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Eternal Love 6 March 2021 update: Veena asking Sonakshi do you tell everything to Rohit. Sonakshi says why would I hide anything. Rohit asks Veena to calm down. Veena asks why didn’t you tell Rohit about signing this prenup agreement.

Some time back, Inspector asks Sonakshi to come with him. Rohit looks on. Inspector asks Sonakshi to say. Rohit takes Veena to Naren. Veena cries and says I need you Naren. Rohit gets a call and signs Tulsi. Inspector says fine, I got my answers, you can go now. Sonakshi goes and sees Suman. Suman says its just me, no one from Sippys came here, come home. Sonakshi says I have to go to hospital, how can I come home.

Suman says don’t be an emotional fool, you want to go to those thankless people. Ajit comes and says its Rohit’s call. Sonakshi asks are you fine. Rohit says yes, are you fine. She says yes, they have questioned me and let me go now. He says sorry, I couldn’t come and send Ajit. She says I understand, how are dad and mumma. He says dad is on ventilator, mum is fine, are you coming. She says yes, I m coming. She says I have to go to the hospital. Suman looks on.

Pari stops Rohan and says you didn’t come to me. Rohan says its not the right time to discuss this. He recalls Tanya’s words. He says never, its all over. She gets shocked. He says its over. She says you were leaving Tanya. He says no, she is my wife, I can’t divorce her, tell me, how much money you want, you won’t come to meet me. She scolds him. He says if you have any self respect, you won’t meet or call me, just go. He leaves. She cries.

Rohit holds Naren’s hand. He cries. Sonakshi hugs Rohit and consoles him. Nishi looks on. Rohit says I hate this man but can’t see him like this, you were right, mom can’t stay without dad, she was restless, I gave her a sedative and sent her home, sorry from mom’s side, mom isn’t able to bear this. She says I understand her condition, no need to say sorry. He hugs her. Nishi gets shocked. She says Rohit can’t support her, else she will stay in Sippy mansion and find out that Naren didn’t commit suicide, Veena told me that Sonakshi signed the prenup, Rohit doesn’t know about it, I know how to use this matter. Sonakshi says I will explain Veena, go home. Rohit says I have to be with dad. Pooja comes and cries. She asks shall I take care of him, please, don’t know what to call him, uncle or… Rohit hugs her. He asks her to be with Naren. Nishi says prenup file will be in Naren’s cupboard, key will be under the pillow as usual. She sees Veena sleeping and gets the key. She opens the cupboard and gets the agreement file. She checks it and smiles. She says Sonakshi doesn’t hide anything from Rohit. She changes the paper. Yash comes. She hides the papers.

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He asks are you fine. She cries and says I just want Naren to get fine soon. He says I know you love Naren a lot, why would Sonakshi provoke Naren for suicide, you always misunderstood her, just she can maintain peace in the house. She says I think you are right, go and sleep. Its morning, Nishi gives tea to Veena. She says I have much stress, Rohit got Sonakshi home, I know Sonakshi is your fav, Naren got much insulted because of Sonakshi, she said she has quit acting, she still goes for shooting, I swear, Rohit is my fav, Sonakshi knows to make him dance on her fingers, I saw them hugging and smiling, they were in Naren’s ward, I m afraid that Sonakshi’s love will ruin Rohit and us, she shows Rohit that she is most imp for him, she never lies and never hides anything. Veena asks does she not hide anything. Nishi asks why, did she hide something. Sonakshi asks Rohit to have something. He says I have to go. She says I will make oats. She gets a burn. He gets worried and takes care of her. She thanks and asks do you trust me. He says more than myself. Veena asks are you sure.

Veena asks Sonakshi do you tell everything to Rohit. Sonakshi says why would I hide anything. Rohit asks Veena to calm down, she is stressed. She says Sonakshi is fooling now. She throws the prenup and asks Sonakshi to tell him. Sonakshi recalls the prenup. Veena asks why didn’t you tell Rohit about signing this prenup agreement if you tell him everything. Rohit asks prenup. Everyone looks on.

Inspector saying we suspect it to be a murder attempt on Naren. Sonakshi gets shocked. Some time back, Veena asks why didn’t you tell Rohit before signing the prenup. Rohit asks do you know about it. Sonakshi says I can explain, I don’t want anything. He reads and says you want money, its written that if dad gives property to mumma and Pooja, then you won’t get anything, you married me for property. She says its nonsense. He says its written, in case of a divorce, then Naren will give 80% share of his property. She recalls her words.

