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Eternal Love 20 december 2020 Star life: Yash saying Ajit has handled Sonakshi. Rohit says this happened because of money refund, she is getting a heavy fee for this. Yash says you don’t know that tv actress, come. Rohit says I will come.

Ajit asks Sonakshi to be comfortable. He gives her the file and says there are all the details. Sonakshi says its good if this winds up soon. Ajit says I will confirm and tell you when event will start. She says that rude doctor shouldn’t come in front of me, he need not attend this event. Ajit worries.

He says fine, as you wish. He goes. She sits to get ready. She says are all the doctors crazy or those who meet me. Rohit says she is making you mad, I m not coming in this event. Yash signs Ajit and says fine, as you wish. Rohit gets angry. Yash says we will take care of everything, you relax. Rohit asks won’t I look stupid, its my event, I won’t be there, I will not come there, I will see how that stupid actress appears a fool, what will she answer if media asks her, I didn’t tell her anything. Ajit says fine, you stand behind and see. Rohit asks where. Ajit says behind her. Rohit says I m the owner of this hospital, I will stand in front of that superstar. Yash says you should wear a suit, its a big event. Ajit says I told Sonakshi that doctor won’t attend the event. Yash asks why did you say this. Ajit says I didn’t know he will change his mind. Yash says Rohit hasn’t seen Sonakshi, she hasn’t see Rohit, problem solved.

The event starts. The lady praises Rohit and congratulates Veena. Veena asks Ajit did Rohit agree. Ajit says everything is under control. Yash welcomes Rohit and says we have got this technology in our hospital because of him. Ajit says we shall call Sonakshi. Veena says Akash and Deepa didn’t come, we can’t start the event, we shall wait for ten minutes. Akash and Deepa come and congratulate Rohit. Deepa says I had to come, its a big day for you, I m so proud of you. Veena hugs Deepa. Deepa says sorry, I had an imp hearing in the court today.

Akash says we are accustomed to this, why didn’t you start the function. Veena says you both didn’t get married, but Deepa is already our bahu, we don’t start function without our bahus. Ajit says I will bring the chief guest. Bade Mumma asks Rohit to get the chief guest. Veena says Rohit isn’t interested. Akash says what he has to do, he has to do. Rohit says I wasn’t interested for her to come, you should go and get her. Naren looks on and says just listen to mum, you go and receive the guest, you are a doctor and know the protocol, this is your event, you will go to welcome the chief guest. Rohit goes. Veena says you must appreciate that Rohit always obeys you.

Ajit says this event will have more TRP than her tv show. Sonakshi says Sunita, see I got a pimple, I told the doctor not to give me this medicine. Sunita says its not visible. Rohit comes and hears her. He thinks Parvati madam has come for the opening. He says the medicine which causes pimple, if I didn’t give that, you would have got admitted in this hospital for stress and dehydration. She says you didn’t hear it, I got fine by your medicine. He says always acting. She says this habit is bad to talk to own self. He says I don’t do this if I talk to an intelligent person, but today its you, you are the chief guest, so shall we go. She says sure, you work here, doctor surgeon. He says I m the owner of the hospital, I m Rohit Sippy. She looks at him and nods. He asks shall we go. She goes with him.

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She says I would have beaten him up. Nishi asks Yash to go and get Sonakshi. Yash asks why did mum send Rohit to receive Sonakshi. Yash and Ajit see Rohit and Sonakshi coming. Sonakshi asks is this entire hospital yours. Rohit jokes. She says there is a rude, arrogant and stupid doctor in your hospital, he was judging me, I think you should teach manners to him, he will defame your hospital, you should take strict actions against him. Rohit says shut up, you are going on chattering, I will kill you today. He holds her neck to suffocate. His imagination ends. He sees everyone staring. Sonakshi asks what are you thinking, are you getting tense, the event got delayed, its okay, don’t worry, all my fans will be fine, I m very popular. Ajit asks them to come. Rohit stops Yash and asks did you just get this actress in the entire city.

Everyone meets Sonakshi. The reporter says there is a pimple on your face. Sonakshi says yes and sees Rohit. Yash asks Veena to invite Amit and Jaya next time, our lives will get easier. Veena asks why did you take so long. Rohit says Sonakshi’s talk wasn’t ending. Sonakshi lights the diya. Maid touches her maid and gets emotional. Rohit says we have spent a lot in publicity. Nishi asks Sonakshi to speak to everyone. Rohit says my hospital is ruined, I have to find some other job now. He imagines Sonakshi asking Rohit to treat her ill husband. Rohit checks Sumit and signs no. He says he needs prayers not medicine. He goes. She shouts no…. His imagination ends. He says my career is over, this is a bad idea. Sonakshi thanks Sukhmani for making her part of this event. She says we get scared when we get a heart attack, those who can afford go to US for treatment, those who can’t afford got help from Dr. Rohit. She praises Rohit.

She says just like you all, I don’t know much about this technology. Nishi asks her to refer to the details. Sonakshi speaks well about the new technology. Ajit says I thought she is dumb, she has done her homework well. Rohit asks shall we hire her in the hospital, she performs surgery well. She says I was going to leave after hearing a rude doctor. Rohit drops the water bottle. She says I m not a doctor, but I m a human, is being a doctor bigger than being a person, that’s why I m here. He looks at her surprised.

