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Eternal Love 25 January 2021 update: Sonakshi and Sumit acting in the scene. Rohit comes. He says I can’t talk to wait. Some time back, Rohit gets Ajit’s call and says don’t leave Raima alone, I m coming, she is my top priority.

Ravi comes and says sorry. Rohit leaves. Sonakshi looks on. Its morning, Raima wakes up and sees Rohit. He jokes that he got wrinkles. She jokes about her look. She hugs him and says now I feel good, you would be married right. He says yes, with Alia Bhatt. She says I will also marry Ranveer Singh. He says you are too late. She says then you also leave your actress, what happened, you are in love with her, thanks, I can’t believe you waited for me and trusted our love, I love you.

He says me too…. have breakfast now, come. She asks how do you know Sonakshi. He says professionally, she is a good friend, she came to inaugurate the new ward. She says I just hate her, she is wrong. He says calm down, your mom is calling, talk to her. Sumit throws the tantrums on the sets. Sonakshi looks on. Sultan says Sumit changed the script again, you can shoot whatever you remember. She says its okay. He asks won’t you argue with Sumit. She says no. Raima asks what excuse did Sonakshi give. Rohit says I didn’t ask her. She says she didn’t help me, I lost four years of my life. Sulochana comes to her and introduces herself. She asks Raima to call press and tell what Sonakshi did, her image will be ruined. Rohit asks why did you come here. She says I came to see Raima, come for breakfast. Rohit says we will have it in room. She goes. He asks Raima to focus on her recovery now, they have to go to hospital now for tests. Raima hugs him and asks is there nothing between you and Sonakshi, why did you come to therapy centre. He says I came for my work. She asks why did she come here for mom’s birthday. He says trust me, I have no relation with anyone, get ready. He goes.

Sumit comes to give a juice drink for Sonakshi. She says you want to change script. Sumit asks what happened to you, are you fine. She says yes. He says you are acting, I always change your lines, we fight and some how we manage to shoot, you didn’t react today, is there any issue, can I help. She says no, life teaches us lesson, its better we learn and accept whatever happens. He says this dialogue was heavy, it was good to hear, I will go then, you get ready, you can help me. She asks him to say. He says Rohit is your good friend, I dropped a cute girl to Sippy mansion, I liked her, she looked so innocent, she was carrying oxygen cylinder with her. She asks did you drop Raima there. He says her name is Raima, wow, who is she. She says no, she is Rohit’s ex… his GF. Sumit says okay…. I understood your dialogue now, no need to worry, you are fav of Mata Rani, nothing can go wrong with you, call me for any help, have the juice, bye. He goes.

Sonakshi says Rohit didn’t talk to me, I miss him. Raima says I m fit now, hospital smell irritates me. Tanushree smiles seeing her. She says your dad had sent tickets, we shall leave. He says she isn’t fit to travel now, she can go later. Raima says yes, I don’t want to leave him and go. She holds his hand and says I m more stubborn. Tanushree says you get fine first, I will talk to your dad, we will find a flat here. Rohit says she will stay with me in Sippy mansion. She warns him. She goes. Raima hugs Rohit. He says door is open. She says how does it matter, you can tell them who am I, I love you so much. Ajit comes. Rohit asks him to get Raima’s tests done. He says you came to call me about meeting that doctor. Ajit says yes. Rohit says Raima, I will meet you later, Ajit will drop you home.

Sonakshi and Sumit perform the scene. She sees Rohit. Sultan asks how did you come between the shot. Rohit says I need to talk to you. Sonakshi says shot is going on. Netra says you can’t waste our time and money. He says I will compensate for it, I need to talk to Sonakshi. He takes her away. He says I can’t do this, Raima is ill, she lost her four years, I belong to her, she needs me, I remember the time spent with her, she is still the same, cute, mad and stubborn, I just loved her, I have to be with her. Sonakshi says right, you should go to her. He asks what about you, I promised you also. She says I can be your good friend, you love Raima. He asks what do you want, shall I go to Raima forever. She cries and says please don’t go. He hugs her.

