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Eternal Love 19 January 2021: Father letting Rohit come in. Sonakshi thanks him. Guard asks them to hurry. Rohan and Pari are at the pub. He says we have designed the campaign, you will rock tomorrow. Pari says I love it. He says I will drop you. They hear the song. They dance on the floor. She asks does Tanya know you are with me. Rohan says I m single tonight, Tanya has gone for Ganpati darshan, is my company so boring. Pari says I love it. She gets overdrunk. He asks what’s wrong, stop. They dance. Rohit and Sonakshi come inside the church. Rohit lights the candle. Sonakshi holds him. Father comes and says I will pray for you, what’s your name. Rohit says Rohit. Sonakshi says don’t pray for me, but Raima, its her birthday today, pray for Raima and Rohit. Rohit looks at her.

Father says Rohit, my son, come ahead. Sonakshi goes out. Rohit prays. Judaai…..plays…. She cries thinking of Rohit. She prays. Father asks is Raima with you. Rohit says no, I don’t know where she is, I want to pray that she stays happy, she is in my heart, she will always be there. Father asks him to pray. Rohit closes eyes and sees Sonakshi. He says I didn’t see Raima, but… Father says when a person makes true prayers, his heart becomes a mirror, the one you have seen is your true love. Rohit gets shocked.

He goes out and sees Sonakshi. She says your prayers will be fulfilled. He looks at her while she talks. She asks what happened Rohit. He says nothing. She says I have a shoot tomorrow, there can’t be any Parvati than Sonakshi, you said so. Tu hi bataa….plays…. He says I don’t know, how to thank you for what you did, thank you, really. She nods. She cries and leaves. Rohan says Pari, party is over, lets go home. Pari hugs him and says sorry, can’t we stay for long, its so much fun, you are so handsome, but complicated, what was the need to get married so soon, why, if you didn’t marry, then would you marry me.

Rohan says there is no need of marriage to stay together. She says right. He makes her sit inside the car. Rohit says I m thinking about Sonakshi, how can she do this for me. Ravi says she is different, she cares for everyone. Rohit recalls her. Sonakshi stops the car and cries. She says I know Rohit, he can’t see me in Raima’s place, I always knew this, I should have not agreed for this drama, its all my mistake. Rohit says I don’t know why should one leave the past behind, can I do this.

Rohan stops the car and asks her to get down. He says its Deepa’s call, don’t talk. He answers and asks Deepa is everything fine. Deepa asks is Akash with you. He says no, I came out for a business dinner. Pari asks why isn’t the car going. Deepa asks who is with you. He says everything is fine, a girl got much drunk. She asks which business meeting is going on. He screams. She asks are you okay. He says I will talk to you later, my clients have their flight in some time. Deepa says I m sure he is lying. Pari runs on the road and falls in front of a car. Sonakshi gets down the car and gets shocked seeing her. Rohan sees Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks with whom did you come here, who got you here, come with me. Rohan hides. Pari signs towards him.

Rohan saying if Pari tells everything to Sonakshi, if Rohit knows this, then everything will be over. Rohit comes and asks all okay. Rohan says no, I m confused. Rohit says join the gang, sit. Rohan asks what do you mean. Rohit says I went to church to do something and something else happened. Rohan says exactly, this happened with me also, life is so complicated. Rohit says my complication is different, you are married, remember. Rohan says I remember, I m loyal to her. Rohit says good, loyalty is imp.

Suman scolds Pari and asks who was with you, tell me. Pari asks them to stop it. Suman slaps Pari. Pari says I went with school friends, it was a reunion, I got drunk. Suman asks what if you met with an accident, its good you came in front of Sonakshi’s car. Pari says enough, everyone is not like Sonakshi, I m not a good girl like her, don’t try to control my life. Sonakshi asks Pari to stop it. Pari says ask her not to interfere in my life. She goes and falls. Pulkit goes to help. Suman gets sad. Pari gets up and goes.

