Eternal Love update Saturday 26th December 2020 Star Life

Eternal Love 26 december 2020 Star life: Rohit seeing Sumit. The man gives the new scene script to Sumit and goes. Netra asks what’s going on. Rohit says tit for tat. Veena says you know Rohit, he gets affected by small things.

Sukhmani says men should be troubled, I troubled your dad a lot, I used to get so much angry that he didn’t know what to do, he never spoke to me in high tone, I didn’t know he will leave me so soon, he left all of us, Rohit should have someone who understands him. Veena says yes, I also want this. Sonakshi says I got habitual to Sumit, I m getting a holiday after a long time, I will sleep for long hours, then go to spa and then meet my friends, I will go for a mobile, I will go and see Pari winning in the finals. Tanya comes to Rohan and asks him to go with his friends. He says I don’t like fighting with you, we will go for dinner. She says sorry, mum explained me to control my insecurity, I will not doubt on you, jewellery promise. He says then you are serious, see Deepa has come, we four will go on dinner. Tanya asks Rohan to go and enjoy with friends. He goes.

Sumit goes for the scene. Director explains him the scene. Nurse comes to Sumit. Rohit and everyone look on. Sumit stares at the nurse. Director says cut, next scene. Sumit goes after the nurse. The lady asks Sonakshi to come fast, Netra is calling her, she is saying a big drama is going to happen. Sonakshi rushes. Sumit claps for the girl and says you are a good actress, come with me to my room, my producer friends are finding a hot fresh face, we will mail your pics, you never know. The girl says okay. Sumit says I called my friend, he didn’t answer, he will call back. He says you are working out a lot, don’t worry about the lead role, I will manage everything. He gets the hair wig and sees the guy. He asks who are you.

Netra asks Sonakshi to just watch. Sumit goes out. Everyone laughs. Rohit smiles. The guy asks is my lead role sure even now, I m a dubbing artist. Sonakshi says you started casting couch, you didn’t say Sumit. They all laugh. Sumit says Sonakshi you did this, I will remember. She asks really. Rohit says Sonakshi didn’t do anything, I have done this. Sonakshi says if any journalist sees this, you will get famous for this Sumit. Netra says come for the next scene. Sumit angrily goes. Rohit smiles and gives wedding invite from Vimmi’s side. He asks friends? Sonakshi asks how did you think so. He says everything got normal now. She says you played prank on Sumit, I laughed, you think I forgot everything, nothing can get fine between us.

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He says I admit my family made a mistake, don’t lecture me. She says don’t come to talk to me. He leaves. She says I did right and goes. Its morning, Sonakshi asks Shankar not to come before 2pm. She sees Pulkit sleeping. She sees Pari’s pic in newspaper and shouts. Pulkit wakes up. Everyone comes. Pari sees the pic and smiles. Sonakshi hugs Pari. Suman says this had to happen, Pari will get double money home. Sonakshi says lets stay out of fights today. Sumit says I will not leave Rohit and Sonakshi. He gets a call from Amrita. She says I wanted a favor, I m organizing a function, I want you to become my panel judge, one of the judge got a heart attack and he is hospitalized. He asks is Pariniti participating in this contest. She says yes, I know your judgment will be fair. He says I will surely judge this contest. Sonakshi gets black thread to tie to Pari’s foot. She says this will save you from bad sight, you will be the fashion queen, I just came, I have a holiday, let me sleep.

Everyone prepares for Pooja’s fashion show and wish her best of luck. Naren asks where is Veena. Vimmi says she went for shopping. Nishi asks Amrita to send an invite for Deepa. She says Amrita asked us to get Deepa there. Rohit comes home and jokes on Pooja. She says you have to come with me, we have to go on time. He says of course, I will come, looking good. Pari greets Amrita and says Pooja didn’t come. Pooja comes and says sorry I got late. Pari taunts Pooja. Amrita says show me some energy, there is finals today, I want the show to be the best. Pari asks who is the new judge. Pooja says she would have to get cozy with new judge, tell her. Amrita says you will know it. Sumit claps and says Sonakshi, amazing, you slapped me on sets and then this drama, I know to cut down the feathers, I will punish Pari now, it will be fun, Pari will be insulted, its my turn now.

