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Eternal Love 22 february 2021 update: Nishi saying Sonakshi will know she did a big mistake by getting this woman here. Some time back, Sonakshi and Rohit fall down. She says you came back. He says 45 mins back. She gets up.

He snatches the saree when the towel gets off. He screams. She says sorry. She gets his clothes. She asks him to change. He says I will change in bathroom. He goes. Rohit gets ready. She says I need to talk, Nishi told that Rani was an alcoholic, she went to jail always, was this the reason that you were against it. He says its too late now, everyone has to bear it now, its not your responsibility always, get ready and come downstairs.

The party begins. Sippy boys enjoy the drinks. Suman and Pari come. Rohan signs Pari. Ajit welcomes Nishi and YK. Pooja comes with them. Ramba ho…plays.. Pooja says Rani should have come by now. She waves to Rani. Sonakshi asks her to behave normal with Rani. Rohit sees Sonakshi coming. Sajaaungi lutkar bhi…. Chura liya hai ….. plays… They have an eyelock.

Nishi thanks the guests. Suman comes to meet her and gives a gift. She wishes her. Nishi says this gift isn’t needed. Suman says you are Sona’s Bua Saas now, I missed you a lot in the marriage. Nishi sees Pooja with Rani. Suman says she is real mum, they have much love between, blood is blood, right. Nishi asks did you say anything wrong till now. Yash says guests are waiting. They go and meet guests.


The man praises their jodi. Suman jokes on Nishi’s age and laughs. The man says we shall go and have a drink. Yash says I will just be back. Suman says you have maintained yourself a lot, botox and etc. Nishi says its God’s gift. Suman taunts her for getting a readymade daughter. Nishi gets angry and goes. Suman says I was just joking. Veena comes and says you have told a lot today, now enough, Pooja’s adoption topic is sensitive for Nishi. Suman says its a good thing, you have hidden it and made it sensitive, you did wrong to ask me to stop the rain dance from air. Veena says I will get a drink for you, enjoy. She goes. Suman says Naren has no manners, they think they can shut me up.

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Nishi and Yash see Pooja with Rani. Nishi sends a drink for Rani. Rani doesn’t take the drink. She says I don’t drink alcohol. Pooja says please have it, its mum and dad’s anniversary. Rani asks her to drink. Yash asks what now. Nishi says leave it on me, Sonakshi will know she did a big mistake by getting this woman here. Sonakshi comes and asks Suman where is Pari.

Pari comes to Rohan. He shuts the door and holds her. He asks her to give him a kiss. They romance. Tanya hears a sound and goes to check the kitchen. She sees Rohan and Pari. She asks what are you doing. Rohan says I heard a sound here and came to check. Pari says I came to get sugarfree for Suman. Rohan says lets go out, come. Tanya stops Pari and asks Rohan to go. Rohan worries. Nishi spikes a drink and says take it. Yash says its wrong. Nishi pays the waiter and says just go. She says what’s wrong, we know Rani’s truth, I can’t leave Pooja with her. Yash says we would lose Pooja if the plan back fires. She says everything will be fine.

Rohit calls Nishi and Yash. He says I will try to talk, I want to tell something, we all know Nishi is so difficult, when Yash got married to Nishi, we were happy that Yash will manage our problem, we love you YK, you are my friend and brother, just you can handle my crazy Bua, marriage is a strange relation, its easy to do but tough to keep, you and me become we, there is adjustment, compromise, sacrifice, love, trust and sorrow, there are many arguments, silence is also needed, the strength to hear unspoken words is the basis of this relation, husband expects his wife to understand him, when thinking and feeling become one, they can fight the world, when the perception changes, we becomes you and me again, husband’s ego doesn’t let matter solve, wife wants husband to take a step, ego is love’s biggest enemy. Sonakshi looks at him. Rohit says love disappears because of ego, don’t get serious, I m recently married, we should learn how Nishi and Yash handle their ego, their marriage is a fairy tale marriage, I would like my and Sona’s marriage to be such.

