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Eternal Love 24 december 2020 Star life: Sonakshi saying I returned the money to them, I didn’t tell you knowing you will argue, topic is over now. Suman gets angry. Sonakshi says I was shooting all night in rain, I have to go for shoot again, I m going to sleep.

She goes. Suman says you have gone mad, I will see all the Sippys. She asks maid to make tea for her. She goes to her room. Rohan tells Sukhmani and Vimmi about Icchadhari Naag. He jokes. Sukhmani says what nonsense. Vimmi says Parvati will not let anything happen to her family. She says this is my brother’s wedding invitation card. Rohit says so sweet, I will surely come. She asks will you give this to Parvati. He looks at her. She says its happening because of her, my brother is marrying a widow, her family was against this marriage. Rohit says talk like normal people. She says Parvati fought for a widow’s remarriage in one episode, and my Bhabhi’s family agreed, Veena didn’t let me go yesterday. He says fine, I will give it. She thanks and goes.

Sukhmani says Vimmi was saying… Veena says I know, ordinary people get entertained and inspired by tv, Sonakshi is a nice girl. Sukhmani says yes. Rohit asks why did you say this. Veena says I mean she is down to earth, but her mum isn’t. Suman calls Nishi. She says Sonakshi is a top actress, you got her for inauguration and then took the money back. Nishi asks what. Suman says you people are cheap type, Rohit blamed Sonakshi for stealing his watch and then took the money back, I will see you all. She disconnects. Nishi says how dare she talk to me like that. Veena says Sonakshi knows to respect elders, Rohit behaved like a perfect gentleman by giving his jacket. Sukhmani says your designer jackets are costly. Veena says Sonakshi will dry clean it and return it, Rohit did much drama on inauguration day, is there any problem with her now. He says that actress isn’t so bad. She smiles. Nishi sees Suman’s pic and says I have to show her what Sippys can do.

Rohit calls Sonakshi. She says I will send the jacket. He says this isn’t a reminder call for jacket, I want to invite you for a marriage. She says so you are marrying. He says no, our househelp Vimmi’s brother is marrying a widow, inspired by your show. She says I will surely come. He says no need to attend, just take the card. He says such invitations aren’t less than any award, its a big thing, I will go, why, didn’t this happen with you, that you do good to someone unknowingly. He recalls the slap. She says courier the card. He says I will come and give it. She says fine, I will reach the sets in three hours. He says you were shooting until morning. She says yes, pack up was at 6.30am, I have a shift at 12 now. He says unbelievable, how do you manage this, you may fall ill. She says no, my body got habitual to this, you know the address of my house and sets, you can come. He says I will reach hospital and check appointments, I will tell you.

Suman says Pari you worked hard and will perform well, don’t worry. Pari says I have to win. Suman says I m reaching there. Sonakshi tells Suman that she is leaving. Suman doesn’t answer. Sonakshi goes to check the door. She sees police. She asks what happened. Inspector says we have an order, we have to search your house, you maybe TV star but we have a complaint. They enter the house and check. Suman checks the warrant.

Inspector says you came to my police station and scolded me, I thought you are egoistic, I got to know you are a thief. Suman says we didn’t steal anything. They mess up everything. Sonakshi says there is nothing, please leave. Inspector says take madam to station, take Suman Rastogi, not Sonakshi. Suman says I didn’t do anything. Sonakshi says you can’t take mum, tell us, who has filed the complaint. Inspector says Sippy family, their costly watch is stolen. Sonakshi says I returned it to Rohit, talk to Rohit, mum doesn’t know about it. He says its a procedure, come to station and clear the confusion. Sonakshi says we will always have this embarrassment, this will get clear, I gave the watch to Rohit, I will call him. Suman is taken away.

The man announces the final contestants. Pooja Sippy gets selected. Parinidhi Rastogi is also selected. The lady says Pooja and Pari have same marks. Sonakshi asks Shankar to follow the jeep. She calls Rohit. Nurse tells Rohit about reports. He instructs the nurse. Sonakshi calls him and asks where are you, why can’t you answer the call. He says I m at the hospital. She says you complained for the watch, I returned it, inspector is taking my mum. He asks what, I don’t know anything. She asks him to come to police station and get her mum freed. Pooja congratulates Pari. Pari challenges her and says I will win. Pooja says I m Pooja Sippy, you think I will let you win easily. They argue. Pari throws juice over her dress. Girls look on. Pooja says its fine, when I win in finals, I will have the same smile on my face, all the best, finish your drink.

Veena asks Vimmi to just get the things they want, and not get any free deals. Rohit calls her and says Suman is arrested, I have my watch, what’s happening. Veena says we didn’t file any complaint. Nishi says I did this, Suman called me and spoke to me rudely, she called us cheap, Suman should get punished. He says we have to go to police station and clear this. Nishi says she should get punished. Rohit says I have my watch, Suman is blamed for stealing this, Sonakshi returned it to me, come with me to police station. Veena says Rohit is saying right, you should go there. Rohit says yes, see you there. Nishi says I was going to go with Pooja at her fashion event, Suman is really tacky.