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Amrita calling Suman. Suman says what, your actress had a leg fracture, fine Sonakshi will perform, send 12 lakhs cheque, she is resting now, I will wake her up and send her for rehearsals, I will make her ready. Suman gets tea for Sonakshi and wakes her up. Sonakshi says its a holiday today. Suman says you have to go for rehearsals, see I made your fav tea, you have to perform in Pari’s event, the organizers want you to perform, its 12 lakhs deal, you returned 8 lakhs watch and 6 lakhs, we have to balance it, freshen up, get ready and come, Pari is also there.

Sonakshi says spa, movie, everything cancel, its fine. Veena gets ready. Naren helps her. She smiles. He says you look very beautiful. She says you are in romantic mood today. He shows a nail cutter. Sonakshi rehearses. Sunita says you did too good. Sonakshi says Rishi, I m scared, where is Arjun. Rishi says you did good, he will come, we will take a break. She asks Adi to make her meet Pari. He says I will check and tell you. Sumit hears him calling out Pari. He sees Pari. Veena cuts Naren’s nails. He screams. He says you use big instruments in hospital, you are scared to use nail cutters, I cut your nails like kids, what will people say. He jokes and laughs. He says I know you like cutting nails, I remember, you fell in love at first sight in college and made me promise. They talk of college times. She says its done, you are so scared. He says its the toughest thing. She says I worry for Rohit. He asks why. She says he should also get a life partner, I can feel his loneliness. He says he will get a life partner. She says after whatever happened.

Rohit recalls some girl and that slap. He calls and call doesn’t connect. He leaves the call on. He hears someone answering. He takes the phone and shouts. He calls again. He says just once….. He goes out of his cabin and hits. Nurse looks at him. Yash sings seeing Nishi and asks are you still upset. Nishi hugs him and cries. He says smile, I don’t sing so bad. She says I m stressed about Pooja, she wants to win this competition for us, if she loses…. I don’t care, I know she has tried her best, I know Pooja, she is emotional, she won’t be able to tolerate this failure. Sumit greets the girls and says I m your new judge and thought to give best wishes to you all. The lady introduces Sumit Khanna. Sumit greets Pari and asks her to do well. Pooja looks on. Yash says nurse said Pooja is weak, when she was 3 months old, you said we will get her home, we did it, even if Pooja loses today, its fine, we will do the same again, we will stand by her.

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They joke and smile. Nishi says don’t cry, else it will be tough to explain your mum. He says you mean you are coming with me to meet mum. She says yes, I know we don’t gel well, but I have a special relation with you. He takes her. Veena calls out everyone. Vimmi says Pooja…. Servant switches off the lights. Everyone makes special entries and laugh. Sukhmani asks where are YK and Nishi. Yash and Nishi come. Veena hugs Nishi and compliments her. Sonakshi thanks Rishi. Suman says I was going to get ready and came here. Sonakshi asks what’s this. Suman says crow has given the good luck, where is the good luck. Pari comes and hugs her. They compliment each other. Pari says I need to talk to you. She asks everyone to go out. She says you know the new judge is Sumit, I can’t talk to him, you talk to him please. Sonakshi asks what’s the need. Pari says its needed, ask him to take care of me.

Sonakshi asks her to win by her hard work. Suman says victory is imp, how does it matter if we talk to Sumit, its about Pari’s career, I won’t tolerate your ethics, Pari has to win. Sonakshi says she will win without anyone’s favor. Suman says I m her mum and know what she needs, go and talk to Sumit now. Sonakshi says sorry, I can’t. Pari says you don’t love me, you are jealous of me, that I will become bigger star. Sonakshi asks what, am I jealous, you know I will be so happy if you win, I can do anything for you, but this is wrong, I can’t let you do wrong and do wrong for you. Pari says so you decided, you got blind in ego, you are running home, you think you bought us, you think our real life is also a tv show, we will hear your lecture, I don’t care. Sonakshi cries. Pari goes.

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