Eternal Love update Tuesday 29th December 2020 Star Life

Eternal Love 29 december 2020 Star life: Sonakshi seeing Sukhmani. She says I m sorry, but she is my mum. Sukhmani says its fine, she is your mum. Veena says a mum is special for any child, I felt good when I saw you fighting for your mum. Sonakshi says thanks, I will get ready for my performance. Sukhmani says this girl is very good at heart. Veena smiles. The host begins the show. He calls Rohit on stage and praises him. He calls the judges. He welcomes Mrs. Kavya. Rohit gives her a bouquet. Designer Umesh comes on stage and hugs Rohit. Rohit gives him a bouquet. The host calls the king of romance, Sumit. Sumit comes and sees Rohit. Rohit says welcome. Sumit says thanks you were laughing at me, you are welcoming me with flowers today, I have become your fan, thanks doctor. Rohit says your life is no less than a joke. The host thanks Rohit and the judges.

Rohit goes to Preeti. The host calls the top 5 finalists on stage. The girls come on stage. Sonakshi gets happy seeing Pari. Pari sees Pooja. Sonakshi says Pooja is really good and confident. Shankar says yes, but Pari will win. Dolly slips on the stair. Pooja holds her hand. Rohit and everyone cheer for Pooja. Pulkit says Pari will be the winner. Karan takes Dolly aside and asks how can you be so careless, you can’t walk well, its imp to win the performance. She asks him to shut up. He says perform well else…. He raises hand. Sonakshi stops him and asks him to mind his hand and tongue. Dolly says its our matter, you don’t need to get into this. Sonakshi says I have no interest in speaking between you, do this privately, its not your fault, Karan is known for corrupting person’s mind and heart. She goes.

Sonakshi hugs Pari. Her bangles fall down. Sonakshi says I m so happy, you looked very lovely, Sumit will question you, you already know everything, give him a confident smile, you give him an amazing answer. Pari makes her away and says its a fashion show, not a tv show. She asks the lady to fix her hair. Sonakshi feels bad. Pooja looks on. Sonakshi goes for her performance. Dolly asks Sonakshi to learn keeping her life personal. Sonakshi asks is Arjun here. Rishi says he is resting in green room, he had fever, nothing will go wrong. Sonakshi says send him on stage on time. Karan comes to call Arjun. Arjun is rehearsing. He says wait for 5mins. Karan says take your time. He locks Arjun. The host says our very own Parvati, a huge round of applause for Sonakshi.

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Nishi says where is YK, I will go and see. Suman says now we will enjoy the real performance, boring people are leaving. Nishi says no one is going anywhere, lets see if Sonakshi deserves the praise. Sukhmani asks Nishi to be quiet. Suman says you should have thought her when she was a child. Sonakshi asks where is Arjun, did he rehearse. Rishi says yes, he will come on stage. The man asks are the fireworks ready. Karan says it will go wrong this time. He bribes the man and says when Sonakshi goes on stage, you have to increase the firework. The man says its a small work, I will go it, tell Sonakshi that she may get burns if the sparks fall on her. Sonakshi dances on Leja leja song…. Rohit signs Sonakshi.

Sonakshi dances under the fire sparks. The lady asks Amrita to stop it. Amrita asks why, I have paid 12 lakhs to her mum, this performance won’t stop. Preeti says sparks are falling over Parvati. Rohit gets shocked. Preeti says go and help her. Rohit asks Nishi to give the body cream. Nishi asks why, strange, its expensive. Rishi says its Arjun’s entry here. The man says Arjun is nowhere. Rohit thinks how to apply the cream. The lady says Arjun go, its your entry. She pushes Rohit on stage. Sonakshi asks where is Arjun, what is Rohit doing here. Rohit pulls Sonakshi towards himsef and applies the cream on her back. She senses this and smiles, seeing him. Kahaan hum…..plays…. They have an eyelock. Naren asks what’s going on. Veena says I don’t know that, but they look very cute together. Everyone claps for them. Rohit says you are welcome and goes. Sonakshi says I was about to thank him. She smiles. Rohit goes and gets seated. Preeti smiles. Veena signs what. He says I will tell you later.

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The lady asks Sonakshi is she fine. Sonakshi says yes, I will change and come. Karan comes to her. He says you new BF is very caring and loyal, he couldn’t see you in pain, the moment you got hurt, he came to apply ointment to you on stage. She says yes, he loves me a lot, he is very rich, he lacks nothing in life, he has earned all this with his own capability, not by using any girl as ladder to success, how do all these things matter to you, enough is enough, don’t mistake my silence for my weakness, I m Sonakshi Rastogi, if you come anywhere near me, I will hand you over to the police, what are you waiting for, get out.

Suman asking Sonakshi to sit. Preeti’s mum gives her seat. The five contestants come on stage. Pooja answers the judges. Sonakshi says sorry and thanks for the ointment, I m feeling better. Rohit says thank Preeti, I came on stage on her saying. Sonakshi says thanks Preeti for teaching humanity to someone. Rohit says Preeti remember you can teach humanity to one who has humanity. Preeti asks Rohit and Sonakshi to shake hands. She unites their hands. Pari comes on stage. Sonakshi smiles. The man says we will announce the three finalists now. He announces Dolly, Pooja and Pari’s names. They all get happy. The man says the contestants will showcase the designer clothes on the ramp. Sumit signs the girl.

She nods and recalls cutting the dress. Pari takes the dress and says thank God, hook is repaired, what’s this big stain, it will be seen on stage, I have no time to clean this. She takes Pooja’s dress and changes the tags. Dolly looks on. Pooja takes the dress and goes. She gets ready. The man says we will get the top three finalists on stage, the winner will be selected. Dolly, Pari and Pooja come for the ramp walk. Everyone claps for the girls. Sumit sees Pari walking the ramp. He signs the designer girl to ask about the dress. Dolly and Pari take their place. Pooja goes on the stage. Her dress tears down. She holds her dress. Everyone gets shocked. Pari recalls changing the dress. Sonakshi hugs Pooja. Rohit gives a shawl. Nishi covers up Pooja and takes her inside.

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Everyone gets silent. Pooja shivers and cries. Nishi says it was a mistake, nothing happened, its fine, this could have happened with anyone. Nishi also cries. Rohit hugs Pooja and consoles. Media comes there to talk to Pooja. Ajit and Rohan stop him. Amrita says it was tragic but the show must go on, the winner is Pari. Suman claps and says Pari has won. Sumit says whatever happened with Pooja, we all have….. anyways…. it wasn’t easy to choose a winner between them, they both are talented, we judges decided that Pari is the deserving winner. He congratulates Pari. Sonakshi asks how shall I celebrate for Pari’s happiness when such thing happened with Pooja. Rohit and everyone see the news. Sumit says Pari will be given a diamond necklace from Sippy family. Sukhmani says I won’t be able to go, anyone go and give this necklace to her. Sonakshi comes to Rohit. He says we will handle the family matter, leave us alone.

Veena congratulates Pari and makes her wear the diamond necklace. Suman claps for Pari. Pooja says it wasn’t an accident, someone did this intentionally. Nishi asks what are you saying. Rohit asks who will do this. Pooja says this tv actress Sonakshi, she is acting, she did this to make her sister win, I saw her doing something to my dress, she did this. Rohit recalls Sonakshi’s words. Sonakshi says I just want to see Pooja once. Rohit goes to her and starts scolding her. Sonakshi asks what did I do. He says you have done this with Pooja to make Pari win, aren’t you ashamed. Sonakshi says I can understand, you are worried, you can’t say anything. He asks Pooja to say what happened. Pooja scolds Sonakshi.


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