Rohit recalls Sonakshi. His alter ego appears and asks him to accept reality. Rohit asks who are you. His alter ego says I m your alter ego, you don’t watch tv, they use alter ego when characters are confused, ask your Sona, she has solved big problems by talking to herself. Rohit asks what do you mean. His alter ego says first tell me your problem. Rohit says I just love Raima, I can’t cheat her by loving Sonakshi. His alter ego says its fate, not a cheat, who made you a doctor. Rohit says you are so rude. His alter ego says I m your part, I will be rude, sit, you think Raima is your soul mate, you failed in performing the operation, do you think that guilt is love. Rohit says no, I love her.


His alter ego says she is in coma, she is living, you forget living, it seems you are in coma, this is your life, Raima was your past, Sona is your present, one can’t drive by just looking at rear view, you can’t even drive, are you still confused, how can we get stubborn, if this was shooting, entire episode would have passed, we don’t have much time, we will have a rapid fire, do you find Sonakshi pretty, do you like her presence, do you care for her more than yourself. Rohit says yes….. His alter ego asks do you love her, that’s the answer, simple. Rohit says I love Sonakshi. His alter ego says yes, overthinking complicates the matter, answer doesn’t change, you love Sonakshi, accept it. Rohit says I love Sona. He sees his alter ego disappeared.

Sonakshi brings coffee for Suman. Suman cries. Sonakshi says we will talk to Pari and become strict. Suman says she was drunk and told the right thing, she isn’t my Sona. She says you were always so sensible and took care of all of us, I can blindly depend on you, but you will get married and go away, I thought Pari will manage the responsibility, but she is irresponsible. Sonakshi says I won’t go anywhere, my house is my responsibility, if I marry, I will marry a guy who understands that my family needs me. Suman asks is Rohit such a guy, I can see you are getting emotionally involved with Rohit, I don’t want your heart to break again, I m your mum, if its one sided love then don’t take it ahead, end it here before hurting yourself. Sonakshi says you are right, I also knew this and I want to end this drama, I promise I will tell Rohit that we will end this drama tomorrow.

Rohit says I will tell Sonakshi that I love her. Raima thinks of Rohit. FB shows Raima hitting Rohit and saying you don’t love me. Rohit asks what happened. She says that tattoo maker was flirting with me, you didn’t get jealous, you should have punched him. He says I know he was not your type, you love me, I know you can’t love anyone. She asks what if you don’t care for me then. He asks then. She beats him and says you think this will happen.

He says I didn’t mean it, if this happens, I promise I will not go ahead without your permission. She says nothing without my permission. He says nothing. They hug. FB ends. Raima cries. Raima’s mum comes there and sees her. She goes to call doctor. She asks why is she moving hands. Doctor says its great news, she should shift her to care centre.

Its morning, Nishi comes downstairs. She says everyone is so upset like my Bidaai happened. Naren says I m proud of your success. Nishi says I was confused, but mum and YK insisted me to go to London. Sukhmani says yes, every woman should give importance to work. Nishi says I m going for two months. Veena hugs her. Rohan says we will miss you. Akash says I will miss you more, don’t worry about family, make us more proud. She says I m counting on you, tell my bye to Deepa from my side. Pooja comes crying and hugs her.

She asks Veena to take care of Pooja. Veena says we will take care. Yash says you forgot passport, dollars and everything there. Nishi says you are the best. Yash jokes. Yash says I m going alone to drop Nishi. Nishi asks Pooja to take care. She leaves. A man delivers a box and says Rohit had ordered this. Veena sees a watch. Naren says another watch for your son. Veena says I didn’t order it, now I understand it. She comes to Rohit and asks did you order something.

She shows the watch. He thanks her and wears the watch. She smiles. Veena says I understood that you want to move on. He nods. She says I know that watch was very imp for you, you didn’t tell me anything, but I m very happy, this happened because of Sonakshi, where is the old watch. He says I have thrown it in the sea. Veena says it was worth 8 lakhs, tell me where is it, seriously.

Sonakshi gets ready. She says I know I should tell my feelings to Rohit, this drama is over, I don’t know how to say that I m getting hurt. Pulkit comes and says I told you about internship with Rohit, if you talk to Rohit about it. Sonakshi says another problem now….


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