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Eternal Love 20 february 2021 update: Sonakshi taking Pooja to Rani. Some time back, Sonakshi sees Pooja caring for a stray dog. Pooja scolds the guard. Sonakshi goes to Pooja and says the puppy is cute. Pooja asks where did you go today.

Sonakshi says I had some work. Pooja says we shall keep the puppy in the compound, Veena shouldn’t know. Sonakshi says tell me, what to name this cute homeless puppy, its a girl. Pooja says lets name it Pooja, she is also an orphan like me, this house gave her a shelter. The puppy goes to its mum. Pooja says its mom has come, thank God, this Pooja isn’t an orphan. Sonakshi recalls Rani’s words. She says I can’t see Pooja like this, she wants to meet her real mum, what’s wrong. She recalls Rohit’s words. She stops Pooja and says I found your real mum. Pooja asks what, my mom… Vimmi gets milk for the puppy.

Sonakshi says your mother who gave you birth. Pooja says my real mom, lets go and meet her, I m not an orphan. Sonakshi says we can’t go without asking Rohit, Nishi and YK. Pooja says they won’t understand, please. She hugs Sonakshi. They cry. Rohit is busy. Tulsi insists him to have food and then work. Rohit checks Sonakshi’s missed calls. Akash asks what, Sonakshi took Pooja out, no… Rohit calls Akash to ask about Sonakshi. Akash says Rohit…. Rohit leaves in a hurry. He collides with Tulsi. She drops the food plate. She says what happened to him. Pari asks how long will we meet like this. Rohan says I don’t know, I thought its attraction, I really love you. She says its risky, Tanya and your baby… He says I know, I will handle everything, promise me you won’t leave me. She says I promise, I won’t leave you.

Sonakshi takes Pooja to Rani. Pooja rings the bell. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays… Rani sees Pooja and asks her to come in. They cry. Sonakshi nods to Pooja. Tanya gets a parcel. She says so Rohan, I will know wherever you go, the tracker will give me all updates, I will find out about your affair. Suman calls Pari. Rohan says tell her, you got the role. Suman asks what, you got the lead role. Pari says yes. Suman says congrats, tell me the details. Pari says my phone has no battery, I will come home and tell you. Suman says fine, come soon. Rohan says its all set, we can meet at my office now. Pari asks what will I tell her. He says tell her that its a new production house, they will just deal with you, you tell about your look test and costume trial. She says you got to know the tv serials work, nice. Rani gets a glass of juice for Pooja.

Pooja asks why didn’t you come to meet me once. Rani cries. Sonakshi says I will make a phone call and come. Pooja stops her. She says Sonakshi told me everything about my birth, my dad is no more but you are there, you knew about me, you didn’t wish to see me once, you forgot me. Rani says I gave you birth, you are my daughter, I promise Nishi, she also kept her promise, she has sent all your pics to me, I saw you growing, you have grown up, my daughter, you looks are just like your dad. Pooja hugs her. Rani says I didn’t forget you, I was dying in guilt every day, I was helpless, alone, I didn’t had work and family, I didn’t know what to do, how would I fight with this world. Pooja says enough, I will take care of you, you will stay with me. Sonakshi says no Pooja.

Pooja asks why not, Sippys love me, they won’t have a problem with me, I will live with both my moms. Rani says no. Pooja says help me please. Nishi and Yash scold Akash and Deepa. Nishi says you met Rani and didn’t tell us. Everyone comes. Deepa says you hide things. Rohit asks where did Sonakshi take Pooja, where does that woman stay. Naren asks what’s happening, where did Sonakshi take Pooja. They see Sonakshi coming. Nishi says I won’t leave her today. She asks where is Pooja. Pooja brings Rani home. Everyone gets shocked. Naren asks what’s happening Pooja and who is this woman. Pooja says she is my mum….

