Eternal Love update Tuesday 23rd February 2021 StarLife

Eternal Love 23 february 2021 update: starts with Nishi saying we can’t tell Pooja about her real mom. Sonakshi waits for Rohit. Pooja says I won’t fight with Nishi. She hugs Rani. Rohit looks on.

Some time back, Nishi says you had to drink wine and make Pooja hate you, you didn’t do the drama, why, you are getting close to Pooja, you took Sonakshi’s side, who are you fooling. Nishi says you are fooling me, you are giving me just 5 lakhs for such a big thing, I have worked hard, I had to forget my bag in Sonakshi’s car and then did a big drama, you have to pay me more, you are very rich. Nishi asks how much money do you want. Rani says 5 crores.


Nishi says what, are you mad. Rani says I m doing this for my daughter, she is in jail. Nishi says she is in jail for a big crime. Rani says you are also doing a crime, you can give me money to keep Pooja. Nishi raises hand. Rani stops her and says Pooja thinks I m her real mum. Nishi says I will prove you are a liar. Rani says then you will be proved as a liar too, I have shown the documents to my lawyer, you made all the fake documents, he asked me not to do this, even then I did this, I know nothing is bigger than money in the world. She asks Nishi to give her money. Nishi leaves. Sonakshi recalls the party argument. Rohit comes and gifts her a saree. She says its nice, but colours are different, the material should have been nice, border is so broad, but its nice. He asks what’s nice then. She says don’t feel bad, how would you buy a saree, take me along, I will teach you how to buy a saree. He says no, you will lecture me as you lectured Pradeep uncle, I m joking, I m proud of you. She says no, I should have not done this, what would Naren think about me, no one is happy with me.

He says stop becoming chocolate, its just not possible to please everyone, I m feeling hungry. She says I m also feeling hungry, there is much food left, guests didn’t eat food and left, its not your mistake, I will send the food by calling the food helpline. Rohan asks Pari what did Tanya say. Pari says she asked me to keep an eye on you, she trusts me, she asked me to join the job, she is doubting on you. He says how did she be so intelligent, she made our work easy, things are sorted. She says maybe yes. Rohit asks Nishi what’s the matter. Sonakshi tries to saree and says its not so bad, Rohit will be happy seeing this.


Rohit shouts I warned you not to make Rani’s plan, now we are trapped, you made Rani call me, unbelievable, then you had sent Rani to meet Sonakshi. Nishi says no. Yash says Rani had called Nishi after meeting Sonakshi. FB shows Rani calling Nishi and saying I met Sonakshi on the sets. Nishi says our plan is final, you will come home with her, you will get your money, Pooja should believe you are her real mum, she should hate you. FB ends.


Rohit says you should have told me, you lied to me, you just explained me. FB shows Rohit saying Rohit is our house daughter. Nishi says none can know this. Rohit says I told you, I won’t involve Sonakshi, your friend called me, forget about Pooja’s real parents. FB ends. Rohit says everyone thinks Sonakshi got Rani, everyone will blame her, Nishi dragged Sona in the plan. Nishi says I did this as I was afraid to lose Pooja, trust me, I didn’t wish to drag Sona in this, we can never tell Pooja about her real parents, we have to think about Rani, she asked for 5 crores. Rohit says nothing, I will throw her out, enough now, none will play a game with my family and Sona, but Sona is my life, I can’t forgive myself if anything wrong happens with her.


Sonakshi waits for Rohit. He sees Pooja crying and talking to Rani. Pooja says I can’t forgive Nishi, she tried to prove that you are a drunkard, how can she say wrong things, that’s not fair. Rani says she is a mum, she loves you a lot, promise me, you will never fight her. Rani sees Rohit and smiles. Pooja says I love you, you are the best, I promise I will never fight with Nishi. Rani hugs her and says I m proud of you. Rohit goes and throws things. He says I told Nishi not to do this, Rani is emotionally blackmailing Pooja. He goes to Sonakshi and finds her asleep. He says she didn’t eat food and slept. He cries. She wakes up and says sorry, I slept, sit, what happened. He says nothing, I went to get food but I got Nishi, it got late. She asks was it about Pooja, Nishi said Rani is an alcoholic, but Rani didn’t touch alcohol, Nishi has to agree to Pooja now, what’s the matter, swear on me… He says nothing.

