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Eternal Love 4 January 2021: Rohit saying see you… Sonakshi says I have a first aid box, I will do the aid, your house is far, think about your patients, how will you treat them and save lives. He asks how do you get these dialogues. He asks driver to get Sonakshi’s car until she does the aid. Veena gets pakodas. Ajit praises her. Everyone plays cards. Rohan wins. Akash and Deepa come home. Akash says its raining heavily, don’t go out. Nishi says we aren’t going. Naren and Veena ask Deepa where is Rohit.

Deepa asks didn’t he come. Sonakshi asks Rohit to sit, she will get first aid kit. She goes. He sees the peacocks on the wall. He sees Sonakshi’s pic on cushion cover. He jokes. She gets a towel for him. She asks him to remove his watch. She does the aid to his wound on hand. Chalte chalte raahon pe….plays… He looks at her. She does the bandage. He asks what did you see in Karan, he looks useless, sorry, I didn’t mean that, its your personal life, I have no right. She says its okay, I was engaged to Karan, but our relation broke very badly, I knew him since we were in Delhi, he was my childhood friend, I like him well, my family shifted to Mumbai, I saw him here after 7 years, when you are at new place and have no friends, I have no friends even now, when you find someone in life’s stressful times, I felt attracted to him, I was finding a support and got his shoulder, I signed my first show, I was sincere in the relation. Rohit holds her hand. She says I felt he also loves me, but Karan is bad, I won’t forget that night. She recalls the accident. He asks which night. She says when Karan….

He says Karan isn’t there in your life now, why does he affect you. She says no, there are some memories that don’t leave me, I was so weak and broke down easily, like I lost everything, my life changed, such one moment is there in everyone’s life which changes everything, but life is to live, all this doesn’t matter. She sees Rohit. He thinks of the operation and someone slapping him. She asks what happened, are you fine. He nods. She says no, I can see in your eyes, same pain. He says because we have that night which changed our lives. She asks who was she. He says Raima, I took her name after four years today. She asks where is she. He says don’t know, she won’t come back, none can take her place, there can’t be anyone. She says life isn’t so cruel, we should give it one chance.

She leaves his hand.
He says I will go, its late, mom would be waiting, thanks. She smiles. Veena says I spoke to Ravi, he said Rohit is at Sonakshi’s house, the roads are jammed, I told him not to come here and ask Rohit to stay at Sonakshi’s house, she is a nice girl, she will take care of her. Everyone laughs. Veena asks servant to take all the snacks. She calls Rohit. She says I had seen in Kahani Parvati Ki, Kunal was stuck in rains and fell in troubles, Parvati went to save him. Vimmi smiles hearing her. She asks do you also see this show. Veena says shut up, don’t tell anyone. She feeds her a pakoda. Vimmi says I won’t tell anyone, but I have a condition. Veena says blackmail. Vimmi says whatever you think, there will be Maha episode of KPK. Veena asks really, so? Vimmi says I want to watch it on big tv. Veena says okay.

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Ravi comes to Sonakshi and says sorry, I parked the car, take the keys. Rohit says we shall leave. Ravi says its raining. Rohit says we will take highway or stay in a hotel. Sonakshi says its not sensible to go out at this time, our house is not big but you can stay here. Ravi says Veena asked you to stay here. Sonakshi says she said right. She gives bedsheet, towel to Ravi and asks him to stay in driver room. She asks did you eat anything, don’t worry, I will make Rohit have something, he will be fine. Ravi thanks her and goes. Rohit says you didn’t show this goodness to me that night. She says you didn’t ask for help. He says I slept on the bench. She says I had sent bedsheet and mosquito repellent. He says that won’t help. Light goes. He asks does this happen always. She says it happens when it rains.

He stumbles and falls over her. They have an eyelock. He says this doesn’t happen in Malabar hills. She goes to get emergency light. He sees the disco lights. She says its cute right. He says very tacky, some fan would have given right. She gets a call. Veena says its me, Veena Sippy, Rohit’s phone wasn’t connecting. Sonakshi gives phone to Rohit. He says you have my number, maybe battery is down. Veena says stay there, weather is too bad. He says there is no light here. The light goes in Sippy house. Veena says everyone was playing rummy and lights went. He asks did power cut happen, we have a back up generator. She says don’t worry. Sonakshi smiles and says its too bad, see power cut happened in Malabar hills, take this, it will work even there. They laugh. She says I will get coffee for you. Pari looks on.

maid coming home. She enters the house. She says maybe no one is at home. She sees someone with a knife in hand. She gets shocked and runs out of the door. Watchman asks where is the goon, I m not scared, come. He says so he had food and slept. Maid says catch him. She gets the rope and switches on lights. Watchman shouts Jai Hanuman and sits on Rohit. Maid ties him. Sonakshi hears them and wakes up. She asks what are you going, he is not a thief, free him fast. Rohit comes out of the blanket. Sonakshi says no, don’t remove the blanket. Maid and watchman laugh seeing Rohit in Suman’s nighty. Sonakshi says quiet. Pari looks on.