Sulochana saying Rohit asked everyone not to tell you, but I can’t keep quiet, Rohit and Sonakshi have an affair. Raima gets shocked. Rohit hugs Sonakshi and says Raima is everything I want but she isn’t my Sona, I love you. Sonakshi cries and says I was so scared thinking I lost you. He says I m only yours, we can never lose each other. She says it wasn’t my fault that night. He says I know this. She asks do you trust me. He says yes, of course. She says I thought you are also misunderstanding me, I was so tortured. He says I didn’t say anything. She says you asked me to get out. He says everyone was doubting you, what could I do, I know Raima is not lying, I know you are not heartless, I was irritated.

She says you didn’t answer my call. He says I was not in that frame of mind, I cancelled four surgeries, you are misunderstanding me. She says sorry, I was insecure. He says you know I love you a lot, I will always be with you, I won’t let it happen. They hug. He says I have to tell you something. He says don’t feel bad, Raima asked about you, I told her we are good friends, she hugged me, she said I love you so I said me too. She says its okay. He says no, I can’t say I love you to anyone, I love you, Raima is weak, I want to make her fine, there is nothing between us, I just love you. She says I want you about that night. He says its too depressing, I don’t want to talk. She says you will listen to me.

Raima talks to Ajit. She sees Veena and says I m nervous, I came suddenly here. Ajit says I will introduce you. He says we are coming from the hospital. She asks did Rohit come. He says I will find out. He calls Ravi and asks where is Rohit. Ravi says he went to meet Sonakshi. Raima says I spoiled your birthday twice, really sorry for that. Ajit says Rohit is with a patient, he will come. Raima introduces herself and says Rohit and I were in a relationship four years ago. Veena says you are Rohit’s friend, your recovery is imp for us, why don’t you rest. Raima says sure.

Sonakshi says I will feel light after telling this to you, you know I was getting engaged to Karan, I got a girl’s call, I had doubts about Karan so I went there to find the truth. FB shows Soankshi coming to the farmhouse and seeing Raima fallen there. Raima says help me. Sonakshi goes to call watchman. Raima faints. Sonakshi asks what’s your name. Karan asks Sonakshi to just come, they will fall in police case. Sonakshi says she is dying, I will call an ambulance. Karan uses chloroform and faints Sonakshi. He takes her in the car. Sonakshi says you are such a cheap man, you forcibly got me here, I will call the police. Karan says you want to get engaged to me, take this ring. He throws ring at her. He threatens Suman. FB ends.

Rohit asks why didn’t you go to the police station. Sonakshi says I wanted to go, I thought to go and help Raima first. FB shows Sonakshi asking the man about Raima. He says someone took her to the hospital. She asks which hospital. He says don’t know. FB ends. He says those four-five years were very imp for her, Tanushree was packing that time and I traced her location, I reached the farmhouse and saw blood, I went crazy and found her everywhere, I found her at a municipal hospital, I shifted her to my hospital and decided to do the surgery, then everything spoiled. She says I decided to get Karan punished, when I reached the police station. FB shows Suman stopping Sonakshi. Sonakshi says Karan maybe behind that girl’s state, I couldn’t save that dying girl. Suman says you got a new show, this controversy will ruin your career, if you file the complaint, Karan will not leave you and Pari, Karan will get punished, come with me.

Sonakshi says I beg you, let me go, I can’t live with this guilt. Suman takes her. Sonakshi says I never forget that night, I never thought you will be related with this case, I want to meet Raima and say sorry. He says you were also a victim that night, Raima is weak right now, she won’t be able to handle stress, let her get well, then we will tell her. She nods. Sulochana comes to Raima and says I m Nishi’s mum in law, I have seen how Veena spoke to you, they all are fake, I m your well wisher, Rohit asked everyone not to tell you, but I can’t keep quiet, Rohit and Sonakshi have an affair, they were going to fix the alliance. Raima says I don’t believe you. Sulochana says Sonakshi did this with you and took your place here, take rest, I will call the nurse. She goes and thinks there will be big drama in the house. Yash asks what were you doing with Raima. She says I was going to talk to her, I will call the nurse for her. She goes. Raima feels uneasy.


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