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Eternal Love 10 January 2021: Yash asking Rohit what is he doing here. Sonakshi meets her fan Mahi. They take selfies. Veena looks on. She asks did you talk to Rohit. Sonakshi says no, he didn’t meet me.

Veena says he promised that he will get you home for dinner. Sonakshi says I want to tell you a truth, actually… The lady takes her along. Yash says Kewalramani invited us here, I m going, Rohan gifted diamond bracelet to Tanya, I didn’t gift anything to Nishi, I will go to a jewellery shop and come. The man asks Sonakshi to come and get pics clicked with his friends.

Rohit waves to Sonakshi. Ye mann karda….plays… Sonakshi smiles. The lady says we have served the food, one who hasn’t kept the fast can eat food. Rohit comes and hugs Sonakshi. The lady holds her and clicks selfie. Sonakshi looks around. Veena stops Rohit and says you here. Sonakshi goes. Veena says this is what Sonakshi wanted to tell me but couldn’t, we are going for the prayers, please go and talk to her. Sonakshi gets Suman’s call and says I will leave in some time. Rohit says we are hosting a dinner party tonight, I told the family I will get you. She says you are out of your mind. He gets Dr. Dimpy’s call. She runs away.

The women perform the puja. Sonakshi is with her fans. Rohit says please say yes. A plate falls down. Sonakshi asks him to pick the things. She goes. He picks the mehendi and says say yes please, be my GF. The lady asks really, the fast is very effective. Sonakshi smiles. Rohit says you, no… She says its yes from my side. He says I thought you were someone else. She asks who. He shows some lady. She sees Yash and says he…. He says yes, that’s my Woh, sorry Snehal Didi.

He goes and hugs Yash. Sonakshi smiles. Rohit says we are gay partners, please smile, don’t forget, say this if anyone asks. Yash asks what. The lady says what happened to guys these days. Rohit runs after Sonakshi. They enter the ladies washroom. Sonakshi asks what are you doing in ladies washroom. He says sorry. She says I won’t help you. He says I need your help. She sees the ladies coming. She says if they see us together, it will be a scandal, my image…let me think. She hides Rohit. They hear the ladies talking about Sonakshi. Rohit says just say yes, else I will shot, it will be a scandal, everyone will know Sonakshi has an affair. Sonakshi says quiet. The ladies talk further and praise Veena Sippy. They talk about Rohit, that he is a bachelor, he has a serious problem, so he isn’t marrying, he is much handsome, it maybe anything. Rohit says I don’t have any problem. Sonakshi says I will come for dinner if you keep quiet. He asks here or at the dinner. She says here, be quiet. The ladies gossip and leave.

Sonakshi says be here, I will go and see. They leave. They argue about the way. Veena sees them and says they look so cute together, how romantic. She sends Nishi the other way. Rohit says thanks for saying yes, its matter of few months. Sonakshi says no, I can’t bear these stupid ideas for long, what will I tell my mom, you know how much she loves you and your family, don’t tell anything to her, I have three conditions, I m doing this dinner thing just tonight, you tell the family about the breakup in 10 days, don’t include me. He says 10 days are less. She says just your family will know this, not my family and media. He nods. She says for the next 15 days, you will do what I say. He says agreed, will you come for dinner tonight. She says yes. He says thanks, you are the best. He hugs her and goes.

She says there is nothing like that, I m helping my good friend, Veena was upset that day, Rohit doesn’t miss Raima but love, maybe I bring love in his life as a friend.

Pari sees Rohan at the cafe. She takes coffee for him. He says sorry, I was busy and didn’t notice. She says your name was announced at the counter, so I have got the coffee for you. He says you here. She says I came to meet a model coordinator. He says finish your meeting, I will finish my meeting, then we will talk. She says sure. Sonakshi comes home. Suman asks how was the event. Sonakshi says it was good, I have to go for dinner. Suman says I thought to make Methi roti for you, invite friends home, you should rest. Sonakshi says I m not going with friends, I m going to Sippy’s house, its their festival, Rohit was insisting and Veena also forced, I have to do. Suman says you may go, take some rest. Sonakshi says thanks. She goes. Suman says I have to do something, both my daughters are getting close to this family.

Rohan and Pari flirting. She says you started it. He asks when. She says you messaged me and deleted. He says listen… She asks did you do that mistake intentionally. He says fine. She says you should go, your wife would be waiting. Rohan says Teejri, how do you know. She says mom was telling about Sonakshi attending Teejri function. He says okay then bye. He gets her scarf. He gets her message… I left the scarf to meet you next time. He replies, lets meet in Rahul’s party. I will return the scarf.

