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Eternal Love 20 January 2021 update: Rohit seeing Raima’s gifts and cards. He thinks of Raima. Khamoshiyaan…plays…. Veena look on and cries. Rohit keeps the watch back. He says you were my first love, you will always be special. He keeps the box. Doctor says I have studied Raima’s case, congrats, its just like a miracle that she reacted after four years, don’t mind me, Vishal told me that you named her Mamai, we will keep your request, I want to know the reason. Raima’s mum says I m saving her from someone. Sonakshi and Pulkit are also at therapy centre. Sonakshi says I liked this hospital a lot, Netra told me that its reputed, she will help you. Pulkit says its good, you will think good for me. Vikas asks them to come. Pulkit asks are you not talking to Rohit about my internship, he is the best.

Raima sees Sonakshi outside. She reacts. Vikas says sorry you had to wait, doctor will resume tomorrow. Sonakshi says its fine, we will come again, help him in formalities tomorrow. Raima shows Sonakshi. Doctor smiles. Nurse says its just sister Bindu and Vikas. Doctor says no, Mamai is signing towards this lady. Vikas says that is actress Parvati. Doctor asks Bindu to show selfie with Parvati. Doctor shows Sonakshi’s pic to Raima. Raima’s mum says she is Parvati. Doctor asks are they friends, Parvati is a celebrity, maybe she has seen her show. Raima’s mum says no, she doesn’t see tv serials. Raima says Sonakshi….

Raima’s mum says after four years, you told something. She cries and asks why is she saying Sonakshi. Bindu says its Parvati’s real name. Doctor says it means she knows Sonakshi. Raima’s mum asks how, what’s their relation. Everyone sees Sonakshi’s news. At the studio, Sultan says we will have re-entry scene of Parvati. He explains them. Sonakshi comes. Everyone greets her happily. She says I m glad to be back, I will get ready and come. She goes. She gets ready. Sumit comes and taunts her. He says you got publicity for the show, you will spark fire in this show. She says right, you also came back after much insult, I m sure you will add shine by your image. He says forget it, lets be friends. She says you doesn’t respect anyone, you can’t be my friend. He says I m feeling so good, everything is normal, thanks. The man says Sonakshi’s re-entry scene will be shot. Sumit asks why am I so popular, you are special to me, is Rohit fine, he takes tension for you, marry him, okay, don’t give him tension, he may also run away like first guy. She asks him not to anger her to get a slap. He goes to get ready.

Dimpy says congrats, another surgery is successful. Rohit says team work. He asks for a patient. She corrects him and goes. He says I will rehearse to propose Sonakshi. Dimpy says Rohit gets confused in patients’ name. Tulsi says he was self talking today. They see Rohit rehearsing proposal. They laugh. Tulsi says Rohit is in love. She goes to Rohit and gives reports.

Rohan stays worried. He says I hope she didn’t tell anything. Deepa asks for curry. He gives her water. Akash asks where is your attention, pass the Daal curry. Tanya asks where are you lost. Rohan says sorry, I have much stress. He gets Pari’s call. He excuses himself and goes. He attends the call. Pari says so sorry, I got overdrunk, I m so embarrassed. He asks did Sonakshi ask you, did you tell my name. She says no, I know you are married, your life can get complicated. He says thanks, that’s why I like you a lot, we should party more. She says yes, but I shouldn’t party till I drop again, why don’t we shift the ad campaign outdoors. Rohan says that sounds good, I will plan and call you. He turns and sees Deepa.

Rohit instructs Tulsi. He comes to cabin and sees Sonakshi. He says again Sonakshi, even here, why, am I going mad. He goes again and sees her. He goes to touch Sonakshi. He confirms and smiles. She asks why are you behaving like you have seen a ghost. He says forget it, what will you have. She thinks to tell him. He thinks to tell her that he loves her.

Sonakshi saying I had three scenes and finished soon, so I have come here. Rohit says I had a hectic schedule today, thanks for last night, no one could have done this. She says I can do this for your love, you and Raima, I want to say something. He says even I want to say. They say first you… He says lets toss. He tosses the coin. The coin disappears. He says leave it, ladies first, tell me. She says we should end this fake relationship, we should break up. He gets shocked.

She says its getting difficult for me to lie to your family, you should tell them. He nods and says fine, I will tell them about it. She asks what were you saying. He says I was going to say the same. She says we think alike, tell Veena…. I shall leave now, Dr. Rohit Sippy, sorry, surgeon. They shake hands. Do pal….plays…. She leaves. Deepa asks Rohan where was he last night. Rohan says business meeting. Deepa says I m a lawyer and can catch lies easily, just change, else…. Rohan asks are you threatening me. She says its a warning, I m also family. He asks when did you become family. Akash comes there. He asks all okay. Rohan says yes. Deepa sends Rohan and says its our matter.

Ajit comes to Rohit and says I have seen Sonakshi, she looked disturbed. Rohit says I wanted to tell my feelings, she asked me to tell everyone about our breakup. Ajit asks him to tell her. Rohit says I can’t do anything, I have no expertise. Ajit says you have to tell her, only them she will know, she will marry someone else. Rohit imagines Sonakshi’s marriage and baby shower. Ajit says you will go in Sonakshi’s kid’s birthday, you go to them and take a gift for the kid, after forty years, when she comes home with her husband for your funeral, she will say, you were a good doctor and died alone. Rohit imagines all this and asks why will I die alone. Ajit says you are doing this timepass. Rohit says I did this drama and it became real, this is also fate that Sonakshi spoke first today. He sees the coin and says I won the toss, it was my turn, it means fate is with me, I will tell her my feelings, yes I won. Ajit asks where are you going.

Yash talks to Nishi. He says everyone is missing you. He says Nishi isn’t here, I will go to stay with mom for some days. His mom comes and says no need for that. She comes to stay. She greets them. She says Nishi isn’t here, so I have come here. Pooja hugs her. Naren asks Pooja to take her to guest room.

Rohit calls Sonakshi and gets her number busy. Ravi sees her car and stops. He says its Sonakshi’s call. Rohit comes to Sonakshi and asks how long will you talk, phone is to for imp talks than gossip, tell bye to your friend. Sonakshi ends the call. Rohit says see, I have won the toss, I found the coin later on the fur carpet, its my turn. Sonakshi asks so what, you said you want to say the same. He says I won, its my turn, listen to me, I don’t want this breakup, I don’t know about the feelings, but I like it. Ravi and Shankar look on.

Rohit says you are my friend, good friend, I mean best friend, special friend, caring and…. the one with whom I can share everything. Sonakshi says I think we have taken the decision, so break up is right now, I will be hurt, I mean your family will be hurt, you love Raima, you should tell them, they will understand. He says you talk a lot, I came here by breaking traffic rules just to talk to you, I always felt you actors are fake and not sensitive, my opinion changed seeing you, I know actors are dedicated and hardworking, I m lucky to get such a nice, thoughtful, affectionate friend, I didn’t know when you became so special, more than a friend. She asks what do you mean. He asks her to stay silent, he prepared to tell her, his flow will break. He says I don’t want to do this drama more, your place is special in my heart, in my life, I know I m rude, short tempered and selfish, I know you like me, just like, but I like you more. Sonakshi asks what did you say, yes I just like you, what do you see in my eyes, tell me.

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