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Eternal Love 5 January 2021: Sonakshi saying I will sit here and study, I have my exams after 15 days, call me when my shot is ready. The shot is on. Rohit asks where is Sumit, he maybe in make up room.

Akash says its cooking scene going on. Rohit asks him to write the recipe. The lady says her lines and adds few things in Kali Dal. Akash looks on. Rohit asks shall we go. Akash says I have to talk to director. Rohit says don’t get into this. Akash says I will talk. He says this shot isn’t nice. Netra says I have seen you. Akash says I run a restaurant. Netra says Akash Sippy. Akash says yes. Rohit says he is my uncle. She asks what’s your problem. Rohit says nothing this time. Netra asks Akash what is your problem. Akash says your actor took black grams and added haldi in it, who adds haldi, who adds this alum to explode the cooker, this won’t help, this will melt in the water.

Sonakshi comes and says Rohit, you here. Akash says its happening wrong, shoot the right way. Netra asks why is your entire family after my show, Rohit tell me profession of your family members. Ajit says builder, surgeon, restaurant owner. She says give me list so that I tell writers not to put these professions scenes. Sonakshi says we shall ask Rohit to write the script. Rohit asks Akash not to get into this, they can do anything without degree, surgery to cooking, shall we do for what we have come. Ajit says we have come to take selfie with your hero. Sonakshi asks Sumit? She goes after them.

Sumit collides with Rohan and asks who are you, let me go. Rohan says I heard you are the hero of this show. Sumit says I m a superstar. Rohan asks Ajit to meet a superstar. Ajit says superstar and such cheap actions. Sumit asks who are you. Akash says you just worry for yourself, we have come to teach you a lesson. Sumit says you all are intoxicated, security will beat you, just go. Rohit says call security, call the police, if you have the courage, then call the army.

Sonakshi and everyone come. Rohit says that’s my family, we all know about the bad thing you have done on the fashion show night. Sumit says oh okay, you came here for that nonsense, did you call me last night. He laughs. He says Dr. Rohit, why would you do this childish thing, you might have felt you have won and then got disappointed as none reached that address, sorry, I failed your plan, its time for me to work, even you all leave. He says Sonakshi your guests have come, I will tell something, whatever happened that night, I had done it, the condition of Pooja’s clothes on the stage, I had done it. They get angry. Sumit says Pooja was innocent, I had conflicts with Sonakshi, that plan was for Praniti, Pooja was just a victim, its equal now, you messed with me to impress Sonakshi, we are sorted now. Sonakshi says you are such a cheap man. Sumit says yes I m, you are Parvati Devi, lift me in your arms maybe I will change. Rohan gets angry. Sumit asks him to stop.

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He says look at this, you can read, its anticipatory bail, I got this from court in the morning, Rohit gather evidence and do what you want. Netra asks what’s happening. Sumit says your heroine’s friends have creating a mess, throw them out, I will not shoot if I see Rohit here, I m irritated, get the car. Sonakshi plays the recording. She asks what happened, you are doing tv serial since long time, you forgot you shouldn’t confess truth in front of people, your character had caught the culprit in the same way in our episode, today I did this. She gives her phone to Rohit. She says he had confessed his crimes, we can’t have bigger proof.

Sumit asks what’s happening, these recordings are useless, my uncle is the ACP, stay away. Rohit deletes it. Sonakshi asks why did you delete it. Rohit says we were not planning to give it to police, why to disturb his ACP uncle, we are enough for him. Sumita asks Netra to get them out. Netra says shut the main gate, none will go out until I say. Rohit shouts Pooja. Yash gets Pooja there. Yash says this man is your culprit, you will punish him. Pooja slaps Sumit. Sumit says how dare you.

Rohit, Rohan and others beat Sumit. The people record this. Pooja hugs Sonakshi and cries. Sumit folds hands. Rohit says you should apologize to those women whom you abused, you have to respect women, Netra, Sonakshi and everyone here, sorry to come here and do this, no one pays attention until this happens with us, this can happen with anyone in our family, when one man commits such a cheap crime, all the men have to bear the brunt, if anything happens, please raise your voice, file a case against such bad men. Sonakshi looks on.

Rohit asks the lady not to put the recording on social media to get likes and comments, Pooja and Pari will become topic of gossip. Sumit says Rohit, you didn’t do good. He asks driver to get the car. Driver says you drive it, I don’t want to work for beast like you. He gives the keys. The people go. Sumit looks on.

Rohit says sorry Netra ji, the hero left because of us. Sonakshi says sorry, but it was imp to teach Sumit a lesson. Netra says you did right. Ajit says Pooja is fine now. Netra says we deal with such men and we do take them to task, I will replace Sumit. Rohan asks how, he is the hero. She says no, our show’s hero is his character Kunal, actor will change. Sonakshi says it takes time to accept new face, we can show that Kunal met with an accident and we will do plastic surgery, we will show his face is bandaged and then a new face, a new Kunal. Akash says if Nishi was here, she would have fainted. Rohit asks will surgeon do the surgery or you… Netra says Parvati should do Kunal’s surgery. Rohit says plastic surgery is not a joke. Netra says I wasn’t joking, surgeon will do it.

