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Eternal Love 9 february 2021 update: Pooja tensely doing the rituals. Yash looks at her. Rohit says finally, we are getting married, I m so excited. Pandit asks them to get up for rounds. Veena says we Sindhis have four rounds, Rohit will be ahead in three rounds and Sonakshi will be ahead in one round.

Rohit and bride take the rounds. Pandit says call the bride’s dad for Kanyadaan. Suman goes to do it. Rohit says Suman is everything for her, she had raised Sonakshi, she will do it. Veena says yes, she will do it. Suman does kanyadaan. Pooja cries. Yash asks what happened. She hugs him and cries. He asks what happened. She says that bride isn’t Sonakshi, she is Raima. He gets shocked. She tells him everything. He runs to Rohit. Pandit says wedding got completed, you are husband and wife now. Everyone smiles. Yash looks on shocked. Pooja stops him. Pandit asks Rohit to fill sindoor and make his wife wear mangalsutra.

Pari lifts the bride’s ghunghat. Everyone gets shocked. They see Sonakshi with wounds on her face. Pooja also gets shocked. Sonakshi cries. Everyone holds Sonakshi. Suman asks what happened, tell something. Media clicks pics. Rohit lifts Sonakshi and takes her. Ajit and Rohan ask the media to get away. Rohit sees Sonakshi falling unconscious. He sees the media troubling a lot. He shouts shut up, did you get mad, can’t you see situation is not in control, go now, have food, Sonakshi and I will give statement later. Commissioner asks the reporters to go out. Rohit asks Sonakshi to have water. Veena asks the kinners to go. Sonakshi drinks water. She says don’t go, Rohit stop them. Rohit says calm down, ask Mahesh to get first aid kit. Sonakshi says no, not Mahesh. She cries and hugs him.

Rohit asks who did this. She says Mahesh did this. They all get shocked. Rohit recalls his doubt on Mahesh. He says I told its Mahesh, I will kill him. Sonakshi stops him. She says I need you, please calm down. Rohit hugs her. He says sorry, its my mistake. She says its not your mistake. Suman asks why did you go on shoot. Sonakshi says its my mistake, I m sorry. Rohit says calm down. Sonakshi tells everything about Netra’s problem. Everyone worries. Sonakshi says I thought I won’t be able to come, and he would forcibly marry me. Rohit shouts I will kill that man. Kinner says don’t worry, Mahesh won’t come here. Sonakshi says when we fell down, he was unconscious. FB shows Sonakshi biting Mahesh’s hand and running out. Mahesh gets up and shouts Parvati. He follows. She tries to shut the door. She goes on the road to take help. A girl sees her and asks for selfie. Sonakshi says I need to go home, please. She takes a phone to call.

Mahesh comes and takes her phone. He asks what are you doing, shooting is going on, camera is there, make up will spoil, move back. He makes the crowd away. Sonakshi says please help me. Mahesh takes her. FB ends. Sonakshi cries.

Mahesh saying Rohit will be dying now. He shoots at Rohit. Some time back, Mahesh lies and takes Sonakshi. Kinnar stops Mahesh and asks him where is the crew if shooting is going on, did you think I m mad. Sonakshi says save me please. Kinnar slaps Mahesh. She scolds the people to help either than making video. Mahesh tries to stop her. Kinnar whistles and calls other kinnars. She asks them to beat Mahesh. Sonakshi says I want to go home. Kinnar says don’t worry, I will take you. Everyone beats Mahesh. FB ends. Sonakshi says thanks for bringing me here. FB shows Kinnars getting Sonakshi home. Kinnar asks Sonakshi to go and get ready as bride, they will get everyone’s attention. The kinnars dance. Sonakshi goes to get ready. FB ends. Kinnar hugs Rohit and Sonakshi. She blesses them. Kinnars leave.

Rohan comes and says Tanya is fine. Suman asks who did I meet in the room if you weren’t here, who was in the bridal dress. Pooja says Raima. Rohit asks Raima? Sonakshi says yes, she sat in my place. Rohit asks did I meet Raima before puja. Raima and Sumit come. Raima says yes, it was me. Rohit says you would have told Sonakshi to go, you could have told me, this could have stopped. Sonakshi says no, its not her mistake, I told her to wear my clothes and sit there, she helped me.

Pooja says wait Sonakshi, I went to meet you, I saw Raima in your clothes, I asked her, you know what she told me. She tells everything. Pooja says if you didn’t come on time, maybe Rohit would have got married to Raima. They get shocked. Pooja says this is her truth. Suman slaps Raima. She scolds Raima. Raima says sorry, you can slap me again if you want, I deserve this, you are a mum, your love stopped me from doing this, when you and Veena came in room and were talking, I realized I m wrong, thanks for opening my eyes, a person can’t lie to mum, this wasn’t my intention, Sulochana was telling me that I did big mistake to give Rohit to Sonakshi, I deserve him, I was regretful and did this.

She says thank God, you came on time. FB shows Sonakshi coming to her room. Raima asks are you fine, we have less time, get ready as bride. Pari and Pulkit come to take Sonakshi. FB ends. Raima hugs Sumit. She asks him to take her away from here. Sumit says no, please. He says in last few days, I spent a lot of time with her, I understand what she went through, she did a mistake, don’t throw her out of your lives, I m sorry on her behalf, please forgive her.

Sonakshi gets scared seeing Mahesh coming. Rohit asks what happened. She says Mahesh…. They all get shocked. Mahesh lights some firecrackers and throws at them. They all get back. Mahesh catches Vimmi and threatens to kill her. He says I want my Parvati back. Sonakshi asks him to leave her. Vimmi says do anything, but you won’t get Parvati. Rohit says we got married, just surrender now. Commissioner steps back to catch Mahesh. Mahesh says I love Parvati a lot, come back to me, we will go away, please.

Sonakshi says listen to me, you are hurt, I will apply medicine first, leave her. Mahesh says you just come with me. Commissioner points gun at Mahesh and says leave her. Mahesh takes the gun and pushes him. He says if Rohit is no more, you have to come to me. He shoots at Rohit. Commissioner pushes his hand. Everyone looks on. Rohan gets shot in his arm. He falls down. They all run to Rohan.

Commissioner catches Mahesh. Mahesh shouts Parvati. Rohit goes and beats him. Naren and everyone stop Rohit. Naren slaps Rohit and asks do you want to kill him and go to jail, let police do their work. Mahesh is arrested. He sees Sonakshi. Tumhe kaise mai bataun….plays…. Rohit stands in between.

Ambulance comes for Rohan. Rohit says you will be fine, bullet just touched you. Rohan asks Rohit to stay back. Naren says Veena, either of us have to be here. Akash says we will take Rohan. Sukhmani says keep us updated, take Rohan. Naren and Akash take Rohan. Suman stops Pari. Pari cries. The reporter tells about Mahesh creating chaos. Yash looks on and goes. Pandit asks them to complete rituals before mahurat ends. Veena says stop.


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