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Sonakshi says I have searched about the technology on internet, I also learn about medicine’s side effect that brings a pimple. She sees Rohit. She asks Rohit to come for the award, its a thankful token for him. Rohit receives the award. She asks him to smile. He says you are smiling on our behalf. Everyone claps. Ajit says Sonakshi impressed everyone except Rohit. Veena says she has won my heart. Yash says Sonakshi has to get ready for cocktail. Ajit says wonderful speech, can we go to the lounge for the cocktail. Rohit says I m not interested in the cocktail party, I m very busy. Yash says media will question you, you have to be there. He goes. Rohit says Sonakshi impressed everyone and depressed me. He goes to Sonakshi and gets stunned seeing her. She gets ready. She sees him at the door.

She says you, oh you liked the speech, I like I m looking good, you can give me a compliment. He says you came to my event and called me rude in front of everyone. She says so you are feeling bad as you are that rude doctor, you said nonsense about me. He says you are in my hospital, I told the facts, you drive a car without license, you love dogs more than people. She says the man who doesn’t love dogs can’t love people, did I say this, no. He says you can’t confuse me, you can’t win this way, you are too much. She says I already won. Veena looks on and stops Rohit. She says I m Rohit’s mom, you are perfect combination of beauty and brains, actually Rohit studied a lot, he is best surgeon but he forgot his manners in his books, don’t feel bad. She asks Rohit did I teach this to you. She asks Sonakshi are you ready. She asks Rohit to escort her downstairs in a cordial manner, like a gentleman. She goes. Sonakshi asks what did your mom tell you, like a gentleman. Rohit and Sonakshi hit jokes on each other. She smiles and goes with him.

Sukhmani says Rohit has come. Veena smiles. Rohit thanks the reporters. He introduces Deepa, a famous lawyer, he doesn’t watch tv. Sonakshi says you were in panel in Suraiya case right. Deepa says impressive, you know the case. Sonakshi says I follow the news, I know you would be much busy. Rohit says Akash is my uncle, owner of a big hotel, even he doesn’t watch tv. Sonakshi says my younger brother Pulkit praises your restaurant a lot and especially the three dishes. Akash says that’s good to know, call me when he comes to my restaurant next time, you come along. Sonakshi says I will come. Rohit says you have to pay the bill. Sonakshi says I can even pay the double amount. Akash says don’t mind him, you just come.

Rohit says this is Tanya, world’s best jewellery designer, she doesn’t watch tv. Sonakshi says your necklace is stunning, I m sure you have designed it. Rohan introduces himself and says I own Sippy enterprises. Sonakshi says construction business isn’t booming right now, but you will easily overcome this phase. Rohit says Nishi is my Bua, she is a cosmetologist, you can go to her to remove wrinkles and pimples, Yash is her husband, they stay busy and don’t watch tv. Sonakshi smiles. Rohit says this is my cousin sister Pooja, Nishi’s daughter, she wants to be a supermodel and finally my Badi Mumma, Sukhmani Sippy. Sonakshi says you are Piramal’s wife right, he was a famous gynac, glad to meet you. Veena introduces Naren. Rohit says mum doesn’t watch tv, she follows web series. Veena asks Sonakshi to have a drink. Rohit asks white wine? Sonakshi asks for lemonade without sugar. He goes to get it. Veena takes Sonakshi aside to tell a secret. She says I love your show KPK, the episode in which you saved your husband’s life, I cried a lot that day. Sonakshi says but you don’t watch tv. Veena says I secretly watch it on phone, come. They laugh.

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Veena says if you release a web series, surely tell us, we will watch it. Sonakshi gets a call and goes. Rohit says Vimmi, she left… Preeti asks are you in this hospital, come and meet me. Sonakshi asks are you here, I will come after telling them bye. Tanya sees Rohan with a girl and asks him to behave. Rohan says I was just talking. She says you were flirting with her. He asks don’t think wrong. She says I don’t like this. He says stop doubting on me. She goes to congratulate Rohit. She hugs Rohit and says Sonakshi is fabulous, she isn’t arrogant. Rohit says she gets paid for acting trust me, they know to keep their image. Veena sees Sonakshi and stops him. Sonakshi comes to Rohit and asks why did you stop him, let him say.

She asks Rohit to let his frustration out. She says you are a heart surgeon, you only understand reports and CT scans about the heart, I pity that you have no idea about emotions, you don’t know how to know a person’s feelings, I hope you learn it soon else…. She thanks everyone for inviting her. She says I have to leave, there is shoot in the morning, she has to meet someone. She says you have a lovely family, everyone is kind, how did you become a part of this family. She leaves. Rohit thinks to teach her a lesson. He goes after her. Sonakshi goes to meet Preeti. Ward boy says visiting hours, Parvati ji you… you can go. She thanks him. Rohit stops her. She says I m going to meet Preeti. He asks her to follow rules and regulations. She says you keep following me, why. He says its my hospital, visiting hours are over, you can’t meet any patient now. She says I made her a promise, she is waiting for me. He says I promised her mum that I will cure her, she needs rest. A man looks on. She says I won’t go near her, I will say hello and come. He says no, if I break for one, I will have to break rules for everyone.


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