Sonakshi asks inspector to listen to her, Rohit has the watch, he is coming. Inspector doesn’t pay heed. Sonakshi says my mum isn’t a thief.

inspector scolding Sonakshi and doesn’t care for her status. He asks constable to take Suman to interrogation room. Sonakshi asks what will you do there. Rohit comes and says I m Rohit Sippy, she is my Bua Nishi, she has filed the complaint, Sonakshi returned the watch last night, leave Suman. Nishi says Rohit said wrong. He says complaint is wrong. She says yes, complaint is wrong. Inspector asks can’t you talk to family member, you wasted my time. Nishi says Suman has called me and ruined my day, I didn’t care to talk to family. Rohit says leave Suman please. Inspector says you please sit, you think its timepass, you know I can arrest Nishi for filing false complaint, give me written statement. Nishi says I said everything already. Inspector says don’t shout, you have to write the statement. He leaves Suman. He asks Rohit to take the watch. The media comes there and asks Sonakshi why did police arrest Suman, what did she steal. Sonakshi scolds the media.

Sonakshi says we are already worried. Rohit asks Nishi to say sorry to Suman. Nishi says why sorry. He says Suman had faced troubled because of me, come on. Suman says let her apologize. Sonakshi says come with me, no use to drag the matter. Nishi smiles and goes. Rohit apologizes on Nishi’s behalf. Suman goes. Sonakshi says I thought you are a good hearted man, thanks for proving me wrong, your truth came out. He says trust me, I got to know this from you, Nishi did wrong but… Sonakshi says Suman is my mom, I love her a mum, I don’t accept a word against her, you crossed limits, you just caused trouble for me, I don’t want to see your face and talk to you. He looks on.

Rohit and Nishi come home. Rohan asks what happened. Rohit says ask Bua, what did she get doing this. Naren asks Nishi why did she do this. Nishi says I told you, Suman called me and angered me, I thought to teach her a lesson. Naren asks can anyone send someone to jail in anger, you should have apologized to her. Nishi says stop it now, topic over. Deepa comes and says I was in court when you called, tell me what’s the matter, we will discuss what to do. She looks at everyone.

She asks what happened. Naren says I don’t believe this, Nishi you called Deepa. Nishi says yes, Vimmi also saw this on tv serial, I saw my lawyer, Deepa. Deepa asks what, you got this idea from a tv serial. Veena says you should have spoken to us once. Sukhmani says you didn’t leave this habit. Nishi says I got Suman freed, what should I do. Rohit says you can say sorry once. She refuses. Rohit asks Vimmi not to watch tv serial in front of family members.

Veena says we can’t change this, we have to make relations fine with Rastogi. Rohit says I will do it. Nishi asks why is he getting hyper after a tv serial actress. Yash looks on. Sonakshi gets Suman home. She informs Netra that she will come once after Pari comes home. She says thanks, I hope the publisher won’t print this news tomorrow. Suman recalls everything and cries. Sonakshi calms her down. Suman says so much insult, I had to go to police station with your dad, I felt the same insult today. Pari comes. Suman wipes her tears and says don’t tell anything to her. Pari says surprise, I cleared the first round. Suman hugs and congratulates her. Sonakshi says congrats. Suman asks her to get sweets for everyone. She makes Pari sit and says I couldn’t come, sorry, tell me what did judges say. Pari says I did as you taught me, Pooja Sippy is also participating, she is Nishi’s daughter, we had a tie scores today. Suman says I will teach them a lesson. She calls lawyer and says file the mental harassment case against Sippys. Sonakshi stops her. Suman says Pooja is troubling Pari. Sonakshi gets Bunty’s call and says I m just leaving. She asks Pulkit to handle mum and call her. He asks her to get ready.

Rohit comes to his office and sees his watch. He calls Sonakshi. She disconnects and says I don’t want to talk to you. Netra asks did Sonakshi come. She goes to Sonakshi. Sonakshi thanks her for handling the journalist. Netra asks how is Suman. Sonakshi says she isn’t fine, she shattered a lot, I felt so helpless and scared, Rohit got Nishi there at the right time, else mum would be still there. Netra consoles her and asks her to have water. Sonakshi says I remember mum fell helpless at the police station, when I was a child, she was interrogated. Netra says you are strong, it will get fine, believe me, nothing wrong will happen, its good Rohit came on time. Sonakshi says no, Rohit had spoiled things, I wish we didn’t meet. Nurse comes to Rohit. He asks for Preeti. She says this line up is not of Preeti, you are being confused, Preeti got discharged, is everything fine? He says yes, when is her next appointment. She says thursday. He asks what’s your mum’s age. She says 65, she is fit. He asks did she go to jail. She says no, never. He says relax, suppose someone has sent your mum to jail by mistake for few hours, how will you react. She tells weird things. He gets shocked. He asks her to do her work. She goes. He says Sonakshi’s anger is justified, I have to do something.


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