Nishi asks Yash why isn’t moon coming out. Yash says I m trying for it. She says don’t joke, find out on net. Sukhmani says even I m hungry. Naren asks where is Rohit. Sukhmani says he went to fulfill my promise. Yash says Rohit came in the party to meet Sonakshi, I saw him. Nishi asks did he propose Sonakshi. Rohan says he is hiding it. Akash says many people hide things in this house. He sees Nishi.

Rohit comes. Ajit says Parvati’s Shiv ji, come. Rohan asks did you propose Sonakshi or not. Veena says I thought she will come. Vimmi says Parvati… Sonakshi ji has come. Rohit says I will get her. Veena says I will come along. Sukhmani says no, let Rohit get her officially. Rohit comes to Sonakshi and sees her wearing a saree. He asks what is this. She asks nice. He says nice. He asks maid to call Ravi. He asks what’s this, and so much jewellery. She says I have come here as your GF, I have to get shagun, your mum watches me on tv every day, I mean Veena will see me as bahu, I m working hard, I searched online, you should appreciate me. Rohit says my family wants to meet Sonakshi, not Parvati, wear something normal, make some excuse. He says yes, understand, I love Sonakshi, not Parvati, I will get Tanya’s dress. She says I m an actress, I have extra clothes in my car. She asks the man to get the clothes to outhouse.

Rohit shows the dresses. He says no, its gaudy. He says no, this matching won’t suit, this is nice color. She says its very simple. He says its simple and classy, wear this. She says Sunita isn’t here, its not easy to change. Rohit says I will help you. He goes to remove the necklace. They get close. She says you go, I have to change. He says no, take bath first, your hair has gel, I m getting Parvati’s feel, its family dinner. She says I will go right away. He says sorry, I meant to say, you look more beautiful in loose hair, please.

Sukhmani says its too late, where are they. Naren asks Veena not to interfere, give them some privacy. Sonakshi dries her hair. Rohit looks on. Ek ladki ko dekha to….plays….. She asks is it fine now. Rohit says beautiful, I swear, perfect. He holds her hands and says thanks for doing this for me. They come to meet everyone. Sukhmani hugs Sonakshi and wards off bad sight. Veena hugs Sonakshi. Yash signs Nishi. Nishi also welcomes Sonakshi and says such a simple dress, you would have come in a hurry, its okay, nice. Veena says you look lovely. Tanya says I want the same outfit. Veena says you will get it. Ajit says moon has come out. Sonakshi stares at Rohit.

Veena asks Vimmi to get extra thaali kept. She says Rohit and Sonakshi, you are a couple now, you can do this puja, its a rule. Sonakshi says I didn’t keep a fast. Veena says but you can do the puja. Sukhmani asks you guys love each other, right. Rohit and Sonakshi say of course. Vimmi asks Sonakshi to come. Nishi makes Sonakshi drop the water pot. She says so sorry, it slipped. Sonakshi says its a bad omen, we regard so. Veena says its okay. Sonakshi says I will do it next year. Sukhmani says its fine. Yash looks at Nishi. Everyone breaks their fast and complete puja. Yash says I have seen what you did. Nishi looks on. Vimmi asks Sonakshi to sit there. Ajit says I sit with Rohit. Vimmi says Parvati ji will sit today. Rohit says Sonakshi. Akash asks Ajit to sit with him. Nishi says I can’t stay hungry. Yash feeds her. Naren feeds Veena. Rohan feeds Tanya. Sonakshi smiles seeing the couples. Sukhmani says its our tradition. Sonakshi says its lovely tradition.

Sukhmani says you didn’t keep fast and puja couldn’t complete, you both can keep this tradition. Rohit asks Vimmi why did she keep karela, are you mad. Sonakshi says no, its my fav. vimmi says I got to know this from internet. Sonakshi says I like spicy food. Rohit feeds it to Sonakshi. Sonakshi says yummy, my turn now. Rohit says feed me salad. Sonakshi says for my sake, please. Sukhmani says Sonakshi’s love will make this karela sweet, eat it. He eats it. Everyone smiles. Sonakshi asks is it good. He says yes, water.

Akash asks Sonakshi to tell about her likes and dislikes. Vimmi says I will tell you. Naren asks her to let Sonakshi say. Sonakshi says I was 12 years old when I started working, so I didn’t get time for hobbies, but yes, I like collecting film posters, I like to sleep, whenever I get free time, I sleep, I m studying these days, I m giving 10th exams. They look at her. Sonakshi asks what happened, did I say anything wrong. Rohit signs no. Naren asks how did you like Rohit, he is opposite. Nishi says yes, he likes trekking, swimming and para gliding a lot. Ajit says you all are science students, did you forget basic principle, opposites attract, see Rohit has eaten karela in love. Rohit stares at Ajit. Tanya says so true, love can make us do anything. Veena says yes, two incomplete people get complete by love. Naren nods. Veena says Rohit’s choice is very good. Nishi stares.


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