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Nishi and Yash dancing in the party. Everyone dances. Rohit goes to Sonakshi. Tu hai wohi….plays… He holds her hand. They dance. She says speech was good. He says you look lovely. She says I know, your eyes have said it. Rohan and Pari get tensed. Suman asks where did you go, you missed the good speech by Rohit. Rohan asks Tanya is everything fine. Tanya says let some secrets be secrets, there is love today, who knows love isn’t there tomorrow. Waiter takes the drink for Rani and says its soft drink. Suman says I had much green chillies. She takes the drink and says it has alcohol. She scolds the waiter. Rani thanks her for saving her. Suman says I m Sonakshi’s mom. Rani gets a call and goes out to meet the coordinator. Sonakshi sees her going. He says Sonakshi was asking for you.

He tells everything. He says I lied, I kept the promise. He gives her the alcohol bottle. She drinks it. She says Sonakshi shouldn’t know that I came here for money. Sonakshi sees her with Shinde. Rani shows the designer saree and says even tv stars don’t wear such sarees, Pooja gave it to me, she is dying after me, I m happy, Sonakshi shouldn’t know this. She turns and sees Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks where is Shinde, your coordinator. Rani says he is much upset with me, I told him that I need one week break, so he has come. Sonakshi asks how does he know you are staying here, are you telling everyone about your relation with Pooja.

Rani says no, I told him that I came in your party, you called me for help, I can’t forget your favor, you made me unite with Pooja. Sonakshi asks her to come. Rani says does she doubt on me. Sonakshi comes back in the party and sees Suman shouting. Veena asks what happened. Suman says ask him, how is his mentality. The man says people will talk when she sings and dances. Rohit asks what’s happening. Naren calms down Pradeep. Pradeep says I just casually asked if Sonakshi had any compromise to get work, she has no Godfather. Suman says I will not leave this man. Pradeep says you should have checked their background first. Sonakshi stops him. Rohit signs her. She says sorry for my mom’s behavior, sorry, if you say anything cheap about your daughter, how will you feel.

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He says she is a pilot, I m proud of my girl. Sonakshi says even my mum is proud of me. He says actresses change Bfs soon. She asks how many actresses do you know, we also know about builders, we also heard they don’t give houses to people on time and use cheap materials, they just take money and also pay goose, how many cases are going on you. He says how dare you, I m not among those builders. She says exactly, I m not from those actresses. He says I don’t think so seeing the rain dance, it was so bad. Rani smiles. Pradeep asks how could you accept this nonsense, Naren. Rani says Sonakshi didn’t do the scene, she did dance steps, but I did the closeup scenes, I was her duplicate in that song. Pradeep says you told now, but what will everyone think, what’s the respect in it. Sonakshi scolds him. Rohit also scolds Pradeep. Naren asks Rohit to behave. Rohit says I m trying to match his class, you can go now, else Sona and I will go.

Pradeep says people forgot the meaning of respect here, what can we expect, an actress, an adopted daughter… He goes. Rohit apologizes to Suman and everyone. He asks everyone not to spoil their mood and have dinner. Naren argues with Rohit. Rohit says I m proud of Sona, Naren should have slapped Pradeep and shut him up before. Sonakshi says if anyone tells anything about family or profession, I won’t tolerate. Veena goes after Naren. She asks what happened. She checks his BP and says its high. Naren says I will talk to Pradeep, they got insulted in my house. She says we will talk in morning. Nishi says Pradeep spoiled the party and Suman… Yash asks why did Rani say that, don’t know what is she planning. She says she saved Sonakshi and became good. Pooja comes. She says you lost and couldn’t prove anything, stop being after Rani. She goes. Yash says we have to do something. Rani enjoys the luxury life. Nishi comes and throws water at her. She scolds Rani. Rani says I remember why you got me here, you got me here as Pooja’s fake mum.


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