She asks Sonakshi to come on the sets, her scenes will be more. Netra asks Akash to come and check the Dal. Akash laughs and goes with Rohan and Ajit. The man gets food for Rohit. Sonakshi says he is a heart surgeon, he won’t eat fried food, get salad. Rohit says I will have it, I m a heart surgeon, not a heart patient, my patients can’t eat this, I can eat it, we sindhis like such samosas and kachoris, its tasty, I will come to have this again. He asks Sonakshi to have it. She asks for salad. She says I didn’t know you eat this. He says one should eat everything, balance and exercise keep health better, its a free advice, note it down. He says thanks, we could have never reached Sumit without you. She smiles seeing him. Kahaan hum….plays….

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Raima saying Rohit and I are back together, he missed me a lot. She asks Rohit to say he loves her. Sonakshi looks on. Some time back, Rohit says whatever you have seen inside, don’t tell anything at shoot and media. Sumit says if I knew this would happen, I would have not helped her, I thought Raima is sick and needs help, so I gave her lift. Rohit says she needed care and help, you did right. Sumit apologizes for whatever happened with Pooja. Rohit says I don’t know I can forgive you or not, but you are Sonakshi’s colleague, so I can behave normal. Sumit thanks him. Sonakshi comes home. Suman asks what happened, did you get Raima, it means Rohit took her home and sent you alone. Sonakshi cries and says its right. Suman says Rohit can’t do this, he asked you to do love drama, he fell in love and then Raima came, he is behaving like this, this is wrong. Sonakshi says no, Rohit isn’t wrong, its complicated. Pulkit says we will talk tomorrow. Suman says you have made a sacrifice, right, its reality, not a tv show. Sonakshi says no, I had no option.

Tanya asks Deepa to come. She compliments Deepa. Deepa says thanks, I need to talk to Rohan right now. Rohan asks why, tell it here, Tanya is my wife. Deepa asks how can you do this. He asks how. Deepa says its called cheating, doesn’t Tanya know, Rohan is cheating on her. She scolds Rohan. Rohan asks why are you overreacting. Tanya asks what’s happening. Deepa says no need to tell anything now, no use, I will tell her everything. She asks Pari to come in. Rohan gets shocked. Suman says you love Rohit a lot, stop crying, don’t cry, I will see how Raima separates Rohit from you. She opens the door to leave. She sees Raima and Rohit.

Sonakshi asks them to get in. Suman says no need, go from here, you can’t come in my house. Raima says we will come in and talk, Sonakshi’s image will not spoil. Rohit asks what do you want to do, you asked me to call my family here. Suman asks is your family coming here. Raima says yes. She gets in. A lady comes. Rohan gets shocked. Deepa says she is Pari Sharma, Rohan had booked the tickets from Pari’s travelling agency, why not from Tanya’s dad’s travelling agency, this is called cheating. Tanya says you scared me. She says Deepa is right, dad will be upset, you cancel the bookings and re book it with my dad’s agency. Deepa asks Tanya to take care of her dad. She asks Tanya to drop Pari. They go. Deepa scolds Rohan.

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Sippy family also comes at Sonakshi’s house. Sukhmani asks why did you call us here. Raima asks where is Naren. Veena says he didn’t wish to come. Yash asks Raima to just say it. Raima says this is related to both the families. She says Rohit and I are together, why aren’t you all happy, he missed me a lot, he loves me. She asks him to say. He says yes. Sonakshi looks on. Raima says liar, you are lying, Rohit and Sonakshi love each other, that’s perfect now, when Sulochana told me that everyone is lying to me, I felt jealous, like my life ended, so I left Sippy mansion, I wanted to feel normal, then I read Rohit’s message, he wrote Sonakshi is his friend, she is now his love.

Raima says I felt bad and angry, I luckily met Sumit, then Sonakshi came there, I saw love in your eyes, else I would have not understood, my life stopped, 1460 days is a huge time, I asked myself, if Rohit met with an accident instead me, don’t know if I waited for him, but he is mad to wait for me, love ended, but not guilt. She says Sonakshi is great, Sumit told me that you play Parvati’s role and give sacrifices, but this is real life, what’s the need to make a sacrifice of love, even I would have not done this, your love is selfless, I have seen this, you didn’t wish to put Rohit in the tough situation, you walked out for this reason, hats off, I can’t match my love in front of yours. Sonakshi says you are lying right. Raima says no, I m practical and stubborn, I understand none can forcibly love someone, I swear he is yours.

Raima says I have missed four years of my life, I will also find my life partner, someone will be made for me. Sumit comes and says I came to return the bracelet, driver told me that you are here, so I have come. Raima thanks him and says you helped me more than Rohit. Sumit says I m single, I got divorced last week, I m genuine, you can think about it. Rohit asks are you for real. Sumit says my mom also says I speak nonsense, better I keep quiet. Raima says Rohit’s love is Sonakshi. Everyone claps. Rohit hugs Raima and says nothing happened without your permission. Raima says yes, you passed the love test, you truly deserves Sonakshi, I m Rohit’s past, it doesn’t mean I m a vamp, this monkey is difficult, I know his secrets. Suman says I know this has Sonakshi’s happiness, I will get sweets. She asks maid to get sweets. Sukhmani says I want the marriage to happen soon. Rohit says not so soon. Raima says why, you are 32 years old now. Sonakshi says I have to ask Netra for dates. Sumit says I will manage it, I can cancel the shoot. Sukhmani says I don’t care how you manage, marriage should happen soon. Veena worries and thinks about Naren.

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