Everyone is shocked. Nishi smiles. Rohit says Naren will pay one crore to you every month as maintenance. Sonakshi is shocked. Veena says no, it was not like that. Sonakshi says I didn’t sign these papers, it was written that I don’t want anything, Naren got the papers home, I signed it in front of Sukhmani and Veena. Nishi asks did the papers get changed. Sonakshi says yes. Nishi asks Sukhmani didn’t they check the papers. Veena says Naren gave the papers to Sonakshi. Nishi says it means she made new papers and signed in front of you all. Sonakshi says I didn’t change any papers, I got the same papers here. Rohit asks if the papers are same, did Naren want to give his property to you, we know your mum loves money, maybe she changed the papers.

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Sonakshi says no, I can earn for myself. Rohit says you mean someone changed the papers and forged your signs, its a big plan against you. She asks why would anyone do this. He says exactly, its not your tv show, its my family, fine, you didn’t tell me about prenup, you made me feel guilty when I have hidden about Pooja’s matter. She says I don’t know, Naren insisted me for prenup, I didn’t want to hurt you. Veena asks how did papers change. She says I don’t know, trust me. Rohit says I don’t trust you, you are not my Sonakshi, you believed money can’t compensate love, love is just love, what is happening. Sonakshi cries. Nishi says great job, now I have to get this drama higher. Nishi says I told you, an actress can be good, but her morals are always a question mark, I m ashamed of Sonakshi, she went to talk to Naren to get her share, maybe she planned divorce with Rohit, let the police handle this. Akash and Tanya say yes, call the police. Sonakshi says yes, call the police, I want to know who has changed these papers, I want the truth to come out in front of you, I didn’t do anything, call the police, just police can help me. Nishi says okay then. Rohit says police won’t come, enough of drama, Sona I loved you a lot, it fell short, I gave a second chance to my love, its enough now. Everyone goes. She cries. Vimmi asks her to trust Mata rani, she won’t do anything wrong. She goes. Sonakshi wipes her tears. She gets a call and asks what…..

Nishi goes to meet Naren. She asks Tulsi to leave her alone for some time. Tulsi goes. Nishi asks Naren when will he die, when will she get what she wants. Sonakshi asks what, is that person here. Inspector says yes. She sees the man and says Hirani uncle, he is Naren’s friend, I met him in the party. Inspector says Hirani is Naren’s personal lawyer. Nishi says you don’t like Sonakshi, I ruined her image in front of everyone, she would be thinking who did this, she will never know that I have done this. Sonakshi says I didn’t know you are Naren’s lawyer.

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Hirani says Naren didn’t wish anyone to know this. Inspector says we checked Naren’s call records, to whom he spoke before murder attempt, we suspect that its a murder attempt on Naren. Sonakshi gets shocked. Inspector says he spoke to Mr. Hirani. He asks Hirani to tell everything to her. Hirani says Naren told me about your talk, he was very happy with you that you thought about the family, he told me to stop the property transfer to Veena and Pooja, he was going to meet me about it. Inspector asks on whose name was this property. Hirani says Hiru Sippy gave the property to Naren, Naren had all the rights. Inspector says suppose if anything happens to Naren Sippy.

Hirani says Nishi Sippy is the second executive. Inspector says oh, Nishi Sippy. Nishi says I practised Sonakshi’s sign and made new papers, guess what, even Rohit didn’t hear Sonakshi, you know this hurts Rohit a lot, he loves Sonakshi a lot, I swear he is my fav, but how does this matter, very soon this love will turn into hatred. Sonakshi says Nishi and Naren’s bond is very strong, don’t doubt on her, I can’t think of anyone, why will anyone try to kill him, how can you be sure that its a murder attempt. Inspector says our forensic team surveyed the place where Naren fell down. He drops a toy and shows demo. He says Naren’s body fell far.

Sonakshi says it means someone pushed Naren. Hirani says I hope Naren gets fine and tells us who pushed him, you have to take charge, he trusts you a lot. Sonakshi says yes uncle, I will completely help the inspector to reach the real culprit. Nishi says Sonakshi is alone, she can find out that you didn’t attempt suicide, I will attack her so that she breaks down, and you…. go peacefully, die soon. Sonakshi says the person may try to attack Naren again. Inspector says don’t worry, our officers are there in civil dress. She says our family is already in stress, its better if they don’t know it. Inspector says we don’t want to alert the murderer, we learnt you are innocent, my wife is your big fan, she tells me that couple should be like Rohit and Sonakshi, she gave Ronakshi name to your pairing and blessed you. Sonakshi says our love caught the bad sight. She goes and thinks of Rohit. Phir se aaj humko rula diya….plays… Rohit sees Naren and cries. He says don’t know, if I should trust you or not.


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