Sonakshi saying I told a truth to Pooja, so I m wrong, you had hidden the truth so you are right. He says I will not forgive you for this, you will soon regret for this. Some time back, Pooja says this is my mum, who gave me birth. Everyone gets shocked. Ajit says she is lying, what nonsense is this. Pooja says Sonakshi made me meet her, why would she lie. Rani apologizes to Nishi. She says I didn’t break the promise, its fate, thanks for loving Pooja so much, I didn’t come to snatch Pooja, I know you have more right on her, you have raised her, Sippy family raised her, I didn’t wish to come. Pooja holds her. Rani says Pooja you are lucky to get a loving family, its your turn to take care of everyone, especially Nishi. She gives Pooja’s hand to Nishi.

Nishi asks Pooja where did you go without telling me, I got so worried. Rani says Sonakshi ji, thanks for making me meet my daughter. Rohit looks on. Pooja stops Rani and calls her Maa. She says now I know you gave me birth, I can’t leave you alone. Nishi sees Sonakshi. Pooja says Rani didn’t wish to come, I got her here, I wanted to spend time with her, Sonakshi didn’t allow me, did I do right to get her. Nishi says of course, you can spend time with her here, she can stay here. Pooja thanks and hugs her. Rani is taken to guest room.

Akash asks Sonakshi to answer them. Sonakshi says Pooja was calling herself an orphan, she is broken within, she wanted to know her roots, I didn’t wish to take any wrong step, she had taken the step of suicide attempt, she is happy now, she will stay in front of us. She says nothing will change, she will stay here. Nishi scolds her. Nishi says just you are responsible for this now, I knew Pooja’s real mum, but I didn’t tell her, there would be some reason right, she came to ask me, I didn’t say, you are great, you think you are so smart to take my daughter’s life decision, you will face the storm coming, you will bear the consequences. She goes. Everyone leaves. Sonakshi cries.

Naren says Sippy house is a tv set now, why doesn’t Sonakshi stay as bahu, this is disgusting. Veena asks him to calm down, Sonakshi doesn’t wish bad for anyone. Naren says you have seen the fights happening, unlike before. Veena says Sonakshi, how shall I explain you, rain dance and this new matter, it will be tough to manage Naren tomorrow. Sonakshi comes to room. Rohit says you are stubborn, you promised me you won’t do this, you should have discussed with me. He says I was busy, I didn’t die, no means no. She says wait, I had tried to call, you didn’t tell me about Pooja’s parents. He says stop nonsense. She says you have done wrong, you didn’t tell me anything, you promised that you won’t hide anything from me, you are still hiding. He says what shall I argue about your tv thinking. She says enough, don’t say anything about my work, you have lied, you knew Rani and didn’t tell me, you felt she will tell me everything and fought with me yesterday. He says yes, I don’t want Rani here.

She says Rani is Pooja’s mum, didn’t you see Pooja’s state, she is dead within, I have seen her, I couldn’t see her like that, Pooja isn’t asking for anything wrong, she wanted to meet her mum, I made her meet her mum, what’s wrong. He says shut up and listen, you should have not made them meet, its wrong. She says tell me, I married practical Rohit. He says I also married sensible Sonakshi, not this dramatic one. Sonakshi says I told a truth to Pooja, so I m wrong, you had hidden the truth so you are right. He says I will not forgive you for this, you will soon regret for this, remember this. He goes.

Rohan comes to room. Tanya hides the tracker. He asks what’s happening at home. She says Pooja got her mum. He asks what, I will go and see. He puts his car keys there. She looks at the keys. Pooja gets clothes for Rani. Rani says let me go home. Pooja says I want to live those missed moments with you. Rohan comes. Pooja introduces Rani to him. Tanya says once I fix the tracker in your car, I will know where you go, I won’t leave that girl. She fixes the tracker in his car.

Sonakshi recalls Rohit and Nishi’s words. Vimmi asks why do you look worried, is everything fine. Sonakshi says nothing is fine. Vimmi says yes, but you are Parvati, you can handle it. Sonakshi says this doesn’t happen in reality, Parvati is fictional bahu, I feel its easy to play Parvati, its tough to fulfill bahu duties, I try to make something fine and spoil the other. She goes and says whom shall I listen, I was always relieved that Rohit will be with me, the way he spoke today, I m scared, I want to keep them together, what if he leaves my hand forever.


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