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Eternal Love 31 december 2020 Star life: Sonakshi apologizing to Pari. Pari says I m feeling bad for Pooja, but you forgot to get happy for my success. Sonakshi says I promise to read all the articles written about you you were always my queen, your style, your personality, who would know it better than me, I m your elder sister, sister’s bond is such, we used to fight over frocks in childhood. Pari laughs and says such a heavy dialogue, is it from TV show. Sonakshi says no, I said what I felt for you. Pari says when your show stops, you write dialogues. Sonakshi says good idea, everyone thinks whatever I say are just dialogues, I was thinking to drop you. Pari says of course. Suman calls Pari.

Nishi gets a call. Yash’s mum says address me as mummy ji, not aunty ji, I m in the hospital, you won’t meet me. Nishi says Pooja’s incident. Yash’s mum says I know everything, Yash told me, he will never leave me, he left fashion show that day to come to me, you have snatched my son, how hard you try to enchant him, he will come to me. Nishi ends the call and says this woman is the limit. Ajit says Pooja has got an ad shoot. Everyone claps. Pooja says Tushar had been me in the beauty contest and liked me, he offered me the ad. Rohit says congrats, its the beginning, I will drop you today. Sukhmani says we shall party. Deepa comes and asks what’s happening. Akash says Pooja got an ad film. Deepa says congrats. Akash says we will party in my restaurant. Ajit says no, we should party in a big restaurant. Akash says we won’t spend so much. Rohit signs Deepa. She nods.

Nishi says we aren’t done talking. Yash recalls going to his mum. Sonakshi asks Pari to rock it. Pari goes. Sonakshi asks her to take the umbrella. Pari says its okay, I will go. A car passes by. Dirt falls over Sonakshi’s face. Rohit asks driver to drive carefully. He says I will apologize and come. He sees Sonakshi and says I was about to say sorry, I think it happened the best, the face mirrors the heart, its matching, nothing is written about Pooja in any newspaper. Sonakshi argues.

They leave. Pooja asks shall we go. Pari asks why should I leave. Tushar says sorry, agency was going to call you and inform that we are going to shoot the ad with other model. Pari says I m supposed to do this ad. Tushar asks her to check her email box. Pari checks and says if I m not doing the ad, who is doing this. Tushar says Pooja Sippy, after what happened with Pooja, she is in shock, we want to give her the dad so that she will be encouraged, even you would want this. Pooja and Rohit look on. Pooja gives the drink and asks won’t you throw this at me. She says you and your sister tried hard to ruin my career, even then I won, I m doing this ad. Pari says Sonakshi hasn’t done anything. She leaves.

Nishi says I want an answer right now, it was a big day for Pooja, she worked hard, you weren’t with her, why. Yash says mom was serious, I was helpless, I informed Rohit and Sukhmani. She says she was in the hospital, we mean nothing to you, I made you so many calls, you didn’t answer, we returned home and then you pretended as if you handled everything alone. He says you think I pretended. She says you should have been with Pooja. He says enough, my mum was serious, everyone was with Pooja, my mum was alone. He scolds Nishi. He says I will go and meet my mum many times, why are you angry, if you don’t consider my mum as your mum, why do you forget that Pooja isn’t my daughter. She cries. He goes.

Sonakshi recalls Pooja and says it keeps flashing in front of my eyes, Karan and Sumit were present at the event, one of them is responsible for this, but it can’t be Karan, he doesn’t have courage and smartness to do this, he is angry at me, he can’t think of doing this with Pari, does this mean that Sumit… I have called Amrita and get to know something, I will not spare the real culprit. Rohit asks when did you come. Deepa says just 10 mins back, sign the papers. Nurse comes to confirm appointment. Rohit says send chocolates and stuffed toy for Preeti from our side, its her first day at school after surgery. Deepa says you care for your patients so much.

He checks papers and says I want to teach a lesson to Rastogis, they won’t do this again, when will the papers reach them. She says by this afternoon. He signs papers and says Parvati and Sonakshi will be finished, thanks. Amrita asks how can you say this, whatever happened with Pooja was an accident, why will anyone plan this. Sonakshi says I think Sumit did this, we had an argument, I mean he might be involved in this. Amrita says he is a famous tv personality. Sonakshi says I know what he can do, how to tell her. She says he has a reason to do this, think about Pooja. Amrita says I had organized a show and it was hit, thanks for the coffee. She goes. Sonakshi says I should have not got angry, I will talk to her with a calm mind. She goes and sees Amrita talking to Sumit. Sumit sees Sonakshi.

