Eternal Love update Tuesday 22nd December 2020 Star Life

Eternal Love 22 december 2020 Star life: Netra saying this doctor is mad, maybe that watch is imp for him. Sonakshi says he has two options to stay back or leave, I don’t care. Netra asks for coffee.

Rohit sits on the bench. Netra likes the coffee. She says I came to talk to you, I was tired and tensed. Sonakshi says you don’t need excuses to come here, I know you are in stress. Netra says you know me so well, this TRP tension is there every week. Sonakshi says your dialogues are also same, we will be number one. Netra says our competitor’s show is doing good. Sonakshi says so what, we have a marriage track, it works over everything. Netra says you added sugar in my coffee. Sonakshi asks her to enjoy. Netra says I feel positive coming here. She sees Rohit. She asks Sonakshi to sleep and come for shoot early. She goes. Sonakshi gives a look to Rohit and goes.

She goes to maid and says sorry, take this blanket, Rohit is sleeping in the garden, give this blanket and mosquito repellent to him. Maid goes to him. Sonakshi hides. Maid says Sonakshi has sent this. He says I don’t know, I m a surgeon, cardiologist, not a doctor, sit. Sonakshi signs maid. Maid sits. He asks her to say cardiologist, its simple. Maid runs. Sonakshi says he is so rude, let him enjoy with mosquitoes. She rests to sleep. Rohit uses the blanket. Sonakshi wakes up and clicks his pic. She says poor man, the one who has gifted him the watch would be special. Its morning, Rohit wakes up. The gardener says you are the first fan to wear Parvati ji’s pic blanket and sleep in the garden. Rohit asks for newspaper. He buys one.

He reads Sonakshi was stopped to meet her fan at Sukhmani hospital, doctor misbehaved with Sonakshi. Rohit gets angry and goes upstairs. Sonakshi meditates. Rohit rings the bell and says call Parvati ji. He asks Sonakshi to see this, she is on front page. He says you are shallow and selfish, we harassed you, why did you use Preeti for this cheap publicity. Sonakshi says no, who did this. Rohit gets dizzy. He holds his head and falls. Pulkit makes him sit on the chair. Sonakshi says he has very high fever, we have to call the doctor. Suman says he is Rohit Sippy, owner of Sippy hospital. Pari says wow, what is he doing here. Suman says I don’t know, I will call Nishi. Naren asks YK how to handle this situation. Nishi says Suman called, Rohit has fainted. Veena asks where. Naren asks them to start damage control. Rohit gets conscious and removes Sonakshi’s blanket. Sonakshi checks his temperature.

Maid asks Sonakshi to remove his tshirt and use wet cloth for relieving his fever. Sonakshi makes Rohit sit. They fall back on the sofa and have an eyelock. Pari says I have a fashion event, I need to sleep. Suman says we have to give money back if Sippys create a drama. Sonakshi takes care of Rohit. Kahaan hum….plays… Sonakshi asks maid to make kada fast. Rohit holds her hand. She feeds him the kada and continues the sponging. Rohit gets up and sees her. He asks for his tshirt. Suman says Sonakshi has removed your tshirt and fever. Sonakshi opens the door and sees Ankit from a tv show. She says give me five mins. Suman asks what happened. Sonakshi asks how can I forget, this team can’t see Rohit here, they want me to have a day out with me, I forgot and now Rohit is here. Suman asks Pulkit to hide Rohit. Sonakshi takes Rohit to her room. She signs Suman and opens the door. She asks Ankita to come. She asks them to meet Suman and Munya. She gets Rohit’s tshirt. Pulkit says sorry, I forgot to take my tshirt. Sonakshi says he is my younger brother Pulkit. Rohit sees Sonakshi’s room. He gets hurt. He sees her pics and says ridiculous. Ankita says we are at Sonakshi’s house now, this is her living room, we will take a look at her bedroom. Suman says you can have tea or coffee, you can cover bedroom later.

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Ankita says we have to go to other show’s set also. Sonakshi shows her fav yoga mat, whenever I get enough sleep of 3-4 hours, I do yoga. Suman says we should cover kitchen first. Sonakshi says I will tidy my bedroom. She comes to her room ad wakes up Rohit. He asks why have you locked me here, where are my clothes. She says I have no time to explain, come to bathroom. He says you are insane, no…I m going home. She says no please, come with me to bathroom. He opens the door. Pulkit shuts the door. Sonakshi says go inside the bathroom, you want the watch’s serial number right. Rohit asks where is the bathroom. She says there…. He stays inside bathroom. Sonakshi shows her bedroom to Ankita. Ankita says your fans love you a lot. Rohit says her fans are mad like her. Ankita asks are you really smart. He says she is oversmart, she didn’t go to medical college but she can revive a dead man. Pulkit sees Sippy family and says Sippy family is here, two cars entered the building. Sonakshi asks what shall I do now?

Sonakshi asking reporter Ankita not to cover bathroom, repair work is going on. Sippy family comes. Sonakshi requests Suman and sends her. Sonakshi says I told you not to go to bathroom, I will take you to a special place. Ankita says we came to cover the house. Sonakshi says I spend much time there, I created the small garden, I have no time, my fans want to meet real Sonakshi, this is me, come. Rohit says I m here, I m locked here and you went to the garden. Sonakshi locks the door. Rohit shouts help, I m claustrophobic.

