Eternal Love 23 March 2021 update: Nishi throwing water at Sonakshi and says Sonakshi Rastogi, Parvati…. Some time back, Pooja says Sonakshi is greedy, I can’t believe that Nishi can do this. Sonakshi asks did I demand any money, the prenup papers got null and void, Nishi wanted to prove that I married Rohit for money.

Rohit says you know I love Sonakshi, why would I like to divorce her, I did that so that Nishi doesn’t harm Naren. Yash says I had the same soup, why didn’t anything happen to me. Nishi runs to washroom. Vimmi comes. Sonakshi opens the door. Vimmi gets Naren there. She says I went to give medicine to Naren, he held my hand, I didn’t understand first and then understood that he wants to come here, he winked, he knows you are Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks are you fine, I didn’t come to see your tears but to take revenge for your tears. Naren cries. Pooja cries. She says it means Sonakshi was right, how can mum do this.

Rohit says I know this since months, I was silent as Nishi has the app to control dad’s pacemaker, he can lose his life. Pooja asks is this true. Naren nods. Pooja says we have to save dad, give me Nishi’s phone, I will delete the app. He asks what will you do. She says I will hack the phone and delete it. He asks are you a hacker. She says yes, I used to hack phones. She asks Sonakshi to keep Nishi busy, she needs 20mins to hack the phone. Sonakshi takes kada for Nishi. Veena feeds it to Nishi. Nishi scolds Sonakshi. Sonakshi says I will add honey and bring it. Nishi says when I get fine, I will slap this nurse. Pooja hacks the phone and says 5mins more. Sonakshi says try soon before she realizes her phone isn’t around. Yash says doctor is coming. Sonakshi asks Nishi to have the kada. Nishi asks for medicines. Sonakshi says I will give you paracetamol. Nishi says I don’t have fever. Sonakshi says I was scared, sorry. She looks for medicines. Nishi asks what will you give to patient if anyone has vomiting, diarrhea or vertigo. Sonakshi answers and asks are you taking my exam, take the medicines. Rohit says thank you sweetheart, you are so intelligent, had the earphone like a spy, I love you Parvati, I wish to come and kiss you. Sonakshi says shut up. Veena asks did you say anything. Sonakshi says no, I was thanking Murugan. Nishi asks where is my phone, call Dr. Soumya, I m ill. Rohit says Nishi is looking for her phone.


Pooja says mumma’s phone has no app. Yash calls on Nishi’s number. Rohit says don’t disconnect. Sonakshi says you took the phone to bathroom. Nishi gets angry. Sonakshi says I will get it from the breakfast table. Nishi says someone disconnected my phone. Pooja gets the phone. She says I got your phone to call the doctor, your phone is locked, did you change the passcode, I knew all passcodes before. Nishi says you don’t need to know it. Rohit signs Sonakshi. Nishi calls doctor. She sees Rohit and Sonakshi. She says why is this overfriendly with this nurse, is she Sonakshi. She says I m going to meet Dr. Soumya at the hospital. She goes. Rohit says Nishi doesn’t have the app, how is she controlling. Pooja says maybe in other phone or laptop. Sonakshi says maybe she downloaded app in someone else’s phone. Rohit says we can’t take the risk. Pooja says I will go before anyone doubts. She goes.

Nishi asks driver to take her to hospital first and then Rastogi house. Pari says I have to select Rohan’s clothes for his meeting. Tanya says you said you will give the baby and go, you are snatching Rohan. Pari says you are still begging for him. Tanya raises hand. Pari says sorry and acts scared. Rohan sees this and scolds Tanya. Pari says Tanya got angry that you chose Anika as baby name. Rohan says that will be the name, don’t stress, its bad for the baby.

He takes Pari with her. Tanya cries. Nishi comes to Suman’s house. Suman scolds her a lot. Nishi says you are crazy. Sonakshi asks what’s happening, what are you doing here. Nishi gets shocked. Suman say call the police. Nishi says shut up, I just came to see… Suman says we have no terms now. Nishi says I will kill you. Sonakshi says Nishi lost her mental balance, get out now. Nishi leaves. Suman shuts the door and laughs. Rohit comes and says I was controlling my laughter. Sonakshi says I had seen Nishi coming. Suman says your house got broken because of that greedy woman. Sonakshi says I m glad that Rohit and I are together. Its morning, Veena asks where is Tanya. Rohit says she went to her dad’s house, forever. Veena slaps him. Nishi sees Parvati coming and says she should be in Sippy mansion 24 by 7, from where is she coming. Rohan and Veena argue. Veena blames Pari. She says you think we are blind, we can’t see, this girl will make you dance on her fingers. He says don’t blame Pari.

Veena says its my house, I won’t let anyone enter the house and ruin happiness. Nishi says I agree, no one has a right to enter our house and ruin our happiness. She throws water at Sonakshi’s face. Everyone gets shocked seeing Sonakshi. Veena says Sonakshi, you… Nishi says Sonakshi, aka Parvati, I had a doubt on this nurse, she is oversmart and overconfident. Naren reacts. Veena says she was fooling us and we didn’t know, how did you know. Nishi says no fraud can hide from me. Sonakshi asks why, did you doubt because Rohit got fine, tell them the truth. Nishi asks what truth. Sonakshi says Rohit was facing death, since Nishi didn’t give him the antidote.



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