Sumit scolding Sonakshi. He asks how can you accuse me that I have done that with Pooja. She says I m working with you since three years, I play the role of your wife and did thousands of scenes with you, my doubt is right, you have done this. He says any ordinary man will react like this. She says I will see you and get you punished in a way that you remember. He says don’t instigate me, you don’t know me, I will go a cheaper thing than this cheap blame. Netra comes and asks what’s this, you two started arguing. He says ask Sonakshi about it. She says I handle everything but I need to run this show. Sonakshi says really sorry, this is our personal matter, I will handle it my way, this won’t happen again. Netra says come to my room, I need to discuss something imp. Sonakshi says his crime is reflecting in his eyes, Sumit has done this.

Netra gets angry and asks everyone to sit. She says there will be much stress, our TRP fell down. Sumit says I knew this track won’t work. Netra says it fell down because of cricket matches, the other channel is getting a good show, I sat and discussed the changes in the episodes, we have to shoot some scenes again, the channel won’t pay us, there is an earthquake and flood scene, we have to work harder, no one will get leaves. Sultan says we will work in double shifts. Sonakshi says we will work hard. Sumit says I always stood by you, you barely show me in the show, you have hired a star, make me work. Netra asks shall I narrate you the story. Rohit sees Yash and goes to talk to him. He asks is your mom fine. Yash says yes, but I had a fight with Nishi. Rohit says everything would be fine. Yash says I told that in anger. Rohit asks what. Yash says Pooja isn’t my daughter.

Rohit gets shocked. He goes and shuts the door. He asks isn’t Pooja your daughter, how could you say that, how dare you, why. Yash says why don’t you ask Nishi, I feel Pooja’s pain, my mom was serious, what wrong did I do to visit my mom. Rohit says no, saying this is your mistaken, when I learnt this, I was shocked, I never told it to anyone, its not done, Pooja doesn’t know this. Yash says I m sorry, believe me, this incident have started ruining things. Rohit says Sonakshi and her family are responsible for this, I found a way to teach her a lesson.

Suman says how dare he shoot with Pooja, why should we be sympathetic, I will ask Sonakshi to talk to Tushar. Sonakshi doesn’t answer the call. Netra narrates the scene. Sunita gets Suman’s call for Sonakshi. Sonakshi says I m in urgent meeting, I can’t talk right now. Suman says I didn’t call to discuss the weather, come with me Pari, we will meet Amrita, she made the contract, she will fulfill it. Maid says someone gave this envelope. Suman says I will read it later. Pari picks it and says it has the court’s stamp, read it once. Suman checks and gets shocked.

Sonakshi comes home and asks why is it so dark. She sees Suman and Pari. Suman gives her the notice. Sonakshi gets shocked. She says 15 crores… have they filed a defamation case on us, how can Rohit do this. Pari says we have to go to court. Rohit asks Rohan is Yash at home, is everything fine. Patient’s daughter stares at him. Patient Mr. Desai says I m fine now, I was thinking to visit the temple, you are an amazing doctor.

Rohit says all your reports are fine. The girl says Rohit is handsome too, I mean he is a good doctor, when shall I come back. Rohit says never, Mr. Desai has to come after 3 months. Mr. Desai asks Rohit to take Snehal on a date. Snehal gives Palak paneer to Rohit and says I have made it for you. Mr. Desai says you and Snehal’s pairing will be good. Rohit says thank you so much, you won’t let me forget. Snehal says Rohit, can I get your personal number, it can be of help in emergency. Rohit says of course, note down. He gives the nurse’s number and says call up after 11, we shall talk. Snehal goes. Nurse asks why did you give my number. He says so that she calls you, you give my number and then resign, palak paneer enjoy. She asks what is my fault.

Lawyer says Deepa is a sharp lawyer, there is a hearing tomorrow, we can’t prepare, you shouldn’t get involved in this. Suman says how will we arrange 15 crores, Sippys always play with police and lawyers. Netra says we know Sonakshi didn’t do anything, its a court summon. Sonakshi says I think we should tell truth to Rohit, he doesn’t answer my call. She calls him by Pulkit’s phone. Rohit answers. She says its me Sonakshi. He ends call and says she should tell it in the court. Suman worries. Netra says I have an idea, its melodramatic. Suman says tell me, at least our money will get saved. Rohit is on the way. Deepa calls him and asks about Sonakshi. He says she is calling often, I didn’t talk. She says I kept the hearing tomorrow, the fast tract court will pass the verdict, Sonakshi will have to confess her crime, she will be punished. He says yes, I m reaching home, lets talk during dinner.

Pari says Netra is saying nonsense, I m not going to confess anything, the blame will come on me. Suman asks will they leave Pari if she says she changed the dress, her career will end. Sonakshi says if they learn this from anything else, they will think Pari did wrong, if we tell them, they would think we are honest. Suman says Pari won’t confess. Sonakshi asks lawyer Verma to explain them. Verma says she is right, if they hear Pari’s confession and believe it, we can get saved. Sonakshi says I m worried for her career too, but being honest is never easy, please mumma, four years ago, we were in such a dilemma, you had suppressed the truth, you had seen the consequences, I don’t want that to be repeated.


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