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Eternal Love 27 december 2020 Star life: Rohit coming to a telecom company and asking the man to help him track the number. The man says sorry, come tomorrow. Rohit shouts please Sir. Sonakshi cries recalling Suman and Pari’s words.

Sunita comes. Sonakshi says Pari said I want to control her, mum and Pari don’t know Sumit, you are on set, you know he is cheap, how I tolerate him, I love my work a lot, that’s why I m doing this show with him, but I also have some ethics, I can’t beg him, why don’t they understand. She cries. Rohit says I have to know the location of this number, check system, someone answered the call after many years. The man says the server is closed. Rohit says you can track it. The man shouts enough, you got in and getting hyper, police permission is needed to track number, go to police, lodge Fir and come to me tomorrow. Rohit holds his collar and says I call that number every day, someone answered it today, and your system is down. He leaves the man. Kisse puchun….plays…. Rohit calls again and cries. Sonakshi hugs Sunita and cries.

Sunita consoles her. Ajit calls Rohit and asks him to get Sukhmani’s diamond necklace. Rohit says fine. Ajit asks are you fine, where are you. Veena asks are you fine Rohit. Rohit cries and says nothing, I m reaching home, I will get ready and come. Veena says okay. Naren says he is a grown up man, its not good to worry for him, he can take care of himself, take it easy.

Pari says don’t irritate me mom, I can take care. She argues with a girl. The girl asks her not to worry about her dress. Pari gets angry on Sonakshi. Sonakshi says its time to hide the storm of heart behind the makeup, get ready with a smile. Rohit comes home. He calls the number again. Veena comes. Rohit says Ajit called me, you came back. She asks what happened. He says ready. She asks won’t you tell me, did you call on tha number again. He cries and says I call every day, no one answers, someone answered today for the first time. She asks who. He says don’t know, it was some man, he said hello and then disconnected. She hugs him. They cry. She says time doesn’t stop for anyone, we have to move on, you can’t go back in past, free yourself. He says you are right, its Pooja’s special day, I can’t miss it. She makes him wear the coat. He asks how do I look. She signs good. He says you also look pretty, would you be my date today. She says when the guy is so handsome, I should go on the date. They leave.

Sonakshi asks Sunita to go and have food, they will start getting ready after some time. Veena asks driver to drive fast, Naren is waiting. Rohit gets the message and sees Pooja and other contestants’ pics. Rohit asks mom, whom would be choose between me and Naren. She asks what’s this question. He says you just worry for dad. She says you are a heart surgeon, person is alive until he has a heartbeat, you are my heart and Naren is my heartbeat, simple.

Sonakshi checks dresses. Lights go off. She calls out Sunita. Someone comes to her. She gets away and asks who is it. She uses her phone torch and sees Karan. She asks what are you doing here. He says my GF Dolly, she is in top 5 finalists, I got to know you are also here, so I have come. She pushes him and goes out. She asks is anyone there. She asks the crew member to check the lights. The man says give me 5mins. Karan says don’t waste the time. She shouts get out, else you can’t show this face to anyone. He says your attitude didn’t go, you are tv big star, I ma struggling actor. He goes. She shuts the door. He says its good time to ashame her, you will always remember this day.

Sippys come for the fashion show. Nishi is very excited for Pooja. She hugs Yash. Veena goes to Naren. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. Rohit goes to surprise Sukhmani. Veena makes her wear the diamond necklace. Sukhmani says I forgot this at home. Veena says Nishi is tensed. Rohan and Tanya click selfies. Nishi says I m so nervous, I need a drink. Rohan says I know, come to the bar. Deepa clicks selfie with Sukhmani. Mrs. Mehra greets Naren and Veena. She calls out Rohan. Rohit greets them. He says Akash is calling me. Deepa says Tanya is calling me. Naren says I will see them. Mrs. Mehra asks about Rohit’s marriage. Veena says he changes the topic always. Mrs. Mehra says he will agree soon. Veena says see, he is alone again, don’t know when will we get Rohit’s life partner. Sonakshi is ready. She goes to wish Pari. Sumit looks on. Pari asks the girl to fix her gown, the hook is very loose. The girl says I will fix it, don’t worry. Sumit recalls Sonakshi’s words.