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Rohit says its good way to say good morning. Maid says he had a knife in hand. Sonakshi asks why did you hold knife while sleeping. He says so that no one attacks on me. She says you are strange. He says they are attacking a sleeping person. Maid says thief slept on sofa in Ishita and Raman’s house also. Rohit asks who are they. Sonakshi says he doesn’t know, go now. Rohit says I m not comfortable in this. Sonakshi says you can’t fit in Pulkit’s clothes, you can’t wear our clothes, you would have caught cold in those wet clothes, your clothes have dried now. Pari asks why my slip ons. Sonakshi says he can’t be barefoot. Rohit says I catch cold. Door bell rings. He says I won’t hide in bathroom. Suman says its me. Suman and Pulkit see Rohit. Sonakshi hugs Suman. She says you should have called me, I was coming to pick you. Suman says you have no time. Sonakshi stops Rohit and says your clothes are on the bed, please go and change. He goes.

Veena says rains stopped, now see Rohit will come back. Naren asks what happened now. She says I m tensed about him. Rohit says thanks for everything. Suman says you got your fees, I will have follow ups with other doctor. Rohit says its okay, we doctors have no choice to treat those patients whom they like, we have to meet patients even when we don’t like, we had many misunderstandings before, sorry for that, I hope our bitterness ends next time. He asks Sonakshi not to let Suman get hyper. Suman asks maid to lock the door well. Sonakshi worries. He leaves.

Sukhmani says when I see Deepa, I feel my family is complete. Nishi says guess what, I had bid for a painting, I got that, I m very happy, I want to fix it here in hall, that’s perfect, painting is big, we will change the bar get up. Vimmi asks tv? Nishi says we watch everything online, this place is perfect.

Pari says there is something between them, Sonakshi got him to stay, it looks cheap, I was shocked seeing him so I called you, its good you came. Pulkit says shut up, Sonakshi comes home from shoot, she doesn’t party late like you, mom is not well, don’t bother her. Suman asks him to go and study. He says you know Sonakshi, have medicines. He goes. Suman says I told Sonakshi that we aren’t related to Sippys, and she got Rohit here. Vimmi comes and says there is a big problem. Veena asks is Rohit fine. Vimmi says yes, I m talking about the tv, how will we see the show, you promised me that you will let me watch maha episode on big tv. Veena says you can watch it in kitchen. Vimmi says fine, you won’t do anything, I will tell them that you also watch KPK show. Veena says I will do something. Nishi says no, its costly painting, not in reception area. Sukhmani says its nice idea.

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Nishi says yes, that’s the best idea, everyone will see this painting first. She happily holds Yash’s hand and then leaves him. Yash goes to meet Rohit. Nishi says lets go and decide. Rohan comes with Tanya. Naren says what happened. Rohan says I m troubled sending documents every day. He sends message. He says I had to send message to Priya and I sent it to someone else. Tanya says delete it. Sonakshi looks for a blouse.

She gets Rohit’s jacket and recalls the moment. She says doctor surgeon…. I forgot to give the jacket after dry cleaning, he is sweet. She thinks of him and wears the jacket. Kahaan hum….plays… She runs and gets the blouse. She says I forgot, it means. Pari smiles reading Rohan’s message and replies such small things happen in big cities. He smiles. Tanya asks what happened. He says I had sent message to Praniti by mistake. Naren asks did Rohit catch anyone. Yash says Sonakshi, Deepa and you have done a lot for Pooja, thanks. Rohit says Pooja is my sister. Deepa asks who had come there. Rohit says Sumit. Yash asks Sumit Khanna, Sonakshi’s co star. Rohan says I won’t leave him. Rohit says Sumit…. He calls Dimpy and says I will get late, I have to treat an ill patient.

Sumit asks why did you keep me in this nonsense scenes, I asked Netra to get good writers, what’s this cooker blast. Director explains the cooker blast scene. Sonakshi looks on. Everyone claps. Sonakshi says this build up is too much, is this necessary. Netra says drama sells when there is full build up, people like suspense, thrill and drama, we have to do this. Sonakshi says fine, I m ready. She gets a call. She says no Mhatre ji, I was busy on shoot. He says I just wanted to know if you remember the promise. She says I remember it, tell me the date, I will come. He says your answer should be yes. She sees Sumit. She says I get angry seeing Sumit, what bad happened with him when he is so bad, someone should teach him a lesson. Rohit, Rohan, Ajit and Akash arrive. They get down the car and walk together.


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