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Eternal Love 10 february 2021 update: Rohit and everyone running to Rohan. Sonakshi is left alone at the door. Some time back, Pandit says complete the rituals before mahurat ends.

Veena says wait, this is your marriage, how could you keep someone in ghunghat and go, you did as you wanted, we all are suffering due to that, your wrong decision ruined Rohit’s marriage and Rohan is in hospital, half of my family isn’t here, you think you are wise, you left Raima in ghunghat and went, what if anything happened, who would have answered. Rohit says it was an emergency, so…

Veena says I m not done talking, Sonakshi I have always supported you, you could have spoken to me, is it not your duty to ask for my opinion, we would have got some solution, work does matters, but is it imp than family. Sonakshi says I m very sorry. Veena says I had many wishes for Rohit’s marriage, you ruined it all, not happening. She cries. Rohit says you are right, we can’t do anything, Sona is sorry, you have a big heart, forgive her. He gets Akash’s call. He says good, no problem. He says Rohan has been given first aid in ambulance, bleeding has stopped, he is out of danger.

Veena asks pandit to complete the rituals. Rohit says if Sonakshi gets fresh and comes, else our children will say dad had beaten up and forced mum for marriage, it won’t look good. They smile. Sukhmani asks him to make his wife presentable. Veena hugs Sonakshi. Rohit hugs Suman. He takes Sonakshi. Sonakshi hugs Rohit and cries. She says I learnt that work is most imp, when Netra told me about the big problem, channel wanted to end the show, I thought to finish shoot and come back, I was shooting when mum was in hospital, everyone thinks my work isn’t imp, I did a big mistake, sorry. Rohit says stop crying.

She says I have hurt you a lot. He says we tend to make mistakes, this is how we will learn, focus on yourself and me, you have understood the difference between tv serial wedding and real life wedding, you are four members, we are 11, a full cricket team, everyone has own point of view and lifestyle, you will get habitual to them, mom is very imp to me, she loves everyone unconditional. She says I promise, I will take care of everyone’s happiness, I will never disappoint Veena. He says I know it, I promise to always support you unconditionally, we are getting married today, whatever has happened today, remove its mark from your heart and your beautiful face, we have to move on, its the most beautiful day of our life, I love you. They hug. He jokes.

Rohit fills sindoor in her maang. Bann thann….plays…. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Everyone smiles. Pari keeps the shoes. Rohit gives the shagun to Pari. Sonakshi and her family cries. Suman says this should have not happened today, whatever you told Sonakshi, I m glad, Sonakshi got a mum who will give her right advice always. She hugs Sonakshi. She gives tiffin for her. She hugs Rohit and Sonakshi. Sonakshi’s bidaai happens. Maa…plays… Sonakshi leaves with Rohit. Sumit asks shall I drop you Raima. Raima says going back to Sippy mansion, I find it uncomfortable. He says you can come to my house, you trust me as a friend, you can sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the sofa, come please. She says okay.

Rohit and Sonakshi come home. Veena compliments Sonakshi. She says I m worried for Rohan. Ajit says we will make sure that we welcome Sonakshi well. Veena does their aarti. Rohan arrives. Rohit and everyone run to him. Sonakshi is left alone at the door. Everyone takes Rohan inside. Rohit says I gave him medicine, he will be fine. Naren says wound wasn’t deep, thank God. Sukhmani asks Rohan to work from home for few days. Veena consoles Tanya. Vimmi asks what about Sonakshi, did we leave her outside. Rohit and everyone realize. Sonakshi waits at the door.

Rohit and Sonakshi getting advice from family about their first night. Rohit comes to the room. Some time back, Rohit goes to Sonakshi and says sorry, Rohan had come and we went. Everyone comes back. Sonakshi says its okay. Veena says sorry, I forgot the grahpravesh on seeing Rohan. Sukhmani says it got equal, one mistake of bahu and one mistake of Saas. Veena does the aarti. Sonakshi hits the kalash and walks in. She does the rituals. Naren washes her feet. Veena says we will do datar rasam now, you will exchange the salt with everyone, it would mean you are of ours. Sonakshi and Rohit start the rasam. Veena takes them to Rohan. Rohan says welcome home. Sonakshi says I came to fulfill this rituals. They exchange the salt. Pari comes there and sees Rohan. Sonakshi asks what are you doing there. Pari says I was missing you. Veena says so sweet, we were performing the rituals, we will be right back. They go. Rohan asks Tanya to get haldi milk for him. Tanya asks Pari to be with Rohan for a while. She goes.

Rohan asks why did you come here, leave me alone, don’t show fake concern. Pari asks are you fine, I was scared, I came here to check on you, I m feeling better now. He stops her. He asks will you come to meet me again. She nods and leaves. Sumit says you can stay in my house. Raima says thanks but… He says I know it will take time to forget everything, I also need a friend, you can stay here as my friend. She asks are you sure. He says yes, go and get your luggage tomorrow.

Rohit checks Rohit and gives him medicines. He says call me at night if you feel ill. He yawns. Akash says he started yawning already. Ajit asks are you all set. Rohit asks for what. They say for suhaagraat. Rohit says I m nervous. Akash says you are the man. Yash says you need to show your authority. Akash says don’t miss this night. Rohit says I m scared. Sonakshi says I m scared, I feel nervous, what will I talk to Rohit tonight. She dons ghunghat. Vimmi comes and says I have developed a relation with you before you came in this house, I hope you don’t feel bad, my elders taught me something. Sonakshi asks her to say. Vimmi says all the men are teaching Rohit to be a man, Rohit will win, you need to dominate him. Rohan says you have to prove you will rule. Akash says be a lion. Rohit asks lion. Sonakshi asks lioness? Vimmi says yes, Rohit will talk nicely, he would like to dominate you, you have to dominate him and this room.

Rohit asks how. Rohan asks which side of bed is yours. Rohit says left. Rohan says remember, left side is yours. Akash says Rohit, don’t let Sonakshi win, left side is yours. Rohit says mine. Sonakshi asks how does this matter. Vimmi says you also ask for left side, when you fight for small things. You will win in big things, he will follow your orders, then space in cupboard. Yash says don’t let her touch cupboard, you will start living/putting your things in suitcase. Rohit says no. Rohan jokes. Yash says just give her a section. Vimmi says you have more belongings, you will need more space. Sonakshi says yes. Vimmi asks her to sit as bride poses, when Rohit comes, he will know you made your place, sit on left side. She goes.

Rohit comes to the room. He enters the room and sees Sonakshi. Tumhi dekho na..plays… He says let me make something clear, I m the man of the house. She says Vimmi was right, he learnt everything. H says left side is mine. She says it was, now its mine, I can’t sleep anywhere else. He says I can’t help. She says you got married now, you must share everything, bathroom, bed, cupboard. He says I won’t use suitcase. She says when the guys get married, they renovate the room for their wife’s choice, you are Sindhi, you didn’t do anything. They argue. He asks her to remove the veil. She says it has got stuck, help me. She asks so many pins, what’s this. She says you are fighting with me instead appreciating. He removes all the pins. He smiles seeing her. They have an eyelock. He says you look more beautiful with open hair. He removes her jewellery. She says I will manage the space in cupboard. They lie down and hug.

She says I was very nervous, but now I m okay, thank you, Vimmi is mad, she told me so many things, even mom explained me about this night, everyone gives advice, its a night to relax, I feel very secure, thank you so much, were you also nervous, tell me, what did Rohan, Yash, Ajit and Akash explain you. She asks are you sleeping. He says no, I m listening, continue. She asks what did everyone tell you. He sleeps. She smiles and says you look cute while sleeping. She sleeps.


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