Eternal Love update Monday 21st December 2020 Star Life

Eternal Love 21 december 2020 Star life: Rohit saying you can’t meet Preeti. Sonakshi says fine, I will sit here until 9am, I will go home after meeting Preeti. He says no one can meet the patient before the visiting hours. He goes. Nurse calls him and says Sonakshi is still here, she wants to meet Preeti.

Rohit says she will get bored in few hours and go, don’t let her meet Sonakshi, give her dinner, coffee, look after her comforts. Sonakshi gets Pulkit’s call and says I will meet Preeti and go to the sets in the morning, ask mum not to worry for me. She gets another call. She answers Preeti’s video call. Preeti asks where are you. Sonakshi say I will meet you tomorrow morning, I will be there before you open your eyes. She says poor girl, she is waiting for me, that rude doctor will not agree, I m more stubborn.

Rohan serves the drink to Rohit. Rohit asks what’s the update of your flat booking. Rohit says no idea. Ajit joins them and asks for a vodka. They drink. Ajit asks will Sonakshi stay there at night. Rohit says she is a drama queen, it was your plan to invite her. Rohan says I found some connection between you two, you don’t like her, you say bad about her but you enjoy the talks. Rohit says rubbish, I don’t care for her. Rohan asks what’s going on in your personal life, love, affair… Ajit says he is handsome and successful…. Rohan jokes. Rohit says you got married early, you are on control because of Tanya. Rohan says I control her, I m talking about your love story. Ajit says yes, there will be someone. Rohit recalls the slap.


Rohan says some people know what type of girl they want, it will be different when he meets such a girl. Rohit asks what shall I watch now on internet. Sonakshi sees the snacks at the cafeteria. She asks for green tea. Nurse sits to have food. Sonakshi also sits there. Nurse says Parvati ji…. Sonakshi says yes. Nurse asks her to sit with her. Sonakshi says okay. Nurse says I m Tulsi, I meet you every day by your show. Sonakshi says my real name is Sonakshi. They have a talk. Nurse offers her food. Sonakshi says I can’t eat, I m on diet, I wish to have snacks and chaat some times, you are lucky, you can eat something. Some girl shouts for help. Nurse says such sounds happen in emergency ward, maybe its some youngsters. The guy scolds his GF for drinking too much. Nurse treats the girl. Sonakshi goes to see. She sees Karan and gets shocked. He sees her at the door. He calls her out. He stops her. He asks how did you come here, did you forget me, I m Karan, your ex BF. He laughs. She cries.

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He stops her and says greet me at least, we are from same industry, you are famous star and I m still a struggler. His GF comes and says you left me here. He introduces his GF Nikki. Sonakshi says you are drunk. He says you won’t change. Nikki says she is your ex right. He says yes, Gfs are such hot and sizzling, our relationship is more hot, Nikki used to ask me why I left Sonakshi, because she is egoistic, she used to slap me with her success so I have hit the ring on her face, she was hurt. Sonakshi says don’t you dare touch me. He says I would have touched you before if I wanted, you remember that night, that accident, that woman…. Sonakshi goes. She recalls her engagement day.

The editor of Showbuzz times asks the staff to get some breaking news. The reporter shows him Rohit and Sonakshi’s video. The editor says this is called Masala, Sonakshi’s story is first page material. Rohit and Naren go in the lift. Naren says Ajit said you were making Sonakshi wait outside the ICU all night, respect a woman. Rohit says like you have been doing all these years.

Nurse calls Yash and says Sonakshi’s mum got police at the hospital. Yash gets shocked. Suman says my daughter didn’t come home. Yash says relax, we are coming. Yash says just call Rohit, there is an emergency. Rohan gets ready and says I m going to hospital with dad. Tanya asks are you going to meet someone. He leaves. Rohit and family reaches the hospital. Pulkit says Sonakshi called me. Suman asks where is she, I won’t leave anyone if anything happens to Sonakshi. She argues with Nishi.

Suman saying Sonakshi said she had an issue here, she has been missing. Rohit asks missing? Suman says yes. He signs to ask nurse. Suman says she has inaugurated your hospital wing, are you that rude doctor. She asks inspector to see Rohit is drunk, he is a doctor. He says let me explain, I was drinking with my family at home after finishing my work, I didn’t drive and come here, YK has driven the car, I told Sonakshi that she can’t meet Preeti, she insisted that she will meet Preeti. Naren says calm down, we will handle this.