Sonakshi getting Pari’s dress and checking the fault. Pooja comes and sees her. She says its my dress, what are you doing. Sonakshi says sorry, it was kept on the chair, I thought its of Pari. Pooja asks her not to make the tension high. She gives Pari’s dress. Sonakshi says really sorry. Pooja goes. Sonakshi checks Pari’s dress and says oh, the hook is very loose, Pari was saying right. She sits to stitch the hook. Suman hides chillis and lemons. She says see Pari’s poster, bad sight will ward off her, she will win. Pulkit asks her to relax, have a drink. She says its Saturday, I don’t drink on Saturdays. Karan greets Suman. Pulkit gets angry. Karan says ex mummy ji, you didn’t change like Sonakshi, insult on face, have cold water, cool your mind. Suman scolds him.

He says you loved me so much, I was your fav, like your son. Pulkit throws water on his face. Karan smiles and says you have grown up and got courage. Pulkit says you will read the headlines, that I have beaten up a struggler, it will be your good. Karan laughs and goes. Pulkit gives him 20rs for auto fare. Yash says Nishi and everyone Yash says mom is unwell, she is admitted in hospital. Rohit says please go, we are here for Pooja. Yash says Nishi will taunt me all life. Sukhmani asks him to go, he has to be a best son also. Yash thanks her and goes. Akash goes. Sukhmani says we are talking about marriage in front of Rohit. Deepa comes and asks whose marriage talk is going on. They go. Rohit sees Pari’s poster. Sukhmani says she is Sonakshi’s sister, she is good. Sumit asks the lady to fix her costume. He says designer have designed my costume so well. She says I m glad. He says you are ready to style your own show. She says it will take time. He says if an influential man recommends you, you can get a chance, I heard Pari asking you to fix her gown. She says I will fix it. He says you fix it that it gets off on the ramp. She gets shocked and asks what.

She says no, I can’t do this. He says listen, wait, its not your mistake, its mistake of your middle class mentality, I wanted to take you on the top, I will get my work done by any assistant, you do what you want. She says my career will be ruined. She cries. He says stop crying, do my small work, I will do big things for you really, everyone thinks I m a big tv actor, I m alone, my wife is enjoying in London, I m still finding my queen. The girl agrees. He says very nice.

Amrita welcomes the guests and asks them to give mobiles to the crew members. Nishi asks where is YK. Ajit says he will come, chill. Veena asks Rohit to go and call Naren, the show is about to begin. Suman says I m very insulted today. Nishi sees her and says that tacky woman found me again. Tanya says her daughter is also a contestant. Nishi says I will teach her a lesson. Nishi greets Suman and taunts her. Suman says I m the special guest, Sonakshi will perform dance and Praniti is the finalist. Nishi says oh yes, Pooja told me, you should have got her to me, look at her nose, its uneven, look at Pooja, she is perfect, its fine, all the kids are special, all the best. Pulkit comes and stops Suman. Suman says this is my seat.

Deepa says I m asked to sit here. Suman says get up, we have this seat number. Nishi asks Deepa to sit there. Suman shouts. Amrita asks what happened, sit with your son. Suman asks why, I want to sit here, I will go home, you can’t insult me. Sonakshi says now Pari won’t have any problem. Sunita comes and says come fast, your mum is fighting with someone. Sonakshi goes. The girl comes and shuts the door. She takes Pari’s dress and cuts it. Amrita says I won’t have any choice if you don’t cooperate. Suman says they mean they won’t care if we aren’t here.

Sonakshi asks what, Amrita you can’t treat my mum like this. Amrita says I will explain. Sonakshi says I know Sippys are big people but you can’t insult other guests. Amrita asks Deepa will she adjust. Deepa says fine. Rohit asks Deepa to sit with the family. He says Deepa is my aunt, I think Rastogis don’t have a habit to adjust. Sonakshi says my mum will sit on the seat alloted to her. He says there won’t be a storm if she sits somewhere else. Amrita says you both don’t fight now. They argue. Deepa says listen to me Rohit, if this seat is so imp, its okay. Rohit says sit there. Preeti comes and calls out Sonakshi. Sonakshi hugs her. She asks are you fine.

Rohit asks how are you feeling. Preeti says I m fine, I won in the running race, I got fine because of Rohit uncle. Rohit says you are brave. Preeti says Parvati made me fears away, my aunt is part of event, I have come with my dad. Her parents greet them. Preeti asks Sonakshi about her performance and wishes her all the best. She says I will watch the performance and clap, don’t get nervous. Rohit says she is a good actress. Preeti asks where will you sit, I have to sit with you. Nishi says there is a problem about seats. Preeti asks is there any problem. Sonakshi says no. Suman says Rohit doesn’t want me to sit here. Preeti says Rohit’s aunt can sit on my dad’s seat. Rohit says you are so adjusting. Rohit jokes on Sonakshi. She says Pooja is lovely, but Pari will win, we will see who needs the ventilator.

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