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Sonakshi asking Nishi why did she give the bracelet to Rani. Some time back, Rohit says I m worried a patient, so much wrong happened by his family and an innocent person got stuck. She cheers him up and says Parvati will do magic and solve this matter. He asks won’t you have food. She says no, you can have it. He also refuses. He lies in her lap. Kahaan hum….plays… Naren gets angry on Pradeep and throws phone. He says I m bearing all this because of Sonakshi. He sees Sonakshi at the door. Nishi says I won’t leave Rani. Yash says I supported your stupid plan. Rani comes and takes her bracelet. She says I like it. Nishi and Yash scold her. Rani taunts them and says remember, I m Pooja’s mum, think if you want Pooja or something else.

Sonakshi says sorry, I will go. Veena asks her to come. Sonakshi shows the herb chutney for Naren to control his BP. She goes. Naren shouts. Sonakshi hears him. Rani says Pooja may name her entire property to my name. She smiles and goes. She collides with Sonakshi. The bracelet falls. Sonakshi says its Nishi’s bracelet right. Rani says Nishi has insisted and gave it, saying Pooja will be glad. Sonakshi asks her to come along. Nishi says Rani will snatch everything from us. Sonakshi asks why did you give this to her. Nishi sees Rani.

Rani says Pooja said Nishi did realize her mistake and wanted to gift this. Sonakshi says this doesn’t matter, you have realized her mistake, no need to gift this to Rani, she is here just for Pooja. She makes Rani return the bracelet. She says Pooja is happy with both her mums. Rani returns the bracelet to Nishi. Nishi thanks her. Sonakshi says I will go now, I have to go on shoot and also instruct Vimmi. Yash praises Sonakshi. Nishi nods and smiles. Veena asks Vimmi to go out, she wants to stay along. Vimmi asks Rohit to go and talk to Veena, she looks in tension. Rohit comes to Veena and pacifies.

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Veena says Naren is not such, how shall I control things. Rohit asks her to vent out her anger on him. Veena says Naren is right, you are right, Sonakshi is also right on her front, no one asked what do I want, I just want peace and happiness in the family. Sonakshi comes and looks on. Veena says Sonakshi got this chutney so that Naren’s BP gets controlled, I felt bad, I m stuck in this. Rani throws things in anger. She says that bracelet would cost at least 5 lakhs, Sonakshi can’t protect them always. Sonakshi and Rohit console Veena. Sonakshi says you are the support system, you are a strong wall for us. Rohit says wall of 80 kgs. Veena says no, just 75 kgs. Rohit asks her to go out with friends today. Veena nods. He goes.


Veena says I love you. Sonakshi says I love you too. They hug. Sonakshi says don’t cry, I will call Rohit again. Veena goes. Sonakshi says its not right that she cries like this because of me, nothing is imp than this family’s happiness. Sonakshi is on the way. She thinks of Naren’s words. She reaches the set and goes. Sumit sees her and says what happened to her.


Pooja says I made chinese by Rani’s help. Everyone likes it. Pooja tells about Vikas’ party. Nishi says police had come in his party last time, these parties aren’t safe, you won’t go. Pooja argues. Rani asks Nishi not to be strict towards Pooja. Nishi says no means no. Pooja says that’s unfair. Rani says I will see how Sonakshi saves them. Sumit says I don’t find this big decision right, say something, I know you well, you can’t give up. Sonakshi says I want my family to be happy, I have a great family, Rohit and Veena are solving, I can’t lose this, its Sonakshi’s decision, not Parvati’s, I have thought about it, I can’t change it.

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