Eternal Love 19 december 2020 Star life: Sonakshi and the men pulling Rohit and the puppy upwards. She asks are you fine. Rohit says yes. She talks to puppy. A couple comes to take the puppy Johny.

They ask Rohit to click a pic of them with Sonakshi. They thank Sonakshi and go. Sonakshi says poor Johny. Rohit says you aren’t pitying me. She says you are a human, you can take care of yourself, Johny can’t protect himself. Rohit says that mad dog…. Sonakshi says cute dog… FB shows Rohit stepping on a baby toy. Johny looks at him and gets angry on hearing the sound. He runs after Rohit.

Rohit runs to save his life. He falls down the railing. FB ends. Sonakshi laughs. He says since then, Johny and I were hanging there. She asks are you scared of dogs, how, they are so sweet. He asks how many sweets did you eat. He says any way, thanks for your help. She says you had come here, did you had any surgery. He says when I m upset and want to spend time alone, I come here. She looks at him and turns… She says did you hear, he also comes here like me. He says I was wondering, why did you take help from those men, you are great Parvati, you can do a surgery without medical knowledge, you can make any dead man alive, I thought your wings will come out, you will lift me and Johny in two hands and fly, if anything happened to me, you would have made me alive.


She asks him to get himself treated, this loneliness suits you stay alone. She goes to her car. Her car doesn’t start. He smiles and asks what happened, Parvati the surgeon won’t become Parvati the mechanic. She says look at this strange man, he will stand here but not help me. He says how to call a cab, my phone is off. He asks her to take his help. She says I will take this car all alone. She prays to Mata Rani. He smiles and says this is not a tv serial that your car will start after you pray. Her car starts. He looks on. She thanks Mata Rani. He looks at the sky and says maybe it works. He asks Mata Rani to start his phone once, he has to call a cab. She says bye doctor surgeon, I will send any auto if I find there. He says my phone is off, drop me to cab, you are Parvati Devi. She smiles and says say please….did you forget manners, fine rest here. He says please…. drop me near the cab point, you are lovely, you are like demi goddess, best actress…. She says its enough, come and sit, owners sit in back seat, come in front. He sits in the front seat. They leave.

Suman says Nishi was tricking me. Pari says how do you do negotiation. Suman says I learnt this from life, once your career is set, I will rest, did your dresses come from designer. Pari says yes. Suman says we have to change your designer, we will buy something from Manish’s store, I have to make you a star, film stars get much money for events, Sonakshi would have earned much for the event if she was a film star.

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Sonakshi asks so doctor, are you Punjabi. Rohit says I m Rohit Sippy, a Sindhi. She cracks Sindhis joke. He completes the same joke. She says so you heard this joke. He says I grew up hearing this joke, where do you stay. She says Goregaon. He says its in suburbs. She asks don’t you know. He says I stay in Malabar hill, everything is outstation after Bandra. She plays radio. Lag jaa gale….plays.. They have a cute nok-jhok. She says its a retro song, its so good, the moment of love is so magical. He says love isn’t magical. She says love is like life, happiness and sorrow at times. He says less happiness and more sorrow. He says love isn’t an experiment, love happens once in life. She says when heart breaks once, you can hope for someone to bring happiness in life. He says you are an actress and like to do same scene again and again, I m a real life surgeon, we get one chance to operate in OT. She asks do you have a car.

He says I have many : rihcars, big, small, in every color, I took a cab as I wanted to spend time alone. She says you could have drove it. He says I don’t know driving. She asks seriously, I mean you are a big surgeon, you don’t know driving. He says yes, I didn’t get time to learn. She says everyone should know driving, I m driving since 18 years of age. He says then you would have taken a round of earth right. She says very funny. He asks do you know performing surgeries. She says yes, I did surgery of my husband last week. He says real life madam.

She says I feel you still have time, you can join a driving school, you can learn it, its very easy. He says I promise, if you keep quiet, I will join driving school, I came to find peace. She says not Shanti, but Kranti, he i so rude.

She sees the police at the check post and says they are checking license, I don’t have it. He asks what, did you get busy that you didn’t get it. He says I have license, I didn’t renew it, Shankar drives the car always. He asks where is your Shankar today. She asks him to sit in driver’s seat. He says I told you I don’t know driving, will they not check my license if I m a man, are you nervous, the super woman Parvati is tensed, good, now police will arrest you, we shall take a video, you save yourself now, drive ahead, come on. Constable comes and calls inspector. He says Parvati madam. Inspector asks how are you madam.