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Rohit asks for security officer. Pulkit says her phone is still off. Inspector says we re finding her, we can take complaint after 24 hours. Nishi says Suman calm down, we are tensed for you, we are going to sort this out, come to my cabin and have a cup of coffee, you will feel better. Suman refuses and threatens all of them. Nishi says fine, do what you want, I can go and check CCTV. YK goes with her. Rohit says everyone knows her, it won’t be tough to find her. Yash says Rohit will not leave me if we don’t find Sonakshi. Nishi says Sonakshi is a gold digger. Rohit says she came here for coffee. Rohit asks them to get CCTV footage. The man says camera is not working since 2 days. They see Sonakshi leaving the hospital. Rohit says why is her phone off.

Its morning, Sonakshi comes to the hospital. Everyone looks on. Suman meets her. Rohit asks is this right to disappear. Pulkit says mom got tensed when we didn’t find you. Suman says I was so worried. Sonakshi says I m fine, Preeti was in this hospital, I stayed back to meet her. She recalls Karan and says I wasn’t comfortable here. Sonakshi says nurse is not at fault, I was hungry and went out to have food. Rohit says you didn’t like our menu. She says fine, the fact is I was feeling nervous here, I felt depressed and went out to get some fresh air, I met an auto driver who dropped me to the sets. She recalls…..walking on the road. The driver meets her and says I dropped you to the studio. He asks why are you here. She says I came to Sukhmani hospital. He asks did you have food, come and have food. She says but you are an auto driver. He says I work double shift for my children. FB ends. Rohit says you took much time to eat that Bhurji.

FB shows Sonakshi liking the Bhurji. Driver asks her to come home with him. FB ends. Suman asks how did you go with that driver. Sonakshi says yes, the poor people have big hearts, and rich people are so shallow. FB shows Sonakshi meeting the chawl people. Driver introduces her to everyone. They click pics. FB ends. Sonakshi says they spoke to me all night, I didn’t charge the phone, phone got off, I told Pulkit that I will stay here to meet Preeti. Pulkit says yes, but you were missing. Rohit asks really guys, what’s this, you are irresponsible, my family was here all night, police is here. Nishi says she is fine, calm down. Naren stops her. Sonakshi says sorry, I didn’t know this would happen. Naren says we all were worried for you. Sonakshi says really sorry, you all came here at night, thanks for helping my mum. Yash says you are safe, that’s more imp. Nurse says sorry. Sonakshi says its my mistake.

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Rohit says you can use sorry whenever you like. Sonakshi says Dr. Rohit…. He says heart surgeon, your mum tagged me an alcoholic, you can apologize to my family, not me. She says I m not apologizing to you, please let me meet Preeti, then I have to go to my shoot. Preeti meets Sonakshi and hugs her. Rohit comes and jokes. Preeti defends Sonakshi. Sonakshi smiles. Preeti says this is the doctor uncle I told you about. Sonakshi says Rohit… Preeti says yes, he is the one who cured me. Preeti says Parvati didi asked me to hug Rohit and kiss him on her behalf, but I didn’t the chance. She asks Sonakshi to kiss Rohit and thank him. Preeti’s mum says sorry, she is a kid. Sonakshi says I should kiss Preeti, she is brave. Preeti asks Sonakshi and Rohit to kiss her. They kiss Preeti.

Rohit says we will keep her under observation for some more days. Sonakshi says I promised and came to meet you. Pulkit says you are my role model, situation is strange, but I m glad to meet you, I m doing internship at a hospital, I want to become a doctor like you. Rohit says you and Sonakshi stay in the same house, surprising. Pulkit says she is fulfilling my dreams, she gives wings to others’ dreams. Rohit sees Sonakshi. She comes to them. Rohit stops him and sees his watch. He says this watch is mine….. how did you get this. Sonakshi says I gave it to him. Rohit says this watch was stolen. She says you are calling me a thief. He says this watch belongs to me, remove it. Sonakshi says you have no sense, how dare you. Suman says we are not poor, Sonakshi earns a lot. Sonakshi says I got this watch as a gift to me, its same model watches, he has lost it. Rohit says this is new watch, I can prove it, that’s my original watch. Sonakshi goes with her family.

Shankar reminds Sonakshi to take medicines. She gets angry on Dr. Rohit. She says Sumit got his watch and gave it to me, I feel like…. Sonakshi hears the colleagues talking about Sumit and Sonakshi. She claps and asks them to laugh now.

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