Sonakshi says Sippy family would be coming by lift, I will take Ankita by the staircase. Sonakshi says I didn’t lie so much ever and didn’t do such acting even in serials. Veena, Nishi, Rohan, Akash and Yash come. Veena asks where is Rohit. Pulkit goes to give tshirt to Rohit. Rohit says this is such a small bathroom. Pulkit says media reporters were here, what if they had seen you. Rohit comes out and sees his family. He says I m fine. Suman says he had high fever, 103, we took care of him, Sonakshi took care of him. He says yes, she took good care of me. Veena says thank Sonakshi from our side. Nishi says yes, if that drama didn’t happen, we were not going through this defamation, its because of Sonakshi, where is she. Sonakshi shows the garden and the plants. She says they would be thinking I have gone mad, what shall I do.

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Suman asks what wrong did Sonakshi do. Nishi says you would be busy and not read newspaper, see this, newspaper headline. Suman says my daughter is a celebrity, she was waiting in the hospital, media will print what they see, it was Rohit’s mistake. Veena says don’t blame my son, hospital has its rules. Suman says you should have taught him some manners. Nishi says we apologized to her, how did all this release in the press. Rohit sits quiet. Pari asks what’s happening. Nishi shouts enough now, there is no use to argue, we had hired Sonakshi, it went wrong, so we want our money back. Suman says you won’t get it, your event was over. Nishi says you read the newspaper right. Rohit and Veena say enough. Veena says I don’t care for the money, none cares that my son is ill, we will decide what to do with them by going home. They leave.

Sonakshi says see this plant is so difference. Ankita says yes, cover this. Rohit and everyone come downstairs. Sonakshi sees them. Rohan says what’s wrong, you are wearing the tshirt inside out. They leave. Sonakshi says Ankita would be thinking I m mad, everything went well with Sippy family, right. Suman says yes, I told them that we took good care of Rohit. She stops Pulkit. Pari says they asked for refund and mom handled it. Sonakshi asks what fees, what refund. Pari says your appearance fee for the hospital’s inauguration, mom charged 6.5 lakhs.

Sonakshi asks why did you take money, you know I don’t charge for charitable events, why did you do this, we are in a good position now. Suman says you have become a big start and earned much money, I m still your mum. Sonakshi says its not about my stardom, there is no shortage of money, is it right to equate everything with money. Suman says ask me how I have managed when your dad left you three with me. Sonakshi hugs her. She says I know you fought alone strongly and got out of that situation, it happened 16 years ago, if wrong happened with us, we can’t do wrong with others, I love you, I haven’t done anything against your will, please don’t charge for public services and hospital events. She says I need to solve this problem first.

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Nishi says I will see how Suman doesn’t refund our money. Veena asks why did you go to Sonakshi’s house. Maid says Sonakshi is on TV. She asks shall I switch on the TV. Sonakshi says I wasn’t insulted at Sukhmani hospital, Rohit is an amazing doctor, nothing is more imp for him than his patient’s health, he didn’t allow me to see the patient, he didn’t care that I m a celebrity, its a good thing, a journalist heard us and presented this in a wrong way, if the news is wrong, you can’t know how it hurts people, I apologize to Sukhmani’s family, the way they are defamed, I m sorry. Ankita says Sukhmani Sippy hospital got a clean chit. Sukhmani smiles. The servant gets the envelope and says Sonakshi has sent this. Yash says she has returned the event fees. He reads, I m sending your wallet with the cheque, I found it in building compound, check if anything is missing.

Akash says Sonakshi has class, no one returns money these days, she cleared our name, she is amazing. Rohan says hats off. Veena says Sonakshi is nice, don’t know about Suman. Nishi says I agree. Rohit comes to his room. Rohit gets Sonakshi’s message. She writes sorry for the mistake, I kept my promise, check the serial number. Rohit calls the company to check the watch’s serial number. Netra calls Sonakshi and says congrats, KPK is on the top. Sonakshi says lets work hard to maintain the same position. Netra says enjoy the ratings for a while. She gets Rohit’s call. He says I cross checked the serial number with the company, watch is registered on my name. She gets shocked. She says I trust you, the watch is yours, please believe me, someone gifted me the watch, maybe it dropped off your hand when you came on the sets.

He says its okay, can I get it back now. She asks what’s wrong with him, how did he turn so sweet, even he has a heart. She says yes, sure, its your watch, I will give it back, I will go home and return it. He says you are so kind, thanks. She says sorry I forgot, I have to be on the set for the night shift, I will return the watch tomorrow morning. He asks where is the shoot. She says film city. Rohit asks is it okay if I come there and take my watch. She says I have no problem, why do you want to come, its too far, you should rest, you aren’t fine. He says its very imp for me, trust me, keep the watch, I will come, thanks for the clarification you gave in the interview, its very sweet of you. She says you are welcome, I will send you the shoot location. He says thanks. She says he has a kind heart, the watch has a deep connection with this doctor surgeon.

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