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Sonakshi says my license…. He says you have Mata Rani’s license, go please. He takes selfie with her. Rohit says there is no license with her. Sonakshi asks him to be quiet. She thanks the inspector. Rohit says stop the car, I won’t sit in a car if driver has no license, I will walk to home. He gets down the car and gets angry on her. He says now everyone will break rules seeing you. He hires a cab and asks driver if he has the license. He says everyone should follow laws. She says he is mad. The man comes to Netra and says Sumit is going to protest, ask Sonakshi not to come on shooting tomorrow. Netra worries.

Rohit coming home and asking servant not to tell his mum about it. He goes to change. He sees the sticker on watch and thinks it means this isn’t my watch. Rohit gets a call from the watch store. The man says I called to confirm, your mum had ordered a watch for you, I hope you like it, have a good night. Rohit comes to his mum. She sees him wearing the watch. He smiles and says you were right, I forgot this in the hospital, thanks. She asks are you happy. He says very happy, thank you. She says I really love you, you are my fav son. He hugs her and says I love you too. Naren says everyone knows this. Rohit goes. Naren says Veena, you think a lot of times before buying small thing, you bought a watch worth 8 lakhs for Rohit. She asks him not to get between mum and son. She says I know the value of this watch in his heart. She jokes and goes.

Rohit thinks of some girl. He removes the watch and says I lost your last sign today, sorry. Sonakshi asks did the shoot get cancelled. Netra says no, we will meet tomorrow, good night. She comes to Sumit’s vanity. He asks her to sit. She scolds him. She says Sonakshi had slapped me. She says she should have kicked you, you think no one noticed, cameras were on, everything is recorded, I have proof, don’t act innocent, don’t you know law, Sonakshi can file a case on you, she is silent because of this show, I know what to do, I m tolerating your nonsense because of this show, I have a patience limit, I pay for your vanity, I know your affairs, I will tell it to your wife and media, then you start finding work. He worries. She says I m sure you got tired up, sleep now and come to my set in the morning, have a good night, don’t forget to apologize to Sonakshi, don’t misbehave with Sonakshi and her staff. She goes.

Its morning, Sonakshi comes on the sets. Sumit greets her. Netra compliments her. Sonakshi asks what happened to him, did you… Netra says just chill, come. Sumit says I m sorry Sonakshi. Netra signs him. He touches Sonakshi’s feet. She says its okay, all this isn’t needed. He says I got a present for you. She says no. He says I insist. He gifts her a watch and asks her to see it. He says your time is running good, this watch will suit you. Sonakshi says its expensive watch, I won’t take it. Netra says don’t return the gift, wear the watch, Sumit will realize his mistake. Sonakshi says I don’t want this. Netra says he can never buy this, maybe he got this somewhere, he is hurt by doing this, come. Sonakshi says I have to go early for an event at hospital. She thinks to give watch to her brother.

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Rohit’s family dines. Yash asks who will tell Rohit that Sonakshi is the chief guest of our event. They all ask Veena to convince Rohit and give tips. Veena says don’t put me in this problem. Naren says you can do this, he listens to you. Rohit gets ready. Veena gets coffee for him. She says I didn’t do anything, Dr. Venkatesh isn’t the chief guest but someone else. Rohit talks to everyone in the hospital. He says you didn’t do this right YK. Yash asks him to calm down, media is coming because of the TV actress. Rohit asks what does that actress know about this field and technology, I m very angry, this is my dream, me and my team work, this event is over for me, you all do anything. Nurse says patient is ready on OT. Rohit says perfect time and goes. Sonakshi comes at the hospital.

Media runs to click pics. She gets a good welcome. Rohit says everyone is coming for the actress, I don’t want to become part of it, you know YK, TV actors are nonsense and strange. He gets a call and says so madam chief guest is here, go and pay her, ask her to leave, I don’t want an idiotic tv actress to inaugurate at event. Sonakshi hears this and asks how rude, is this our respect here, what does he want. Rohit says she has started it. She scolds the organizer. She says I can’t stay here. The man asks her to stop, the event started. She refuses. She gets Suman’s call. Suman asks did you reach. She tells Shani’s position. Sonakshi says I m leaving, I heard the doctor saying nonsense about me, I can’t stay here. Suman says I will lose 6 lakhs. She asks Suman to do good to the people, it will be loss for everyone for that one man, such things happen at her shooting also. Sonakshi agrees. She says I m staying here as its a hospital event, it will be better if this ends soon. The man thanks her. She goes and doesn’t see Rohit.


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