmani asks Veena why is she tensed. Veena says Naren feels Sonakshi isn’t the right choice for Rohit, she is an actress, she won’t fit in our house. Sulochana says you should tell it to Naren, its his right to know about his son. Sukhmani says you are a guest, stay as guest, don’t interfere in house matters.

Its morning, Suman says I m the bride’s mum, I won’t get sleep, I m making list, Sonakshi is superstar Parvati. Pulkit says you are super mom. Suman says I will invite on phone and message. He says hire a good wedding planner. She says Sonakshi isn’t home, she left, Gujarat govt had sent invite for Dandiya event and NGO inauguration, its a big event. Rohit asks what, you should have told me Sonakshi, there is network everywhere, when you board the flight, message me. Raima comes and asks missing someone, why are you fighting.

Rohit says no, she went to attend Dandiya event, I m getting time for her, I m not missing her. She says you are missing her, you both are mature adults and well established in your careers, you are just overreacting. Rohit gets a call. Shankar says Sonakshi asked me to drop her to airport and give this to you. Rohit and Raima check the gift. Raima says I will read it…. Rohit don’t be say, if you see me by the eyes of the hearts, I m with you, I love you. She laughs. He smiles seeing the rose and note. She says you are happy now, look at her, you can’t do anything, she always wins. He says yes, she likes to give surprised. She says I m thinking to make her my best friend. He says that will be right, she is special.

Deepa comes to Tanya. Tanya asks how did you come. Deepa likes her designs. She says Rohan would appreciate your work. Tanya says always. Deepa says you love Rohan a lot right. Tanya says of course. Deepa says we girls are loyal but men get off track soon. Tanya says I also suspected Rohan before, I changed my mind, I don’t want to doubt him again, I love him, I trust him. Deepa says this blind love may hurt you. Tanya asks do you have any proof, you are a lawyer and know the value of evidence, if I ask him anything, the relation will fall in more trouble.

Rohit comes to his cabin and sees Karan. He asks what are you doing here, move your legs off my desk. Karan asks him to sit. Naren talks to Nishi on call. He says Pooja is fine, we will talk in the evening. Veena gets green tea for him. He asks what’s the matter. She says Sonakshi…. He says I don’t want to talk about her, I have to see a land for new hospital. He goes. She says he is stubborn. Rohit says I should have got you arrested. Karan says its my day today, I got imp info for you, I knew this is Sonakshi’s note, its same thing, I will be coming soon, I love you….she annoys us a lot, right. Rohit says she is my would be wife.

Karan asks him to take it easy, Sonakshi is a gold digger. He says she used her beauty to trap you. Rohit says shut up. Karan says she killed my would be baby before birth. Rohit punches him. Karan says I m lying, how will the baby happen, she didn’t let me touch her, she is Sati Savitri, you won’t believe me, the world will believe me. Rohit pushes him. Karan says the actresses have no character, I will go to media and spread the news, anyone will buy this news. Rohit says everyone loves Sonakshi, none will believe your lie, you are mad, everyone knows this. Karan says a successful actress left a struggling actor for a rich doctor, I will get sympathy. Rohit says don’t dare to defame us. He beats Karan.

Karan says these hands are to save lives, not to take lives. Pulkit and others come. Karan asks Pulkit to save him from Rohit. Netra scolds the staff for telling Sonakshi about the leave. Sumit asks her not to take stress when he is here. He says have any shoot out and your TRP will get high. He sees Raima and greets her. He says Sonakshi isn’t here. Raima says I know, I came to meet you and personally thank you. Sumit says if you plan to run, inform me. Netra says Sumit is behaving like a gentleman. He introduces Netra to Raima. He praises Netra.

He praises the writer Ritu. He says she is Raima, Sonakshi’s ex-sautan, I have seen such an ex-GF for the first time, she isn’t a vamp like in tv serials, she is uniting Sonakshi and Rohit. Netra says you have a beautiful face, what do you do. Raima says I was an air hostess before, I met with an accident, I was resting for four years, I m finding a job for myself. Netra asks her to try acting. Raima laughs and says I can’t act. Netra says beautiful faces always get TRP, seriously Raima, actors don’t know acting, if fate supports, they get successful, director teaches acting. Raima says I will think about it, can I borrow your lead actor for 10 mins. Sumit says if you permit. Netra says of course. Sumit and Raima go.

Karan says I will call the police and expose Sonakshi. Rohit asks Pulkit and everyone to go out. He says you want to call police, lets call police, Sonakshi and Raima’s statement will get you in jail. Karan says you think I wasn’t prepared before coming here, I have given fake pregnancy report to my friend. Rohit asks him what does he want. Karan says 10 crores….


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